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Claire Bennet/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Claire Bennet during Season Two.

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Character History

Four Months Later...

Claire attends her first day of classes at Costa Verde High School, but is upset with her schedule. Her father reassures her that she'll be fine, but warns her not to stand out, or else the Company will find them. Mr. Bennet then gives Claire a Nissan Rogue, which makes her very excited. Not paying attention, she walks in front of a car driven by one of her classmates.

During science class, as Claire plays with a Bunsen burner, West attempts to flirt with her by asking her if she is a robot or an alien. Mr. Zern asks the class a question to which Claire knows the answer, but she remains silent to avoid standing out.

Later, in gym class, Debbie and the cheerleaders pick on Martha. Claire stands up for her, but doesn't follow through on a dare to do a cheerleading move well within Claire's abilities. After the fieldhouse is empty, Claire performs the move, but breaks her knee. As it is healing, West walks in and confronts her about being a robot.

At home, Claire eats dinner with her family. She then calls Nathan because she is lonely and doesn't believe she can hide who she really is. As she talks on the phone, West is watching her, mid-air.

Graphic Novel:Flying Blind

West sees Claire, and, believing that she is someone who will look up every once and a while, is determined to get to know her.


Sandra cracks an egg into a pot of boiling water but accidentally drops her wedding ring into the water in the process. Claire simply reaches in and pulls the ring out burning her hand in the process. The burns quickly heal and her mother ribs her for being "flashy." Her father, Noah walks in and talks to Claire about their new identities. Claire explains concern that she wants to be who she really is but Noah reminds her of the dangers of it.

At school, in class, Claire is learning about regenerative abilities and begins to ask questions about the possibility of humans having the ability to do that. She asks if mankind has already taken the next step in evolution.

Later, West comments on Claire's interest in lizards. He is very interested that she likes the "evolution" topic and tells her about Chandra Suresh's book. He wants her to read it but she disagrees and shrugs him off, only to find her car missing.

Claire visits her father at Copy Kingdom. Claire tells him not to freak out, but her car was stolen. He takes the opportunity to tell her that he needs to be able to trust her and that she can't afford to make mistakes like this or else she'll be found. She insists that she wants to use and know more about her powers. Noah tells her that if she was found by the Company, she'll wish she were dead.

Claire puts her powers to the limit by cutting off her pinky toe. Afterwards, it takes a few moments but the toe regenerates. She looks up and West saw the incident in the window.


Claire reads Activating Evolution, and Noah mentions that Sandra is making waffles. Noah apologizes for talking to her the way he did, and offers his help. Claire asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and Noah mentions they'd have to leave at a worst case scenario. At school, Claire tells West that she was giving herself a manicure when he sneaked up on her. West continues to talk about her cutting off her toe, and she tells him to stay away.

In class, West sits next to Claire. West asks Mr. Zern questions to annoy Claire. Mr. Zern blows off the questions as irrelevant, but Claire leaves the classroom visibly upset. Claire sits alone outside, and West comes to talk to her. She asks him what he wants from her, and he wants to know that she's different. She tells him how upsetting it is, but West grabs her and the two fly away. They fly over the town, with Claire laughing in West's arms.

Later, she and West sit on a beach and talk about their abilities, and Claire admits that she does feel pain. West asks if he pokes her if it hurts, and the two kiss. She notices marks on his neck, and he pulls away. West recalls an experience with a man with horn rimmed glasses, and Claire glares into the distance.

Later, Claire tells her father goodnight after he makes a shocking discovery.

The Kindness of Strangers

At school, May invites Claire to join the cheerleading squad. Claire is initially reluctant, but ultimately tells Debbie that she'll think about it. West starts talking to Claire, and she tells them that her father is very strict and that they shouldn't hang out together. West manages to convince her to go on one final date with her: a place of her choosing. Later in the evening Claire tells her parents that she needs to go to the library. Her father suspicious of Claire's true motive, offers her a ride which she declines. As she leaves he tries to follow her but loses sight of her as West flies her away. Claire and West spend time talking while sitting on the Hollywood Sign. West tries to convince her to trust him and convinces her to jump off the sign since she won't get hurt. As she's falling West catches her and tells her that even though she'd survive the landing he doesn't want to see her in pain. Claire returns home late and lies to her parents saying she was trying out for cheerleading. She convinces them to let her join the team, but her father emphasizes that she's not to see any boys.

Graphic Novel:The Rogue

In the parking lot outside CVHS, Debbie and another cheerleader, Carole, are looking for a new girl for the squad. Debbie spots Claire and makes her stand back-to-back with Carole. When the bell rings, the girls run off to class, and Claire accidentally leaves the keys in her Nissan Rogue.

The Line

Claire tries out for the cheerleading squad with two other girls. Debbie stops them, telling the they are not "extra-ordinary". May defends Claire, but Debbie persists in her decision. Claire thanks May for trying. Later, West approaches Claire, who is upset about not making the team, explaining it was because Debbie doesn't like her. West suggests giving Debbie a taste of her own medicine. Claire makes a phone call to her father to ask if she can borrow the car. She asks Noah where he is, and he tells her that he's in Tuscan. After hanging up, West approaches Claire with a ski-mask, and she tells him that she's "in".

At a night practice, Claire takes a drunk Debbie away from the other cheerleaders, and asks for another try, to which Debbie refuses. West, wearing the ski-mask, flies in and picks Claire up and drops her several feet down onto a flight of stairs. As Debbie runs away, West gives chase. When the cops arrive to interview Debbie about the incident, an unharmed Claire approaches, asking what's wrong. An officer finds the alcohol Debbie was drinking.

