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Nathan Petrelli/Season One

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This article archives the history of Nathan Petrelli during Season One.

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Character History


Nathan appears in his brother Peter Petrelli's dream. Later, Nathan is approached by his brother who tells him that he has been having strange dreams and believes he can fly. Nathan is unconvinced. Eventually, their conversation is interrupted by the news that their recently widowed mother has been arrested for shoplifting. Nathan, still primarily concerned with his candidacy, cuts his mother no slack and soon leaves her at the police station with Peter. Afterwards, Nathan watches from an alley as Peter jumps off a building in an attempt to fly. As Peter falls, Nathan flies into the air and grabs his hand, surprising them both. A cliffhanger ensues as the brothers lose their grip on one another.

Don't Look Back

Peter wakes up to find Nathan at his bedside in a hospital. Oddly, Nathan denies that he flew and tries to explain away what happened as if it were simply a failed suicide attempt by Peter. Much later that night, Nathan is on a rooftop watching as Peter threatens to jump off the edge of the roof unless Nathan says that he flew. Nathan eventually admits that he did fly. Peter fears that Nathan is lying, but both brothers soon learn that Peter can fly as well when he begins to walk on thin air.

Hiro Nakamura, a character able to manipulate time, travels to a possible future five weeks ahead where Nathan wins his race by a landslide.

One Giant Leap

When approached by Peter with information from Chandra Suresh's book, Nathan is still more focused on his campaign and says he has a family to take care of. That evening, Nathan holds a press conference where he broaches the subject of depression. He reveals that his father suffered from it, and that it was the cause of his death. He also claims that Peter attempted suicide, causing his brother to leave. Later in a parking lot, Nathan is getting into his car when a furious Peter assaults him with a punch to the jaw before being overpowered by a number of bodyguards. Although he is called an SOB by his own brother, Nathan calmly retorts, "Careful, Pete, that's our mother you're talking about." Nathan tells Peter that he had to say those things before the press made up their own notions about him. Nathan exclaims that Peter should understand why he made the choice to tell everyone, but Peter merely shrugs and leaves.

Graphic Novel:Trial By Fire

Nathan, still frustrated with his brother, happens upon a burning apartment building. He uses his powers to fly to a trapped girl's rescue. Before giving the girl a campaign pin, Nathan playfully thinks of how jealous his brother would be.


Nathan is being "harassed" by Mohinder and refuses to listen to him. He prepares to leave for Las Vegas to meet Mr. Linderman. There, Nathan encounters Niki Sanders who is supposed to sleep with him by the order of Mr. Linderman. She refuses at first for respect for Nathan's wife but once her alter-ego kicks in, she returns to his hotel room and sleeps with him. They are shown later sleeping and being watched by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. He orders the mysterious man to "take just the one."


Nathan has been captured by Mr. Bennet and The Haitian. When Bennet's phone rings, Nathan attempts to escape, but is cornered at a fence. As the men close in and pull a gun on him, Nathan shoots up into the sky, causing a sonic boom, and flies away at extreme speed.

Landing in the desert near a diner (and scorching his feet with the speed of his landing), Nathan walks in wearing only his pajama bottoms. He asks to borrow a cell phone and for a t-shirt. While he waits for his aides to pick him up, Hiro comes over and begins telling Nathan that he saw him fly and that he, too, is special. Nathan dismisses him, especially when Hiro tells him about an explosion in New York he witnessed in the future. Before he leaves, he asks Hiro if he remembers the outcome of the election, and Hiro tells him he won in a "mudslide".

Arriving back at the casino, Nathan bumps into Niki, who tells him she doesn't remember the night before and that the whole thing was a set-up so Mr. Linderman could blackmail Nathan the way she had been blackmailed.

As Nathan checks out of the hotel, Miss Sakamoto, the hotel manager, checks on him. He tells her he knows he's being blackmailed and she assures him it's a debt he can repay later. Nathan suggests she give him the four million dollars he's come to get, even though Linderman had only promised him two million. Nathan reasons that if it's so important that Linderman have him in his pocket, then it's just as important that Nathan actually win, and he figures four million will do it.

Nothing to Hide

Nathan shows his mother Angela and wife Heidi some promotional postcards to get their opinion. They have other plans, however: they convince him to stage a family brunch and have invited over Oliver Dennison, a reporter from the New York Journal. They're hoping that Heidi's disability can be used to garner sympathy and soften Nathan's harsh image.

Everything seems to be going fine at the brunch until Peter shows up unexpectedly and uninvited. Nathan pulls him aside and he asks Nathan for help locating the missing painting, which Simone told him was purchased by Mr. Linderman. When Nathan turns him down, he threatens to fly off the terrace, but instead joins the brunch and begins charming Mr. Dennison.

