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Angela Petrelli/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Angela Petrelli during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

In an argument with Future Peter, Angela states that he absorbed his first ability from her, the ability to dream the future.

The Butterfly Effect

With the death of Bob Bishop, the chain of command leaves Angela in complete power and authority of the Company's actions. Her first action as "The Boss" is to relinquish Elle of any further duty (she fires Elle). After continuing to tell Future Peter he must return her son and go back where he came from, Angela goes and speaks to Sylar who is now in a Level 5 holding cell.

In the cell Angela tells Sylar that she can provide him with the love and guidance a mother should provide for her son. Sylar gets angry, stating that she is NOT his mother. She replies "But I am dear, I am..."

One of Us, One of Them

Angela is with Sylar in his cell and tells him that her sons have failed her, and that she is his mother, and that she will love him and guide him. She unstraps him and introduces him to Bridget Bailey, who she says is there to "feed" him. She leaves the two in the room alone and walks away to the sound of Bridget's screams.

Later, on Level 5 she speaks with Noah, who has come back with the intentions of recapturing the escapees, and introduces him to his new partner, Sylar. She explains her belief that Sylar has been misunderstood and needs structure, and wants Noah to provide that for him. Later, the three see a bank robbery on the news, and Angela tells them it is the pair's first assignment.

When Noah and Sylar return with Flint, Sylar comments to Angela that she was wrong about him, because he succumbed to his killer instinct and took Jesse's power. She tells him that they should just wait and see what happens.

I Am Become Death

With Hiro and Ando being held captive in a Level 2 cell, Angela sits them down in her office to let Hiro know how much his father thought Hiro was going to be a great man. Now, due to his loss of his half of the formula, Angela informs them that they are being manipulated by something more powerful, and that Hiro has the key to unlocking the whole mystery.

Angels and Monsters

Angela finds a newly arrived Peter in Sylar's cell and races in as Peter breaks Sylar's neck. Angela tries to stop the crazed Peter, who telekinetically binds Angela, asking her if she ever planned to tell him that Sylar was his brother. When she doesn't reply, Peter begins to cut open her head to find the answers himself. He is stopped by Sylar, who has healed himself. When Tracy and Nathan arrive to find a chemically subdued Peter, Nathan is enraged at his mother. In her office, Angela tells them of the experimentation done on Tracy, Niki, and Barbara as infants which gave them their abilities. She then reveals that the Company also gave Nathan his ability, because Arthur was disappointed that Nathan was born without the ability-granting genetic marker. Later, as Angela dozes, she apparently awakes to the sound of a scream. She finds Tracy and Nathan dead and a bloodied Peter standing over them. Peter collapses to reveal a pipe stuck in the back of his head. Angela turns at the sound of Arthur's voice and comes face-to-face with him. He explains that she is too dangerous to keep around as she can see the future. When she says that she will stop him, he replies that she won't even be able to move. Angela awakes to find that it was one of her dreams and that she cannot move.

Dying of the Light

Angela remains in a paralyzed state following her dream-encounter with Arthur. Sylar releases Peter from his drug-induced coma in an attempt to wake Angela. Peter attempts to read her mind to figure out what happened to her, and she gives him the image of the Pinehearst logo.

Eris Quod Sum

Angela remains paralyzed following her dream-encounter with Arthur. She appears in the sleeping Sylar's dreams, and tells him that he is more powerful than he realizes. She asks him to rescue Peter and make her proud. When Sylar confronts Arthur, he claims that Angela had a precognitive dream of Sylar so frightening that she tried to drown him, and Arthur stopped her.


In Hiro's precognitive trance, Angela appears to be a dutiful wife to Arthur and seemingly agrees to all his plans. However, when she hears Arthur and Linderman talking about an assassination attempt on Nathan, she runs to the kitchen to grab a knife. Before she can do anything, Arthur uses his ability to control her mind. Later, when Arthur is away, Linderman -- sympathetic towards Angela -- restores her memory with his power. With her mind restored, she enlists the Haitian to help her take down Arthur. She poisons his soup and is preparing to get rid of his body when Nathan discovers him.

