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Claire Bennet/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Claire Bennet during Season Four.

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Character History


Claire goes to her new college room and meets her roommate, Annie, who is keen for the two of them to be friends. When she learns that Claire got into the school with a GED, Annie offers to help her, as she does not believe Claire will excel on her own. Claire reluctantly accepts her help and later joins her in Professor Fenton's algebra class. Claire has a nightmare in which she is attacked by a DHS agent and awakens. She leaves and declares that the class is not for her. On her way through the campus, Claire meets Gretchen Berg who recognizes her name as a survivor of the Homecoming Massacre in Odessa.

Claire returns to her room and finds Noah talking to Annie. When she and her father are alone, Claire reveals that she believes telling the truth could be a way of reinventing herself. Later, she, Annie and Gretchen go to a mixer and play Guitar Hero together. After the party, Claire returns to her room and discovers that Annie is not there. She goes to the window and looks out, discovering Annie's dead body lying on the ground outside.

Jump, Push, Fall

In her college dorm, Claire is interrogated about Annie's suicide by a detective. After the interrogation, she is too shaken to stay in the dorm and decides to stay with Sandra for the night. Upon her return to college the next day, Claire is questioned again, this time by Gretchen, who discusses whether Annie's death was actually a suicide or a murder and wonders why Annie would map out her whole life only to end it. Seeing that Claire is unsure, Gretchen meets her in the campus cafeteria with a pile of forensics textbooks and explains the "jump, push, fall" test that she had learned about from an episode of Crossing Jordan. Gretchen wants to recreate Annie's "suicide" with a dead body dummy, which later that night gives Claire the idea to recreate it herself, but with herself as the "body". Claire hurls herself out of her dorm window and lands in the spot where Annie's body was, and comes to the conclusion that Annie had, in fact, committed suicide. Claire puts herself back together and slides her ribcage back into place, only to discover that Gretchen had been watching.


Claire initially ignores Gretchen, who knocks on her door repeatedly in an attempt to talk. Later, Noah comes by and invites Claire to lunch. When Claire goes to the bathroom to prepare, Gretchen corners her and asks if she's a vampire, an alien, or a government experiment. She follows Claire back to her dorm room and takes advantage of Noah's visit to get herself invited to lunch. At the lunch, Gretchen drops a variety of hints about Claire's powers and her secretive nature. When they have a moment alone, Noah offers to call in the Haitian but Claire says she will handle it on her own. She invites Gretchen to ask her anything and reveals her power. Later, the two girls chat and Claire explains that her power makes her immune to the effects of alcohol. Noah calls to apologize. Claire gives a prepared speech about living on her own and father and daughter end the call on amiable terms. She then lets Gretchen cut her hand to show her how her ability functions and asks Gretchen to be her roommate.


Claire goes to visit her father and bumps into Peter. They hug and Peter tells her that he needs to leave for work. Claire is confused, as Peter works in New York. He smiles at her and speeds away. Claire enters her father's new home and decides that she will help him find a new job. She runs a mock interview for a lumber company but Noah fails miserably at that. Claire tries to help him more but he tells her that his single greatest strength is his loyalty to the Company. Claire reminds him that he is a hero, not an agent, and that he has saved countless people including her. She tells him that he needs to remember who he was in order to become who he is going to be.

Graphic Novel:Boom

As Noah and Meredith try to track down Amanda, Noah just sees her as a monster and Meredith sees hope and a scared little girl. Noah tells her that she shouldn't because not every little girl is like Claire.

Hysterical Blindness

Claire and Gretchen eat breakfast together and Claire talks about how she is happy her life is finally normal. Rebecca Taylor approaches the girls and tells Claire that she can't escape her destiny. She tells Claire that she must follow in her mother's footsteps and become part of the Psi Alpha Chi sorority. Gretchen doesn't think that Claire should do it but Claire says that she'll give it a try, and she persuades Gretchen to tag along. The two of them go to a "speed-dating" test and Claire tries to talk about herself. She is confused when she learns that most people already know a lot about her past, but they inform her that Gretchen has told them everything.

