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Micah Sanders/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Micah Sanders during Season Three.

For more about Micah Sanders, see the main article.

For Micah Sanders's Season One history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Season Two history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History

One of Us, One of Them

Micah finds a woman who looks exactly like his mother near her coffin. At first he thinks that she is his mother, but then thinks otherwise. He tells Tracy all about his mother, about her super strength, and asks if she has powers too. He tells her about his power to talk to machines. He puts his power to good use to look up information about both Niki and Tracy, then sends Tracy off with a hug.


An information file of Micah is reviewed by the President.

Trust and Blood

After returning home from unfortunate events, Claire receives a text message. The sender pushes her to fight, and after she questions the senders identity, they reply with their name, Rebel.

Graphic Novel:Libertad

Rebel is revealed to be a mysterious person directing evolved humans to the Angry Skunk bar, where the traffickers there help them find new IDs and give them safety. Libertad sends Simon Bolivar to deliver a message saying "Viva Libertad! Rebel & Be Saved" to Harmon, who takes the message and shows it to the traffickers. When the traffickers doubt the message's authenticity, Libertad makes the same message pop up on the bar's TV screen. That night, when Harmon, Angie, and Maya's meeting is interrupted by Danko's capture squad, Libertad helps Angie and Maya to escape by tipping them off via text.

Building 26

Claire receives two messages when she is having her breakfast with the Bennet family and after she and Noah Bennet have an argument. Rebel needs her to warn Alex, an employee at Sam's Comics in Costa Verde, CA.


While Matt and Peter are in Isaac's loft, a computer mysteriously turns on with a message from Rebel, telling them the address of Building 26, where Daphne supposedly is, and telling them that Nathan's agents are about to enter the loft.

After breaking into Building 26, Rebel sends Peter a video of evolved humans in orange jumpsuits and hoods being loaded onto the plane. Peter saves this video to a flash drive for use as a bargaining chip. Rebel also prevents them from being blocked from computer access and somehow cuts the power to the building temporarily allowing them to escape.

Eric Doyle breaks into Claire's house with a message from Rebel, saying that she would help him.

Shades of Gray

Eric Doyle displays a received message from Rebel to Claire. It tells him that Claire will help him.

While Danko tries to activate the bomb strapped to Matt's chest, Rebel interferes and buys Nathan enough time to disarm it.

As she is marched back into Building 26, Tracy receives a message from Rebel telling her to have hope, and that help is coming.

Claire receives a message from Rebel that agents are closing in on Doyle nearby.

Claire and Eric mention that Rebel has deleted everything to do with "Eric Doyle", and that he is free to start over.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

When being interrogated in his theater, Eric Doyle tells Emile Danko, Rachel Mills, and Jason that Rebel contacted him and told him that he could change after the explosion at Primatech. Doyle accuses them of being Rebel and tricking him, but they claim that there is no Rebel. Setting the building on fire, Danko, Rachel, and Jason leave Doyle for dead. However, Rachel gets a text message from Rebel telling her to save him. Without letting Jason or Danko notice, Rachel teleports into the building and frees Doyle. Handing him her cell phone, she tells him that Rebel wanted him to have it. After escaping from the building, Doyle receives a text message from Rebel telling him to find Claire Bennet because she will save him.

Graphic Novel:Hanging By a Thread

Rebel sends a text message to Rachel, comparing, what Angela did to her, and she was doing with Howie Kaplan. Rachel admits that he is right and releases Howie. After that Rebel sends another message to Rachel, talking to her back and fool Danko.

