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Sylar/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Sylar during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Sylar goes to the Bennets' home in Costa Verde. He surprises Claire, but she knocks him unconscious with one of her cheerleading trophies. Claire tries to run but Sylar telekinetically locks her in the house. Sylar begins to terrorize her as she locks herself in a closet. He finds Noah's files and grows excited to have a "shopping list" of abilities, since he lost all his powers. While Sylar is talking with his back to her, Claire stabs him through the chest. She runs to the front door but he pins her to the wall. Sylar opens her skull so he can view her brain. She asks if he is going to eat her brain, but Sylar replies, "Claire, that's disgusting". Sylar obtains her regenerative power and finds more. He tells Claire that she is "not like the others", that she is "different...special", and that he couldn't kill her if he wanted to. "You can never die," Sylar tells Claire, "and now, I suppose, neither can I."

The Butterfly Effect

As Sylar leaves the Bennet residence, Bianca Karina and Gael Cruz attempt to detain him, only to be tossed away and killed.

Later on Level 5 of Primatech Research, Sylar throws Elle against the viewing window of Noah's cell after she alerts Noah of Sylar's presence. Sylar allows Noah to shoot him, but heals from the bullet wounds and violently slams Noah against the ceiling and back to the ground. Peter Petrelli, trapped in the body of Jesse Murphy, curses him from his cell while Sylar drags Elle towards him and flips her, so she is face up. Holding up Noah's dropped gun, Sylar turns it to gold, mocking Bob. Discarding the gun, Sylar begins to cut a line across Elle's forehead. Elle screams and releases a burst of energy from her body that knocks him unconscious and frees the rest of the Level 5 prisoners. Later, Sylar wakes up to find himself strapped to a table with a tube in his nose. Angela enters his cell and greets him as Gabriel to which he weakly replies, "My name is Sylar." She strokes his hair and tells him he can receive wisdom, guidance, and love from her as all mothers can provide. Sylar replies that she isn't his mother, but Angela smiles and whispers loudly while running her fingers through Sylar's hair, "Oh, but I am, dear...I am"

Graphic Novel:Dreams Until Death

After acquiring Claire's [Rapid cellular regeneration|ability]], Sylar is confronted by Company agents Bianca Karina and Gael Cruz. After being shot with tasers, he proceeds to send both agents flying away from him. Bianca manages to pull out her gun and fire a few rounds at Sylar, but he is unaffected due to having obtained the ability to heal himself. He then asks which one of them is special and Gael replies he is. Sylar responds by killing Bianca, and then splitting Gael's head open. Realizing Gael lied, Sylar throws Gael onto the ground next to Bianca and drives off in their car.

One of Us, One of Them

After the revelation of Angela's maternity to Sylar, Angela calls in Bridget Bailey and explains her power. She states that Bridget is there to feed Sylar. Angela leaves the cell, leaving Bridget and Sylar alone, and Bridget's screams can be heard from the cell along with the sound of grinding bone.

Later, Noah arrives at Level 5, called in to help recapture the Level 5 escapees. Angela introduces him to his new partner, who is none other than Sylar.

Sylar and Noah pull up to a bank, which is being robbed by four Level 5 escapees. Noah tells Sylar to stay out of his way, but Sylar protests that it is a one-sided partnership. Before Noah can talk to the police, Sylar begins to tell the police to move their perimeter back. He then tells a cop to get him and Noah coffee. Noah is impressed, and tells him that he will use his "silver tongue" to make sure the hostages won't tell the press what they saw, and to stay away from the bank. Later, Noah is in trouble inside the bank, but Sylar steps in and helps Noah by using telekinesis to freeze Knox and choke Jesse. Flint prepares to burn Sylar, but Noah intercepts and shoots him. After Noah leaves the bank with some of the escapees, Sylar locks the building, allows Knox to escape, and cuts open Jesse's head, telling Noah that he is a monster.

Both Sylar and Noah lock up the only remaining Level 5 escapee, Flint. Angela then appears with Sylar's prison clothes, and he says "Maybe you were wrong about me." Angela only responds with a smile and says "We'll see" as Sylar retreats back into his cell.