Later, when Claire and Gretchen return to the room, Claire notices that Gretchen is wearing her sweater. When Gretchen goes to the bathroom, a book falls from the shelf and attracts Claire's attention. She places it back on the shelf and notices that Gretchen has pages and pages of information about her on her computer. She goes through them and finds hundreds of articles, including some about murder-suicides. Gretchen returns and Claire quickly acts as if she never found anything. Later, at the sorority mixer, Claire is talking to another pledge named Kara Hayback. Claire notices a banner pole falling and hurls Kara and herself out of the way. She looks up and sees Gretchen near where the pole fell. They return to the room and Claire demands to know why Gretchen has all the stuff about her on the computer. Claire believes that Gretchen is stalking her and Gretchen admits that she is, but only a little bit. When Claire asks why, Gretchen says she has a crush on her, and kisses her. Claire is left shocked and before she can say anything, Rebecca and the other girls arrive to welcome them both to the sorority.

Unbeknownst to Claire, Rebecca returns to the carnival and reports to Samuel, saying that she has nearly finished alienating Claire as ordered.

Tabula Rasa

Claire goes to see Noah and asks him about his job hunting. Noah tells her that it is not going well and she suggests that he should try some volunteer work. Peter teleports into the room and informs them of Hiro's ill health. Claire suggests that they use her blood to heal him but Noah tells her that since the tumor is living tissue, her blood would only accelerate the process. Claire then watches as Peter and Noah teleport away to find a healer named Jeremy Greer.

Strange Attractors

Claire and Gretchen, while trying to get to sleep, discuss Gretchen's feelings for Claire. Claire admits that the kiss wasn't bad but that she doesn't want to ruin their friendship or her normal life. Suddenly, masked figures burst into the room and attempt to kidnap the two girls. Claire fights back but Becky unmasks herself and explains that they are actually kidnapping the two girls for their initiation into Psi Alpha Chi. Claire and Gretchen are placed in the back of a car and Gretchen comments that it is nice being so close to Claire. Claire admits that she does not really know how she feels about Gretchen's romantic feelings. The car stops and the girls leave Claire and Gretchen in a slaughterhouse with Olivia and Ashley. They explain that it is a scavenger hunt and that the winners will miss out on Hell Week.

Claire, Gretchen, Olivia and Ashley find a clue relating to the sorority's founding. Claire successfully gets the right answer and then makes sure that the supplies are divided evenly between the two teams. Olivia and Ashley leave and Claire and Gretchen start searching through the house on their own. Claire asks Gretchen how long she has known that she likes girls and Gretchen admits that she has had boyfriends as well. She sees Claire's reaction and suspects that Claire is a virgin, which Claire does not deny. As they are talking, Claire sees a shadow and then pushes Gretchen to the ground as a hook comes flying towards her. She begins to think that someone may be trying to kill Gretchen and talks about the many possibilities of who could be behind it. She tells Gretchen that there are others like her and talks about the possibility of the killer being telekinetic. Gretchen and Claire reunite with the other two girls but soon split up. While in the Prep Room, Gretchen is attacked by an invisible assailant and Claire tries desperately to help. The person shoves Claire onto a spike but Claire manages to reveal that it is Becky. Olivia and Ashley arrive and Becky escapes. Gretchen helps Claire off of the spike and she heals in front of the girls as they watch in horror.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years in the past, Claire is cheering in Odessa when she sees Noah. She leaves her group and asks Noah if he's okay. Noah tells her that he's going to see her cheer at Homecoming. Claire doesn't buy it, saying he never sees her cheer. She is supposed to go eat with the girls, but says that she could hang with him if he liked. Noah answers he would love to.

While having a milkshake, Claire asks if Noah likes his job as a paper salesman, and Noah says that he does. Claire is a little bit surprised and asks what Noah wanted to become on high school, and Noah says he wanted to teach English in high school, Shakespeare. Claire is surprised and asks him what he knows about Shakespeare, and he quotes from A Midsummer Night's Dream. She tells him he ought to teach, or do something that makes him happy. Noah tells her he doesn't think it's going to happen. The other cheerleaders call Claire and she leaves.


