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René/Season Four

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This article archives the history of René during Season Four.

For more about René, see the main article.

For René's Season One history, see here.

For René's Season Two history, see here.

For René's Season Three history, see here.

For René's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History


Noah calls in the Haitian to take all memories of Tracy Strauss from Danko. Later, Tracy comes to Danko's apartment to kill him, but realizes that the Haitian has erased his memory, because he doesn't recognize her at all.


When Noah finds out that Gretchen knows Claire's secret, he says that he will call the Haitian and have her forget. Claire persuades her father that she will handle matters on her own and the Haitian never becomes involved.


Nathan and Angela talk about what happened to Kelly Houston. Angela says that following the incident, she had the Haitian wipe Nathan's memory of the incident in order to cover it up.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

After Noah Bennet rejects Lauren Gilmore as a lover, Lauren has the Haitian wipe her mind of her feelings for him, as she wished to keep the relationship between the two of them professional.


Claire goes to the Psi Alpha Chi sorority house to try and find Becky. They speak with Olivia and Ashley but find that they don't remember what happened. Noah and the Haitian then appear and Claire is happy to see them. Claire tells them what they are and aren't allowed to do and Noah tells her to go back to the dorm room. The Haitian insists that he goes with her but Claire is worried that he will erase Gretchen's memories. Noah tells her that the Haitian is just going to stop Becky's ability from working. Claire agrees that this is the best plan and asks for the Haitian to follow her, calling him René.

Claire and René then go to the dorm room and find Gretchen packing. She explains that she cannot live in fear and Claire reassures her that René can stop Becky's ability from working. Gretchen insists that she still cannot handle it and leaves. Claire gets René to follow Gretchen to the airport.

Brother's Keeper

Peter and "Nathan" are in Nathan's office. René comes in and tells Nathan to stay away while he talks with Peter. They go out in the hallway and René says that Peter needs to know the truth.

René explains that Angela sent him to wipe Peter and Nathan's memories, but he says that she is blinded by emotion. Peter notices that he keeps looking at Peter, but René says that it's not up to him to reveal Nathan's secret. He gives Peter an address and tells him to go alone, but warns him that what he discovers may be more terrible than he can bear.

Peter and Nathan arrive at the address René gave them, inside is a large metal case that contains a body. Nathan opens it to discover that it's his body. Nathan wonders why René wanted them to see it.


Peter tells Angela that he went to the storage facility and saw Nathan's dead body. Angela realizes that René had told Peter about it, instead of wiping his memory like he was supposed to.

The Fifth Stage

René comes to Mercy Heights Hospital along with Angela, in order to help Peter. Peter replicates René's power so he can face Sylar, and thanks René for what he is doing. René insists that it's the least he can do.

Let It Bleed

When Claire's power does not work, Peter informs her that he took "The Haitian's power". He tells her that he'll unblock her ability, but Claire asks him not to.

The Wall

In a projected memory of Noah's, Claire sees René enter her dorm room after Gretchen refuses to help Noah. Noah threatens to have René erase Gretchen's memories and Gretchen reluctantly accepts to help him.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

In 1991, Dr. Zimmerman talks to Bob about how well the experimenting is going on Barbara and "the new guy," meaning René.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

In 1991, Angela Petrelli has René hold a birthday cake while they drive to Primatech Research. The Company has René erase the memories Elle has of the experimenting that was done on her.

Heroes Evolutions

Assignment Tracker 2.0

Maury Parkman's Assignment Tracker 2.0 profile notes that while drunk, Maury confessed several disturbing things about his mother to the Haitian.

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