I Am Become Death

Peter Petrelli teleports into Sylar's cell, and instantly tries to attack him. Peter reveals that he traveled to the future and learned how to access Sylar's ability. Sylar claims that Peter now has the hunger, but Peter replies that he will never let himself become like Sylar. Sylar expresses a grin and states that Peter is already like him.

Angels and Monsters

In anger, Peter Petrelli snaps Sylar's neck, but Sylar quickly regenerates. He jumps up and throws Peter into a window just in time to save Angela's life. Angela assures Sylar that she'll make sure Peter will be okay. Noah approaches Sylar, asking for his help in capturing a new target, Stephen Canfield.

Sylar and Noah arrive at the Canfields' home, and Stephen creates a vortex. Sylar, Noah, and Claire grab onto parts of the house to avoid being sucked in. Claire slips, but Sylar saves her, grabbing her hand. When the vortex finally ends, Sylar discovers that Canfield escaped, while Claire is angry at her father for working with Sylar, after what he did to her. Sylar admits that when he touched her hand, he could sense how much pain and suffering he caused her, and tries to apologize. Noah tells Sylar never to speak to his daughter. Later, at the Griffith Park Carousel, Claire and Noah approach Canfield, while Sylar waits by the car. Sylar watches as Canfield refuses Noah's request to use his ability to kill Sylar. Later, in the car, Sylar calls Noah a user who doesn't see the humanity of evolved humans.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Sylar starts to cut Elle's head open as she has an electrical outburst.

Dying of the Light

Daphne enters Sylar's cell and attempts to recruit him for the Pinehearst Company, claiming that Primatech wants to change him into something he's not, whereas Pinehearst likes him for what he is--a killer. He uses his telekinetic powers to hold her against his cell door, but she escapes with Flint after leaving a company card with Sylar. Sylar releases Peter from his restraints and cell, then tells him that they have to find the person who paralyzed their mother. Sylar tells Peter to read Angela's mind. The only thing Peter can extract from her mind is the symbol for Pinehearst Research. As the two brothers prepare to leave, Sylar tells Peter he won't let him leave in his weakened state. The two fight, ending with Peter telling Sylar that he is weak and Peter now knows what it's like to have all this power. Peter leaves Sylar comatose in a Level 5 cell.

Eris Quod Sum

Subconsciously, Sylar is visited by his mother Angela in his induced comatose state on Level 5. In this dream, he is told that his powers are not completely subdued by the drug shunt keeping him under. Angela then tells Sylar that he needs to free his brother Peter from the grasps of the Pinehearst Research company. Sylar quickly obeys his mother's orders and breaks out of the cell, stopping by Angela's own comatose body to let her know that he will save Peter.

Once at Pinehearst, Sylar quickly knocks back Mohinder and Dr. Livitz (impaling Livitz on a wall and killing him) right before they can inject Peter. Sylar frees Peter, claiming that "It's what brothers do". Shortly thereafter, Sylar is knocked unconscious by Mohinder, who is stopped by Arthur who explains that Sylar is also one of his sons. Held in Arthur's office by his father, Sylar is told by his father that Angela feared him after his birth and tried to drown him. He claimed that she did not love him, and that he should stick with him instead.

After Peter tries to save Sylar, Sylar throws his brother out of a seventh story window of the building. However, Sylar also uses his telekinesis to slow Peter's fall, to prevent his death. Arthur discretely shows Sylar he knows he saved him, but Sylar does not admit that it was his doing.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

At the Company gallery, Sylar stares at a multitude of agent portraits who died at the hands of Sylar. Sylar's superior approaches him, mutters his name under his breath, and then spits in his face.

Breaking the rules, Sylar later goes on a solo mission. He goes to Chicago and stakes out the apartment of Rachel St. John. He soon discovers that her boyfriend, Dennis, who is also a Level 5 escapee, is hiding there. He decides to handle the situation.

Sylar enters the apartment and finds Rachel begging for help. Suddenly, Rachel is rendered unconscious by some green gas. He is then confronted by Dennis and his fellow escapees, Tina Ramierez and Michael Fitzgerald. The three know who he is and respect him, and they thank him for getting them out of Level 5. They then ask Sylar if he is there to join them, to which he replies, "No."

Sylar kills Dennis, and hold the other two with telekinesis, closing their windpipes. Suddenly, Rachel pleads with Sylar not to kill them.