Claire and Gretchen manage to convince Olivia and Ashley that the other sorority girls spiked the water with hallucinogenics, and that they imagined seeing Claire heal and Becky turn invisible. After they leave, Claire asks if Gretchen is okay, and she replies that she isn't. They return to their dorm room and search for information about Becky on Gretchen's laptop. Claire gets ready to leave to investigate Becky's room at the sorority, but Gretchen is worried that she is in the room waiting to kill her. Claire convinces her to stay there, and gives her baby powder to spray around the room to uncover Becky. When she arrives at the sorority, and runs into Olivia and Ashley, who don't remember anything. Noah and René appear, and Claire is relieved to see them. She tells Noah the "rules" about what he can and can't do. He agrees, and tells Claire to return to her room with René. She is worried that René will erase Gretchen's memory, but Noah assures her that he is only going to keep Becky from using her power. Claire agrees that is a good plan and they head off together.

Back at the dorm room, Claire finds Gretchen packing because she can't stand waiting around for someone to kill her. Claire says that Gretchen is too important to her and that René can keep her safe from Becky, but Gretchen decides to leave anyway, and Claire sends René with her to make sure nothing happens. After they go, Samuel knocks on her door. He claims to have heard about her from his niece, Becky, and knows about her ability and what it is like to be different. He tells Claire about the carnival, and how it accepts everyone for who they are. Claire asks if that includes Becky pushing Annie out a window, and Samuel apologizes, explaining that Becky is disturbed after seeing her father killed at a young age, and that her real target was Noah, not Claire. He continues to speak until Noah arrives, and then realizes that Claire was only keeping him talking. She asks if he really expected her to trust him over her own father. Noah interrogates Samuel, and later takes him to his car and handcuffs him. Becky arrives and attacks Claire and Noah, but Samuel disables her. Noah brings up his gun to shoot them, but Claire gets in the way, telling him to stop. He knocks her down, but she manages to convince him to let them go. As they go back to the dorm, Noah apologizes to Claire for knocking her down. She says it is a good thing she doesn't bruise easily, and stares at Gretchen's empty bed. Noah says he wants her to have a normal life, but she replies that he once said life is not simple and tells him goodnight. As she tries to sleep that night, she continues to stare at Gretchen's bed.

Brother's Keeper

Claire goes to Noah's apartment to do her laundry and discovers that the lock is frozen. She cautiously enters, grabbing a knife, and finds Tracy. Tracy explains that she needs to see Noah and apologizes for freezing the doorknob. She admits that she is losing control of her power and her hand freezes again.

Claire gets the rapidly freezing Tracy into a bathtub filled with hot water. Claire goes to get some tea and Tracy tries to relax. The water in the tub freezes and Tracy goes out into the kitchen. She explains what's happening and Claire touches her, only to freeze solid. Tracy tries to haul the frozen Claire to the bathtub but her foot breaks off and Tracy starts to cry. Suddenly Claire heals and gets up, explaining her ability to a relieved Tracy.

Once Tracy calms down, she manages to gain control of her power. Claire asks about when she first started losing control and Tracy explains that she was thinking about changing her life. Tracy talks about how she met Samuel and Claire mentions that she knows who he is from her own encounter with him. Tracy admits that she might give up everything and start a new life by joining the carnival. Claire suggests that may be what Tracy's body is trying to tell her and Tracy is glad she has someone to talk to. Claire admits that she used to have someone, but it's over. Claire contemplates whether she can get through college. Noah arrives, sees Claire's dismembered foot on the table and casually asks how their day was. Claire says that it was the same old, same old.


Claire speaks with Noah and tells him that Gretchen has moved out and that they are no longer friends. Noah invites her to Thanksgiving and begs her to come as he does not want to be left alone with Sandra and Doug. Claire says that she will come and when she arrives, she is surprised to see that her father has everything under control and has Lauren Gilmore helping him cook. Claire assumes that Lauren is Noah's date, but Noah insists that she isn't. Sandra and Doug then arrive and Claire looks uncomfortable with Doug's presence.