Cold Snap

Rebel hacks into Building 26 again and shuts off the power, shutting down the heaters holding Tracy and unlocking the door to her room. She frees herself and Rebel uses a security camera to guide Tracy to the room where the other evolved humans are held and she frees Matt and Mohinder who free Daphne. After Rebel gives Tracy money and instructions through an ATM, Micah is seen standing on a street corner and hails a taxi. He meets up with Tracy at Union Station and reveals the truth to her: Micah is the mysterious Rebel. He's shocked to learn that Tracy is part of a trap for him, saying he was expecting one, just not her to be in on it. Communicating with the train station's security through his phone, Micah sets off an alarm to distract the agents while he and Tracy escape to the parking garage, where they hide among the cars. Micah is stunned by Tracy's betrayal, saying she's not like he expected after he read her bio and that she is nothing like his mother, who was a hero. She tells him that maybe if she met him when she started her career, she could have been more like that, but she's not. Tracy tells Micah to use his ability to set off the sprinklers and tells him to run. Micah flees as Tracy freezes Danko's team and herself solid using the water sprayed on them from the sprinklers. Micah is shocked as he hears a gunshot (Danko shattering Tracy's frozen form) but continues running and gets away without Danko and his men realizing that he's Rebel.

Graphic Novel:Cog

As Agent Jenkins recounts his relationship with Corinne and his job getting in the way, he looks at his targets and Micah is one of them.

I Am Sylar

Danko and his men track Rebel to his hideout. Sylar makes it in first, and Micah expresses his belief that Sylar could greatly help their kind if only he would try. Shortly afterward, Agent Harper leads Danko's team across the pier chasing Micah. He gets to the edge and the team corners him. Harper tells Danko that Rebel is just a kid, but Danko orders them to shoot anyway. Micah smiles as he's shot over the edge as the real Micah watches from a distant. After the team leaves, Danko stares into the water as Sylar walks up. Danko asks Sylar why he didn't kill Micah. Sylar replies that with all the abilities he already has, talking to machines just seemed like overkill.

Afterward, at Agent Taub's apartment, Micah is wakened by Sylar conversing with himself. He watches as Sylar shifts back and forth between his true form and that of Virginia Gray. Sylar notices Micah watching and tells him it wasn't a good idea to bring him there. Micah tries to tell Sylar that his mom used to change too, but only on the inside. Sylar becomes angry, and tells Micah to get out. Micah offers Sylar some help, but Sylar warns him that he will die the next time they meet. Micah grabs his things and leaves.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Micah is remembered as one of the people present at Kirby Plaza.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

In New Orleans, Micah and his cousin Monica are working together as crime fighters. Micah has detected thieves stealing supplies from a hospital building site, and activates the silent alarm but since the police won't make it in time to stop them, he gets Monica to slow them down. Two police cars arrive, and Monica says she doesn't want the police catching sight of her again. Micah tells her to climb a high fence and jump on to a passing street car below. Micah says he'll see Monica when he gets home, and she asks him if he's still at school. He says he doesn't want to be tracked back to the house, and that the internet connection is faster at the school. Monica is about to reply but is cut off. Micah sees a van with government plates speed past as he arrives home. Using his ability, Micah scans the radio waves and cellular signals, and detects a conversation that the target Sanders was misidentified, and the agents have his cousin instead. The controller sends them back to the house, but Micah returns to the school to hack the government firewalls. He finds a list of individuals being transported on a secret flight with no itinerary: Claire, Monica, Hiro, Matt, Peter, Sparrow Redhouse, Mohinder and Tracy. Gabriel Gray is listed as "LOST_COMM", and his own entry is "PENDING". He sees that Claire has been released. Micah forces the camera to record the prisoners being loaded onto the plane. He tracks Flight 195 as it takes off, then issues a mayday call. Tears run down Micah's face as he sees the plane has crashed.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 2

Micah manages to locate where the plane crashed and rushes their to try and find his family. Instead, he finds Sparrow Redhouse, who is shocked to see a kid like Micah involved in the crash. Micah explains his situation and what is going on and Sparrow agrees to help him. As they are walking, a jeep full of agents arrives. Sparrow uses her power to fight them off but before the two of them can escape, Flint Gordon threatens them with his fire. The agents kill Flint, giving Micah and Sparrow time to escape. At a bus stop some time later, Micah comes up with the idea to help everyone like them and begins by contacting Claire.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

Micah sends several messages out to other evolved humans including Sparrow Redhouse in New York and West Rosen in L.A. He asks both of them to meet him, sending Sparrow a car and requesting that West fly. They all meet at a secret location that Micah reveals will be their base of operations. Micah discovers that the government has dispatched a team in London and that they are going after another family. West and Sparrow agree to go and help.