Later, Sylar's superior comes with a team to take Tina and Michael back to Level 5. The Haitian is to clear Rachel's mind, which makes Sylar think to himself that the only person who thought of him as a hero won't even remember it.


In Hiro's precognitive dream state, he sees Gabriel Gray in 2006. Gabriel feels so guilty from killing Brian Davis that he attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself, only to be rescued by the timely arrival of Elle, who has been sent to investigate him. Elle, under the guise of a customer, gains his trust by appealing to his need to be special and baking him a peach pie. After meeting with Gabriel a few more times, Elle loses track of her mission when she starts to sympathize with him. Disillusioned, Elle returns to HRG to try and dissuade him from continuing the mission, only to be threatened with severance from The Company. Despite her qualms, she continues befriending Gabriel and invites Trevor, another evolved human, to the apartment in order to bait Gabriel into killing again. After Trevor demonstrates his ability, Gabriel has enough and attacks Trevor. Elle tries to stop Gabriel by shocking him, but he throws her across the room and tells her to leave. After Elle's departure, Gabriel proceeds to steal Trevor's ability, while HRG is watching using remote surveillance.

It's Coming

While at the Pinehearst building, Arthur tells Sylar that he knows that he saved Peter because he has empathy. Arthur then sends him into a dark room where Elle is chained up. Elle starts electrocuting him mercilessly, with increasingly devastating voltages. After several successively stronger shocks, Sylar's clothing is burnt to a crisp. Elle soon exhausts her powers and begs Sylar to kill her. Sylar raises his hand, but only to release her from her shackles. After forgiving Elle and helping her forgive herself, he begins exhibiting lightning as well. She helps him master his newfound power, touching him rather closely on the arm and chest. Later, he and Elle are released and they go to Arthur's office to watch Arthur sketch the eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Sylar is in a room at Pinehearst, practicing Elle's ability. Elle walks in and Sylar mentions that he has to prove himself. Elle asks to whom, but he doesn't answer. Arthur comes to tell Sylar to find Claire. Elle joins him. They fly to LAX and enter Hotspur Car Rental, where Elle confronts Sylar about being his own person. He scuffles with the clerk, then Elle and Sylar drive to the Canfields' home. They attack Claire and Noah. Noah dislocates Sylar's shoulder before he and Elle pass out and the Bennets get away. When they wake up, Elle relocates his arm with much pain. Both Sylar and Elle have lost their abilities. Sylar is happy he doesn't feel the hunger. While the two kiss, Noah aims a sniper rifle at them.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Sylar and Elle discuss their unlikely relationship after making love at the Canfields' home, but they are interrupted by a hail of bullets from an enraged Noah, who shoots Elle in the leg. Sylar drags her away, and they hide in a scrapyard as Noah continues to look for them. Sylar dresses Elle's wounds in the medical section of a drug store, then carries her into the storeroom as Noah closes in on them following Elle's blood trail. Sylar locks Elle in the elevator and sends her to a lower floor, as Noah arrives and attacks him. After a brief fight, Noah cuts Sylar's throat with a box-cutter, leaving him to bleed to death as Elle watches. When Noah returns home, he discovers that Claire had died from her injuries earlier, but had regenerated when her power returned at the end of the eclipse, and realizes that Sylar could have also revived. Sylar and Elle enter the Bennet house, and Sylar pins Noah to the wall with telekinesis. Noah tells him that Arthur and Angela Petrelli are not his parents, and that they are both manipulating him. Sylar begins to cut Noah's throat using telekinesis, but is interrupted by the appearance of Hiro Nakamura who calls him a "Bad Man", and teleports him and Elle to a beach. On the beach, Sylar questions Elle about her knowledge of his parentage, then declaring that people never change and that he'll always be a killer, begins to slice Elle's head open.

Our Father

Sylar douses Elle's body with lighter fluid and ignites it with a spark. Frazzled by her death, Sylar takes Elle's phone and searches through her list of contacts. Sylar finds Sue Landers and goes to her place of business. There, he steals her ability of lie detection and confronts three of her co-workers. Sylar successfully tests his new ability on another office worker as they share an elevator.

