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Angela Petrelli/Season One

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This article archives the history of Angela Petrelli during Season One.

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Character History


Angela is picked up by NYPD for shoplifting a pair of socks. While Nathan worries about how it will affect his campaign for Congress, Peter sees it as a cry for attention.

Angela tells Peter that Nathan "only cares about himself", and that Nathan and Mr. Petrelli are "alpha dogs". She also reminds Peter that she and her husband had been married 41 years.

Don't Look Back

When Peter is hospitalized after his fall, she confesses to him that his father did not die of a heart attack. Instead, he committed suicide after two previous failed suicide attempts. She worries that Peter may be developing the same depressive tendencies and confesses that he was always her favorite.

One Giant Leap

At Nathan's campaign event, she looks concerned for Peter when Nathan spins the fall for sympathy.

Nothing to Hide

Angela and Heidi plan a family brunch at Nathan's Hyde Park estate as an opportunity to have Nathan and his family interviewed by Oliver Dennison of the New York Journal.

Six Months Ago

Angela arrives at Peter's graduation party with Nathan and Heidi. She informs Peter his father could not attend, because of a meeting he has with Mr. Linderman in Atlantic City. She also congratulates Peter for graduating nursing school and tells him how she always wanted a nurse in the family (saying that with her husband and Nathan, there are enough lawyers).


Angela and Nathan sit in a comatose Peter's hospital room. Angela is worried sick that Peter is going to die of a heart attack. Later, when Nathan finds Peter gone, she tells him that Peter woke up in a rage and left. She is angry that Peter could keep her worried for two weeks and then just leave, and says she will kill him when she finds him.


Claude tells Peter that Angela is a distraction that needs to be cut out of his life if he wants to learn how to control his power.


Angela persuades Nathan not to meet his long-lost daughter, but instead to pay Meredith and be done with the situation.


Claire Bennet arrives at Peter's apartment, seeking Peter's aid. She is greeted by his mother instead. Angela, calling Claire by name despite the two having seemingly never met before, tells Claire that she came at a bad time, but invites her in anyway. When inside, Angela chastises the Haitian in French. Surprised, Claire asks Angela who she is--Angela says that she is Claire's grandmother. Angela amusingly notes how Claire was so determined to get to Peter, going so far as to run away from the Haitian. She says that Claire's stubborn streak is just like her father's.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 2

In 1968, Angela sends a letter to Dallas in Vietnam. She tells the soldier about Nathan's first steps.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

In 1972, Angela, Mr. Petrelli, and an infant son sit at their home.


At Angela's home, Angela explains to Claire that she and her husband took steps to protect Claire. After the fire, she let Nathan believe Claire had died. She admits to knowing about Claire's powers, and urges her to go to Paris until she's old enough to make her own choices. When Claire asks Angela if she is just like her, she deflects the question.

Later, Mohinder brings Peter's body to the house. Distraught, she sends Mohinder away. When Nathan arrives, she tries to persuade him to hide Peter's death until after the election.

After Claire revives Peter, Angela interrupts a talk between Peter and Nathan. Peter starts to explain about his abilities, but Angela tells them both that she knew long before they did.

The Hard Part

Nathan meets with Angela. She says that she knew of Linderman's plan long before he did, and expects him to cooperate, to ensure "a better future."


Angela is present during Nathan's speech at his celebration of his landslide victory.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

At Nathan's campaign office, Angela informs him that Linderman was murdered and tells him to carry on with the plan.

As Claire tries to escape Nathan, she runs into Angela. Later, Angela, Nathan, and Claire are walking in a parking garage and Claire receives a phone call from her father. Angela answers the phone and tells Bennet that Claire is with her family and that they are getting out of the city. She advises Bennet to do the same.

Angela appears in Peter's dream and she discusses Linderman's plans and the impending explosion with Charles. She tells Charles that the bomb is inevitable and that the world will turn to Nathan, but Charles disagrees. When Angela tells him one of them is going to be right, Charles, knowing his death is near, says he's glad he won't be alive to find out. Angela tells her friend that he is in her prayers and says goodbye to him.

Angela accompanies Nathan and Claire as Nathan returns to his campaign office to get some paperwork. Angela tells Claire that the helicopter will be the roof soon and that she will be safe when the jet lands tomorrow morning. Angela tells Claire that the bomb is inevitable and nothing can be done. When Claire tries to reason why Angela has been trying to keep her and Nathan apart, Angela tells Claire she isn't mature enough to understand. After Claire jumps out a nearby window and runs off, Angela tells Nathan to let her go.

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