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Sylar/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Sylar during Season Two.

For more about Sylar, see the main article.

For Sylar's Season One history, see here.

For Sylar's Season Three history, see here.

For Sylar's Season Four history, see here.

Character History


Sylar awakens on a beach with a redhead. She explains that she can cast illusions, and that he shouldn't move or he may tear his stitches from the operation on his stomach. She tells him that she "dragged" him away from Kirby Plaza and that the people that she works for fixed his wounds. Sylar asks to see what is really going on and "Michelle" reveals that they are in a shack. When he recovers enough to move, he tries to use his powers, but finds himself unable to. Candice tells him that she will help him gain new abilities "by making it easy," and demonstrates her ability. Intrigued, he interrupts her plan by striking her in the head with a mug. He proceeds to kill her and attempts to take her power, but cannot use it. He then leaves the building for the first time and discovers that he is in the middle of a Mexican jungle.

The Kindness of Strangers

In Mexico, Derek, Maya, and Alejandro discover Sylar lying in the middle of the road. They take him into the car, where he tells Maya and Alejandro that he knows Chandra Suresh. He introduces himself as Gabriel Gray.

At a newspaper stand, Derek shows Sylar a newspaper that proclaims Maya and Alejandro are wanted for murder. Sylar tells Derek to call the cops, but when Derek goes into the back room, Sylar picks up a brick and kills Derek.

Back in the car, he confronts Maya, showing her the newspaper. When she says it wasn't her fault, Sylar claims Derek is calling the police, causing Maya to begin crying, which activates her ability. Sylar's eyes begin to turn black but Alejandro reverses the effects. Sylar recovers and says he can relate to them as a person with power.

Graphic Novel:Molly's Dream

Sylar appears in Molly's nightmare; after Molly dropped down to the street by a giant cockroach, she runs from giant symbols that fall from the sky. She is then interrupted by Sylar himself, who wishes to take her brain. Molly realizes that Sylar isn't real, but after she tells him that, Sylar morphs into thousands of cockroaches.

The Line

Sylar, Maya, and Alejandro continue towards America. Sylar comments on her ability, but Maya tells him she has killed many people because of it. Sylar tells her of some of his previously working abilities, such as telekinesis and enhanced hearing, and claims he needs Dr. Suresh's help to get them back. When she asks why he wants his abilities, he tells her that he wants to be special.

When they finally get to the border, they find an opening. When the trio drive across the border, they are surrounded by a Citizen's Border Patrol. Sylar tells Maya they're "fake police" and she needs to drive around them. While the Border Patrol harasses the twins and Sylar, he and Alejandro begin to yell at Maya, which upsets her. Her eyes turn black and the men fall down as Sylar holds Alejandro back from using his ability. Sylar's eyes turn black as he yells for Maya to drive.

Sylar and Alejandro fight, and Maya separates the two. Maya argues with her brother, then tells Sylar she will get something for his bloody lip. When Maya leaves, Sylar, knowing Alejandro can't understand English, tells him that the only reason he is helping the twins is so that when his powers return he can kill them and steal their powers. He says that even if he cannot get his powers back, Maya is his new toy and she's all his.

Four Months Ago...

As Maya, Alejandro, and Sylar continue their journey through the American desert, Sylar leans over and brushes Maya's hair out of her face.

Truth & Consequences

Sylar and Maya sit by Cook Lake in Virginia. Sylar tries to get Maya to learn how to control her power. He starts to make Maya angry by telling her how much her brother, Alejandro, hates her because Maya killed Alejandro's wife and gave up his life for her. Even when Maya claims it was an accident, her ability begins to take effect on Sylar. He tells her she can control her power and no more innocent people have to die. Maya manages to take control of her ability.

When Alejandro informs Maya that Sylar killed his own mother, Sylar says that his mother betrayed and tried to kill him and when he was forced to defend himself against her he accidentally killed his mother. Maya and Sylar decide to go to New York together to find Dr. Suresh.

Sylar is later attacked by Alejandro; in their struggle, Sylar pins Alejandro to the floor and kills Alejandro with a knife. Maya shows up without knowing he had just killed her brother. She tells Sylar that he was right about everything and thanks him for helping them. They share a kiss as Sylar shuts the door on her dead brother. Later, Sylar calls Mohinder from Mohinder's apartment. As Sylar strokes a sleeping Molly's hair, he tells Mohinder that he has brought Maya to talk to the doctor.


Upon returning home, Mohinder is greeted by Sylar, who says that he wants breakfast. Sylar introduces Mohinder to Maya, who needs Mohinder's help, and that Sylar has been her loyal companion since she was in South America. Mohinder tells Maya that Sylar is a killer, a monster. Maya admits that she has killed people as well, and describes her ability to Mohinder. Sylar tells Mohinder that he needs help too. He opened Mohinder's laptop and found lab work on a virus that takes away a person's abilities. He wants Mohinder to help him cure this virus. Suddenly, Mohinder grabs a knife and brandishes it at Sylar, but Sylar is quicker and points a gun at Mohinder's face. He then goes on to say that Mohinder's blood, mixed with a certain cheerleader's blood, can cure the virus. Maya becomes enraged that Sylar lied to her all this time, and starts to manifest her ability. Her eyes turn black, and so do Sylar's and Mohinder's. Sylar points his gun at Maya and tells her to stop, as she would kill the only person that could help her. Suddenly, a scream is heard from the bedroom, and Molly comes out with her hands over her eyes, which are also black. Sylar tells Maya that she would also kill an innocent girl in the process, and demands her to stop. Maya regains control of her ability, and her eyes turn clear, and so do everyone else's, as Mohinder rushes to Molly and checks if she is okay. Mohinder reluctantly agrees to help Sylar, but at his lab. Sylar tells Mohinder to lead the way.