It's Coming

Matt and Daphne arrive at Primatech to find Angela in a state of paralysis. Matt gets feedback after surface probing Angela, Daphne says she'll look for a nurse but goes to warn Arthur. Daphne returns to Matt as he tries to get inside Angela's head. Matt admits he’s only done it once with his dad and asks Daphne to stay there and watch him while he disappears into Angela’s head. Inside their heads, Angela is seen cuffed to a chair at the end of an empty Pinehearst hallway. She warns Matt that he shouldn't be there and that Arthur is too powerful. Matt struggles with the cuffs and tries at the locked doors. Arthur then appears as Daphne and stabs Matt in the stomach. In the real world, Daphne watches Matt groan and bleed from his stomach wound. Calling to Matt, he takes her in the dream with him and Angela. As the real Daphne explains her motives and her feelings for Matt, Angela takes the chance and asks if Arthur remembers when they were just like that. The hallway then becomes Angela's office, as Angela tells Arthur to let her go. Her bonds break and Matt comes and takes them both back to reality. As Nathan arrives after Claire and Peter, Angela informs them that Arthur now has both parts of the formula but is missing a third piece, a catalyst, and it’s hidden away in the blood of a human host. She tells them that both Peter and she have dreamed the future, and promises it is not one any of them will want to face.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Angela is at Primatech with Claire, and tells her where Nathan and Matt are going on their separate assignments. She informs Claire that her mission is to avoid being captured by Arthur because of the catalyst in her blood. Claire objects, but Angela overrides her and takes her into Level 5 where Noah is waiting to take his daughter to safety.

Later, Angela walks in on Tracy as she is having a conversation with Arthur via cell phone. Tracy hastily covers up the nature of her call. It's not clear how much Angela overheard but she is aware of Tracy's opposition from her precognitive dream (The Butterfly Effect).

The Eclipse, Part 2

Noah tells Sylar that Angela and Arthur only pretended to be his parents to manipulate him into joining their respective sides.

Our Father

Angela meets with Peter and the Haitian. She gives a gun to Peter and tells him that he can kill Arthur by shooting him in the back of the head. When Peter balks, Angela explains that Arthur would do the same to him, and tried to have Nathan killed. It was that which drove her to poison him.

Later, Sylar establishes that Arthur lied about being his father, strongly indicating that Angela isn't his mother.

Graphic Novel:Truths

Angela asks Arthur how the hunting trip went. Arthur tells Angela that the trip went how he it expected it to go. He then goes on to say that the ability is in the wrong son and that perhaps they are being punished by God. Angela tells him that they are better than God and if he thinks the wrong son got the ability, then he should use the formula on Nathan. Arthur is a wary of using the formula on their son, but Angela reassures him by saying that it is no different than getting a vaccination and that Nathan's body should be able to handle it. In the end, Arthur decides to take the chance, especially since it would be a chance "to salvage one". Angela responds by saying that she will call Dr. Zimmerman in the morning.


At Primatech, Noah, Angela, Claire and Meredith arm themselves against Sylar. Later in a study in Primatech, Angela tells Claire that she’s giving Sylar the attention he’s been starved for. The phone rings and Sylar tells her that Claire can walk out with Noah and Meredith if Claire shoots Angela dead. Sylar transmits an image of Noah and Meredith to Claire in the study. Angela warns that Sylar wants them to go down there. As they make their way down the hallway, Sylar abducts Angela.

Sylar confronts Angela in the study and she says that she was right about him, that he's a hero for killing Arthur and saving the world. He disagrees but she says she dreamed about it and there's no one left to take advantage of him. Sylar says that she is the one taking advantage of him, and asks if she's his mother. He says he can tell if she’s lying and she admits she's not his mother. He admits that for a moment he wishes she were, and asks why she did it. She says her sons have been a disappointment and she wanted to give her love to him, but he knows this is a lie. She then explains she wanted him to work for the Company and saw him as a killer and a monster that could be manipulated. She admits she's a monster too. He telekinetically starts choking her, and demands that she tell him something that makes him believe that not everyone is a monster like him. Angela says she knows who his real parents are, and he recognizes this as the truth. She warns that if he kills her, he'll never find out, but he starts choking hers. Claire comes up behind him and stabs him in the brain with a piece of glass. Claire, Noah, and Angela watch Primatech burn.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 1

