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Hiro Nakamura/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Hiro Nakamura during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Hiro, now the CEO of his father's company, sits bored and complains to Ando that he no longer has a "destiny". Then his father's lawyer knocks at the door and gives him a DVD his father made prior to his death. On the DVD, his father tells him his duty is to protect the contents of the safe in his office. Hiro jumps at the chance to prove himself yet again and opens the safe. Inside is another DVD and half of a chemical formula for something unknown. On the second DVD, his father tells him he must guard the formula with his life, but mere seconds later it is taken by an unknown speedster. Hiro manages to stop time momentarily and follows the trail to a young girl named Daphne, who appears frozen until she is able to move normally while time is frozen. Hiro tells her to return the formula, but she punches him in the face and speeds away with the formula. Later, Hiro and Ando are discussing the significance of the formula and how to get it back. Ando suggests that Hiro travels back to the past and make sure the formula is never stolen, but Hiro steadfastly refuses to go back to the past. However, he is open to traveling to the future to see the consequences of his mistakes and to figure out how to fix them. Hiro then disappears into the future, much to Ando's dismay. He teleports to the same place that he was in in the present day to find that the entire city is in chaos, with disaster sirens ringing and frightened citizens running for their lives. Hiro spots himself and Ando on top of a stairwell, arguing about the formula. Ando demands Hiro's half of the formula, but Hiro refuses and draws his sword on Ando. Ando hits Hiro with an unknown red blast, apparently killing him. He then steps over his dead friend's body and takes the formula. Hiro, shocked by this, continues walking and sees the Tokyo skyline crumbling before his very eyes. The force of the explosion blows a car directly at Hiro, who manages to teleport back to the present day just in time.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro hires local investigators to track down the "speedster". They track her to France where they find a collection of stolen items in her living room, but they cannot seem to find the half of the formula that she stole. Upon Daphne's arrival, she is shocked to see the two Japanese men in her house but even more shocked to see that they have stolen her prized 12th-grade medal for the 100-yard dash. She tries grabbing it from Hiro, but even she is too slow for his teleportation. Hiro offers her a trade: her medal for his half of the formula. Daphne agrees and Hiro has Ando take the medal to her. She reneges on the deal and despite Hiro slowing down time she is able to pull a knife and threaten to kill Ando. She cuts Ando slightly and Hiro immediately backs down and unfreezes time letting her escape with both the medal and the formula. Ando claims that the plan didn't work, however Hiro informs him that he actually placed a tracking device on Daphne's medal and that she is now in Berlin. Hiro teleports himself and Ando out of the apartment.

One of Us, One of Them

Hiro and Ando continue their search for the lost part of the formula, as they tracked down Daphne to a theater in Berlin. When they were told from Daphne that she already gave the first half of the formula to her boss, Hiro notices the Haitian with a silver briefcase, assuming that the second half of the formula is inside. While Hiro and Ando are spying on the Haitian, Daphne shows up and reveals her plan to steal the second half as well. Later Hiro is follows the Haitian backstage and attempts to steal to briefcase while disguised. However, Ando shows up and knocks the Haitian unconscious. While Hiro and Ando arguing over whether Hiro can trust Ando, Daphne steals the briefcase with her power. Hiro attempts to stop time to catch her, but by then the Haitian has recovered and promptly takes hold of the two. They are later seen languishing in a cell.

I Am Become Death

Hiro and Ando, now in a cell on Level 2, aren't getting along. Ando is angry that Hiro said he didn't need him, and Hiro is still freaked out that Future Ando killed him. The two team up for a moment to open up a vent in the ceiling of the prison cell so they can escape. After that, Ando refuses to go up but agrees to help Hiro up. Just as Hiro gets halfway into the vent, the Haitian shows up to rain on their parade.

As the episode comes to an end, Angela tells Hiro and Ando that the missing formula can grant people special abilities. After informing Hiro that some mysterious person is watching them and manipulating them, she tasks him to go dig up a very pissed off Adam Monroe for help. When the casket opens, Adam recovers and grabs Hiro in a stranglehold, and delivers the final words of the episode, "Hiro, you son of a b-".

