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Micah Sanders/Season One

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This article archives the history of Micah Sanders during Season One.

For more about Micah Sanders, see the main article.

For Micah Sanders's Season Two history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Season Three history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History


Micah is repairing his computer when his mother comes in, agitated, and chastises him for scaring her. He tells her he's been getting ready for school. Someone knocks on the door and his mother tells him to get his things and meet her at the back door. They escape just as Linderman's thugs break into the house.

At school, Micah is waiting outside reading 9th Wonders! while his mother speaks to the principal. When they prepare to leave, she yells at her reflection in a fish tank. She drops him off at Tina's house and leaves.

Some time later, Micah calls his mother and leaves a message asking her when she's coming to get him.

Don't Look Back

Niki calls Micah and tells him she's on the way. Four hours later, when she hasn't arrived, he calls her again. She finally arrives and picks him up. She tells him they're going to go on vacation and drives him back to the house. She tells him to pack while she takes care of something in the garage. They drive out into the desert in a different car.

One Giant Leap

Micah wakes up in the car the next morning. His mom tells him they are going to his grandmother's house. When he overhears Niki criticizing his father, he asks why she doesn't believe he's innocent, and says the police will never find his father. Just as Niki asks him what he means, she is pulled over by a cop, who says he's there to bring them to Mr. Linderman.


Micah waits outside while his mom talks to Miss Sakamoto. Back at Tina's, Micah reveals that he knows exactly how Niki makes her living, and that he thinks it's much safer than what she's about to do.


Niki arrives back from the casino to find it swarming with police. Tina tells her that D.L. has been spotted in the area and that they assume he's coming for Niki and Micah.

Graphic Novel:Snapshots

Family photographs of Micah inspire D.L. to focus his power and break out of jail.

Better Halves

Micah wakes up to discover his father is home. He shows him his comic books and asks how D.L. escaped. D.L. tells him he's special, like Superman. Later, as Niki is beginning to lose control to Jessica, he tells D.L. that she has a secret, too. He hears fighting from his parents' room, but Jessica claims they're merely moving furniture. He enters the room just in time to see Jessica strangling D.L., and D.L. uses the distraction to knock her out. He takes Micah and leaves.

Nothing to Hide

Micah using his power to fix the phone

As D.L. drives them away from Las Vegas, Micah questions his dad about what happened with his mom, ultimately deciding that his dad is a "bad guy" for running away. They come upon a car accident, and D.L. uses his powers to rescue a trapped woman, with a little assistance from Hiro.

Micah asks Hiro how he got 9th Wonders!, Issue #14, when it isn't even out yet. Hiro explains that the comic is about him and that he got it in the future, and Ando confirms what he's saying. Micah says he saw Ando at his mom's house. When Ando tells D.L. that he's called the police, he and Micah leave. Micah tells his dad he's a hero after all, but still thinks they should go back and save his mom.

That night at the Littlefield Motel off of Interstate 14, Micah sneaks out to use a payphone. Finding it out-of-order, he lays his hand on it and somehow makes it work. He calls Niki, but quickly realizes he's speaking to Jessica, who tells him his mom won't be back until she has him back. He tells her where they are just as his dad finds him. D.L. asks if he was talking to his mom, but Micah says he was just playing around with the broken phone.


In Utah, D.L. and Micah stop at a café. Micah continues to try to persuade D.L. to go back for Niki, but D.L. says they are on their own now. Police pull up to the cafe and D.L. hides from them, pretending to buy a newspaper from a machine. When he returns to the car, Micah is missing.

D.L. finds Micah at a Greyhound Bus stop. When he tells Micah angrily how scared he was, Micah tells him that that's how he and Niki felt when D.L. went away. He tells his father about Jessica, and D.L. finally agrees to go back to help Niki.

D.L. tells Micah that they're leaving to head back to Las Vegas, but Micah says they don't need to because he called Jessica and told her where they are. Across the street, Jessica aims her rifle at D.L. and fires.

Six Months Ago

Niki describes Micah as "so smart that he’s flunking out of school."

Micah receives a laptop from his grandfather, Hal Sanders. Hal yells at him for taking it apart, saying that it cost $2,000.


Jessica's first shot hits D.L. in the shoulder, but by the time she is able to fire a second shot, he has phased, and the bullet passes through him harmlessly. D.L. grabs Micah and the money and they run off into the woods. D.L. leaves his bloodied jacket on a branch, and tells Micah to backtrack through his steps "like the Indians" to throw off pursuers.

Micah tells his father that it couldn't have been the police. They find a locked cabin, and D.L. phases inside to open the lock. As Micah continues to insist that it's Jessica, not Niki, who is responsible, D.L. blacks out from his wound. Micah cries out for help.

Following Micah's cries for help, Jessica arrives at the cabin, pretending to be Niki, but D.L. is ready for her. They struggle, and when Micah tries to stop them, Jessica violently tosses him aside. Seeing Micah hurt, Niki is able to regain control, and apologizes to Micah and D.L.