In a Primatech facility in Tappen, NJ, Angela interrogates Rachel Mills about what happened to the serum that was at Pinehearst. When Rachel claims not to know, Angela says she doesn't believe her and explains that the serum was not part of the program that recruited her and is a dangerous inferior formula. Angela says she is sorry about Rachel's injury and that she does not know just how much worse things will be if she does not get back that serum. She then places both hands on Rachel's head, and while again asking where it is, Rachel begins reliving what happened twelve hours ago at Pinehearst.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 2

When Anna runs into Claire, Claire says that she is on a college visit with her grandma and it was Angela's decision to come.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 3

Still in the unknown Tappen facility, Angela tells Rachel that she wants to help her, but only if she stops lying to her. When Rachel insists she is telling the truth, Angela asks Rachel why she killed David if she promised to help him escape the Pinehearst lab. Rachel tells Angela that she didn't have any choice but to kill David, and Angela says she understands but will not let her go until she tells Angela where the rest of the serum is. Rachel then tells Angela that seeing what it did, she destroyed it. Angela replies that Rachel gave the wrong answer and leaves the room.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 4

Angela continues to question Rachel, now mentioning Rachel's mother, Leona. Angela tells Rachel that there is so much she can do for this world, as long as she embraces her power. Despite having a flashback that confirms she has a power, Rachel tells Angela that she is not special. Angela walks away, telling Rachel that she doesn't believe her.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 5

Angela re-enters the room where Rachel is being held, and gives Carlos a messaging device, saying that a man is on board and that they will continue as planned. Carlos and Angela then approach Rachel, who is still tied down to a chair next to a conference table. Angela tells Rachel that she underestimated her and is letting her go; and Carlos removes her IV, saying that the effects should wear off in a few hours. Angela then commends Rachel for being a fighter like her, but Rachel replies that she's nothing like her and just wants to leave. Angela says that there's a car waiting for her outside.

Later, Angela confronts Rachel after she has retrieved the vial of serum from its hiding place. She asks for the serum and Rachel gives it to her. After Rachel asks what else they want, Angela says that they want to help her, and Carlos takes Rachel away. Angela then calls Leona, Rachel's mother, saying that "it's been a long time".

A Clear and Present Danger

Angela encourages Claire to look at college brochures, telling her that it is vital she continue her education. Claire later overhears her talking on the phone, and picking up the extension, hears Angela and Nathan discussing Claire's concerns and suggesting that she be kept at the Petrelli mansion while Matt and Peter are "taken down". When Angela realizes Claire is listening in, she tells Nathan they may have a bigger problem.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

As Noah is on the phone with Claire, he asks about the college brochures and tells Claire to tell Angela that she wants to visit Columbia College when she is in New York.

Trust and Blood

In Building 26, Nathan recounts the crash of Flight 195 and subsequent events to an unseen individual on the telephone, who turns out to be Angela. Nathan expresses concern about The Hunter, fearing that he might not be able to control him. Angela is reading a file on Danko and certain events that took place in Angola, and says she has the problem well in hand.

Cold Wars

Five weeks ago... Noah and Angela are discussing the Company and Noah argues that even without Primatech, the company should still be operational, she disagrees and hands him a letter and a watch for all of his "years of service". She tells him she is tired of it and tells him that now he can be a true father and husband, but he tells her that the company is all he's ever known and Angela tells him he has what he fought for and he is to return to Claire.

After Noah and Danko are finished speaking, Noah sits down on a park bench and starts talking to Angela Petrelli about how he is going to show his loyalty to them and the hard decisions that he will have to make. Noah tells her that he's always been fine with morally gray.


Angela meets Nathan in a car after Peter escapes. When Nathan asks, she denies that she is helping Peter. Nathan explains that someone called "Rebel" is working against him; this person knows about his plans and about Building 26, all information that Angela possesses. She states that firstly, she knows nothing about computers (although Nathan says that she could easily hire someone who does), and secondly, she knows Nathan is keeping her safe and would never betray him. Nathan points out that although he himself does not want to hurt Peter, there are other people who want everyone with abilities dead. Angela ironically says that she has some experience of this kind of situation. Nathan gets a call from Peter and Angela listens as Peter threatens to go public with the video footage he copied.