Claire tells West that she can't believe what they've done, and worries that they could have been caught using their abilities. She also worries that she has broken her dad's rule that she's not supposed to date until she's twenty-one. West dismisses it and May comes to tell Claire that she has made the squad.

Out of Time

Claire wakes up to a text message from West. She finds he had made breakfast for her. She isn't happy, but her mother is very pleased with West. When Sandra leaves, West shows Claire an article in the local newspaper about what they did to Debbie. Although upset, she kisses West while hiding a family picture.

Later, Claire and West listen to music and kiss on the couch. Claire asks West if his marks hurt; he tells her they didn't. When Claire wants to tell him something, he assumes he is moving too fast. She tells him she wants Popsicles. From the kitchen, she sees her father enter the house. When West sees him, he panics and pulls Claire into the backyard. She reveals that he is her father. Thinking it's a trap, West flies away. Mr. Bennet meets Claire in the backyard and asks why she has two Popsicles. She hands him one and welcomes him home.

Sandra tells Noah that Claire has a boyfriend. In her room, Claire tries to text West when her father enters and drops the newspaper article on her lap. She claims it is nothing. The two argue about how they both are putting the family in danger. Mr. Bennet tells the family it is no longer safe and that they must move. Claire tells him that if they do, they are leaving without her.

Four Months Ago...

Claire and her father look on as Nathan flies away with an exploding Peter over Kirby Plaza.

Cautionary Tales

Everyone in the Bennet household is packing except Claire. She is dressed in her cheerleader outfit in preparation for the pep rally. Noah tells her she is not going to the rally but is instead going to help pack so they can leave town. When she refuses he grabs the duct tape and moves to restrain her but Sandra intervenes. She tells Claire to say her goodbyes to her friends at the pep rally and come home so they can all leave.

On her way to school, she stops in a field she thinks is in West's flight path to school and lays out some large rocks that spell out "Sorry". West sees them and lands to speak with her, but doesn't believe anything she says because he thinks she is a spy for her father who abducted him when he was a child. But she insists she wants to stay with him even though her family is leaving town that very night.

When Bob shows up at her cheerleader practice in the guise of a State Board of Education officer he questions her about the events with Debbie, but slips up and calls her "Miss Bennet". Claire then knows he isn't really who he says, and runs home. When she arrives home, she sees her father's laptop open with the image of the Mendez painting that shows his death. Claire then warns her mother that her father was right and they need to leave town immediately. But they are too late. Bob shows up with a gun, and surprisingly, Sandra recognizes him as the Regional Sales Manager for Primatech Paper. At this time Bob ties up Sandra and takes Claire with him.

Later, Claire is being held captive by Bob when her father calls to arrange a meeting with him so they can swap daughters. Bob then conveys to Claire how valuable she is to them, and takes some blood from her. Bob then takes her to the meeting point with Mohinder in a black van. Bob lets Claire out of the van and cuts her bindings, sending her over to her father. Midway there she passes Elle and gives her a sharp look. Once she reaches her father they hug briefly then he pushes her into West's arms so he can fly her to safety. Unfortunately, Elle is able to zap West and Claire with her lightning, which sends them plummeting to the earth. It's then that Noah shoots Elle and then stands over her and Bob, preparing to shoot Bob and bring the whole company down. Suddenly, Mohinder shoots him in the eye and kills him. Claire tries to run to her fathers side but West intercepts her, completing Isaac Mendez's paintings' prophecy. West then lifts off with Claire in his arms as her father lays there dead. He lands at her house and Claire is left with the task of telling her mom that her father has died. At the news, Sandra falls sobbing in Claire's arms.

Truth & Consequences

Claire watches as her mother holds a gun on Bob, who arrived at her home to deliver an urn supposedly filled with Noah's ashes. Later, as she packs up in preparation to move from Costa Verde, she tells West how much her father's death hurts her. She takes out the wind chimes she used to summon the Haitian, intending to have him erase all memories of her father but West manages to stop her.

Claire is next seen with her family and West at a beach, scattering the ashes into the sea. She tells her father that she should have listened to everything he said. When she sees Elle in a car spying on them, she confronts her, punching her hand through her car window and threatening to expose the Company.


At the Bennets' home in Costa Verde, Claire goes through paperwork, preparing to go public with her ability and expose the Company's secrets. However, Claire is asked by Sandra not to come forward and expose the Company.

While Claire is packing up her father's files to bring down the Company, West arrives and tries to stop her from revealing his secret. Angered, she gives him his file, and tells him "there is no 'us' to worry about anymore." Afterwards, Noah returns home, revealing to his family that he is still alive, thanks to Claire's regenerative blood. He tells Claire not to expose the Company, and informs her that he has made a deal, and will again be working for them. In exchange, his family will be left alone to lead normal lives.

Graphic Novel:Special

While in junior high school, Claire meets West in the Primatech building, but doesn't learn his name.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Claire is watched over by Elle in school in her social studies class and also the next day when Claire talks to Zach in the halls.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

Claire is again spied on by Elle, first outside school as her father picks her up and later at the abandoned refinery after the sixth test of her ability that Zach filmed.

A week before Homecoming, Claire asks Zach who that blonde girl with a look like she wants to kill her is, but Zach tells her he has never seen her before.

Graphic Novel:Normal Lives

In a diner with her family, Claire tells Marcus she'd like some waffles to eat. That night, Claire watches TV along with her brother while her dad and mom discuss Noah's obligations to the family, mainly Mr. Muggles. The next morning, Claire sits in the backseat as they drive to their next destination.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

Claire sits in amazement at her father's superior vision and later helps him pick out a pair of glasses after an incident weakens his eyesight.

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