Dennison attempts to turn the conversation to Nathan's ties to Linderman, and mentions that a former member of Nathan's security detail told him Nathan disappeared in Las Vegas and was seen with a blonde. Thinking quickly, Peter tells him that Nathan was meeting with a depression expert on Peter's behalf.

Nathan receives a call from Niki, who tells him her husband has taken her son, but he refuses to help. Heidi confronts Nathan and asks him to assure her that Peter's story about the blonde was true, telling him she needs hope if she is to walk again. He reassures her.

Nathan calls Mr. Linderman and attempts to obtain the painting. He's told it will be sent directly to the gallery.

Nathan visits Peter, who attempts to convince him to tell Heidi the truth about Niki, but Nathan claims Heidi needs hope more than she needs the truth. He also tells Peter that he was unable to get the painting from Linderman. Nathan explains several of his questionable actions to Peter. He says he slept with Niki because he wanted to be with a woman who didn't make him feel guilty just by looking at her (he was driving during the accident that paralyzed his wife). Nathan also explains his decision to hide his flying powers: he believes that there's nothing worthwhile to be accomplished with it and he fears that once it's discovered, the world will want to put him in a cage for it. He leaves Peter with that caution.


In New York City, Nathan opens up the painting that he asked Mr. Linderman to ship to the gallery. Simone tells Nathan that Peter believes Isaac can paint the future. Examining the painting, he asks if the figure in it is supposed to be Peter, but Simone doesn't know. Simone tells him that Peter believes that he needs to be there to save the cheerleader and that if he does he'll save the world. Nathan's clearly not convinced and asks Simone if it's the only copy, and Simone tells him it is. Nathan tells Simone that Peter has deluded himself into believing that he's supposed to make a difference. Nathan pours a bucket of paint over the painting. Simone protests, but is unable to stop him. Nathan tells her he's saving Peter's life.

Six Months Ago

Nathan flies for the first time.

At Peter's graduation, Nathan and Peter discuss Nathan's plans to prosecute Mr. Linderman. This will affect their father since Mr. Linderman is his biggest client. Nathan thinks that by prosecuting Linderman they can "take the stink off the family," but Peter thinks Nathan would never forgive himself. Heidi interrupts to dance with Nathan. At the same time, Chandra Suresh posts a picture of Nathan on the map.

Nathan and Heidi are driving down a deserted highway in their convertible. They are discussing how Nathan was his father's favorite child, when a large S.U.V. tries to run them off the road. Nathan finds himself hovering above the car, while Heidi and the unmanned car crash into water barrels. As Nathan screams for her, he falls to the ground. At the hospital, Nathan tells Peter he was thrown 300 feet away from the wreck and doesn't know how he got there. Heidi is in surgery for over ten hours. Peter knows there was another car involved, and Nathan admits that it was Linderman's guys. Nathan gets Peter to agree to give a deposition. Later at Peter's apartment, Nathan tells Peter that there will be no deposition since their father has died.


When Nathan visits Peter in jail, Peter reveals the details of what happened with Claire during Homecoming. Nathan continues to disbelieve Peter's "wild theories". Peter then sees Sylar talking to him, instead of Nathan, and wakes up. Later on, Nathan bails Peter out of jail. On their way out, Peter is unable to walk straight. He collapses and sees himself exploding in the city, as depicted in once of Isaac's paintings. When Peter regains consciousness, he tells Nathan, "The bomb, in the's me." Peter then passes out.

Graphic Novel:Super-Heroics

Nathan visits Peter in the hospital and watches vigil over him.


Nathan is watching over Peter, who has been in a hospital since his collapse. When Simone arrives to visit, Nathan chastises her for showing Peter the "Homecoming" painting, telling her that she knew he would go to Texas if he saw it. Nathan says that he shouldn't have been there, but Simone says that it was important to him. Nathan tells Simone that he wants to meet the painter.

At Isaac's apartment, Nathan questions Isaac about his paintings, asking how he knows what to paint, but Isaac can only answer that he paints what he sees. Nathan tells him that Peter believes he's the cause of the explosion, but Nathan doesn’t because "the world doesn't work like this." Just then, Hiro and Ando walk into the apartment. Hiro tells Isaac that the sword that was at the museum was just a replica and that the real one is owned by Linderman, a name Nathan recognizes. Hiro recognizes Nathan as "Flying man!"