Later, Angela tries to comfort Peter after Nathan helps him to escape from Danko's team. The brothers argue about Nathan's plans, with Angela telling Nathan that there may be another way, but Peter replicates Nathan's ability and flies away. Nathan wants to go after Peter, but Angela stops him, saying that "the game has changed" and that she has seen it. She whispers something in Nathan's ear, and he looks surprised.

Shades of Gray

Angela receives a call from Noah in her limo, telling her that Nathan has made a power play against Danko, and that he is concerned that Nathan is moving too fast and will play his hand too soon. Angela, clutching a pair of argyle socks, tells him that she has the situation under control.

Danko meets Angela in a high-class New York restaurant, where she is eating oysters. Danko asks if Nathan has an ability, and Angela tells him it sometimes skips a generation. Angela tells Danko that she knows about the incident in Angola, and wonders how he survived when so many civilians died. Danko admires her resourcefulness, and then leaves.

Graphic Novel:Hanging By a Thread

Rachel Mills recounts how Angela pressured her to embrace her ability, as well as Angela letting her go after seeing Rachel use her ability to escape Angela's grasp.

Cold Snap

Noah Bennet meets Angela in her limo in NYC in the pouring rain. Angela tells him they shouldn't talk anymore because it's too dangerous to be seen with her, and notices that Noah is clearly distracted. She says that family is a horrible price to pay for what they're trying to do, and notes the irony of alienating her sons to save them. Noah says he's sure Nathan will forgive her, but Angela says she knows Peter won't. She points out that Bennet needs to make Danko trust him and suggests turning in one of them. Noah asks how she knows that he hasn't turned her in, but Angela says Rebel would impress Danko more. Noah comments that Angela may need Rebel's services soon, but Angela says she will find a way to survive and will leave the city that night. She gives Noah her umbrella, and in return, he warns her not to go home.

Stuck in traffic, Angela asks the driver why they've stopped. Before he can answer, someone reaches in and grabs him and then they reach for her. Angela wakes up with a start; it was just a dream. She tells the driver not to stop, but he is grabbed from outside. Angela slips out of the car while agents subdue the driver. She links arms with a stranger and asks to share his umbrella, managing to evade capture.

She meets her friend Millie at a restaurant. Millie comments on Angela's disheveled appearance, and she answers that she has had a bad day. Millie tells Angela that she herself was detained and questioned about the company she keeps or kept. Angela says she needs a favor, even though she and Millie haven't spoken for a while. Millie says they all noticed Angela wasn't the same after Arthur's death, and asks what Angela will do now. Angela explains that she's trying to help her sons, and asks for a change of clothes, a car, or some money so she can disappear. Millie recommends that Angela turn herself in, and Angela gets up to leave, but on reflection, Millie gives her all the cash from her wallet. Angela thanks her and on her way out steals Millie's umbrella.

Angela is walking down the street when she notices Danko's men closing in; she turns only to find more agents behind her. She enters a nearby building, hops into an elevator just in time and heads up to the roof. The agents open up the control panel and bring the elevator back down. Angela hears a bang on top of the elevator and looks up and smiles. As the doors open on the ground floor, Danko's men see Angela and Peter inside. Peter flies the two of them through the emergency hatch in the ceiling to safety. Later, Angela and Peter stand looking out from the crown of the Statue of Liberty, and Peter asks her what she wants to do now.

