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Molly Walker/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Molly Walker during Season Three.

For more about Molly Walker, see the main article.

For Molly Walker's Season One history, see here.

For Molly Walker's Season Two history, see here.

For Molly Walker's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History

The Second Coming

Mohinder returns home after having sent Molly away to a safe location.


Molly's name is on Gabriel's list as a parenthetical note next to her father's name.

A Clear and Present Danger

A photo of Molly can be seen on Matt's desk.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder remembers everyone who was at Kirby Plaza during the fight with Sylar, including Molly.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

Molly is enjoying a peaceful life in India living with Mohinder's mother whom she calls Grandma Suresh and finally has friends her own age. She believes she has put her past behind her, but Team Rebel come to her for help to find their missing loved ones as her power is the only thing left that can locate them. Molly recognizes Micah from Kirby Plaza and refuses to help, but Grandma Suresh convinces her to. Using pictures of Monica, Lee and Claude, Molly discovers they're being held in a warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Team Rebel manages to convince her to come with them to try to rescue the three as they could be moved again and Molly's power would be their only hope for finding them.

Molly comes with them and when they arrive at a train station in Pittsburgh, Molly discovers that the three are there. Upon learning from the computers that they're on a train to Washington, D.C., Team Rebel and Molly set to work rescuing them. Molly, Micah and Abigail board the train while Sparrow and West distract the guards. The three find and rescue Lee and Claude, but can't find Monica who Molly believes is still nearby tied to a chair. Micah and Abagail are captured, but Molly manages to avoid capture as the train takes off. Wondering where Sparrow and West are, Molly checks and is worried as she finds out what they're about to do. Sparrow stops the train by crashing it with a roadblock of dirt and Molly frees Micah, Abagail, Lee and Claude. More of Danko's team show up to surround the train and attack, but Molly tells them to stop as she has finally figured out where Monica is.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7

Molly informs the Rebel team that Monica is in danger because Sylar is very close to where she is. Micah demands to know where she is being held and Molly tells him that she is in Washington. Micah intends to leave without her and Molly realizes that he has just been using her to find his cousin. She becomes angry and says that he is selfish and has been using all of them. She warns him that if he goes, he will die. Several agents appear and interrupt the conversation, prompting Sparrow to take care of them with her power. During the attack, Micah speaks with Molly and apologizes for all he has done. Molly writes down where Monica is being held and, when Claude announces that he is leaving, she decides to leave with him.

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