Angels and Monsters

At Aoyama Cemetery in Japan, Adam reaches up and chokes Hiro, who tries to explain that they need his help. Adam refuses to listen and Hiro stops time to put him back in his coffin. Hiro explains to Ando that they have no choice but to seek out Adam's help. He releases Adam again and explains that they're looking for the missing formula. Adam notes that he told the Company to destroy the formula but they didn't listen. He refuses to cooperate unless they let him ago, but has no choice when Hiro refuses to negotiate. He says that Angela is probably responsible, but Hiro points out he's working for her. Adam suggests that there could be another possibility.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar where persons with special abilities can be hired. The bartender, Milosh, is angry at Adam for having an affair with his wife. He throws a punch at Adam and knocks out Hiro by mistake, then chases Adam out of the bar. Ando tries to revive Hiro without success, letting Adam get away.

Hiro and Ando try to find Adam without success. As they go down the alleyway, Adam crawls out of a dumpster but Knox renders him unconscious and dumps him into a van. He then makes a call and asks the person at the other end what to do with Hiro and Ando.

Hiro and Ando are drinking at the bar and Hiro insists they can't lose heart; the world is depending on them. Ando comments that it can't get any worse. As that is said Daphne and Knox enter the bar. They want to offer Hiro a job. Hiro says they're badasses and wants to sign up. Daphne says that it isn't that easy and that he has to prove himself. Knox takes a sword from the wall, gives it to Hiro, and says he has to kill Ando. Hiro takes the sword, apologizes to Ando (noting some sacrifices have to be made), and stabs his friend.

Dying of the Light

Hiro and Ando are at The Angry Skunk Bar. Knox and Daphne are there to recruit Hiro. Knox takes a sword down from the wall and tells Hiro to kill Ando, who is useless to them because he has no powers. Hiro agrees, and then concentrates and uses his power to teleport to a Japanese novelty store. There he takes several bags of fake blood and a prop sword with a collapsible blade. Hiro then travels back through time two hours to the Angry Skunk Bar and tells Ando to trust him, then puts the bags of blood beneath Ando’s shirt. Hiro then travels back to the present at the moment he left, so quickly that no one notices his departure. He then “stabs” Ando. Convinced, Knox says he’s hired and leaves. Daphne is angry, since she believed Hiro was a good guy. He asks to meet with his new employer, but she informs him that he’s to go to Africa to capture a precog, Usutu, and then bring him to Pinehearst. She explains that her employers can’t afford to have a precog out there to interfere with their plans. She runs away and Hiro informs Ando that he can get up now. Hiro asks him how it feels to have a friend kill him. Ando says they're even and Hiro takes Ando with him as he teleports to Africa.

Ando and Hiro appear at Usutu's hut in Africa. They see his paintings of the future and Hiro claims that they’re only going to “borrow” him so that he can convince Daphne’s employers he’s sincere. He goes into the hut and finds a fresh painting of Usutu hitting him in the head with the shovel. He turns around, and Usutu hits him over the head with a shovel.

Ando wakes up Hiro, who explains what happened. Ando suggests that Hiro travel back in time one minute to stop Usutu from ambushing him. Hiro is reluctant to do so, insisting he can’t change the past. However, Ando points out that Hiro jumped back in time two hours to save him earlier. Hiro agrees and jumps one minute back into the past outside the hut. He sees a new painting outside of Usutu hitting him in the head with a shovel. Hiro turns and Usutu is behind him. Usutu hits him in the head with a shovel, then goes inside the hut and knocks out the original Hiro.

Hiro wakes up in time to see his present self and Ando discussing the plan for Hiro to go back in time one minute. Hiro teleports back one minute and the current Hiro then enters the hut and says he can’t sneak up on a precog. He suggests they try things the old fashioned way and hide while waiting for Usutu to return.