Into Asylum

Angela has Peter fly her to the church where she married Arthur. When Peter says he saved her in order to get answers, she says she's looking for some as well. In the church, Angela sits in a pew and when Peter asks if she wants forgiveness from God, Angela says she doubts even he would forgive her. What she wants to do is sleep and use her power to find out what they need to do, but she is unable to sleep. Peter asks her about using pills, but Angela explains that her power only works if she is in a natural sleep. She reminisces about their family's past and says that she never gave Peter the support he needed. Peter gives her a coat that she donated to the church to replace her wet one and she sits in the pew and prays. Some of Danko's men show up and she and Peter hide in a confessional. Angela takes the opportunity to tell Peter about her past, saying that she wanted to be a teacher and help people, but when her power manifested, she dreamed of a terrible future. She tried to convince people of what she saw, but nobody believed her, so she used lies, manipulation, and betrayal in an attempt to change the future. She and Peter are found by Noah Bennet, but he covers for them and the agents leave the church. Angela finds she is then able to sleep on Peter's shoulder, and wakes to say that a dream showed her what to do: the two of them need to find Nathan and Claire, and then find Angela's sister. This shocks Peter as she apparently never told him she had a sister. The two leave the church and fly off together.

Turn and Face the Strange

Angela calls Noah from a street pay phone to tell him that she has had a dream, and asks if he knows about what happened at a place called "Coyote Sands". Noah implies that whatever happened there was kept a secret for over 20 years, and that the Company believed it should never be discussed. Angela says that she and Peter are heading there, intending to meet up with Nathan and Claire, and that she needs Noah to join them, because "it's time that everyone knew the truth."

Angela and Peter arrive at Coyote Sands and Peter asks why they have come here. Angela tells him that this is where the story begins. As Nathan and Claire land, Peter storms off in a rage. Claire goes after him while Nathan asks Angela what they are doing here. Angela says that she never wanted him or Peter to know about this place, but that she now realizes that this was a mistake. Angela then hands him a shovel, telling him in order to prepare for the future, they must unearth the past. Later that night, after digging several holes, Nathan discovers a skeleton in a shallow grave. Angela almost collapses at the sight and is comforted by Claire. Peter asks if she knew whoever is in the grave. Angela replies that she knew "all of them" and tells them to keep digging.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Noah receives a video message from Angela on his phone. Angela instructs him to meet them at Coyote Sands, saying that they need him there.


Angela, as she appears in 1961.

Peter confronts Angela on why they are digging up graves and searching for a sister they never knew she had. He asks her what happened in the Coyote Sands and Angela remembers 1961 when she and her family arrived at the sands. They were greeted by a young Chandra Suresh who introduced them to his colleague, a young Dr. Zimmerman. While unpacking in their room, Angela and Alice met with a young Charles Deveaux, Bobby Bishop and Daniel Linderman. The boys introduced themselves and left. Alice showed great discomfort about sleeping away from their parents and Angela reassured her that they would be fine and that they had to stay because she believed that Dr. Suresh could stop her bad dreams.

In present time, Peter and Angela rejoin with the others and Angela begins to openly explain how a government operation brought people like them to the Coyote Sands. Angela tells them that she escaped the sands with the other Company founders and that she kept the sands a secret from the world in order to protect the next generation. Nathan agrees that she did the right thing but Peter, outraged at his mother, flies off. Nathan goes after him. Angela remembers that in March of 1961, Angela, Bobby, Charles and Linderman had all become friends. Linderman revealed his healing power to Angela and Charles expressed his belief that they were being treated like terrorists. He got Angela to trust her dreams and she told them all not to trust Dr Suresh. Alice, curious about what they were talking about, tried to get in on the conversation but was put to bed by her sister. Before falling asleep, Alice revealed to Angela that she could control the weather and was scared that Suresh would come for her.

In present time, Angela and Claire talk about why Angela did not tell her sons the truth. Angela tells Claire how much she admires her when a vicious sandstorm starts. Angela, believing this to be a sign from Alice, runs out to search for her sister. Angela remembers that Chandra performed numerous tests on Angela and her ability, filming them all. Angela tried to tell Chandra that he would kill everyone but Chandra dismissed her pleas. Angela and the three boys then escaped the Coyote Sands and left Alice behind. While at a cafe, Charles revealed that his power was telepathy and danced with Angela. The group then heard a report on the radio, informing people that a deadly storm had attacked the Sands. Angela, knowing that it was Alice, dragged the boys back there but arrived too late. Returning to the cafe, Angela revealed another dream of hers and the Company was born.