Later, Peter and the Haitian attack Arthur at Pinehearst. Peter shoots Arthur but Sylar arrives and intervenes, stopping the bullet in mid-flight. Peter points the gun at Sylar, but he telekinetically knocks it from Peter's hand. Then Sylar asks Arthur if they really are family. Arthur replies, "Of course...I'm your father." Sylar senses Arthur is lying and projects the bullet into his brain. As Peter looks at the gun, Sylar says that he isn't going to harm Peter, as he doesn't have [Abilities|anything]] he wants anymore. Sylar exits and Peter tells the Haitian to go after him.

Graphic Novel:Truths

Sylar telekinetically stops a bullet right in front of Arthur's head to delay his death.


Sylar kills all the guards at the Primatech facility, and traps Noah, Meredith, Claire, and Angela inside the building with the security lockdown. Through the PA system in the security room, he tells them that Arthur Petrelli is dead, and that he will show them, one-by-one, that they are all monsters like him.

As Meredith and Noah hunt for Sylar, Noah decides to let out all of the current Level 5 prisoners, Echo DeMille, Eric Doyle, and Danny Pine. Sylar slits Echo's throat and rips off Danny's semi-metallic arm, and then confronts Meredith. Doyle attempts to use his ability to hold Sylar, but Sylar overpowers him. Soon after, he injects Meredith with adrenaline, puts her in a Level 5 cell, and lures Noah inside before locking it shut and ripping off the keypad. He confronts Angela and learns that she is not his mother but that she knows who his real parents are. After learning that she just wanted to use him and didn't really care about him, he begins to choke her, demanding that she give him evidence that she is not a monster like he is, despite having originally stated that he intended to prove she was. Before she can answer him, Sylar is stabbed in the back of the head by Claire with a shard of glass. It's later revealed that the fire caused by Meredith melted the glass in his head, bringing him back to life.

A Clear and Present Danger

Sylar enters the watch repair shop of his adoptive mother's ex-husband and is examining a watch when he hears a shotgun cock behind him. He turns to find Martin Gray holding a gun on him and demanding to know why he is there. Sylar recalls Martin leaving his wife and adoptive son in their apartment twenty-seven years ago to go out for cigarettes, and never coming back. Martin lowers his gun and sets it aside, and Sylar explains who he is, asking for answers about his past. Martin explains that his brother is Sylar's real father and that he gave away his son in exchange for money. Sylar considers killing Martin but does not and simply leaves. Sylar goes to Martin's brother's house and finds nobody is home. Suddenly, he is tasered from behind. However (due to his regenerative ability), it does not affect him and he turns to find a team of soldiers trying to capture him. Sylar is hit by several more tasers and cables are thrown around his neck and his raised arms. Despite all of this, he retains his footing, telekinetically removes the barbs, and then throws half of the soldiers away and strikes the others down. One man groans in pain and Sylar pulls him to his feet. Sylar questions the agent but he tells Sylar nothing, so Sylar begins to cut open his head.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

Sylar travels to the Steel Family Safe Insurance company to try to find out about his mystery father. He gets this information from a man with an ability. He leaves the man with his brain removed.

Trust and Blood

Sylar attempts to get information about his father out of Daniel Simmons by torturing Mary Campbell and her son Luke. Luke saves his mother, showing Sylar his ability. Impressed, Sylar pulls him aside and has him demonstrate it further. While Sylar is mocking Mary about Luke, Agent Simmons frees himself and pulls a gun. Luke instinctively pushes Sylar aside and uses his ability on Simmons, causing his blood to boil and leak out like water. With the only source he had gone, Sylar departs but Luke chases him and begs for him to take him along. Sylar declines until Luke says he knows where his father is. Sylar can tell he isn't lying and agrees. They steal Mary's car and drive off.

Building 26

Sylar and Luke head west in search of Samson Gray. Luke refuses to reveal their specific destination, to the irritation of Sylar, who can tell when Luke is lying. Sylar reveals that he cuts open people's heads and rips their ability from their brains, leading Luke to call him a serial killer. As they drive off, a security camera takes a still photo of Sylar, alerting Homeland Security.