When the family is sitting down to eat, Claire listens as the others talk. When her turn arrives to say what she is thankful for, Claire says that she isn't thankful for college and wants to drop out. Noah argues that he spent a lot of money on the college and Sandra asks her to stay. Claire tells Sandra about Gretchen moving out and Doug claims that Claire is a wonderful person. Claire becomes angry and says that Doug does not know anything about her. Noah asks to talk with her and Claire grabs a knife and cuts her arm, making Doug faint.

In Noah's room, Claire looks at the clippings that Noah has collected. She sees that they are about Samuel and Noah explains that Samuel is connected with many things. Claire wonders if the life he offered her is the right one but Noah tells her that she does not have to go and that they are bad people. Claire tells him that unless he has an ability, he will never understand how she feels. There is a knock on the door and Gretchen enters, apologizing for being late. The two of them go outside and Gretchen tells Claire about how much she misses her. Claire suggests that they should be roommates again and Gretchen accepts.

As the family begins to leave, Claire and Gretchen tell Noah that they will both be at school on Monday with happy faces. As they leave, Claire tells Gretchen that she is going to the carnival and shows Gretchen the compass that she stole. She asks Gretchen if she would like to come and warns that Becky will be there. Gretchen tells her that they are going together and the two of them leave.

The Fifth Stage

After a twenty-one hour drive, Claire and Gretchen arrive at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Claire begins to have second thoughts about the journey, especially with the threat of Becky possibly being present, but Gretchen reassures her. Samuel arrives at the gate and welcomes the girls, offering them free passes and popcorn. He asks them to enjoy themselves and walk around until they run out of popcorn. They come across Lydia's tent, where she is using her ability to show visitors their desires on her back. Claire asks if she should be at the carnival, and Lydia shows her an image of Claire with a banner labeling her the "Indestructible Girl", as though she were an attraction at the carnival. Claire and Gretchen leave her tent.

Claire and Gretchen talk about what they saw, when they come across a burly man playing a carnival game. Claire observes that the game operator is using his ability to stop the man from winning the game. The man leaves angrily, after which a little girl comes up to play the same game. The operator uses his ability to help the girl win, and gives her a large stuffed unicorn. Claire likes this, although Gretchen remarks that they are con artists exploiting others with their abilities. Claire says they are simply dishing out karma.

Once out of popcorn, the girls are approached again by Samuel. Samuel invites the girls to visit backstage with his carnival family. Claire eagerly accepts, although Gretchen wants to leave. Samuel assures her that all are welcome, and they follow. Claire and Gretchen watch as Samuel tells lively stories to children sitting around a fire. They are approached by Eric Doyle, who greets Claire happily and gives her a hug. Eric explains that he has found a new happy life at the carnival, where he is allowed to be himself. He wants to talk more with Claire, who agrees to visit with him later after he finishes his act. Gretchen asks who Doyle was, and Claire states that he had kidnapped her and had Sandra Bennet shoot Claire. Samuel then insists Claire tell a story of her own. Claire is at first nervous, but settles on telling a story about her own life masked as that of a family of frogs and a tadpole named Mr. Muggles. Her story is a hit, and Samuel sends the children to bed. Claire watches as Samuel is then approached by the burly man from earlier, who demands to speak with him regarding the rigged carnival game. Samuel slights the man by stating it was a game of skill, and he did not possess the God-given skill to win. The man proceeds to beat Samuel. Claire watches as Samuel demands his men not intervene, and to allow the man to vent. Claire intervenes, and demands the man stop. The man breaks a bottle and slashes Claire across the face, and she regenerates. Claire threatens that he cannot hurt them, and the man runs away in fear.

Claire then tends to Samuel's wounds, and asks him why he chose not to fight back when he was capable of doing so. Samuel states he was taking the high road, the path of least resistance, for the sake of his family. He tells Claire that he wants a better life for his family then that of gypsies and second class citizens, and that he needs Claire's help. He tells Claire she is welcome to stay for a few days before her break is over. Claire then starts to leave with Gretchen, but tells her that she will stay at the carnival for a few days and that she will see Gretchen on Monday. Gretchen is distressed, but says that she is happy for Claire since she found somewhere where she feels at home. Claire hugs Gretchen as Samuel and Lydia watch her from the gate.

