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Eric Doyle/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Eric Doyle during Season Three.

For more about Eric Doyle, see the main article.

Character History

The Butterfly Effect

Elle accidentally knocks out the Level 5 power grid with an electrical outburst, inadvertently giving the Primatech Research prisoners the chance to escape. While Knox, the German, Jesse, and the others escape, Eric is running after them.

Angels and Monsters

Meredith looks through some of Noah's files with Sandra Bennet and becomes worried when she finds Eric's file. She notes that Eric doesn't live too far, and since Claire has lied about where she went, said she'd check there first. Sandra tries to follow her, but Meredith stops her, as it's too dangerous. Later, Meredith is sitting at dinner with Eric, moving exactly as he does, thanks to his ability to control another's actions. He tells her to eat, then demands a kiss. Meredith tries aggressively to tell him off, but he shuts her mouth by snapping his fingers closed, and they kiss. They sit back down, and Eric seems very pleased with himself.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Eric is thrown into a cell on Level 5. Noah Bennet enters and describes three "suicides"--Marcus Wilde, Stephen Taylor, and Tristan Rivers--caused by Doyle. Eric demands a lawyer, but Bennet tells him he's not the police. Two years later, an agent named Michael chats with Eric while bringing his meal. They discuss the differences between "us" and "them", and Michael speculates that Bennet let Sylar kill Eden. When Elle's electrical outburst knocks out the power, Eric's cell opens. Michael tries to stop the escaping prisoner, but Eric uses his power to force Michael to kill himself with his own lasers.

Dying of the Light

Doyle loves to control others.

While they eat, Meredith tells Eric that she will never love him. Eric uses his ability to make Meredith break a wine glass and place the sharp edges against her throat. Later, he makes her dance with him on the stage of his marionette theater.

Sandra Bennet calls him to his front desk to arrange a fictitious birthday party, hoping to distract him while Claire sneaks into the theater through the back door. When Claire accidentally knocks something over while opening the door, Eric captures both her and Sandra and sits them down at a table with Meredith. He makes his three prisoners play a variation of Russian roulette in which the gun will be spun to decide who will fire it at whom. Meredith begs Eric to release them, promising to love him. However, Eric does not believe her and continues the game. First, Eric makes Claire spin the gun. When the barrel points between her two mothers, Eric tells her to choose which to fire at. When she refuses, he toys with her by making her aim at each one after the other. When she fights to not pull the trigger, he uses his ability to pull it for her, firing the gun at Meredith. The hammer lands on an empty chamber. Next, he makes Sandra spin the gun. It ends up pointing at Claire. Without Eric's control, Sandra pulls the trigger repeatedly until the gun fires the bullet, hitting Claire. When Claire is shot, Eric releases her from his control. He is then knocked out by her.

Noah is called to inject him using a pneumatic syringe, keeping him under control.

The Eclipse, Part 1

As Claire Bennet enters Level 5, Eric stands up in his cell, grinning at her.


Noah releases the remaining Level 5 prisoners, and tells Doyle, Danny Pine, and Echo DeMille that the first of them to kill Sylar will be guaranteed his freedom. Doyle asks what happens if they try to escape, but Noah warns that Sylar has sealed the building. As Doyle leaves on his own, he blows Meredith a kiss.

Later, as Sylar attempts to assault Meredith, Doyle appears and stops Sylar in his tracks with his ability. He claims Meredith as his own, but Sylar only asks him if he really thinks he can control him. Sylar concentrates on Doyle for a moment. Doyle's nose starts to bleed, then he falls onto the ground with his eyes twitching in his head. He is apparently left for dead as Primatech burns to the ground.


Claire goes down to her kitchen to serve some popcorn. When she realizes that the microwave is empty, she turns around and is shocked to see Doyle snacking on the popcorn. He tells her that Rebel sent him a message saying that Claire would help him.

Shades of Gray

Within the Bennets' kitchen, Doyle explains his predicament to a very shocked Claire. Sandra, while enraged at Doyle's break-and-enter, listens to him. He explains that he had been tracked down and left for dead in his theatre as it burnt to the ground and had no one else to turn to. He discovers about Claire's "free pass," and is distraught that she refuses to help her own kind. Initially, Claire refuses to help him, causing Doyle to snap and use his ability to force Claire and Sandra to listen to him. However, he soon breaks into tears and releases his hold on them, claiming that he does not want to be like that anymore. He then leaves the house.

Doyle decides that he wants to change before killing Rachel.