Later, Micah stands outside. Behind him are West, Sparrow and the newcomer to their group, Abigail. Everyone is openly displaying their abilities (flight, terrakinesis, forcefields) and are standing together. Micah claims that they are all “REBEL”.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

Micah uses Matt and Peter to hack into Building 26 and then downloads a file containing the names of every special person they have captured. Micah directs West and Abigail to his family and then watches as Sparrow arrives and creates a path for the others to escape on. West, Abigail, Nana, Sparrow and Damon escape, leaving Micah behind. Unbeknown to him, someone has aimed their tranquilizer directly at the back of his head. As Micah watches his friends, the person fires.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 5

Micah wakes up in an unknown location to find that he is tied to a chair and Thompson, Jr. is holding a gun to his head. Thompson tells Micah that he was shot by a tranquilizer and that he'll be okay provided he does as he's told. Thompson continues, saying he knows about Rebel and their efforts, but he only wants Micah to find Sabine Hazel for him. Micah replies that he knows about Thompson as well and what he's been through. He says that killing Sabine and her baby won't right the wrongs or bring people back from the dead. Thompson disagrees with him and says that Micah is not in control, putting the gun closer to Micah's head. It is Micah's turn to disagree, informing Thompson that as they were talking, he was reprogramming the crane outside and that Thompson might want to duck. The wrecking ball crashes into the building, knocking Thompson off his feet as Micah watches unharmed. Thompson starts to get up, pulling out a rifle, but Micah says that he also told his friends where they were. The rest of Rebel arive, West carrying Abigail as she unties Micah and Sparrow riding a rock formation. Micah watches the others take Thompson down, saying it only took them twelve seconds. Micah tells him to forget about Sabine, her baby, and everything he knows about Rebel. Thompson tells Micah to go to hell, but Micah only says that he put Thompson's name on every top ten list in the country. As Thompson runs away, Abigail asks Micah if he thinks he'll be back and Micah replies that he doesn't know, but at least he'll know what they're going through, being a wanted fugitive. Micah finally states that they have other problems to worry about.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

Micah arrives with the rest of Rebel at the Brihadeeswarar temple seeking Molly for her help. Micah tells her he knows what it's like to be alone, for his parents are dead too. He states he wants her to help find Monica. After being convinced, Molly says they are in a warehouse in Pittsburgh. Micah tells Molly she needs to come with them, in case Lee, Claude and Monica are moved again. But when they all reach Pittsburgh and start to go to the warehouse, Molly tells them to stop: Monica, Claude and Lee are in the train station. Micah finds that a classified train is heading for DC in only a few minutes. Micah directs the team so Abigail, Molly, and himself can proceed to the train. They find Lee and Claude; Micah stops the drugs and releases their restraints, but he and Abigail are tranquilized and placed on the train headed for DC. Minutes later, West and Sparrow stop the train with a wave of mud and dirt. The train shuts down and everyone is freed, but agents have surrounded the train. They are all about to leave when Molly tells everyone that she knows where Monica is.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 7

After escaping from the crashed train, Micah demands to know where Monica is from Molly. However, Molly's too scared to tell him as Sylar is close to her. When he demands to know anyway so he can go himself, Molly and the others realize he was just using them to save his family. A group of agents attack, but are defeated by Sparrow. Micah, realizing that Molly is right and he made a mistake, apologizes to her for his actions, but she forgives him as she understands. Molly gives him the address and wishes him good luck. Rebel, joined by Lee, go to rescue Monica from the abandoned hospital she's held captive in in Washington, D.C. while Claude takes Molly to safety. Micah sets up shop in an abandoned warehouse a few blocks from the hospital while the rest of Rebel goes in. Micah guides them through the hospital to Monica's room, but the rest of Rebel suddenly lose all contact with him.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 1

