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Ando Masahashi/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Ando Masahashi during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Ando visits Hiro at the CEO's Office of Yamagato Industries. While Ando chats with Hiro's future as CEO (which Hiro claims is "boring"), Hiro receives a recorded video message from Hiro's father, telling Hiro not to open the safe, something Ando condones. However, Hiro does open the safe, revealing half of a formula, that is almost instantly stolen by woman moving at unimaginable speed. After discussing the formula's purpose, Ando suggests that Hiro travel back in the past to discover the formula's purpose. However, Hiro refuses stating no good ever came of traveling back. Instead, Hiro travels to the future to learn the purpose of the formula but instead witnesses Ando arguing with Hiro. Ando demands Hiro's half of the formula, saying Hiro "betrayed" him. When Hiro refuses, Ando uses an ability to apparently kill him. When Hiro is back to the present, Ando asks about the future, but Hiro only says that they must find the formula.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro and Ando are in the search for the stolen half of the formula. After being told that the speedster is one Daphne Millbrook living in Paris, France. Hiro goes to teleport himself before Ando expresses concern over why Hiro is going there alone. Hiro refuses to elaborate but then teleports both himself and Ando into Daphne's Apartment. Both shocked and impressed by Daphne's collection of masterpieces, Hiro and Ando searches for the stolen half of the formula. While they're searching, Hiro reveals to the truth about his sights in the future to Ando. Ando tries to convince Hiro that he wouldn't hurt him but Hiro looks unconvinced. As they argue, Hiro spies Daphne's medallion and realizes it has can be negotiated for the formula. Later Daphne returns to her apartment to find Hiro and Ando with her medal. Hiro gives the medal to Ando to trade with Daphne before stopping time. However, Daphne uses her speed to pin a knife against Ando's throat and threaten his life. With Hiro unwilling to sacrifice Ando, Daphne escapes with her medal and also with the formula leaving Hiro and the worried Ando with nothing. Ando then becomes angry at Hiro for almost sacrificing Ando's life for nothing. However, Hiro reveals he stuck a tracking device to the medal. This, however, only leads Ando to become more angrier that he was not let in on the plan.

One of Us, One of Them

Hiro and Ando continue their search for the lost part of the formula, as they tracked down Daphne to a theater in Berlin. When they were told from Daphne that she already gave the first half of the formula to her boss, Hiro notices the Haitian with a silver briefcase, assuming that the second half of the formula is inside. While Hiro and Ando are spying on the Haitian, Daphne shows up and reveals her plan to steal the second half as well. Later Hiro is follows the Haitian backstage and attempts to steal to briefcase while disguised. However, Ando shows up and knocks the Haitian unconscious. While Hiro and Ando arguing over whether Hiro can trust Ando, Daphne steals the briefcase with her power. Hiro attempts to stop time to catch her, but by then the Haitian has recovered and promptly takes hold of the two. They are later seen languishing in a cell.

I Am Become Death

Hiro and Ando, now in a cell on Level 2, aren't getting along. Ando is angry that Hiro said he didn't need him, and Hiro is still freaked out that Future Ando killed him. The two team up for a moment to open up a vent in the ceiling of the prison cell so Hiro can escape. After that, Ando refuses to go up but agrees to help Hiro up. Just as Hiro gets halfway into the vent, the Haitian shows up.

In her office, Angela tells Hiro and Ando that the missing formula can grant people special abilities. After informing Hiro that some mysterious person is watching them and manipulating them, she tasks him to go dig up Adam Monroe for help. When the casket opens, Adam recovers and grabs Hiro in a stranglehold.

Angels and Monsters

At Aoyama Cemetery in Japan, Adam reaches up and chokes Hiro, who tries to explain that they need his help. Adam refuses to listen and Hiro stops time to put him back in his coffin. Hiro explains to Ando that they have no choice but to seek out Adam's help. He releases Adam again and explains that they're looking for the missing formula. Adam notes that he told the Company to destroy the formula but they didn't listen. He refuses to cooperate unless they let him ago, but has no choice when Hiro refuses to negotiate. He says that Angela is probably responsible, but Hiro points out he's working for her. Adam suggests that there could be another possibility.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar where persons with special abilities can be hired. The bartender, Milosh, is angry at Adam for having an affair with his wife. He throws a punch at Adam and knocks out Hiro by mistake, then chases Adam out of the bar. Ando tries to revive Hiro without success, letting Adam get away.

Hiro and Ando try to find Adam without success. As they go down the alleyway, Adam crawls out of a dumpster but Knox renders him unconscious and dumps him into a van. He then makes a call and asks the person at the other end what to do with Hiro and Ando.