When they stop at a diner, Luke suddenly asks Sylar if he likes birds, because Samson Gray loved birding. Sylar's own childhood memories of being taken out birding with his father at a young age then begin to resurface. In the diner, Sylar scolds Luke for using his powers frivolously, and says that it's important to have an objective, keep a clear head, and always know what you want. Sylar explains that he used to be motivated by acquiring abilities, but now all he wants is to find his father. Luke then gives Sylar his father's address. As two security agents walk into the diner, Sylar and Luke try to escape, but a plainclothes agent points a gun at Sylar's head. Luke causes a distraction, allowing Sylar to disarm the agents, break a window and drag Luke outside. Sylar locks the car door and drives off, leaving a distraught Luke behind to be captured.

Danko's team is preparing to move out when their vehicle is attacked from inside. Sylar emerges from the back of the van dressed as an agent, having killed the whole team. He recovers a laptop and rescues the drugged Luke. Luke thanks Sylar for rescuing him but Sylar claims he came back for the laptop, not Luke.


Sylar and Luke continue their road trip, using the stolen laptop to check that there are no agents in pursuit. Luke asks Sylar why he is so keen to find his father, saying that parents suck. Sylar suddenly stops the car at an abandoned diner, and strips the boards off the door. Realizing that he has been there before, Sylar recalls coming to the diner with his father in 1980, and losing a toy car inside a wooden diner partition. When he rips off the wooden boards in the present day, he finds the car is still there, proving the memory is real.

Sylar now remembers that his father did something terrible in that place, something that he had forgotten. Luke suggests it's good not to remember the bad things in your childhood, but Sylar disagrees, saying it eats away at your soul. He then has another flashback, this time of his father taking him over to a table where a man and a woman are sitting. They give Samson a wad of banknotes and Samson leaves. The young Sylar runs out into the parking lot, where he sees his father arguing with his mother in a car. Samson slices her head open and pushes her body out of the car while the boy watches in horror.

As Sylar broods, Luke starts to get restless, saying he didn't know about the murder and had been trying to warn Sylar that his dad was a jerk, but Sylar gets angry, claiming that Luke's stories about Samson had been deliberately misleading. He throws Luke against a wall, saying that Luke has been using him to escape his old life, but it's impossible to outrun pain. He then drops Luke on the floor without killing him, and tells him to go home to his mother. When Luke asks where he is going, Sylar says he's going to find his father alone, and that he wants him to die.

Shades of Gray

Sylar arrives at a trailer in the woods, where he finds his father Samson. Sylar announces he's going to kill him, but Samson turns around, attached to a respirator, and tells him to go ahead as he's dying of cancer anyway.

Sylar discovers that his father has an ability when he uses sedation to prevent a rabbit from escaping. His father states that he once had many abilities, although he has forgotten most of them now, and knows that Sylar possesses the same skill. Sylar asks why Samson killed his mother and abandoned him, but Samson says he doesn't remember, because it didn't matter to him. Samson explains how terrible it is to have led an unfulfilled life, and says that Sylar has always chosen easy targets that are not a challenge to him.

Sylar helps his father stuff the rabbit, until he cuts his hand with a knife and Samson watches in amazement as the cut heals. Sylar explains that he took this ability from a cheerleader. Distracting Sylar's attention for a moment, Samson uses telekinesis to pin him to the wall with arrows, then sedates him. Sylar wakes up to find his father trying to cut open his head; his hunger has been reawakened and with his health restored, he says he would use his abilities to take real power. Sylar successfully uses telekinesis to disarm and restrain his father, and comments that as a hunter, he should have known he was "playing possum". He nearly strangles him with his oxygen tubes, but eventually leaves Samson to die in pain from his disease, taking the stuffed rabbit and saying he now knows what he has to do.

Sylar awaits Danko within his apartment, leaving the stuffed rabbit in clear view for Danko to find.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Eric Doyle recalls how he had escaped Primatech Research, and saw Sylar in the distance. Danko then thanks Doyle for letting him know about Sylar.

Cold Snap

Danko goes in his bathroom to shave. He is interrupted by an alarm telling him the front door has been opened. He searches his apartment and finds Eric Doyle wrapped up, with a bow tie and card strapped to him like a present, from Sylar.

Into Asylum

Danko goes into his car and finds Sylar in the backseat. After discussing the recent "gifts" that he left for Danko, Sylar offers to help Danko capture people with abilities. Reaching for his gun, Danko turns to find Sylar has vanished. (He is, in fact, enjoying the rain on a nearby rooftop.)