Night falls in Africa and Hiro and Ando watch Usutu’s hut. They see him light a fire inside and approach the dwelling. They find the shovel outside and then try to sneak up on Usutu. He has his back turned to them but congratulates Hiro, saying that he’s passed the test and learned how to use his head instead of relying on his powers. Usutu informs Hiro that he is now ready and directs him to a painting showing Arthur and his assembled villains, along with the double helix. There is also a painting to the side of Peter embracing a man.

Eris Quod Sum

Inside Usutu's hut, Hiro is refusing to go back in time, even if it means he could figure out how to defeat his enemies. Usutu tells him that he must choose his own destiny, or that it will be chosen for him. Later, Usutu is making a substance and he tells Hiro and Ando to eat it. Ando refuses, but Hiro eats it and his eyes become white and he falls onto the ground.


Hiro has a vision of the past and see's what drove Arthur Petrelli to create Pinehearst. When he wakes up from his spirit walk, he and Ando hear Usutu scream. They find Usutu dead, his head torn from his body. Then Arthur Petrelli appears and grabs Hiro's head as Hiro screams in agony.

It's Coming

Arthur, still holding Hiro by the head, releases him after he notices a painting of an eclipse. Ando rushes over and tells Hiro to teleport them somewhere. Hiro does so – a bowling alley in Tokyo which serves his favorite waffles. Ando realizes that Arthur has erased most of Hiro's memories, and he thinks he is ten years old. He manages to teach Hiro how to use his space-time manipulation powers again, which Hiro uses to play pranks on the people at the bowling alley. Hiro then teleports them to a Tokyo comic store, where Ando shows him an issue of 9th Wonders! depicting the recent events.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Ando and Hiro teleport to Brooklyn to look for Matt Parkman, after the 9th Wonders! comic they read depicts them doing just that. Hiro's child-like behavior unnerves Daphne, who doubts their ability to assist in the fight against Arthur Petrelli, and she speeds away. Matt catches a thought about Lawrence, Kansas as she leaves, and as the comic shows Matt, Hiro and Ando in a cornfield, Matt asks Hiro to teleport them to Daphne's family home. Matt approaches the house as the eclipse begins, stripping them of their powers. Matt gives up after he is sent away by Daphne's father, but Hiro throws ears of corn at him, insisting he not give up and continue on the "Hero's Quest". Matt returns to the house, and Hiro tells Ando there is a place where they can find the knowledge to regain his powers – the local Sam's Comics store. As Hiro and Ando enter the store, Sam and Frack recognize them from the cover of the latest issue of 9th Wonders!, which shows them entering that very store.

The Eclipse, Part 2

In Sam's Comics, Ando and Hiro ask for the latest issue of 9th Wonders!. Store owner Sam thinks it's a practical joke, and accuses Frack of hiring two Japanese guys to re-enact the events of the comic. Hiro grabs a box of 9th Wonder! back issues, paying for them with his Yamagato credit card when Sam tells him the store is not a library. Hiro begins reading about the events of the past year foretold by Isaac Mendez. Matt finds them, and looking at the comic, sees Daphne running away from her home, so he returns to talk to her. Frack notices the last solar eclipse coincided with people manifesting their powers, and theorizes that Hiro may regain his powers when the eclipse is over. Hiro runs away, yelling that he doesn't want to grow up, and locks himself in the bathroom. Ando sees that Hiro has been reading about his battle with Sylar in Kirby Plaza, his duel with Takezo Kensei in feudal Japan, and the deaths of Charlie Andrews and Hiro's father Kaito. Sam manages to talk him out, telling Hiro that he can make a difference and save the world. He tells them that although this edition is the last posthumous issue of 9th Wonders!, there is a legend that Isaac gave a sketchbook depicting further events to a bicycle courier before he died. Frack notices a panel in one of the comics which shows Hiro and Claire on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, watching from a greenhouse as Kaito hands an infant Claire to Noah Bennet. Hiro finds where Claire is from the comic, and teleports to the Bennet house just as Sylar is about to kill Noah. Hiro teleports Sylar and Elle to a distant beach, and then returns for Claire, transporting her to the rooftop where, with the aid of the comic to translate Kaito and Noah's conversation, Claire realizes that she is the baby being handed over.