Hiro and Ando are drinking at the bar and Hiro insists they can't lose heart; the world is depending on them. Ando comments that it can't get any worse. Daphne and Knox enter the bar. They want to offer Hiro a job. Hiro says they're badasses and wants to sign up. Daphne says that it isn't that easy and that he has to prove himself. Knox takes a sword from the wall, gives it to Hiro, and says he has to kill Ando, since he doesn't have powers and doesn't matter. Hiro takes the sword, apologizes to Ando (noting some sacrifices have to be made), and stabs his friend.

Dying of the Light

Hiro time travels in order to give Ando the necessary supplies to fake his death. Once done, he teleports back to present time and "kills" Ando, much to Daphne's horror. After the villains leave, Ando awakens and admits that he can't believe Hiro killed him. Hiro shrugs and states that now, they are even. Hiro then teleports the two of them to Africa.

Once there, Ando suggests that Hiro sneak up on Usutu, as Hiro will be able to surprise him. He soon finds Hiro unconscious, having been knocked out by the precog. He then suggests that Hiro go back in time one minute to save himself, but this also proves disastrous. After Hiro insists that time traveling won't work, the duo try the old fashioned way and simply wait for Usutu to return. Later that night, he does return and congratulates them for thinking rather than using Hiro's powers.

Eris Quod Sum

Still in Africa, Ando is told by Hiro that Hiro will not use his powers to go back in time and learn how to defeat the villains in the painting. Usutu then tells the pair that they must choose their own destiny or have it chosen for them. Later, Usutu tries to get the duo to eat a substance, Hiro eats it, reluctantly, but Ando decides against it. When his friend's eyes go white and he falls down, Ando is concerned and accuses Usutu of tricking Hiro. The episode ends with Ando yelling Hiro's name.


Ando watches as Hiro goes on his spirit walk. When Hiro momentarily tries to come out of it, Ando assists Usutu by holding up a bowl of smoking food. After Hiro emerges from his trance, Ando tries to keep up with his friend's sudden burst of facts and plans. He and Hiro spot Usutu and realize he's been decapitated.

It's Coming

When Arthur regresses Hiro's memory to that of a 10 year old, Ando charges at Arthur. Arthur sees him coming and hurls him away with telekinesis. Ando manages to recover and gets Hiro to teleport them away from Arthur into a bowling alley. At the bowling alley, Ando tries to get Hiro to snap out of his childish mannerisms and teaches him how to use his powers. When Ando teaches Hiro how to teleport, Hiro teleports them to a comic book store. At the comic book store, Ando gets Hiro to look at a 9th Wonders, comic that documents all their activities that day. Ando skips to the last page and sees an ominous eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Ando accompanies Hiro to Matt Parkman's apartment in Brooklyn, based on the panels in the 9th Wonders! comic book. He acts as a translator between Hiro and Matt. Later Matt suggests they go to Lawrence, KS in pursuit of Daphne. Ando is reluctant but Matt insists it should only take a few minutes. Hiro teleports them into a corn field and Hiro and Ando watch as Matt knocks on the door. Later, after the eclipse begins and Matt and Hiro lose their powers, Ando accompanies Hiro into town where they go to Sam's Comics to find the new issue of 9th Wonders!

The Eclipse, Part 2

Ando accompanies Hiro to a comic book store and asks for the new issue of 9th Wonders!. Sam and Frack think they are being tricked as Hiro searches through comics. Ando explains they are trying to get Hiro's power back and shows them the current issue of 9th Wonders! he has, showing them talking. Later Ando reads the issue Hiro had just read showing Hiro killing Sylar, meeting Charlie, fighting Adam, and his father Kaito dead.

Our Father

Ando accompanies Matt and Daphne to the bike messenger service in Manhattan. After Daphne recovers Isaac's sketches, he views Hiro's fate in the past and believes that by taking the formula, he can gain space-time manipulation powers and go back to 1991 to save his friend. However, he has no idea how to find the formula.


Ando accompanies Matt and Daphne to Mohinder's lab in Isaac's old workshop. After the three realize that Mohinder is not there, Daphne, Ando and Matt discuss what to do next. Daphne remembers the formula at Pinehearst, and runs to Pinehearst to steal the formula so Ando can obtain an ability. Ando believes it is his destiny to acquire space-time manipulation and save Hiro. Ando injects himself with the formula and faints. After Matt splashes some water on Ando's face, Ando regains consciousness, he tries to activate his ability by "squinting" like Hiro--but he is unsuccessful. Frustrated, Ando slams his hand on a table. Suddenly, his hand begins to glow with red energy. When Matt touches Ando, he suddenly hears the thoughts of everyone in Manhattan. Then Daphne touches him and is transported several seconds back in time. Matt concludes that Ando has the ability to "supercharge" the abilities of others. The three decide for Ando to augment Daphne's power so that she can travel back sixteen years. Daphne and Ando save Hiro a split second before Kaito Nakamura could strike his son with his sword.

