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Niki Sanders/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Niki Sanders during Season Two.

For more about Niki Sanders, see the main article.

For Niki Sanders's Season One history, see here.

Character History


Niki and Micah are discussing leaving Las Vegas. Micah doesn't want to leave, but Niki tells him they need to start over. They both visit D.L.'s grave before leaving.

Later, Niki and Micah leave a cab, and they talk about their future. Niki tells Micah he'll be fine with "normal" people, and that he shouldn't use his abilities. Niki knocks on a door, and Nana welcomes them to New Orleans.

Niki calls Bob and tells him that she's waiting for him. She asks if he is sure he can cure her, and Bob assures her that Niki can be cured, so long as she repays the favor.

Fight or Flight

As Mohinder and Bob discuss over Molly Walker in a Company facility, Niki escapes from her confinements, making her way past guards and wreaking havoc. She happens upon Mohinder and Bob, with Mohinder immediately recognizing her. However, Niki does not return the favor, and knocks him into a door. She then moves onto Bob and grabs him by the neck in an attempt to strangle him. Before she can succeed, Mohinder tasers her, rendering her unconscious.

Later, Niki returns to her old self, and is confined to her bed. Bob and Mohinder give her company, with Bob assuring her that Niki will be helped with her Multiple Personality Disorder. As Bob leaves, Mohinder attempts to free her, but Niki tells him to stop, explaining that she came of her own free will, even leaving her son behind, so that she can seek aid from the Company.

The Line

At the Company hospital, Niki greets Mohinder. She tells him that she feels much better, and that she is Mohinder's new partner. She explains that Bob had told her of Mohinder's trust issues, and she is there to ensure that there aren't any problems.

Out of Time

Niki, Bob and Mohinder discuss giving Maury the virus. Mohinder objects but Niki insists that no one will die and that the Company is good. Niki is plagued by visions of D.L., caused by Maury who is manipulating her mind with his telepathic powers. Niki sees another vision of D.L., who convinces her to kill Bob. Niki then proceeds to punch Mohinder when he tries to help. Later, Niki punches through a door and then because she can't fight off Maury's mind control, injects herself with the virus. Later on Mohinder tries to give Niki an infusion of his blood to get rid of the virus, but it doesn't work.

Four Months Ago...

Niki meets Bob and is given pills to prevent herself from becoming Jessica again. However, frustrated at the pills' side effect of depression, Niki pours her pills down the drain and becomes another alter-ego, Gina.

Gina travels to Los Angeles and begins to do drugs and dance with another man. D.L. catches up with her after finding writing on the mirror and assumes she is Jessica. When he confronts her, she responds "Guess again". He shows her the picture of their family and Niki returns. The man she was with attempts to punch D.L. only to phase through his head. After a few moments, the man shoots D.L. in the chest and he dies. Niki attends his funeral a week later.

In the present, Niki leaves the Company's hospital.

Cautionary Tales

Mohinder mentions to Bob that all he cares about is finding a cure for Niki.

Truth & Consequences

Niki goes to the Dawsons' home to visit Micah. Niki and Micah talk, and Niki explains the she went to a place that helps people who are sick. She tells Micah she has a virus, but she can't spread it, and that Dr. Suresh is looking for a cure. Micah asks what would happen if Dr. Suresh can't find a cure, but Niki insists that he will. Micah tells her he has something that will make her stronger in his backpack, D.L.'s medal, but he discovers that his backpack is missing.

After Micah tackles and punches Damon for losing his backpack to a gang, Niki pulls him off. When Micah insists that they need to get it themselves, Niki tells him that they shouldn't because that is the reason D.L. is dead.

Niki receives a call from Mohinder that he found a cure for the virus. When Niki goes to Micah's bedroom to tell Micah of the good news, she discovers that he is gone.


Micah returns to the Dawsons' home where Niki has been waiting worriedly. He tells her that Monica is in danger and they need to go rescue her. Niki tells him she can't because the Shanti virus has suppressed her powers, but Micah convinces her that they can still succeed. Micah tells his cell phone to track the GPS signal in Monica's cell phone so they can locate her. When they find the burning building in which Monica is being held, Niki races in to help her. Monica escapes without Niki before the building explodes.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean notes that some time ago, Paulette Hawkins had been put in a Company cell due to being a thorn in both Niki's and Mr. Linderman's plans.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro catches Ando looking at Interent porn, which features Niki. the "slim, busty woman, pale, with long blond hair" is naked on Ando's computer screen, peering seductively into the webcam. (Chapter 3)
  • Ando tells Hiro that he needs to impress a girl to "get in good" with her. He says, "It's like with me and Niki." Hiro, not trying to be insulting, points out that Niki's just an online stripper who runs a website where Ando spends most of his free time and disposable income. Hiro says that she only takes off her clothes because Ando pays her. (Chapter 21)

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