Micah reunites with his aunty after her return. The two discuss the actions of Building 26 and Tracy's lust for revenge. Micah gives her a list of Building 26 agents on the promise that Tracy punish them but leave them alive. Tracy agrees to this and leaves.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rebel contacts Rachel Mills via text messages after she discovers hidden messages from Rebel on various websites. Rebel sends Rachel a video file showing Rachel using her ability at Pinehearst, then warns Rachel not to tell Danko what she just discovered. In an additional text message, Rebel claims to need Rachel to do something.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel does something for Rebel the day before Peter Petrelli breaks into Danko's apartment. What she does causes her to be late to meet up with Danko and her partner, Jason.

A couple days later, while Danko informs Rachel and Jason of an upcoming mission in Costa Verde, Rachel again receives text messages she assumes are from Rebel. However, after Danko and Jason leave her by herself, she throws her cell phone into a trash can without reading them.

While waiting for a security camera footage to be streamed to Jason's cell phone in Costa Verde, Rachel gets a text message from Rebel on Jason's phone and deletes them after reading them. The message is "DONT DO THIS RACHEL.". Afterward, Rebel deletes security camera footage showing Alex's car and a passenger that Rachel thinks might be Claire off Jason's phone. Rebel then texts "STOP NOW OR ILL HAVE TO TELL", and Rachel deletes that message just as Jason reaches and grabs his phone back. Jason then discovers that the video file has been deleted off both his phone and their organization's server as well.

Later, Rachel is in the front room of Liliane's house, and she spots Rebel scrolling a message in caps on the bottom of a TV screen in the living room while a kid's movie continues playing on it. The message contains the word "RACHEL" and it gradually begins scrolling faster. Rachel leaves before the family questions her about the message.

In Alex's apartment, Rachel finds a laptop that loads Alex's emails when Jason boots it up. However, Rebel begins deleting the messages. Rachel then spots what she thinks is a webcam on the laptop and says hello to Rebel. Rebel responds by sending a new email to the in box with the subject line "Leave now Rachel!". Jason then turns off the laptop and ejects the battery before Rebel can completely erase everything.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rebel replaces a message sent from headquarters to Rachel's and Jason's mission laptop with a different message asking for help and warning Rachel that a man might give away her secret. Jason then grabs the laptop before Rachel can stop him, but the message have been changed into a bunch of garbled text. After showing Rachel the garbled text as well, he gets the message resent. While the laptop is still pointed towards Rachel, new messages then appear at the bottom of the screen instructing Rachel to "BREAK EACH LINE AT 60 CHARACTERS" in order to read the latest message. When she does that, the garbled text becomes an ASCII photo of Eric Doyle. A second message, "GET TO HIM FIRST RACHEL", can be found by putting together the lowercase letters in the garbled text, but it is unknown as to whether Rachel realized it existed.

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Anna tells Rachel that Rebel needs her to keep working with her organization. She also informs Rachel that Rebel is worried Janey might hunt for her brother's killer.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel finds a report on what happened at the restaurant in a daily intelligence briefing. She notes that location of the restaurant has been altered to show as Oregon and suspects that Rebel made that happen. Later, Anna is sent by Rebel to assist the fugitives threatened by the government operation on an abandoned office building in New York City. After Anna and Rachel encounter the leader of the fugitives in the building, Abe, Anna tells him that Rebel sent them. Abe replies that he has been waiting a long time, but that no one came. He then points to a crude symbol scratched on the wall that appears to be a hammer surrounded by four stars.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Anna tells Rachel that REBEL always takes care of removing her from the government's records when. Later, Rachel sees the fugitives fleeing towards a truck bearing the same symbol she saw in the plant nursery. After Anna and Rachel successfully rescue the fugitives that were in the abandoned office building, Anna receives messages from Rebel. He sends her a huge list containing cries for help from fugitives in trouble. The message also contains status reports, email addresses, and links to websites. Subsequent messages from Rebel tell Anna that Ellen is in trouble, but that he wants their next priority to be helping someone in the circus.

