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Ando Masahashi/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Ando Masahashi during Season Four.

For more about Ando Masahashi, see the main article.

For Ando Masahashi's Season One history, see here.

For Ando Masahashi's Season Two history, see here.

For Ando Masahashi's Season Three history, see here.

Character History


Hiro persuades Ando to start a business with him called Dial-A-Hero. Ando is initially skeptical of the idea, but goes along with it for Hiro's sake. While they are waiting for a client to call, Ando finds a photograph of himself, Hiro, and Kimiko at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival fourteen years ago. Ando remembers when the photo was taken, and calls it "the night of the slushy incident". Ando remembers that he spilled a slushy over Kimiko's new dress, which caused her to start hating him. Suddenly, Kimiko bursts in and berates the two of them for spending fifty million yen on Dial-A-Hero, assuming that the business was Ando's idea. When she leaves, they get a call from their first client, who is a little girl whose cat is stuck on a roof. Arriving at the scene, Hiro volunteers Ando to climb up the building to save the cat, but the cat claws at Ando, making him fall off the roof. Hiro freezes time and saves him, but the after-effects leave him frozen, so Ando straps him onto a cart and pushes him back to their office. When Hiro snaps out of his trance, Ando tells him he should see a doctor, but he says he does not need to because he has already seen one. He then tells Ando that he is dying.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hiro time travels back fourteen years to a carnival, where Ando spills a Slushy on Kimiko. However, Hiro changes things by having the Slushy spill on him instead of Kimiko. When Hiro returns from his trip back in time, Kimiko yells at Hiro and then starts talking to Ando. At the end of their conversation, Kimiko kisses Ando. Later, Hiro tells Ando that he's the reason Kimiko loves him. Ando disagrees saying that Kimiko and he have been dating for years, and that it all started with their first kiss at the carnival.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

Ando walks with Kimiko and spills a Slushy on her dress when Edgar rushes past them.


Kimiko tells Ando that Hiro has agreed to give her away at their wedding, which Ando is happy to hear. He speaks with Hiro and tells him that the wedding is a year away. He asks Hiro if he thinks he will be alive but Hiro tells him not to worry about it. Ando is not so sure that they should be hiding things from Kimiko and urges Hiro to tell her the truth. There is a call on the Dial a Hero line and Hiro leaves.

Hiro travels back in time to save Tadashi but repeatedly fails. Ando tells Hiro that he may not be meant to save Tadashi and suggests that he give up and talk to Kimiko. Hiro does save Tadashi and then speaks with Kimiko while Ando watches. When the two of them hug, Ando enters the room. Hiro then clutches his head and suddenly teleports away.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years in the past at the Burnt Toast Diner, Present Hiro approaches Ando to tell him about Past Hiro time-traveling to the past to save Charlie and tells him to stay there and wait for his Hiro who will be back soon. Ando agrees, but asks where Future Hiro's sword is as he knew that Future Hiro possessed one from what Peter Petrelli said, but Present Hiro tells him to forget about the sword and to just stay there which Ando agrees to do.

Later, when Present Hiro has a fight with Charlie, Ando comes out to see what happened, but Present Hiro sends him back into the diner to wait for Past Hiro and Ando goes back in to wait.


When Hiro's memory is being affected, Ando is seen.

The Fifth Stage

During Samuel's speech, Ando is seen running through a swamp with Hiro and Mohinder Suresh.

Upon This Rock

The police and Hiro are at Ando's office. Ando asks where they found Hiro and the police man says that they found him in the Ikebukuro district. Then the police man asks Ando how long Hiro was missing and Ando says that Hiro was missing for six weeks. The police man is shocked and says that it's good that they found Hiro's business card, otherwise they where unable to call someone. Ando is surprised and asks if Hiro is unable to talk, the police man says that Hiro can talk but that they are unable to understand him. Hiro comes inside and calls Ando Sancho, Ando is happy to see him and says that he is Ando. Hiro says that they have to save Dr. Watson, Ando says that he doesn't make any sense. Hiro is still crazy and says that "Sancho" is his only hope. Ando says to the police to uncuff Hiro. The police man starts talking with Ando and says that there is a place for mentally ill in the city. Ando states that Hiro isn't crazy but that he has a brain tumor and that it's getting worse.

A couple of minutes later, Hiro is still talking strangely to Ando and Ando is a little bit shocked to see Hiro like that. Hiro writes "Swamp Dragon" on a piece of paper and shows it to Ando, Kimiko comes in and says that she has the number of the best neurosurgeon in Tokyo. Ando tells her to wait but Kimiko says that he needs a doctor, Hiro is the only family she has left. Ando states that Hiro tries to communicate with them but that he is unable to, he is leaving clues for Ando and Kimiko and they have to figure it out. Ando figures out the latest clue, he needs to go to a room where Hiro has all his comic books.

In Hiro's room, he is talking to Hiro. Hiro states that Sancho is his sidekick but Ando says he isn't. Ando finds another clue, He finds out that they have to go to a place called Arkham in Florida. Hiro stands up and says that he has given this hero another chance to right the wrongs of his life, he is eternally grateful. Ando admits that he is a sidekick, but Hiro says that Ando is the best one he knows.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

After having his memory scrambled by Damian, Hiro is lost completing "quests" and tells himself that it would be a lot easier if Sancho (referring to Ando) was there with him.