Upon returning to the present, Hiro complains that Ando rescued him before he could destroy the formula. Ando jokingly notes that he won't save Hiro the next time, and the two friends bow to each other.

A Clear and Present Danger

Hiro takes Ando to their lair, and gives him a GPS implant, costume and the Ando-cycle, with communications back to the computer set up in the lair. Ando thinks that Hiro is trying to live his life through him and shortly drives off on the Ando-cycle. Ando is later seen at a strip club with a number of girls impressed with the motorcycle, he is talking to Hiro when he is taken by a group of men, which makes him go back to the lair. He correctly guesses that the password is 'Ando' and notices that Hiro's GPS tracker is showing him in Africa.

Trust and Blood

Ando is at a bar attempting to book a flight to Russellville, Arkansas, after tracking the GPS signal from Hiro, but the person on the other end of the phone has never heard of Russellville. Daphne appears as Ando hangs up, she's looking for Matt and figured Hiro and Ando may be able to help. When Ando hears that Matt disappeared too, he decides that the people who kidnapped Hiro may have also have Matt. Daphne grabs Ando and speeds them to Russellville.

Daphne and Ando arrive at the crash site and while they don't see Matt or Hiro, see Claire in shackles. Daphne reassures Ando that Hiro can't be dead because Ando kills him in the future and speeds off to rescue Claire.

Daphne and Claire return to Ando's location and notice that Matt, Hiro and Mohinder have showed up. Daphne and Matt embrace, but as Daphne moves away she is shot by one of Danko's men. Claire takes fire and covers Daphne and the rest, while Matt telepathically convinces one of the soldiers to kill his fellow members. Danko shows up and kills the brainwashed soldier and Matt makes a run for it.

Peter, Ando, Hiro, Mohinder and Matt all meet up and plan to go underground to plan their revenge. They ditch any attachment to their previous lives and Peter mentions they will have to do things they never considered before but no one seems fazed least of all Matt, who now wants revenge for Daphne.

Building 26

In New Delhi, India, Hiro and Ando seek their destiny as shown by Matt's drawing — to stop a wedding. While Hiro leaves to find out when the wedding starts, Ando looks up from the picture and spots a familiar-looking woman. He goes after her, and she reveals her name is Annapurna and that she is the bride. Ando discovers she's sad, and tells her to call off the wedding. She gasps, saying she was waiting for a sign from God before making her decision. Ando, using his power, creates a shower of red sparks from his hands. Just as Anna is thanking Ando for being the sign, Hiro returns. He hears Annapurna say that the wedding is off, but he is crestfallen — Ando has stolen the show.

Anna, Hiro and Ando are sitting at Annapurna's restaurant and she tells them her fiancé is a powerful and dangerous man. She leaves for a moment, and Ando notices Hiro is angry at him. Hiro believes he needed to stop the wedding; it was his chance to regain his powers. Ando said he found a way to save her, and that Hiro is just jealous of being his sidekick. The discussion is cut short when Ando interrupts an argument in the kitchen between Anna and Deepak, who had walked in a few minutes before. An enraged Deepak knocks Ando over the head with a pan and carries him off.

Anna states that she must marry Deepak or else Ando will die. During the wedding Hiro stops the ceremony and knocks her fiancé down and threatens him with a cake knife. Deepak calls the wedding off. Hiro recognizes that this was the moment captured in the painting and yells "Yatta!".

In India, Ando tells Hiro he was right, but Hiro objects he was wrong, and now he can be a hero without his powers. Anna remembers that their names were familiar because a fax from "Rebel" came in for them. It says that they should "Save Matt Parkman". Hiro sees it as a message from "destiny".

Shades of Gray

Ando and Hiro arrive in Los Angeles and go to an address provided by "Rebel". They meet a babysitter who believes they were sent by an agency. She gives them a baby, tells them his name is Matt Parkman, and leaves.

Cold Snap

Ando and Hiro take care of Matt Parkman, Jr. While Ando is a "warm mommy" towards him, Hiro is cold, which Ando analyzes with something he saw on Doctor Phil. Ando is shocked when Hiro reveals to him that when Hiro was in the past, he saw his mother and she died in his arms. The two are shocked when the baby displays the power to turn things on and make them go. Janice Parkman arrives at home and the two try to hide in the closet with the baby unsuccessfully. Janice orders them to leave, but Ando tells her her son is in danger. He asks if she knows about the baby's powers, which she does, and Ando shows Janice his own power. Danko's agents show up and Ando and Hiro hide with baby Matt, but Ando goes back and is able to use his power as a concentrated blast of energy to knock out one of the agents. Ando is easily subdued by them. Hiro uses his restored ability to stop time, then places Ando in a wheelbarrow and wheels him twelve miles to the bus station. Ando is shocked to find out that part of Hiro's powers are back and the two decide now that they've saved baby Matt Parkman, they'll go and save his father, even though they don't know where to look.

