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Molly Walker/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Molly Walker during Season Two.

For more about Molly Walker, see the main article.

For Molly Walker's Season One history, see here.

For Molly Walker's Season Three history, see here.

For Molly Walker's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Matt Parkman picks Molly up from school. Later, during dinner, Molly remarks about how she missed Mohinder because he would actually cook. They talk about how Matt passed his detective exam, and then Matt asks Molly about drawings that her teacher had shown him. She is unwilling to talk about it, and when Matt persists, she angrily asks if she can finish dinner in her room.

That night Molly has a terrible dream, Matt hears her and comes into the room. He reads her mind and hears her screaming, as well as a man's voice saying "I can see you". Molly wakes up scared and they hug.


Mohinder Suresh returns to his New York City apartment to find both Molly and Matt Parkman sound asleep. Mohinder notes the stack of drawings depicting eyes and the symbol, presumably by Molly.


Molly is asleep while Matt sees who is in the apartment. A few minutes later she wakes up and is extremely jubilant that Mohinder is home.

The Kindness of Strangers

Molly's nightmares are getting worse. Matt finds a photograph of the original group of twelve elders that Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura were involved with and learns that his father was one of them. When Matt tries to get Molly to find him, she panics and reveals that Mr. Parkman is the being who can see her when she looks for him. Molly tells Matt she'll find his father. She finds the apartment then collapses in shock. Matt reads her mind and she shouts for him to help her.

Fight or Flight

A distressed Mohinder and Matt can only look on as Molly lies in shock. Mohinder delivers her to the Company, thinking it would be better for her there.

Graphic Novel: Molly's Dream

Molly still lies in shock as Mohinder and Matt look on, helpless. However, as she lies there, she dreams horrid events. She imagines waking up into Matt's arms, then seeing him partially frozen in place. She turns to Mohinder, but he is being held to the ceiling by knives. As she panics, her bed turns into a cockroach and jumps out of the window. As she lands in the street, an explosion in the sky sends down multiple symbols at her, striking the cockroach and killing it.

As she runs for her life, she approaches a man in a trenchcoat, none other than Sylar. She can't believe that he is alive, and he tells her that he's here for her mind. She tells him that she knows he's not the boogieman and he agrees, morphing into hundreds of cockroaches. The same pair of eyes that Molly saw in Four Months Later... appear, as well as the symbol, all made up of cockroaches. The voice tells her that it's worse than the boogieman, and sends the cockroaches at her.

The Line

Mohinder throws a stool at a storage cabinet full of vials and tells Bob that he's taking Molly and leaving the Company. Mohinder finds Molly still in a coma, not ready to leave.

Out of Time

When Matt is apologizing to Molly for making her look for his father, he discovers new abilities that were manifested inside of him that are the same as his father's. He uses them to go inside Molly's mind where he finds Molly. They are inside Matt and Maury's old house. Matt then uses his powers to summon his father. Matt, after a fit of rage due to his father calling him a scared little boy, uses his new powers to escape from Maury's clutches with Molly and to trap Maury just like he had done to Molly. Molly wakes up and Matt promises to her Maury will never terrorize her again.

Cautionary Tales

As Matt is attempting to find the last person in the photo of the group of twelve, Molly tells him that she can find the last person. Matt doesn't want her to find people anymore and to just be a normal little girl. Molly can not agree with this and knows that she is special. As they argue, Matt discovers that he has the ability to send commands to her through his thoughts, and commands her to finish her breakfast.

Truth & Consequences

Molly lies in Mohinder's apartment, asleep, while Sylar strokes her hair.


In Mohinder's apartment, Maya is provoked by Sylar into using her ability. Molly begins to succumb to its effects, but when Maya stops, she falls into Mohinder's arms. The four then head to Mohinder's lab where Molly offers to find Alejandro. However, after searching for him, she claims he "isn't anywhere". After Maya confronts Sylar about this and she is shot, Molly screams and runs to Mohinder's side.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

On July 1, 2006, Molly goes to a zoo in Los Angeles with her friends and her father. While there, Molly meets Hiro Nakamura. (Chapter 46)

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