Our Father

Hiro goes back in time 16 years with Claire and observes baby Claire being handed over from Kaito to Mr. Bennet. He splits up with Claire and, while pretending to be the cook, meets his mother, who ends up giving Hiro his memories back and the catalyst. He then meets Claire on top of Charles Deveaux's rooftop. Arthur Petrelli shows up, takes both the catalyst and his ability from him, rendering him powerless. Arthur then throws Hiro off the rooftop. However, he manages to hang on for dear life onto a flagpole.

Graphic Novel:Truths

As Arthur reflects on his life, a conversation comes up with Angela in which she says that Arthur is acting like Kaito Nakamura because he is doubting his weak son as Kaito doubted Hiro.


Hiro, still in the past, climbs off of the flagpole. Later, he tries to obtain the formula, enlisting the help of his younger self. The two Hiro's succeed in procuring it from the safe, located in the kitchen, but not before being caught by their father, Kaito. The younger Hiro is sent away while the elder Hiro tries to explain himself to his father and destroy the formula. He rips the formula in half, only to drop it when, Daphne, aided by Ando, speeds through the kitchen to rescue him and return him to the present . Back in the present, Hiro goes with Daphne's to Pinehearst to get the formula. When stopped by Tracy, he resolutely punches Tracy in the face, knocking her out. He gets the formula and returns with Daphne to Mohinder's lab, and destroys the formula.

A Clear and Present Danger

Hiro shows Ando the disused fire station that he has turned into their lair. Hiro gives Ando a GPS implant, costume and the Ando-cycle, with communications back to the computer set up in the lair. Hiro later uses the computer to track Ando down to the strip club, shortly before he is taken by Danko's team. Later, he is aboard Flight 195, where he is hooded, drugged, and in shackles, and is awoken by Claire.

Trust and Blood

After the plane crash, Hiro is seen running away from the debris in order to escape. He is confronted by Mohinder and Matt, and tells them they must save Peter and Claire who are also escaping. When Matt enters into a trance state, he leads Hiro and Mohinder to a trailer in the woods. As Matt begins to draw the future, Hiro and Mohinder dress into casual clothing to conceal themselves further. Mohinder also suggests that Hiro turn himself in to the police, since he lost his power. Hiro believes it is his duty to help the escapees, and claims he is a warrior. At the site of the plane crash, Hiro is reunited with Ando, who arrived with Daphne. Danko's team manages to find the group of escapees, and shoots Daphne. The group manages to escape with the help of Claire, who ends up getting captured by Danko. The next day, the group along with Peter meet outside the Unity Light Baptist Church, and discuss Matt's prophetic drawings. Hiro believes he must retrieve a sword in India in order to regain his powers. The group prepares themselves for their new fugitive lifestyle.

Building 26

Hiro and Ando arrive in India, Hiro dead-set on fulfilling Matt's drawing and stopping a wedding. Ando however, doesn't think Hiro is interpreting the drawing properly, and convinces Annapurna to call off the wedding using his ability, claiming to be a sign from god. Later, at Annapurna's restaurant Hiro berates Ando for stealing his only chance of restoring his powers. Ando, however, believes Hiro is upset because he can't stand that he has to be Ando's sidekick now. Upon hearing an argument between Anna and Deepak, Ando tries to interrupt and is kidnapped. Afterward, at the wedding, Hiro attempts to stop the wedding, and convinces Anna's grandfather to call off the wedding. Deepak becomes enraged, and tries to attack Hiro, who defends himself with a knife. Deepak gives up, and Hiro realizes this was the true meaning of the drawing, and praises his victory. Ando and Hiro return to the restaurant, Hiro now having realized he doesn't need his powers to be a hero. Anna remembers why she thought Ando's name sounded familiar, and gives them a fax from Rebel. Hiro then tells Ando this is a message from their destiny, and that Rebel wants them to save Matt Parkman.