At the loft, Sylar tells Maya and Molly to wait on the bed and try to stay calm. Sylar then leads Mohinder at gunpoint down the stairs, to the painting of the explosion. He brags that he killed Isaac Mendez right on this very spot. Mohinder then tells Sylar that he needs a sample of his blood; because Sylar is self-diagnosed, Mohinder needs to know what strain of the virus he has. If given the wrong remedy, Sylar would die. Sylar reluctantly agrees and Mohinder draws a sample of his blood. Maya tells Molly about her brother Alejandro. When Molly offers to find him, she says that he "isn't anywhere," meaning that he is dead. Enraged, she tries to attack Sylar, only to be shot in the chest and killed.

Mohinder later informs Sylar that he has the same strain of the virus that Niki has, telling him that the Company injected him with it as well. Sylar tells Mohinder to test the cure on Maya first before using it on him. Mohinder agrees and injects Maya which causes her wound to heal and the bullet to be expelled from her body, reviving her. As Sylar prepares for his injection, Elle arrives and shoots bolts at Sylar. He quickly grabs the medicinal case with the remedy and runs from her, getting struck in the back and falling through a pane of glass.

Later, Sylar sits against a building with the virus's antidote. He injects himself and the wounds inflicted from falling through glass start to heal. He extends his arm toward a can across the alley and attempts to use his telekinesis to move the can to his arm. The can shakes, then shoots toward him as he grabs it in his hand. Delighted, he says, "I'm back."

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

When Sean Fallon is killing Lewis with all ammunitions available, he notes to himself that he is saving one bullet in his clip for Gabriel Gray.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean Fallon notes that Lloyd Collins was imprisoned by the Company after he asked one too many questions when Sylar came to town and began cutting people's heads open. Sean also promises to tell Joseph Gallagher what really happened to his brother-in-law, Ted Sprague.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Sylar, described as "a sketchy-looking trucker with a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes, shielding his face," has a cup of coffee at the Burnt Toast Diner. After Charlie is murdered, the "creepy dude with the baseball cap" has disappeared. (Chapter 2)
  • Hiro connects Isaac's murder with Charlie's since both victims had their brains removed. Hiro calls the killer "Brain Man". He believes that it was destiny that Hiro and Ando were at the Burnt Toast Diner when the Brain Man came. (Chapter 4)
  • Hiro tries to tell Charlie about her future murderer, calling Sylar a "very bad man". (Chapter 6)
  • Hiro wonders how he will be able to tackle the "Brain Man" if he can't even keep his cool with a ticket booth attendant. (Chapter 8)
  • Knowing that it is June 2006 reassures Hiro it would be months until the "Brain Man" would come. (Chapter 15)
  • Hiro wonders if there is a connections between Barbie Travis's murder at the hands of Merle Eckels, and Charlie's murder at the hands of Sylar. (Chapter 16)
  • Hiro believes there are too many coincidences and "pieces of the puzzle" to think that the Brain Man would be dissuaded from killing Charlie. (Chapter 17)
  • Hiro thinks that if he tells Charlie the truth, she won't just be terrified of the Brain Man, but of Hiro, too. He also worries that Charlie might think he is "in cahoots with the killer" Sylar. (Chapter 18)
  • Hiro is excited that it is June 29, and that he still has almost four months until the day the Brain Man was coming. (Chapter 22)
  • Hiro tries to devise a way to keep Charlie away from the Burnt Toast Diner the day the Brain Man comes. He decides that Japan is far enough away so that the Brain Man won't get her. (Chapter 27)
  • Hiro feels secure that the Brain Man won't get Charlie. (Chapter 31)
  • Charlie screams from a spider bite, and Hiro immediately thinks it's the Brain Man attacking. (Chapter 32)
  • Hiro sees James Walker's hemicapitation and realizes that he is one of Sylar's victims. Hiro resolves to focus on his mission: save Charlie from the Brain Man. (Chapter 34)
  • Despite Charlie's blood clot, Hiro still wants to save her from the Brain Man. (Chapter 39)
  • Hiro believes that he was given powers so he could go back in time and stop the Brain Man from killing Charlie. (Chapter 40)
  • Hiro realizes that St. Nicasius was butchered the same way that the Brain Man would one day butcher Charlie. (Chapter 42)
  • Hiro realizes that all his mental faculties need to be devoted to stopping the Brain Man. After learning that the top of St. Nicasius's head was sliced off "to let out the evil spirits", Hiro wonders if the Brain Man is "some kind of devil worshipper". Hiro further learns that some Zapotec shamans would grind up skulls "as a way of stealing their enemies' power", and Hiro wonders if the Brain Man could be trying to steal Charlie's power. (Chapter 43)
  • Hiro realizes he has time traveled to the execution of Merle Eckels, whom he fears almost as much as the Brain Man. He then listens to Eckels's last words so he can gain some insight into the Brain Man and how to stop him. (Chapter 44)
  • While watching a six-month-old Charlie lose her parents, Hiro realizes taht this was the moment that put Charlie "irrevocably on her path toward the Brain Man". (Chapter 45)
  • Hiro recognizes James Walker as "the third victim of the Brain Man". (Chapter 46)
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