Later, at Joseph's grave, Samuel is giving a speech to his family regarding a place to call home. He says they will settle down once the family is assembled. Claire is in attendance, watching with a smile.

Upon This Rock

Claire is helping out around the carnival and picking up litter. She wonders why Eli is watching her, but Lydia says it's because she is new and gives Claire some of Mrs. Comey's pancakes, telling her to take them to Samuel. Claire goes to Samuel's trailer and finds him going through Noah's files, which he quickly hides. She comments on the files, and Samuel tells her that they share some history. Claire reminds him that she will be going back to college after the weekend, but after she walks away, Samuel tells Eli to make sure she doesn't go.

During lunch, Claire overhears an argument between Lydia and Amanda, and laughs to herself. When Lydia asks what is so funny, Claire tells her that they sound like her and Sandra. Claire then asks if Lydia knows why Samuel wants her there, and Lydia explains that bringing new people in seems to have become an obsession for him. Claire returns to Samuel's trailer but finds Eli waiting for her, and his clones tell her to get on with her chores. The clones continue to watch her, and later that day they chase her into the House of Mirrors. Eli finds her at the center, using the mirrors to create multiple reflections of herself. When he charges at one, she knocks him out and the other clones disappear.

Back at Samuel's trailer, she finds the Primatech box, photos of the nearby valley, and a map of the area, along with a photo of young Samuel and Joseph. Claire is suddenly forced outside by Eric Doyle, using his power to control her. He asks her what she's doing and Claire tells him that Samuel is collecting people with abilities and using Noah's files to do it. Eric insists that they're a family and refuses to let her ruin it for everyone, including himself. She tells Eric that she doesn't want to destroy his home, and he tells her to talk to Lydia, which she does. Lydia tells her that Joseph was once in charge, and when she hesitates to explain further, Claire realizes that Samuel killed Joseph, and that he is the only thing wrong with the carnival. Lydia asks her to find someone who will stop Samuel, and Claire promises that she will, but Eli and his clones grab her and take her away.

In the morning, Samuel returns and claims that Claire is free to go. She demands to know what happened to Joseph, and Samuel claims that Joseph told the government about them and that he simply did what he had to, pointing out that Claire's own father has done similar things. Samuel takes Claire out into the valley and she watches as Ian Michaels makes the land bloom with greenery. Samuel says that this place will be their new home and that it can be Claire's home as well. Claire says she has a home and wants to go back, and Samuel reminds her that she can come back whenever she wants. She checks her phone messages and finds that Noah and Peter both want her to call.

Claire arrives at Nathan's funeral by taxi and Noah says he's glad she safe. She wonders what he thinks she's safe from, and tells him she won't give the compass back. She then goes to the grave to stand near Angela as Peter gives the eulogy.

Let It Bleed

In her dorm room, Claire is putting on her makeup when Noah comes to the door. He asks if she's doing okay and Claire admits that she wasn't expecting to see him. He offers her a ride to Nathan's funeral, but she declines and says that he lied to her about Nathan's death, letting her believe that the man that she had hugged and felt love for was her father, when it was actually Sylar. Although Noah admits that they did the wrong thing, she asks for time alone to grieve properly.

Claire arrives at Nathan's wake and Peter hugs her, asking her to come with him to the kitchen. As he and Claire cut up lemons and limes, Peter notes that Noah isn't there and Claire says that she told him not to come, admitting that she's pissed off. Peter says that he is as well, but figures Angela and Noah were just trying to protect them. Angry, Claire slips and cuts her finger, which does not heal due to Peter having borrowed the Haitian's power-blocking ability. He offers to turn it off, but Claire tells him not to so she can experience the pain again. She talks about how they are there to remember Nathan and how Nathan gave her grief for dating West, a guy who could fly. As they talk, Claire admits it feels nice to share stories about Nathan and asks if he has any. Peter chooses not to respond and goes back to the wake.