Shades of Gray

Hiro and Ando arrive in Los Angeles and go to an address provided by "Rebel". They meet a babysitter who believes they were sent by an agency. She gives them a baby, says he's Matt Parkman, and leaves.

Cold Snap

Hiro and Ando try to take care of Matt Parkman, Jr., but Hiro keeps his distance. He reveals to Ando that he's just trying to be strong for the baby and that his mother died in his arms when he visited 1991. The two discover that Matt Jr. has the power to turn things on and off, such as an unplugged television and his toys. When the baby's mother Janice arrives home, Hiro and Ando try unsuccessfully to hide in the closet and Janice tells them she has called the police and orders them to leave. After revealing that they know about Matt Jr.'s special ability and know his father, Janice changes her mind about them. When some of Danko's men arrive to take Matt Jr., the baby uses his powers on Hiro, reactivating Hiro's ability to stop time. Hiro stops time and tries to teleport away with Matt Jr. and Ando, but all that has been reactivated is stopping time. So Hiro carries Ando in a wheelbarrow twelve miles to a bus stop where he restarts time. With Hiro's powers partially restored and Matt Jr. safe, Hiro and Ando vow to help the elder Matt Parkman.

Graphic Novel:Baby Power

Hiro and Ando carry Matt, Jr. through the streets of Los Angeles, looking for a place to buy supplies. They arrive at a Valumart store, where Matt causes an electric cart to knock over a pile of melons. Ando sends a red blast of energy to stop the melons from falling on Hiro. The two of them deal with Matt's mischief over a forklift, and then leave the mart, surprised that the Nissan Cube has somehow made its way to the front of the store.

Turn and Face the Strange

Hiro and Ando drive their Nissan Cube down a highway while trying to get into contact with Matt Parkman. They agree that after getting the two Parkmans together, they will then try and rescue Janice. Baby Matt begins to cry and the car mysteriously begins to slow. Shortly, it has stopped working completely and Hiro and Ando sit in confusion. They decide to hitchhike, although Ando is a little doubtful that they will get a ride. A truck pulls over and a Japanese driver asks if they would like a ride. When Hiro and Ando see that he cannot speak Japanese, they are told to speak English. The man introduces himself as Sam Douglas and after Hiro explains their problem, he says that he may be able to help. The sound of the truck frightens Baby Matt and he uses his his ability to shut the truck down. Hiro and Ando finally realize that Baby Matt is the cause of their car trouble. Sam tells them to go and they head back to their car. Ando manages to get Baby Matt happy and Hiro drives them away.

Hiro manages to get a hold of Mohinder, who tells them that Matt has gone to Washington D.C. Hiro writes down the address and speeds away to get there. He arrives at the home and stops time to rescue Matt Parkman. He takes him to a park and Matt says that he did not want to be saved. Hiro tells him that he is a hero, not a villain and only villains go for revenge. Hiro and Ando introduce Matt to his baby and the two have a wonderful meeting. Later, Hiro and Ando put groceries into their car while the happy family inside spend some much needed time together.

I Am Sylar

After reuniting Matt Parkman with his son, Hiro and Ando try to convince Matt to come along with them to bring down Building 26. However, Matt wants to go home to Janice to fix his family.

Hiro and Ando go to Isaac's loft to try and get captured by the agents. However, Ando is unaware that he is bait, and Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power. As the agents burst in and fire tasers at the both of them, Hiro stops time. As soon as he stops time, Hiro is in slight pain, and utters to Ando that he is sorry. Ando talks to Hiro, and they both notice that now the both of them can be moving in stopped time. They both talk about how Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power, but Hiro denies it. Ando says that he's not the only one with a destiny, and that this Batman can do it all by himself. Hiro unfreezes time for Ando to get shot, then freezes time once more. He stands next to one of the agents, and remarks how it's just his size.