As they are walking, Micah slips and falls, and as D.L. stops to help him, Niki leaves the money and slips off. Micah and his father watch helplessly as Niki turns herself in to a Utah highway patrolman for murder.


Micah, now living with his father, has gotten into a fight with some peers who called Niki a "psycho killer". Later, Micah visits his mom in jail. When he appears upset, Niki frantically asks to give him a hug.

The Fix

Before leaving for school, Micah complains to his father that he doesn't manage the house as well as his mother did. Knowing that they're short on money, Micah uses his power to extract cash from an ATM. He returns home to his worried father, who sits him down and talks to him about how they're going to have to work together, since Niki won't be able to return home any time soon. Micah apologizes and tells him that he can try harder, then dumps a huge amount of cash from his backpack and asks if it will help, revealing that like his parents, he, too, has a secret.


Micah asks Niki if she'll play a game with him even though it's not their usual game night. Unbeknownst to Micah, Jessica is actually in control, and she agrees to play.

Graphic Novel:Bully

Micah is in computer class at his school when a file opens up showing Micah's mother in jail. Micah asks the computer who sent the file and then goes finds the boy. Micah confronts the boy, named Frank. Frank punches him, Micah kicks Frank, and then Frank and his friend start chasing Micah. He finds refuge in a dump of old casino signs, and uses his power to light them up, scaring Frank away.


While getting ready for school, Micah asks his parents when they will talk about their special secrets. Later, when Jessica arrives home from Las Vegas, she asks Micah if she has another package, and he tells her it's in her bedroom.


Micah and Jessica (still masquerading as Niki) play a video game. Micah asks Jessica how she became so skilled at the game. Jessica says that she has nothing else to do while Micah is at school. Micah then stops so that he can go catch the bus, still completely oblivious to the façade.


At The Sanderses' home Micah talks with Candice, who is using her power of illusion to look like his mother. Candice tells him she picked him up early from school because today is a special day. She is taking him to meet a man who wants to see him because "he knows you do the most amazing things." Micah wonders out loud whether that means that he doesn't have to pretend about hiding his ability like his dad said. Linderman himself meets Micah outside of his limousine and asks him, "How would you like to save the world today?" Micah drives off with Linderman leaving Candice behind.

The Hard Part

Micah is playing video games in an apartment room in New York. When Niki comes into the room, he asks to go back home to Las Vegas, but she angrily tells him that they have to stay in New York until he has taken care of Mr. Linderman’s business.

Micah realizes that someone is impersonating his mother and tries to escape while she’s taking a shower, using his power to open the electronic door lock. Strangely, every path he takes seems to lead back to the apartment. Eventually, Candice comes out of the shower and tells him that he can’t escape because she can make him see anything she wants, and she will make him see things that will mess him up for life if he doesn’t cooperate.


Micah notes that Candice eats much like a very large cousin of his, though Candice sarcastically states that so is she. When she gives Micah some rare comic books to ease his homesickness, Micah wonders why Candice is working for Linderman and keeping him here when she's so kind. Candice justifies her actions by stating that Linderman will relieve the world of its cruelty. Right on cue, Linderman arrives. Giving Micah his full attention and respect, Linderman requests that Micah uses his technopathy to aid him, so that Niki, D.L. and himself will have enough money to support themselves for the rest of their lives, and will save many lives in the process. Micah agrees.

Micah and Candice, who is masquerading as Micah's mother in the form of a portly woman named Ms. Baker, enter a polling center. Micah briefly notes that Candice must bend light somehow before they get to work. At a voting booth, Candice instructs Micah to make sure that Nathan Petrelli wins the election by manipulating the electronic voting machines. Micah does so, and is able to change all the votes in all the machines from their one spot as well, due to their being network. The process leaves Micah drained.

As Nathan makes his victory speech, Micah despondently looks out the window of the room he is being kept in, Candice close by.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Inside the room at the top of the Linderman building, Niki finds Candice as an illusion of Jessica, as well as an illusion of Micah, dead. After a brief fight sequence, the illusion of Micah vanishes, and from another room, the real Micah calls out to his mother. He is locked inside, but Niki rips the door off. He asks Niki if it's really her, to reassure himself.

Outside of the room, Niki and Micah find Mohinder and Molly near his dad, and Micah runs straight to him to make sure he's alright. As Linderman's security guards draw closer, Micah activates the broken elevator, impressing Molly, and allowing them to escape.

In the Kirby Plaza, Micah watches with his family the showdown between Peter and Sylar. After Niki joins in and frees Peter from Sylar's telekinetic grip, Micah calls out to her, "Dad needs you!" He soon after watches in both wonder and bemusement as Nathan Petrelli arrives and flies Peter into the stratosphere, where he safely detonates.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Two days later, Niki and Micah return home after visiting D.L., who is recovering from his injuries in a Las Vegas hospital. Niki assures Micah that the doctors at the hospital will take good care of his father, but Micah is still upset and worried. In his room, he cries while chatting on-line with Hana, telling her that he wouldn't know what to do if D.L. died, and asking her how she felt when her mother died. He also thanks her for chatting with him, and asks her for her name.

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