After the death of three agents in the hunt for a fugitive with unknown abilities, Danko is greeted in his office by the lone surviving agent of the mission. In the office are a box and a cellphone; the phone rings and it is Sylar, who tells Danko that he has found the corpse of the real Agent Jenkins. In the box is Jenkins's head, delivered to the office by a disguised Sylar. The living Agent Jenkins is really Martin, who is a shape shifter. After a failed pursuit of the fugitive, Danko finds Sylar at Martin's home. Danko realizes that Sylar is keen to acquire Martin's ability, which appeals to his love of disguises and his desire to be someone else. Though Danko threatens to kill him, Sylar suggests that Danko cannot catch Martin without his help, so the two come to an uneasy truce.

Deducing Martin to be at a nightclub, the two arrive to find the shape shifter in Danko's form, picking up women; to which Sylar remarks that Martin is a better Danko than Danko himself. Martin notices the two and runs. The two split up and look for Martin, but lose him and agree to leave. As they leave, Sylar pulls out a gun to shoot Danko, who beats him to the trigger and shoots Sylar in the stomach: it is actually Martin in the form of Sylar. The real Sylar arrives and Danko tells him that he can still take Martin's ability since Martin is still alive, though Danko asks him not to cut open his head.

The next morning outside the nightclub, Danko smugly presents to Noah "Sylar's" dead body, with a metal blade embedded in its brain. A female medic asks Noah if something is wrong as he observes his supposedly vanquished foe. Returning to Danko's car, the medic tosses Danko's cigarette out window, stating that his habit will kill him. She then shape shifts back to Sylar. He and Danko agree that their collaboration will be more "convenient" if everyone believes that Sylar is dead. Danko reminds Sylar that if the two succeed with their plans to exterminate all evolved humans, Sylar will be the only one remaining. Sylar replies, "Funny how that works."

Graphic Novel:Cog

As Agent Jenkins recounts his relationship with Corinne and his job getting in the way, he looks at his targets and Sylar is one of them.

Turn and Face the Strange

Sylar, in the shape shifting disguise of Danko, talks to Noah Bennet about the body of "Sylar", which is in fact James Martin. He jokes that Noah was never able to catch Sylar and suggests that he never really wanted to. Noah is then told that Sandra has arrived, and Sylar says to send her up. After hearing Noah tell Sandra that something doesn't feel right about the body, Sylar greets Sandra and shakes her hand, telling her he's seen her before. He then walks into a bathroom, locks the door, and greets the actual Danko, who is perturbed by Sylar masquerading as him, although Sylar seems to enjoy being able to command respect. Sylar shifts back into his original form, and states that he plans on destroying Noah's life.

Next, Sylar takes the form of Sandra Bennet, and goes to Noah's apartment to serve him with divorce papers. While doing so, "Sandra" breaks Noah's heart by telling him that she no longer loves or respects him. Sylar then leaves and resumes his own form in an alleyway outside.

Noah later realizes that the signature on the divorce papers does not match Sandra's, and receives DNA results that identify the body of "Sylar" as James Martin. Noah figures out Sylar must be working with Danko, and forces Danko to tell him about his current disguise. Noah then brings Danko with him as he meets Sylar who has taken the form of Agent Donner, the leader of Team 6. Noah shoots him in the back, but when the wounded body does not heal, Noah makes the team drop their weapons and runs off.

Danko stays with the body, which heals and shape-shifts back into Sylar's own form. Sylar spits out the bullet and is angry that Danko could have gotten him killed. Danko tells Sylar he had no idea he could bleed so much, and Sylar says the bleeding was all for show.


A disguised Sylar, acting as Senator Nathan Petrelli, has a televised press conference calling for change in the White House. His true identity is confirmed by Noah Bennet to the Petrellis while they sit in a cafe at Coyote Sands.

I Am Sylar

Eighteen hours before the press conference as Nathan, a man wakes up in a bed, looking confused and mutters "not again." He heads towards a mirror and examines himself before changing back into Sylar. Sylar is stunned as he reaches into his mouth and extracts an extra tooth.