In the agents van, Ando is in shackles and unconscious from the drugs. Hiro is disguised as one of the agents, however, he is still wearing his glasses. Hiro freezes time, and turns of the drugs that were making Ando unconscious. Hiro tells Ando that he has to play dead because the agents are taking them to their base. Hiro unfreezes time, but one of the agents tells Hiro that he never knew he wore glasses. Knowing that their cover was blown, Ando uses his power on the agents, and the van stops. Hiro pulls out a GPS unit that one of the agents was holding, and says that they will just go to Building 26.

Hiro and Ando watch Nathan's press conference.

Hiro and Ando are outside Building 26. Hiro promises that he will treat Ando equally, and that they will work as a team. Hiro tries to freeze time, but when he does, he falls in pain. Ando asks what's wrong, and Hiro say's that his head hurts really bad, and he also has a nosebleed.

An Invisible Thread

As Emile Danko, who was framed by Sylar, is checked into Building 26, Ando and Hiro watch. Ando tries to convince Hiro not to freeze time, telling him that it's hurting him, but Hiro stubbornly states they have to stop the Building 26 program. He comments that he feels better and Ando reluctantly allows him to use his powers. They enter the building, and proceed to begin opening doors, searching for the evolved human captives. They open one of the jail cells and find Noah Bennet and Danko about to shake hands. Hiro comments that it's the wrong room, so they walk away, leaving the door wide open.

They walk into the main offices and find the Targets board. As Ando peels off his and Hiro's pictures, Hiro finds the security footage from the Human Resources room. Hiro calls Ando over to look, but he notices that Hiro's ear is bleeding. Hiro once again states he's fine, smiling for Ando, but grimaces in pain once he's got his back turned and is heading off to free the captives.

Him and Ando enter the Human resources room, where they find Mohinder Suresh. Hiro then frees all the captives and replaces them with all the agents, and unfreezes time. The effort causes him to fall over. Ando asks Mohinder to examine Hiro, since he's a doctor. Mohinder asks Hiro about some specific symptoms; Hiro confirms them, then states that Bruce Wayne (the alter ego of the superhero Batman) only gets two hours of sleep a night. Mohinder informs Hiro that his body is rejecting his powers and to not freeze time again. Hiro agrees, but when he spots Danko trying to stab Noah with a tranquilizer dart, he disobeys and freezes time. He takes the dart from Danko, unfreezes time, and then injects him. When Noah realizes what happened, Hiro bows, but falls over again. Ando and Mohinder rush to his side as Noah tells them to get him to a hospital. Noah leaves Building 26 with a second tranquilizer to find Sylar.

Later that evening, Hiro attends Sylar's funeral along with Ando, Mohinder, Matt Parkman, Peter and Angela Petrelli, Claire and Noah Bennet, and Sylar, who has been made to believe he's Nathan Petrelli and is uses shape shifting to unwittingly keep Nathan's appearance. Sylar lights James Martin's body, still shifted into Sylar, on fire. Hiro tells Ando they must go, and the two, with Mohinder and Matt, leave the Petrelli's and Bennet's.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Hiro attends "Sylar"'s funeral and is remembered as one of the heroes who fought against him at Kirby Plaza.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Hiro's name is on the list of Flight 195 prisoners.

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Hiro and Ando search through comics at Sam's Comics in Costa Verde, searching for their new path. Claire tries to help them but is sidetracked when a woman enters the shop looking for her. Hiro and Ando notice the woman's ability and manage to avoid being affected by it. Before they can do anything to help, Agent Penn arrives and holds everyone at gunpoint. Rachel arrives in the knick of time and saves Hiro, Ando, Claire and Alethea.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Rachel teleports to Hiro and Ando, who are enjoying a day at their motel's pool. Hiro is quick to accept Rachel's request for help and Rachel teleports the three of them to Claire. Hiro then fights off some dogs and other animals who are under the control of Wildman. When Rachel defeats Wildman, Hiro, Ando, Rachel and Mags teleport to Florida, where Hiro and Ando help her rescue her kidnapped clone. While Mags thanks them, Rachel offers to teleport the boys back to Costa Verde. Hiro refuses, saying that their vacation is over and that he now knows what he will do with his life.

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