Later, Claire receives a text from Rebel, asking her to help save Doyle from agents who were chasing him. Doyle is chased up a staircase by Rachel, who threatens to shoot him. Doyle, in an almost crazed mood, forces Rachel to turn the gun on herself, claiming he has a "certain effect on women". After once again realizing that he wants to change, however, he simply knocks Rachel out. When Jason Pierce points his taser at Doyle, Claire knocks him out, saving the puppet master.

That night, Claire and Doyle meet at a park, where Claire gives him a file containing information on his new life. When asked if he really has changed, Doyle simply smirks at Claire and walks away.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

Eric Doyle is held captive and being interrogated in his theatre by Emile Danko, Rachel Mills, and Jason Pierce. Doyle tells them that once Primatech was burned to the ground, he went back to using his powers to get whatever he wanted. However, knowing that everyone around him saw him as a monster, this did not satisfy him. He says that when Rebel contacted him he decided to go back to his marionette theatre. Nathan's team found him there, though, tied him to a chair, and burnt down his theatre. Walking out of the burning building, Rachel receives a text message from Rebel telling her to save Eric, and she teleports into the building without Jason and Danko noticing. Rachel frees Doyle and hands him her cell phone, saying that Rebel wanted him to have it. Escaping from the building, Doyle receives a text message from Rebel telling him that Claire Bennet will save him.

Cold Snap

As Danko walks into his living room he finds Doyle tied to the ceiling like a puppet with a gift tag on him. Later on, he is being held in Building 26, sedated and strapped to a bed with numerous other evolved humans.

Into Asylum

Danko mentions "the half-dead puppeteer" as one of the gifts that Sylar gave him.

Graphic Novel:Exodus

Doyle is under sedation at Building 26 when Rachel teleports into the room and frees him along with Gordon Hovey and Mary Krause. Rachel then teleports Gordon and Eric to the roof of building 26 where Eric hides behind Gordon while they are being shot at by a helicopter, Rachel teleports into the helicopter and the three of them make their escape, when they land on a field Eric walks with Rachel away from the helicopter.

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 1

In his San Jose apartment, Doyle sits down in front of a camera, making a video for Claire. He says that he's trying to change, but when he's scared or angry, his "powers take over". He mentions that he got fired, and made his boss shut her mouth. He adds that he recently got arrested for using his powers, and that the judge rules his case soon. He then says that he has a new temp job at a paper company, but that his boss, Kyle Dilman, is a jerk and that he has trouble controlling himself around him. He then looks at his watch, presumably late for work.

At Copy Kingdom Headquarters, Kyle arrives at Doyle's workstation, and, calling him "Jerry", chastises him for mixing up the 4759 forms with the 4795 forms. Doyle asks where to find the form, but Kyle replies that "that's a someone else question" and walks away. In the store closet, Lauren Shapiro walks in and helps Doyle find the correct forms. He eventually introduces himself as Jason and she says she likes his shirt. He replies that he likes her skin, corrects himself, and says he likes her dress. Kyle Dilman walks over and says that it shouldn't matter to Doyle because she is sleeping with Kyle. He adds that Doyle is a criminal, because he "beat up a cop". Lauren smiles and says she should be getting back, and Kyle slaps her bottom as she leaves.

As Doyle tries to leave, Kyle stops him and says he just got off the phone with Doyle's case worker, who wants a statement of character for Doyle's probation hearing tomorrow, as he will probably end up in jail again. Kyle shreds some documents while mocking Doyle, who moves his hand, moving Kyle's closer to the shredder.

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 2

Eric awakens from a dream which flash backs to his time in Level 5 and his many sins. He continues recording himself on camera, and he states that he does not want to be behind bars. He states that he had nearly shredded his boss's hand using his ability. At work, Doyle approaches Kyle Dilman, his boss. He makes a final attempt to appear professional and expresses his hope that Kyle will write a statement of character for his case. Kyle, however, infers that he may help him out, but Doyle must now complete a long list of errands by the end of the day.

At night, Doyle has finally completed the list of tasks. He enters Kyle's office to show he completed the list and interrupts an argument between his boss and Lauren Shapiro. When his boss tells Doyle to get out (saying that it's "not a good time"), Lauren tells Kyle to stay calm. However, Kyle lashes out at Lauren and tells her to shut up. Doyle's power consumes him and he makes Kyle hit himself in the head with the golf club. Kyle slumps onto the floor, and Lauren watches in shock. Doyle utters "oh crap".