Outside of Building 26, Sylar is sitting on a park bench as Danko walks up and informs him that he was caught on a security traffic camera. Sylar confesses that he's having problems with his new power, his eyes having stayed blue for over an hour and not his natural brown. Danko gives him an ultimatum, saying that he can either work for Danko and live freely as Agent Taub or be hunted as Sylar. Danko starts to leave, but Sylar changes into his fake identity. Danko is pleased and heads back to work. Sylar uses his telekinesis to carve the words "I AM SYLAR" into his arm. He watches as it heals.

Sylar breaks into a house and heads down a hallway. Tom Miller is in his house when he receives a text message from Rebel warning him to run. Sylar takes a sip from Tom's drink, alerting the man to his presence. Tom mistakenly believes Sylar is Rebel. Sylar reveals there are agents coming to capture him and has Tom show him his ability. Sylar thinks the power is fun, but Tom argues. Sylar gives Tom a choice: him or Danko. When Tom chooses him, he proceeds to kill Tom. Danko and his agents then rush the house, with Agent Taub. They discover Tom's body and the words "I AM SYLAR" written in blood on the wall. Taub makes a comment about the ego of the killer.

Sylar waits in Danko's office, visibly uncomfortable. Danko joins him, confused. Sylar explains that he is feeling lost and confused. Danko admits that he suffers the same problems and advises Sylar to find an anchor to remind him of who he is. He shows Sylar a watch that his father gave him as an example. Sylar takes the watch and examines it. He informs Danko that it's running fast, prompting Danko to ask where he got that power. Sylar sadly tells him it's the only one that's truly his.

At Agent Taub's apartment, a police officer delivers a box containing evidence from the Virginia Gray unsolved murder. Disguised as Agent Taub, Sylar accepts it and closes the door as the officer tries to ask him about it. He takes from the package his mother's sweater. He then sees the France snow globe and remembers stabbing his mother. Angry, he throws it against the wall, but Virginia suddenly appears and comments it was her favorite. Sylar tells his mother about his feelings and emotions, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. A surprised Virginia changes back into Sylar, who is confused about what just happened. He answers the door and Danko informs him that they've cornered Rebel. He wants "Agent Taub" to join them.

Danko's team, including Taub, arrive at a building where Rebel is hiding in. Danko leads his team forward, but Taub hangs back. He changes back into Sylar and disappears before Agent Harper can see him. Sylar goes inside and is shocked that Rebel is Micah, a child. Micah tells Sylar that he knows who he is; Sylar uses clairsentience on Micah's phone to learn about who Micah is. Micah informs him that he can help him, that Sylar can be a hero. A few moments later, Micah is running as Danko's team pursues him. He gets shot off a pier as the real Micah watches from his hiding spot. After the rest of the team leaves, Danko stares into the water where "Rebel" fell. Sylar comes up beside him and Danko asks why he didn't take Rebel's ability. Sylar tells him talking to machines would be an overkill. Danko doubts Micah is dead, but Sylar points out that Micah was mortal.

Back in Agent Taub's apartment, Micah wakes up to find Sylar arguing with himself as his mother. Sylar regrets bringing Micah there and tells him to leave. Micah tries to offer help, but Sylar threatens to kill him the next time he sees him. After this, Sylar goes to Nathan Petrelli's office, where he again holds a conversation with his mother. Sylar gets annoyed that Nathan's had everything handed to him, but when Virginia tries to boost his morale, Sylar admits that she made him feel small and he wanted her dead. Virginia states that it was then he lost himself. Virginia tells him he can be president as he searches through Nathan's stuff. She gives him a toothbrush, from which he extracts DNA and changes into Nathan.

He holds his press conference, which Nathan, Angela, Peter, Claire, and Noah watch in Coyote Sands Cafe. Noah reveals Sylar's new power, and Nathan flies off to stop him from becoming the president.

Nathan arrives and searches through his office. Sylar surprises him and reveals that he's been using clairsentience to read all about Nathan. He tells Nathan he will be president and proceeds to slice off his head. Nathan suddenly collapses and Sylar finds Danko standing in the doorway. Danko tases Nathan again and tells Sylar to change into Taub. Sylar freshens up, but doesn't change into Taub. As Sylar reveals to Danko that he's not going to follow orders, Danko stabs him in the back of the head with his knife. Danko calls a clean-up crew, but Sylar stands up, prompting Danko to cancel the order. Sylar then pulls the knife out of his head, commenting that it hurt.