Angela finds Claire examining a photo of Peter and Nathan. Claire figures that there is no photo of her because Angela didn't want Nathan to acknowledge an illegitimate child. Angela admits that she's worried about Peter, who is on the roof listening to the police radio, and asks Claire to help him. Claire goes up to the roof and finds the radio, hearing a police report about an armed employee holding hostages at an office building.

Claire gets into the building, finds Peter, and helps him administer first aid to Wendy, an injured hostage. Peter goes to deal with the gunman against Claire's advice, leaving her to maintain pressure on Wendy's wound. The gunman finds Claire and prepares to shoot her but Peter creates a distraction and is shot himself in the shoulder. Outside, Claire congratulates him on saving the day. He then asks to borrow her power but Claire refuses, saying that he has to stop living like this. Peter says he can't and Claire lets him mimic her ability. She warns that she won't always be there for him, but he wants to keep moving and prevent himself from thinking about Nathan. Claire points out that Nathan would be pissed at what he's doing and Peter isn't honoring his memory. Peter admits that he misses his brother and the two hug. Back on the rooftop, Claire says that she will stay if Peter wants, but Peter says it isn't necessary. Peter promises that he'll always be honest with her and asks her to call West.

Claire returns to her dorm room and finds a note from Gretchen saying that she's in the library, studying late. Claire's phone rings with a message from her father but she ignores it and lies down on her bed, unaware that Sylar is hovering outside her window, her face tattooed on his arm.

Close to You

At Claire's room, Noah knocks on the door and Claire opens. Claire is a little surprised to see him and Noah says that he was in the neighborhood, Claire asks if he really was in the neighborhood and Noah says that he was in California. Noah says that he knows that Claire is mad at him and that he is okay with that, while talking Claire interrupts and asks if Noah is alright, he states that he is great. Noah states to Claire that he is thinking about bridges, bridges that connect people who he loves and he states that he tortured most of em. Almost crying, Noah says that he hopes that he is able to repair the bridge between him and Claire. Claire says that she is sorry but that she has to leave, she asks if Noah wants to talk about it later and Noah is okay with that. They say goodbye to each other and Noah leaves.


Claire sits at the cafeteria with Gretchen and the two girls talk. Gretchen is worried about Claire and asks if she would like to tell her about her problems. Claire insists that she can handle it on her own and says that she has class in a few minutes. Gretchen holds Claire's hand but Claire moves out of her grip, saying that she has to go.

Claire goes to the classroom and, much to her horror, finds Sylar there waiting for her. Sylar claims he is there to learn and tells Claire that no matter how much she hates him, she has to help him. Claire swears that she will kill Sylar but he shows her his tattoo and says that it is her destiny to help him. Claire tells him that she won't help but Sylar points out Gretchen's backpack and says that if she doesn't help, Gretchen will not be returned and will die. Claire then watches as Sylar compares himself to Claire on the chalkboard and wonders why he is so different to her when their families are so similar. Claire puts a pencil in her sleeve and tries to leave, calling Sylar a psychopath. Sylar telekinetically holds Claire on the ground and then kisses her so he can understand her. Sylar notices that he and Claire do the same thing with their powers, drive people away. Claire insists that she doesn't and drives the pencil into his eye.

Claire runs to the dorm room and finds Gretchen. The lights start to flicker and the windows shatter, so Claire pulls Gretchen into the closet to hide. She apologizes for pushing Gretchen's hand away and admits that she is afraid of being hurt and does not want to be alone. She says that Sylar and her are alike and neither of them know how to make people stay. Gretchen suggests that Sylar get rid of his powers to become human again. Gretchen shape shifts back into Sylar and he tells her that the real Gretchen it back at the cafeteria. Claire goes to see the real Gretchen and apologizes once more. She takes Gretchen's hand and Gretchen warns her that people will talk. Claire tells her that she doesn't mind and the two walk out together, hand in hand.