Close to You

As part of their plan to save "Watson", a reluctant Ando checks Hiro into the mental hospital "Watson" is trapped in. Ando isn't allowed to follow Hiro through a set of doors, but Hiro finds "Watson's" room and points it out to Ando. Ando shocks a keypad, allowing him to bypass the lock and he realizes that he's there to rescue Mohinder Suresh when he looks into the room and sees Mohinder.

Ando later visits with Hiro and asks why Mohinder doesn't use his powers to get away and Hiro makes him realize its because Mohinder is drugged. Seeing an opportunity, Ando switches Mohinder's pills with aspirin when an orderly isn't looking, but accidentally swallows Mohinder's pills and ends up drugged. Hiro leaves him in a closet and is able to free Mohinder thanks to Ando's efforts with the pills, but when they returns to Ando, he is in an extremely drugged state and his hands are glowing with his power.

The two wheel him out in a wheelchair, but are caught by orderlies. Snapping out of his daze, Ando blasts a door out open, creating enough of a distraction for Mohinder to overpower the orderlies. The three try to escape through a swamp, but are chased by orderlies with dogs and Hiro can't teleport them to safety due to his condition. Mohinder, after getting an explanation from Ando, suggests that Ando use his power like electro-shock therapy to try to return Hiro to normal so he can teleport. Ando is reluctant as his future self killed Future Hiro with that power, but Mohinder convinces him as they're in Florida and his future self was in Japan. Ando shocks Hiro, successfully restoring him to normal. In the nick of time, Hiro teleports himself, Ando and Mohinder away, just as dogs and orderlies find where they were hiding. The teleport takes them to Noah Bennet's apartment where they interrupt him and Lauren Gilmore kissing and Hiro asks for their help.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

While his memory is scrambled, Hiro figures out what his quest is. He must save Dr. Watson. He knows that he cannot do this alone, so he begins to search for his sidekick, Sancho, (the name he uses for Ando). He knows that if he can find Sancho, then Sancho can help him save Dr. Watson.


In Noah's apartment, Ando notices that Hiro is not looking so well. When Mohinder leaves and Hiro collapses, Ando rushes him to the emergency room and informs the doctors that Hiro has a brain tumor. He then watches as they take his unconscious body.

Meanwhile, in Hiro's dream, Ando is summoned to be Hiro's lawyer. Ando comments that things do not look good and says that things will work out. Adam Monroe calls younger versions of Ando and Kimiko to the stand and the kids tell the court how Hiro changed time so that they fell in love. Older Ando argues that what Hiro did was good and that no one was hurt. Later, after Sylar has spoken, Ando calls Hiro to the stand and asks what he has to say about it. Hiro tells everyone that he tried to be a hero and make the world a better place but Kaito sentences him to death. Later, Ando is among those who encourage Hiro to fight for his life. In reality, having watched the operation on Hiro, Ando is overjoyed when his friend survives the surgery and the tumor is successfully removed.

Brave New World

Ando is in Hiro's hospital room and is happy when Hiro wakes up. He asks Hiro if he has full control of his powers back now that the brain tumor is gone and Hiro tests them by rewinding time by a minute, proving that he does. Ando and Hiro are confused when Hiro receives a note from another patient and are shocked to discover that it is a now-old Charlie. Ando witnesses Hiro's reunion with Charlie, but is unhappy with Hiro's decision to go back in time and return Charlie to her own time after she's taken as Charlie clearly has had a good life. Ando receives a phone call from Noah Bennet telling him that the Carnival is in Central Park and he and Hiro need to get there right away. Ando approaches Hiro who is saddened as he has decided not to return Charlie to her own time and believes all of his missions are now over. Ando reminds him about Samuel and tells Hiro that the Carnival is in Central Park and that "destiny calls". Hiro agrees and after blowing Charlie a kiss goodbye, teleports himself and Ando to the Carnival as Charlie watches.

At the Carnival, Hiro and Ando are approached by Noah, Claire and the carnies and Claire asks Hiro to teleport the carnies away. Hiro has the carnies all hold hands, but confides to Ando that he's not sure he can teleport everyone as there are dozens of carnies. Ando offers to supercharge Hiro's powers to give him the boost he needs and Hiro agrees. With Ando supercharging him, Hiro is able to teleport everyone away from the Carnival, rendering Samuel practically powerless without other specials to draw power from and allowing Peter to defeat him. Hiro and Ando later walk through the nearly empty Carnival and decide to go home before watching Claire reveal her powers to the world.

Heroes Evolutions

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's second blog post, "Back on Track", he mentions how he had a soul-searching talk with Ando and Ando's deduction to Hiro's problem, which is his grief over the loss of Charlie.

In Hiro's fourth blog post, "Blast from the Past", Hiro mentions how he wants to go back in time to Uncle Ira's Counter & Culture but that Ando disagrees with him.

In Hiro's seventh blog post, "Mindy Goes TMI", Hiro reports that Ando found something in their Danger Room in Yamagato Industries. He found a surveillance video on Mindy Sprague.

In Hiro's eighth blog post, "More Strange Video", Hiro blogs that Ando talked him out of going back to 1978 to find out what happened at Three Mile Island.

In Hiro's ninth blog post, "Memories of Maury", Hiro reports that Ando put information received from Maury's Assignment Tracker profile into their Danger Room database.

In Hiro's tenth blog post, "Numbers Number Everywhere", Hiro reports that Ando and Kenjiro are still hard at work on the Danger Room database between their marathon games of Call of Duty.

In Hiro's eleventh blog post, "Old School Fun & Games", Hiro, Ando, and Kenjiro all play an old game program that they found in the vents at Yamagato Industries. Ando believes that the game was put together in the late 1980s.

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