Hiro tells Nathan about the explosion he witnessed in the future, saying that his powers brought him back so that he could stop it. He says Nathan will help, too, but Nathan isn't so sure. Nathan asks what he thinks causes the explosion, and Hiro suspects some villain. Nathan and Hiro look at the Exploding Man painting. Nathan asks Hiro whether he believes a human being could actually cause an explosion. Hiro remarks that they both have powers so maybe the exploding man has powers, too.

Later, Nathan returns to the hospital to discover Peter has awakened and left. He tells his mother to go home and that he'll find Peter.

The Fix

Nathan goes to Mohinder's apartment and asks if he can explain what's happening to Peter. Mohinder says that Peter's abilities allow him to absorb powers from others around him like a sponge, and that it could be dangerous for Peter to absorb an unstable ability. Nathan asks if it's possible to "fix" his brother and Mohinder suggests that if Peter can be found, a study of him would not only result in help for himself, but aid for all evolved humans.

Nathan and Mohinder go to Peter's apartment and catch him packing to leave town. They ask him to stay and let them help, but he says that there's no time. Nathan says that, if necessary, he can have Peter "detained for his own safety." Peter drops his bag and flees the apartment, disappearing in the hall.


Nathan receives a phone call from Meredith, who tells him that their daughter, Claire, is alive.


Nathan receives a phone call from Meredith, who tells him that their daughter, Claire, is alive. Nathan tells Meredith that he went to her funeral. Meredith tells Nathan about Claire, mentioning that she is smart like him and that she might one day run for Congress. Nathan comments that Meredith's phone call is ill-timed with the election nearing. Nathan offers Meredith $100,000 for her silence and she accepts it. In his office Nathan and his mother discuss Meredith and Claire. Nathan plans to fly to Texas to take care of the situation, against his mother's counsel.

Nathan's car drops him off in front of Meredith's trailer. They share an awkward silence outside before she and Nathan sit down to talk. Nathan apologizes for what happened in the past. Meredith agrees that they never would have worked out, they came from two different worlds. Nathan gives Meredith the money, hoping that it will make up for what he didn't do for her and Claire. Nathan asks about Claire and decides not to see her. As Nathan's car is pulling away from the trailer a rock cracks the rear window. Nathan, visibly upset, tells the driver its just kids and they leave.


Nathan receives a visit from Simone at his office. Simone asks if Nathan has heard from Peter. Nathan tells her that when he last saw Peter he flew out a window to get away from him. Nathan tells her he has people looking for Peter around the clock and that they will find him. When Simone suggests they go public about their abilities Nathan refuses. Nathan says that if it were up to him he'd round up anyone with special abilities and put them in a lab on an island. As she leaves, Nathan warns Simone not to go public with what she knows.


Nathan receives a surprise visit from two FBI agents at his office. They begin questioning him about Mr. Linderman's contributions to his campaign. After they are sure the room is clear Nathan tells them they were never to meet face-to-face. The agents tell him they know Mr. Linderman is meeting with Nathan in Las Vegas and they want him to wear a wire to the meeting. When the agents leave Nathan turns around to find Peter standing by his desk. Peter asks Nathan how long he has been working with the FBI--since the night of the accident. Nathan notices the blood on Peter's face and learns that Isaac shot and killed Simone. Nathan asks Peter if the police are involved yet. He is relieved that no one knows yet and tells Peter they will make an anonymous phone call. They are interrupted by a member of Nathan's staff and when Nathan turns back around, Peter has disappeared.

Nathan arrives at Linderman's casino and meets Hiro. They discuss how difficult it is to take care of the people they care about. Nathan tells Hiro that when he first met him he thought he was nuts, Hiro says he thought Nathan was mean. Nathan understands Hiro's need to regain his powers and offers to help him get past the security staff. Nathan takes Hiro upstairs and tells security that Hiro is making a delivery for Mr. Linderman.

Nathan lets the FBI agents know through his hidden microphone that he will wait for the meeting with Mr. Linderman in his hotel room. When he arrives Niki confronts him and rips out the wire. She says that Jessica could come back anytime to kill him. She warns him that Mr. Linderman knows about the wire, and that the FBI agents have been killed. She says Mr. Linderman will offer him a deal and he has to take the deal or run. Nathan chooses a third option: kill Linderman. Niki says that if he is going to do so, he should knock her out first. When he asks her why, Niki explains that it is to show Jessica that she is not in control. He then knocks her out and takes her gun.