Graphic Novel:Baby Power

Ando and Hiro carry Matt, Jr. through the streets of Los Angeles, looking for a place to buy supplies. When Matt uses his power to turn on a Nissan Cube, Ando tells Hiro to keep Matt from using powers in public. They arrive at a Valumart store, where Matt causes an electric cart to knock over a pile of melons. Ando sends a red blast of energy to stop the melons from falling on Hiro. The two of them deal with Matt's mischief over a forklift, and then leave the mart, surprised that the Nissan Cube has somehow made its way to the front of the store.

Turn and Face the Strange

Hiro and Ando drive their Nissan Cube down a highway while trying to get into contact with Matt Parkman. They agree that after getting the two Matt Parkmans together, they will then try and find Janice. Baby Matt begins to cry and the car mysteriously slows down and then stops completely. They decide to hitchhike, although Ando is doubtful that they will get a ride. A truck pulls over and a Japanese driver asks if they would like a ride. The man introduces himself as Sam Douglas and after Hiro explains their problem, he says that he has a mechanic friend who may be able to help. The sound of the truck frightens Baby Matt and he uses his ability to shut it down. Hiro and Ando finally realize that Baby Matt is the cause of their car trouble. Sam tells them he has to go, and they head back to their car. Ando manages to pull a funny face that makes Baby Matt happy and Hiro drives them away.

Hiro manages to call Mohinder, who tells them that Matt has gone to Washington D.C. While Hiro saves Matt Parkman from Danko, Ando sits in a park looking after Matt Parkman, Jr., and watches as father and son meet for the first time. Later, Hiro and Ando put groceries into their car while the two Matts spend some time together.

I Am Sylar

After reuniting Matt Parkman with his son, Hiro and Ando try to convince Matt to come along with them to bring down Building 26. However, Matt wants to go home to Janice to fix his family. Hiro and Ando go to Isaac's Loft to try and get captured by the agents. However, Ando is unaware that he is bait, and Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power. As the agents burst in and fire tasers at the both of them, Hiro stops time. As soon as he stops time, Hiro is in slight pain, and utters to Ando that he is sorry. Ando talks to Hiro, and they both notice that now the both of them can be moving in stopped time. They both talk about how Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power, but Hiro denies it. Ando says that he's not the only one with a destiny, and that this Batman can do it all by himself. Hiro unfreezes time for Ando to get shot, then freezes time once more. He stands next to one of the agents, and remarks how it's just his size.

In the agents van, Ando is in shackles and unconscious from the drugs. Hiro is disguised as one of the agents, however, he is still wearing his glasses. Hiro freezes time, and turns of the drugs that were making Ando unconscious. Hiro tells Ando that he has to play dead because the agents are taking them to their base. Hiro unfreezes time, but one of the agents tells Hiro that he never knew he wore glasses. Knowing that their cover was blown, Ando uses his power on the agents, and the van stops. Hiro pulls out a G.P.S. that one of the agents were holding, and says that they will just go to Building 26.

Hiro and Ando watch Nathan's press conference.

Hiro and Ando are outside Building 26. Hiro promises that he will treat Ando equally, and that they will work as a team. Hiro tries to freeze time, but when he does, he falls in pain. Ando asks what's wrong, and Hiro say's that his head hurts really bad, and he also has a nosebleed.

An Invisible Thread

After Hiro's nosebleed, he and Ando break into Building 26 (by freezing time) to free the prisoners held inside. Ando notices that Hiro is bleeding from his ears now and asks if he is okay. Hiro shrugs it off and the duo continue looking for the prisoners. They finally find them and replace them with the agents of Building 26. Hiro returns time to normal and Mohinder notices what is happening and theorizes that his body is rejecting his power and that one more use of it could kill him.

Later, Hiro, Ando and Mohinder attend the funeral of the "fake Sylar"

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Ando attends "Sylar"'s funeral.

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Ando and Hiro are searching for a new path in life. When Alethea Thorn enters the comic shop, Ando warns Claire to cover her ears. He is unable to stop Agent Penn, who enters the shop looking for Alethea.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Ando swims lazily in the motel pool while Hiro sits at the edge. When Rachel teleports to them and asks them for help, Ando gives her a cheeky smile. He supercharges her power, allowing them to teleport to Claire in one go. Once there, Ando uses his red lightning to attack the ferocious dogs that Wildman has summoned. When Wildman is defeated, Hiro, Ando and Rachel teleport Magdalena Muller back home to Florida. Once there, Hiro and Ando decide to return to Japan.

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