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D.L. Hawkins/Season One

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This article archives the history of D.L. Hawkins during Season One.

For more about D.L. Hawkins, see the main article.

Character History


Micah tells Niki that if they are in any trouble they should contact his father. Niki replies that his father is in no position to help them.

Don't Look Back

When Niki tells Tina about the death of the thugs, Tina suspects that it is D.L. as he still loves his family. Niki says that D.L. wouldn't risk coming back as the cops are after him.

One Giant Leap

Niki claims D.L. robbed Mr. Linderman of 2 million dollars and then killed his own crew. He apparently was almost captured, but managed to escape, perhaps through the use of his powers. Micah later reveals that he might be in contact with D.L.


When Niki returns home from Linderman's casino, she finds several police officers waiting for her. An LVPD detective tells her that D.L. has been spotted nearby and that he may be trying to reach her and Micah. After the officers leave, D.L. appears in the hallway.

Graphic Novel:Snapshots

In April 2006, D.L. is interrogated by a LVPD detective about a robbery his crew committed. Using his power for the first time, he slips out of his handcuffs and assaults an officer. Later, he uses his love for Micah and Niki as a focus and phases through the walls of the prison.

Better Halves

D.L. returns home in order to help raise Micah and to prove his innocence. Niki, slowly beginning to cave to D.L.'s claims of innocence and her feelings, does not call for the police and lets him sleep on the couch, and soon after even lets him come to bed.

By the morning, the two have reconciled, though D.L. reveals that he noticed Niki getting out of bed during the night, to her concern. D.L. also happily reunites with Micah. As the father and son reestablish their relationship, D.L. hints at a secret of his, while Micah cryptically hints at Niki's own secret.

Niki and D.L. discuss D.L.'s on-the-lam status, but D.L. is dead set on staying. He claims that he backed out of a plan to steal $2 million from Mr. Linderman but was framed by an unknown woman who stepped in and stole the money herself. He's found a man who he believes knows the woman that stole the money. However, when he and Niki show up they find a room with several dead men in it. Back home, Niki confesses that she might have somehow murdered those men, and the money launderers that had visited her several days ago. D.L. believes that Niki was framed by the same person that had framed him.

D.L. later catches Niki with a briefcase containing the $2 million and realizes that she stole the money, which breaks his heart. Strangely, Niki seems to suddenly become an entirely different person, and even slams D.L. with the briefcase, sending him flying into a wall, forcing D.L. to show his own hand--the ability to phase. But "Niki" proves to be powerful, and just when it seems "Niki" may have the advantage, Micah arrives, distracting "Niki", allowing D.L. to use his power to phase his hand into her abdomen, knocking her unconscious. D.L. takes the money and leaves with Micah.

Nothing to Hide

While driving away from Las Vegas, D.L. tells Micah they can never return home. Micah accuses him of being a "bad guy", because only bad guys run. Later, D.L. uses his powers to rescue a woman from a burning car fire, though he is not able to get her away in time before the car explodes. But the nearby Hiro comes to their aid, as Ando keeps Micah safe. Though D.L. initially intends to take the woman to the hospital, Hiro and Ando have called the police, being unaware of D.L.'s fugitive status, forcing him to flee. Micah, as they're driving away, sees he's a hero after all, and they can go back to help his mother, but is disappointed by D.L.'s continued refusal.

At a motel later that night, D.L., unaware of Micah's powers, finds him apparently playing around with a broken pay phone, and does not realize that Micah has told Jessica where to find them.


Still running away from Niki (who became Jessica), Micah tells D.L. that his mom has changed, and sometimes a woman named Jessica takes over her body. When they stop by a restaurant, D.L. goes out to buy some food, and tells Micah to stay inside. He suddenly notices a police officer entering the restaurant, and hides his face. When he comes back to the car, he discovers that Micah is gone. After a long search, he finds Micah, who tells him that now D.L. knows how Micah felt when his dad left. D.L. finally concedes to going back to help Niki. Outside of another hotel, Micah tells his father that he called his mom and told her where they are, which alarms D.L. greatly. And for good reason, as Jessica, who is hiding up in a tree on the other side of the road, takes a sniper rifle and fires at D.L.

Six Months Ago

At Jessica’s grave Niki tells D.L. that Hal is back. They decide to have him over for dinner. At dinner, D.L. jokes that if Hal were trying to make up for the past by giving Micah a computer, he was skimping. D.L. then tells Niki that she is doing great (confronting her father). When Hal yells at Micah, D.L. intervenes and physically intimidates Hal.


D.L. phases to avoid a bullet.

Jessica's first shot hits D.L. in the shoulder, but by the time she is able to fire a second shot, he has phased, and the bullet passes through him harmlessly. D.L. grabs Micah and the money and runs off into the woods. He shrugs off his jacket and leaves it on a branch, carefully backtracking through his footprints to throw off pursuers.

Micah tells him that it couldn't have been the police. They find a locked cabin, and D.L. phases inside to open the lock. As Micah continues to insist that it's Jessica, not Niki, who is responsible, D.L. blacks out from his wound.

Following Micah's cries for help, Jessica arrives at the cabin, pretending to be Niki, but D.L. is ready for her. He hits her with a shovel and she picks him up and hurls him aside. When Jessica hurts Micah, Niki is able to regain control, and she apologizes to D.L. and Micah.

D.L. decides to take everyone to a hotel, but when he stops to assist a fallen Micah, Niki leaves the money and slips off. He watches helplessly as she turns herself in to a Utah highway patrolman for murder.


D.L. gives the money to Linderman's accountant, Aron Malsky. When D.L. asks if this is the last time they will contact each other, Aron responds no and that Linderman will demand a service to be done at a later date.