The Art of Deception

Claire and Gretchen drive to Noah's apartment. Gretchen urges Claire to tell Noah about what happened with Sylar, but Claire is not sure that she wants to as Noah did not tell her when Nathan died. Gretchen offers to go with her but Claire says that she should do it on her own. She goes upstairs and finds Lauren. She also discovers the maps of the carnival and Lauren reluctantly tells her that Samuel must be stopped because he gets more powerful with the more evolved humans he is around. Claire angrily tells Lauren that "they" can handle it. Back at college, Claire and Gretchen talk about what Claire should do. Gretchen insists that it is not Claire's problem but Claire believes that the rest of the carnies are Samuel's pawns. She leaves to go help them, against Gretchen's wishes.

Claire goes back to the carnival and rushes to see Lydia. Lydia wonders why Claire is there and she uses her empathy to learn what Claire knows. The two of them run to find Amanda, but they are stopped by Samuel. Claire wonders why he would destroy an entire town and Samuel once again tries to say that he did not mean to do it. Claire asks Samuel to turn himself in peacefully and Samuel agrees. Claire calls Noah and arranges for a safe surrender. Samuel gives one more speech to his group of carnies and gunshots begin to fire into the crowd. Claire is shot in the neck, but the wound quickly heals. Eric calls for help and Claire goes to where Eric is. She then finds Samuel with Lydia's dead body. Eli brings Noah to the crowd and Claire is furious. Noah insists that he did not shoot anybody and Claire believes him. The carnies then turn on the Bennets and Eric holds Claire in place while Chris Bowman prepares a fireball. Claire yells for them to back off and Samuel instructs Eli to take Claire to his trailer.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Tracy confronts one of Eli's clones and says that Noah Bennet and Claire are in trouble because of Eli and Samuel.

The Wall

Claire, while inside of Samuel's trailer and is visited by Samuel, who informs her that Noah has been left unharmed despite his recent crimes. Claire insists that he is innocent but Samuel calls her a naive girl and offers to show her the truth. They go to the House of Mirrors and Samuel introduces Claire to Damian. He has Damian use his ability on Noah, and Claire is able to see Noah's past. She learns of his previous wife and unborn child and when the memory stops, Samuel has her watch the rest of it before he leaves. Claire discovers that a man killed Kate and was the reason Noah became an agent. Claire soon learns that Thompson told Noah to marry Sandra but Noah insists that his love was real. Claire leaves Noah, hurt, and Samuel finds her. She tells him that he was right and that he is a hero but then wonders if that was what he wanted to hear. Samuel then explains that he wants Claire around to witness his master plan of exposing themselves to the world so that she can tell his story in the many years that she will be alive. Claire refuses to do so and Samuel tells her that he has moved Noah to the souvenir trailer.

Claire goes to the trailer and finds Noah. As she unties him, Samuel buries the trailer into the earth. Claire tries to get a phone signal but is unable to. The two of them realize that they are trapped and that no one is around to help.

Brave New World

Trapped by Samuel's power underground with her father, Claire keeps trying to dig her way out. Noah keeps telling her to stop because the more she digs, the more oxygen she uses up. He also says that Samuel wants her to see her father die down there. Noah then tells Claire that everything she saw in the House of Mirrors is true, but it wasn't supposed to be that way. Claire and Noah get into an argument about how Claire needs protection. Then, Noah says that the whole world will know about her ability and everything will change. Suddenly Tracy arrives rescues the Bennets.

In Central Park, Claire, Noah, Edgar, and Eli convince the carnies that Samuel killed Joseph and is going to kill thousands. They believe her and they leave. As Samuel starts to tear down Central Park, Claire gets Hiro and Ando to teleport them all away, saving all the people there. After everything is over, the reporters walk up to her asking what happened. She then climbs up the Ferris wheel and jumps off, revealing that she is an evolved human.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela wakes up from a dream of Samuel destroying New York City. In the dream, Noah and Claire were running away from the destruction.

Later, footage of Claire jumping off a Ferris wheel is played on the news.

Heroes Evolutions

The Puppet Master

In chapter 4 of The Puppet Master, Eric Doyle sees Claire's reflection in a glass of water at the carnival. He is delighted that Claire has come to visit and rushes to greet her.


In chapter 6 of Purpose...

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A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how the world is now about to change because Claire let the "cat" out of the bag.

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