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 3

Eric is sitting at the hospital, sleeping. Lauren wakes him up, giving him a cup of coffee. Eric thanks her. Lauren is sitting next to him. Eric asks her if she heard anything and she replies that Kyle is going to be okay. Lauren asks Eric what just happened back at work. Eric tells her that he's a puppeteer and Lauren asks if it's like making dolls talks. Eric tells her that's a ventriloquist. The man asks her if she ever felt completely out of control, like things moving so fast that she felt helpless. If she wish she could control anything and control other people. Lauren seems to know what Eric is trying to say and tells him that he can't keep beating himself up and that he can make Kyle like him and make him be nice to Lauren. They have to make decisions for themselves. Eric says that Lauren deserves so much better. He says this is so mess up with the cops, the case workers, the letters and wish to be normal. Lauren tells him that nobody and that they all just different kinds of misfits trying to find their way. She thinks Eric is a pretty great guy and thinks that Eric keep acting like he's just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Eric is surprised that Lauren doesn't hate him and Lauren says that she likes him.

Kyle, with a bandage on his face, arrives from the operating room and asks what is this. Lauren tried to explain, but Kyle tells her to shut up, saying he spend the night at the hospital due to some injury and wakes up to find his girlfriend holdings hands with Eric. He took Lauren by the arm, dragging her out of the hospital. Eric tried to stop him, saying that Kyle doesn't deserve her. But Kyle dares him to say something to him. He also adds that Eric should give up and that he's worthless. Eric asks him about his letter and Kyle replies that he should forget it and that he's fired. Kyle and Lauren got out of the hospital. Eric is pretty upset.

Eric uses his powers to stop Kyle brutalizing Lauren, making his arms look up. Lauren took her chance to escape. Kyle tried to call Lauren's name, but to no avail. Eric goes to Kyle, make Kyle shut up and says that they need to talk.

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 4

The morning after their fight at the hospital, Lauren is afraid to see Kyle again. "Jason" comes knocking on her door, holding a coffee mug. She tells him of a video message Kyle has sent her, and shares her fears of it being threats or other unpleasant slurs from Kyle. Jason suggests to her that Kyle might try to apologize. Lauren agrees, and watches the video, only to see a remorseful Kyle asking for forgiveness for his actions, and reveals to her that he quit his job. Lauren then asks Jason about his coffee mug, and he explains that he did not get the statement of character from Kyle. Lauren says she herself has friends in the office that asked for the statement, and declares they both have reasons to celebrate.

Back at home, Eric records another video message to Claire. He soon departs, claiming he needs to take care of business that will help him avoid awkward situations with Lauren. As he turns off the camera and files the tape in his closet, he summons out Kyle, who he has kept in his closet. Eric instructs him to get out of his house, go on a bus and leave town. He threatens that if Kyle ever mistreats a woman, he will find him, and reminds him that his name is Jason. As Kyle walks out, Eric shuts the door using his power, turns around and smiles.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel Mills receives text messages from Rebel on her mission laptop asking her to help Eric Doyle and warning her that he could tell her secret. The messages also include what appears to be garbled text, but is later transformed into an ASCII photo of Eric Doyle using instructions from Rebel.

In chapter 5 of The Agent, Eric Doyle is cutting though an alleyway in Costa Verde, trying to escape capture from Danko's team. He sees an agent spot him from the back entrance of the alleyway, but he refuses to stop and continues running. He turns into another alley, but it is too long and the agent catches up with him. He then turns around, but the sun is shining towards the agent's back so he doesn't recognize that the agent is Rachel Mills. He forces Rachel to become still, then point her gun at her head. He then says something to Rachel and has her slam her head into a brick wall on the side of the alley.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Eric is sedated with a tube in his nose at Building 26 when Rachel teleports into the room and removes it, waking him up and a man and woman next to him. Then, alarms go off and he sees two armed agents charge into the room firing. He sees some of the bullets hit the man next to him that Rachel woke up, and turn to sand. Eric ducks behind him as the agents continue shooting, and watches as the man and Rachel take out the two agents. He asks Rachel what is happening when Rachel grabs his arm. Eric is then teleported with Rachel through the building and up to the roof, and learns the other man's name is Gordon along the way. Two agents are waiting for them in an airborne helicopter when they get there, and Eric gets pushed behind Gordon by Rachel before the agents open fire with machine guns. Rachel then teleports up to the helicopter, shoves the agents that are firing out the door, and gets the pilot to pick both Eric and Gordon and fly them out of there.

The helicopter touches down in a dew-covered field at sunrise, and Eric and Rachel go for a walk together while Gordon prays. Eric comments that he guesses Rachel isn't going to be undercover at Building 26 anymore, then sees Rachel checking her phone again and asks if there is still no word from her friend. When Rachel then gets a new text from Rebel, Eric comments that Rebel always comes through.

Faction Zero

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Claire stands in a booby-trapped house and says, "There's somebody out there crazier than Eric Doyle."

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