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Rebel sends text messages to Rachel after she leaves her meeting with Danko at Building 26. He asks her to help him save a Building 26 prisoner, saying it is dangerous, and that the government is about to learn her secret. Rebel adds that if she helps him, he will tell her the truth about her mother. Meanwhile, Anna arrives at the circus after receiving an additional text from Rebel that agents are surrounding the place, and that she needs to find the man in the black hat. Rebel also tells her that the man will know what to do, and that this one is especially important. Anna talks with a man in a tall black hat and tells that their friend sent her to help him, but she has to do some extra convincing before he believes her.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Rebel texts Rachel Mills, asking her to rescue Eric Doyle from Building 26. Meanwhile, Anna Korolenko is checking in with him hourly, following his instructions to take out her cell phone battery while she isn't using her phone so agents cannot use the signal to triangulate her location. Each hour, for several hours, Rebel tells Anna that she and circus staff need to hang on, and that it isn't clear yet.

After a short while, Linda Niles tells Anna about "Ellen", the underground railroad for evolved human fugitives. She explains that Ellen started as just her, LN, and that she used to run a shipping company. She continues that Rebel contacted her, and had knowledge about her past. Rebel asked Linda to hide fugitives in warehouses and trucks across the country. Linda adds that next, Rebel contacted Anna to be the "delivery girl"--a cute blonde that every frightened fugitive would trust. Then, she notes that he found Valerie and Victor and that their power made Linda's trucking operation practically obsolete. Linda also explains that Rachel Mills is the R in LAWR, and that Rebel recruited her.

When Anna asks why Rachel isn't coming to help them, Linda explains that it is part of their deal. Linda also adds that LAWR isn't Rebel's only crew, and that Anna might join the "varsity team" someday if she eats her Wheaties. Later, Anna contacts Rebel again, and he texts that Rachel is in a helicopter, that there are too many agents to attempt an escape, and that they need to just sit tight a little longer and trust him.

The next morning, Rebel provides Rachel directions to the location of the circus Anna was sent to, and notes that at least one person had been taken prisoner.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Linda Niles notes that Rebel has deserted her.

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Angela Petrelli meets with Leona Mills and introduces her to a "mutual friend", Micah. Leona accuses Micah of blackmailing her into helping him but Micah makes no apologies. He tells her that he did so many favours for her, never revealing her true identity to Rachel. He says that he will do one more favour and tells her to turn around. Rachel, Anna, Valerie and Tom have arrived and Leona tearfully reunites with her daughter.

Faction Zero

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero Micah is in Costa Verde at Sam's Comics pretending to read a comic book. He tells Claire that he believes Eric Thompson, Jr. is gone and he also reveals that he knows what is special about Sabine Hazel. Micah makes talk with Rachel, who asks him what he wants. Micah tells them he wishes to stop Eric and the three go after Eric's hideout. Before attempting their mission, Micah goes to see Katherine Murry, leader of the Unity faction. Kathy gives her help as well as the help of Kelli Wheaton, Theodore van den Burg, Therese Bryne, Miles Lecomte and Pacy McNeil. Micah tells the group of security footage showing Wildman leaving the hideout as well as a family of fire breathers. Claire and Rachel go after the fire breathers while Micah and Unity go to the hideout. Eventually regrouping at Sam's Comics, Micah reveals that Thomspon and Wildman escaped leaving a trail of dead bodies. He also reveals that Sabine's child may possess the ability to create countless clones with different abilities. As a final present to Claire, Micah gets her into college.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Micah and the rest of Rebel wait in Sam's Comics, looking at a laptop, attempting to locate Eric Thompson, Jr. with traffic cams. They find him, and leave with Claire and Alex to attempt to capture him. But all they find are several vans, one of which is covered in blood, with a shredded jacket inside. Micah decides they are finished for now, but that they will keep a eye out for Thompson. As Rebel begins to leave, he wishes Claire luck at college.

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