Graphic Novel:One Good Hero

Nathan has left to go fight Sylar after Sylar impersonates Nathan on national television. Peter is flying after Nathan hoping to catch him before he does something stupid. Because he knows that going after Sylar alone is not a good idea.

An Invisible Thread

After Danko discovers that his attempt to kill Sylar failed, Sylar explains why: using his shape shifting, Sylar moved the weak spot. Sylar pins Danko to the wall and shifts to his appearance, and proceeds to kill some agents. Quickly changing back to Agent Taub, Sylar frames Danko for the murder, forcing Danko's own men to imprison him.

Claire shows up in Nathan's office, and finds shifted Sylar who looks like Nathan. Claire is wary if he's really Nathan, and Sylar convinces her by touching her necklace and mentioning their trip to Mexico. Sylar then brings Claire to the place where the president is making a speech, and reveals his true identity once they are in their suite. While waiting to meet the President, Sylar uses telekinesis to force Claire to pour two glasses of wine. He says that as both of them will live forever and have a lot in common, perhaps she will eventually come to love him, but Claire swears she will try to kill him every day of her life. Sylar is attacked by Nathan and Peter, and Peter manages to replicate at least one of his abilities. Sylar throws Nathan into another room, then slits his throat, killing him. Peter and Claire, however, do not see this. He shifts into Nathan, then later Liam Samuels, and enters the President's limo. He reaches out to shake the President's hand, but is confused as he shifts through various forms and finally into his original body. The President is actually Peter, who injects Sylar with a powerful tranquilizer.

Sylar's existing memories were blocked by Matt Parkman, who then used his ability to make Sylar believe he's Nathan Petrelli, with the memories Sylar had acquired about Nathan filling in the gaps. Sylar then takes Nathan's form. Later, while watching "Sylar" burn on a pyre, he tells Noah that the President has agreed to provide funding, resources, and deniability for a new version of the Company, and implies Noah will head it.

Six weeks later, Angela walks into the room and discusses some things with Nathan. Blankly, he stands up and starts to walk out with Angela but stops and notices a clock is running a minute and a half too fast. He turns the dial back and, now satisfied, grabs his coat and walks out. As Nathan inquires where his mother would like to eat lunch, she doesn't respond, simply staring at the clock.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder looks back on everything that has happened to him over the course of the past couple of years, and everything that Sylar has done. He recalls all the people Sylar had killed, and how every time Mohinder fought against Sylar, he had lost. He then remembers how even when others joined together to fight Sylar, no one could kill him. As Mohinder is pondering this, he watches as "Sylar"'s body is being burned on a pyre at Coyote Sands.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

When Micah downloads the list of Flight 195 passengers, Sylar's name is listed under "escaped" and later "error".

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7

While looking for the location of Monica, Molly is troubled by the fact that Monica is located "really close" to Sylar.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Sylar walks past Danko's office while shape shifted as Danko. Danko's assistant, Bob, calls for Danko, and he shakes his head and tells Bob that he can't be bothered now. Bob then informs him of Danko's meeting with Agent Mills and Internal Affairs, and he asks Rachel if she is Agent Mills.

When Rachel acknowledges that she is, Sylar smiles and invites her into Danko's office after checking his watch. Proceeding inside, he reaches out a hand to guide her into a chair. Next, while still using Danko's form, Sylar asks Rachel how a girl like her wound up in a place like this, and if she would be free that night for a drink.

However, Rachel ignores the drink offer and gets him to agree to allow Dan from Internal Affairs to join them. Sylar checks his watch again, and a short while later, Dan arrives with two security agents. He listens as Dan interrogates Rachel, placing his hand on a thick file that Dan drops on the corner of his desk but not opening it. Then, he interrupts Dan's questioning, asking them both to leave. When Dan responds by asking Sylar to repeat himself, Sylar tells Dan to stop picking on Rachel and to get out of his office, adding that he has somewhere to be. Dan then replies that they have discussed the substantial evidence, tapping on the thick file; but Sylar points out that the file is just a bunch of old requisition forms. As Dan flushes that his bluff was called out, Sylar asks them to excuse him as he has to see a man about a corpse and leaves.

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