In present time, Angela awakens and finds that she is in an old bunker with her sister, Alice. Angela tries to apologize for what she did to Alice but Alice, enraged by her lies, whips up a storm to attack her. Peter and Mohinder arrive to save her and Angela offers Alice a place in their family. Alice says no and disappears. Angela, Peter, Noah, Nathan and Claire go to the cafe where the Company was started and decide to make their own Company. Suddenly, a live report showing Nathan on the television comes on and Noah identifies him as Sylar, wearing Nathan's skin.

I Am Sylar

Angela talks with Claire, Noah, Peter and Nathan about their situation in the Coyote Sands Café when Claire calls their attention to a live interview with a second Nathan. Noah reveals that Sylar is now a shape shifter. Nathan tells them he's going to go fix the mess he created, prompting Angela to remind him that his lone heroics is what caused the problem in the first place. Nathan retorts and tells them that he has to do it alone. He then flies off. Peter gives the family a look before chasing after him.

Sylar taunts Nathan by telling him he knows everything about the senator. Nathan tells him he knows nothing, prompting Sylar to reveal that Angela helping him acquire an ability to see an object's history by touching it.

Later, Angela, Claire and Noah, who is driving, are heading down a highway when some they notice some emergency cones and a truck. Claire looks at Angela, who is sleeping, while Noah rolls down the window. A van suddenly pulls up and Homeland Security Agents jump out. They surround the car with their weapons drawn.

An Invisible Thread

Angela wakes in the back seat of the car and informs Noah and Claire that Nathan is in trouble. Noah tells them both to get out and start walking to town.

Angela and Claire separate after arriving in Washington DC, knowing she must find Matt Parkman in order to save Nathan. She finds Matt at the Greyhound station and convinces him to come with her to the hotel, where they discover Nathan's body. She and Noah convince Matt to transfer Nathan's memories into Sylar's unconscious body. Later, when the Heroes are burning what appears to be Sylar's--but is actually the shape shifting James Martin's--body, she stands uneasily next to Sylar, who is taking Nathan's shape.

Six weeks later, Angela comes to meet Sylar--who appears to be and believes that he is Nathan--and notes that they haven't spoken in weeks. Sylar tells her that he hasn't been feeling like himself lately and inadvertently accesses his intuitive aptitude to adjust a clock that is running a minute and a half fast. Sylar immediately becomes more chipper regarding their lunch date, but Angela is disturbed by the glimmers of Sylar's personality that are beginning to resurface.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Angela attends the funeral of "Sylar".

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 4 of Operation Bad Blood, Angela introduces herself to the Pinehearst contracted player, who is being kept in a bare cell in a Primatech detention center. She then offers the player a deal that she will release the player and Anna if the player can find out what Anna knows. Later, after the player does so, Angela re-enters the cell with an Asian man, having overheard the conversation. Angela leads the player to her limo and has the driver take them to the player's car.

On the way, Angela promises that Anna will be set free, but that Ricardo Silva, a.k.a. Red Eye, will find her once more. Angela adds that the player shouldn't think about that right now, and that the player will be faced soon with a decision for which thousands of lives will rest on the player's answer. She adds that the lives will include people they both know as well as strangers. Angela then forces the player to leave the limo and the car leaves so she can go meet someone she needs to see soon.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter, Angela stands in the observation room of a Primatech interrogation facility. She listens as the Primatech contracted player and Jeremy Woo debate Anna's interrogation, then greets Jeremy when he notices her. Angela also asks for the player contractor's thoughts on the interrogation. She then notes she thinks it is repulsive, but orders Jeremy to allow it to continue. When the player goes to leave, Angela asks if the player keeps a diary. When the player says no, she says she sees and turns away.

The Private

In chapter 1 of The Private, Rachel Mills remembers having a bullet wound and Angela questioning her about her mom.

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is being interrogated and at first she thinks it is Angela, but then realizes its the woman that was in the lab in Iran. Later, she wonders if she looked scared and mad when Angela interrogated her at Pinehearst.

In chapter 5 of The Agent,

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The introduction for chapter 6 of The Agent confirms that Angela Petrelli was the person discussing several dreams she had involving Rachel Mills in the previous chapter.

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