Nathan, having expected to pay a visit to Mr. Linderman's office, is instead escorted by security to the casino kitchen. Mr. Linderman asks Nathan if he is happy and Nathan says not especially. They talk about having a life of happiness or a life of meaning and Nathan says he would like to have both. Mr. Linderman tells him it is impossible to have both, for the two things are too different to co-exist. Nathan, having had enough, draws the gun. Mr. Linderman dryly tells him he can't have any of his pot pie. Mr. Linderman then tells Nathan that he knows Nathan can fly and that he knows about Peter. He also knows about Nathan's daughter and the other evolved humans. He offers Nathan a "life of meaning": a win in his election bid and a future in the White House. After thinking about it, Nathan lowers the gun.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1

Nathan's picture appears on NBC Nightly News, playing on the television at Le Bar. Casey Smith tries to talk to Hana about Nathan.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 2

On November 15, 1968, Dallas receives a letter from his wife announcing that Nathan took his first steps.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

Nathan sits as a young child playing with flying toys after his father returns from Vietnam.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 6

Hana learns that Nathan's campaign is being rigged by Mr. Linderman.


In Linderman's archives, Nathan and Mr. Linderman discuss the art. As they examine Isaac's painting of the explosion, Nathan half the population of New York City will be destroyed. Linderman wants Nathan to be the person to lead the people through the difficult time. Nathan argues that he's losing the election anyway, but Linderman shows him a painting of Nathan in the White House.

Nathan arrives at his mother's home and sees Peter's body and mourns over his brother. After Peter regenerates, Peter and Nathan discuss Peter's death, their relationship, and Claire. Nathan wonders whether Peter would be able to survive the explosion.

Later, Nathan tells Claire that he wants to be there for her, but can't yet because of the election and everything that's happening. He tells her to go to Paris with Angela for one week.

The Hard Part

At the Petrelli mansion, Nathan, Peter and Claire discuss stopping the explosion; Claire tells them about Ted Sprague, who nearly exploded in Odessa. Urged by Peter, Nathan agrees to all the FBI and have them pick up Ted, but when he is alone, he calls Linderman and says that he thinks they have a problem.

Later, Nathan speaks with Thompson in his campaign office. Nathan becomes upset about not being told everything and expresses his discomfort with Linderman's plan.

After Thompson leaves the office, Nathan’s mother arrives. Angela tells him that Linderman asked her to talk to him to ensure that he would see the plan through. She reveals that she knew the details of the plan long before he did, and that it is not just Linderman's plan, but the work of many. She asks him to "be the one they need" to create a better future.


As Nathan worries about his trailing poll numbers, he also struggles with what Linderman wants him to do. Linderman tells Nathan that Nathan's father was "one of us" who gave up. Heidi interrupts their conversation, and Linderman leaves, but stops to give Heidi a “gift” on his way out. As Heidi complains to Nathan about his association with Linderman, Nathan notices her feet moving. A few moments later he helps her stand up.

Later, D.L. and Jessica confront Nathan in his office. Jessica says Nathan should have shot Linderman when he had the chance. They tell Nathan that Linderman will only seek to use him as a puppet. Nathan agrees to tell them where to find Linderman if they intend to kill him.

Nathan wins the election and, in his official victory address, delivers a poignant speech; "they call it a landslide," he proudly announces. He reiterates Linderman's theme of healing a world has become sick.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Nathan is in his campaign office and watches a recording of his speech he gave earlier. He learns from his mother that Linderman was murdered. He says that after the explosion, the city and America will need him.

Nathan stands in a parking garage and waits for Peter and Claire to pull in. Peter talks to him about the bomb and he hears him say that he thinks Sylar will blow up New York. Nathan thinks that the bomb is inevitable, but his thoughts are revealed to Peter as he accesses Matt's telepathy. Nathan sees Peter look awkwardly at him and back away. He questions what's going on and Peter runs. Nathan begins to run after him, but Peter turns invisible and escapes.

Nathan, Angela, and Claire are walking in a parking garage as Mr. Bennet calls Claire to ask for her wellbeing. Nathan returns to his campaign office to get some paperwork. When Claire tells Nathan that the future isn't written in stone, he replies that this one is. When Claire asks Angela and Nathan how they could let this happen to Peter, Nathan promises to Claire that it will all make sense soon. Nathan hugs Claire, but she quickly runs and jumps out a nearby window, walking away after regenerating. Nathan looks down and has a troubled look on his face.

At Kirby Plaza, Peter, about to explode, instructs Claire to kill him. He tells her that there "is no other way", but Nathan flies in and tells them that there is. Nathan tells Peter that he's not leaving him and that he can't let everyone else die. He continues, saying that Peter saved the cheerleader so they could save the world. After Peter tells Nathan that he loves him, he replies, "I love you too." Nathan flies Peter into the atmosphere, saving millions of lives.

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