Later, D.L. and Micah visit Niki in jail. D.L. phases through the glass between them to hold his wife's hand.

The Fix

D.L. feels financially pressed; his fiscal responsibilities weigh heavily on him, and strain his relationship with Micah, who had gotten into a fight over some kids calling his mother a "psycho".

He visits Niki in her padded room, and expresses his concerns. He hopes to get Niki out, but Niki refuses, fearful of Jessica coming out. Niki tells him that D.L. must be strong for them, and he reluctantly leaves without her.

D.L. becomes concerned when Micah has been missing for hours, and demands for an explanation when he returns. Micah simply explains that he had been walking around. Frustrated, D.L. tells him that they need to work together; Micah agrees in an interesting way, hinting at his power and revealing a bag full of money.

Graphic Novel:Bully

D.L. notices a mark on Micah's face and asks him if he was in a fight. He tells Micah that he only cares if he won or not.


At the Sanderses' home, Micah asks D.L. and Jessica, who is impersonating Niki, if they should use their powers to fight crime. She tells him just to worry about school for now, and D.L. and Micah leave for the day.


D.L., finds a photo of Nathan left by Niki. He confronts Jessica (who is still posing as Niki) about this, just after Micah leaves for school. Jessica accuses him of rifling through her drawers, but D.L. keeps the pressure on Jessica. She tries to convince D.L. that all is fine, and seemingly succeeds, but as D.L leaves, he wears a face of disgust.


D.L. argues with Jessica outside their home about taking Micah away. He tells her that Micah isn't safe as long as Linderman owns their lives. D.L. states bluntly that she hasn't turned into Jessica but into "her old man." He warns her, "I will die before I let you do to Micah what he [her father] did to you" and tells her that she can say goodbye to Micah tonight.

The Hard Part

D.L. confronts Jessica back home, infuriated with Micah's kidnapping, and he places the blame on Jessica. Jessica denies having anything to do with letting Micah go off with Linderman, but D.L. remains focused solely on Micah, and heads to the Corinthian Casino to find him. With some prodding from Niki, Jessica accompanies D.L.

The two manage to enter Linderman's gallery by phasing right through a wall. There, they discover a painting of Micah trapped in a building, surrounded by flames. But even more shocking is an entire wall of documents and photos of Niki, Jessica, D.L., and Micah. D.L. realizes that their entire lives have been nothing more than a "science experiment", orchestrated by Linderman. Still, this does not deter the two from finding Micah, and they realize that Micah is in New York City with Linderman, and is somehow linked to Nathan Petrelli's campaign. The two leave for New York.


D.L. and Jessica arrive in New York to find Micah and Linderman. They spy on Nathan as he finishes a photo-op at a polling center, and later confront him in his Nathan's office. The two demand to know where their son is, along with Linderman. Nathan, knowing how Linderman can damage those who oppose him, is apprehensive about helping the two. After D.L. and Jessica assure Nathan that Linderman will not be a threat, Nathan gives them directions.

The duo arrive at the Company's Kirby Plaza facility, passing through the security check with ease. As they wonder which floor Linderman will be on, Mr. Bennet and Matt join them, as they both have common enemies. Jessica notes that she has met Matt before, to D.L.'s confusion. Bennet informs D.L. and Jessica that Linderman is on the 51st floor.

As Linderman finishes a phone call, D.L. and Jessica phase into the office and demand their son. Instead, Linderman offers Jessica millions of dollars to kill D.L. D.L. reminds Jessica that they came for Micah. Jessica however, unable to fight her desires, calls upon Niki instead. Annoyed, Linderman draws a gun on Niki, but D.L. jumps in front of her and takes the shot in his midsection. Linderman steps past D.L. and continues to threaten Niki, but D.L. stands up behind him and phases his hand into Linderman's head, killing him. Niki then cradles D.L. in her arms. D.L. tells Niki that she, not Jessica, was always the strong one.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Niki, taking D.L. into her arms, chastises D.L. for not phasing to avoid the bullet. They then hear Linderman's guards trying to enter the room, forcing D.L. to phase himself and Niki out of the room, but only with great strain and Niki's encouragement.

On the 42nd floor of the Company's building, D.L. tells Niki to leave him behind so that she can find Micah. Niki is apprehensive about leaving D.L. alone and doubtful of her own strength, but D.L. ensures Niki that she is strong, and always has been. After planting a small kiss, Niki heads off.

Mohinder and Molly see D.L., now weakly laying on the floor. Though the two are initially reluctant to help on the chance that he is their enemy, Mohinder eventually comes to D.L.'s aid as Molly watches out for any guards. Niki and Micah soon arrive, and their family reunites. But the circumstances aren't exactly ideal, as Molly sees guards coming up the stairs. Thankfully, Niki's enhanced strength and Micah's technopathy allow the five to escape.

Everyone arrives at Kirby Plaza, with Mohinder leaving the group so that he can attend to the gravely injured Matt Parkman. After coming to a rest, Niki leaves D.L., Micah, and Molly in order to aid Peter in combating Sylar. But with D.L. still badly hurt, Micah calls Niki back to help. D.L. and the others then watch the battle come to an end, with Hiro defeating Sylar, and Peter on the verge of the explosion. But Nathan takes Peter high into the sky, letting him explode safely above New York. D.L. and his family watch as they keep Micah and Molly close.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

D.L. is staying at a hospital for his wound, with Micah fearful for his safety. Niki reassures Micah that D.L. will be fine.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 5, “The Mystery of Kensei”, the narrator wonders how Linderman's killer, D.L., could be connected to the missing Kensei sword.

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