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Sandra Bennet/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Sandra Bennet during Season Three.

For more about Sandra Bennet, see the main article.

For Sandra Bennet's Season One history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Two history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

The Second Coming

Sandra arrives home with her son to find a shaken Claire, shortly after Sylar steals her ability.

The Butterfly Effect

Sandra helps Claire sweep up glass in the kitchen and wonders if the family should go to a motel. Sandra notices a shard of glass has stabbed Claire's hand, Claire comments on not feeling pain. Later, when Claire wonders who will protect the family while Noah is gone, Sandra brings in Meredith Gordon.

One of Us, One of Them

Sandra discusses with Meredith what is best for Claire, and when Claire says she is not going to school, Sandra takes a stand and says she has to go to school. After Sandra learns about Meredith allowing Claire to skip school in order to train, she is furious and says that Meredith knows nothing about Claire or how to raise her. Later, with Claire in a better mood, Sandra allows her to go on a cheerleading retreat.

Angels and Monsters

Sandra realizes that Claire has lied about the cheerleading retreat and goes through the files of Level 5 escapees with Meredith. After Meredith decides to check out Eric Doyle, Sandra says she wants to go with her, but is stopped by Meredith. Later, after Noah finds Claire with Stephen Canfield, he brings her home and Sandra greets her, wondering if Meredith found her, Claire tells her she doesn't know anything about Meredith.

Dying of the Light

Claire and Sandra team up to find Meredith, with Sandra telling Claire that it's always "one of us, one of them".

They arrive at Doyle's Marionette Theatre where Sandra prepares a diversion for Doyle by pretending to book a birthday party as Claire tries to rescue a petrified Meredith. Doyle uses his power to control all three women and forces them to play Russian roulette. Claire has Sandra shoot her, then as Doyle thinks that she is dead, she attacks and subdues him from behind.

Eris Quod Sum

Sandra returns home with Claire and tells her daughter how proud she is of her. The two notice that the lights are flickering and inside they find Lyle on the ground. Sandra stays with him while Claire searches the rest of the house. When Claire and Elle's fight goes into the kitchen, Sandra is there with Lyle as he throws a bucket of water on Elle, short-circuiting her.

Later, when Claire says she is leaving to Pinehearst with Elle, Sandra is leery of the newfound alliance. Wondering if they can trust Elle, she wants to call Noah. Claire asks her mom to keep it a secret, and Sandra agrees, also saying that "if Elle ever gives you lip, throw a glass of water on her."

The Eclipse, Part 1

After Claire is shot by Elle, Noah brings her home. Sandra asks Noah why Claire isn't healing. She picks up the phone, about to call 911. Noah tells her not to, that it is just a surface wound. Sandra still feels that they should take Claire to the hospital, but agrees to do what Noah says, and goes to get medical supplies. Later, Noah attempts to leave, but Sandra says that Claire needs him right now. He leaves anyway.

Sandra enters Claire's room to give her food, only to find her unconscious and bleeding badly.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Sandra accompanies the wounded Claire to the ER. An emergency room doctor says that Claire was either shot much less recently than Sandra claims, or Claire has never been sick in her life, and demands an explanation. Sandra doesn't explain, and the doctor replies that if Sandra doesn't tell her the truth, she’s going to call the police. Sandra calls Noah and asks him where he is and explains about Claire. She isn't sure what to tell the police and he tells her to do what he would: to lie. Claire wakes up as Sandra sits at her bedside and explains she's fighting off an infection. Sandra gives her a button to push for painkillers and tells her daughter that Noah is on her way. Claire realizes she’s lying but Sandra insists he'll be there. The police then arrive to talk to Sandra. Suddenly Claire enters septic shock, flatlines and Sandra frantically calls for help. Sandra looks at her daughter's face and Claire comes back to life. Sandra says they have to get out of there. Back at their house Elle threatens to electrocute Sandra.

Our Father

A young Sandra.

Sixteen years in the past, Sandra brings a newly adopted Claire home to an apartment in New York, while being followed by the Claire from the present. She helps Sandra open her door, and introduces herself as Bonnie, claiming to be the neighbor’s niece. She offers to help her take care of the baby until her husband comes home, which Sandra says isn’t very often. When Noah comes home, he sends Sandra into another room with baby Claire, so he can talk to the present Claire.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

Sandra returns home and calls for Claire to help her with some groceries. She sees Claire hanging up the phone and asks her who she was calling. Claire says that she was calling Dad, who thought he had forgotten something in his office. When Sandra inquires further, Claire says that it wasn't there and must have been somewhere else.

Trust and Blood

Sandra welcomes Claire home, after what she believes was a trip to visit some colleges. She asks whether Claire has made any decisions about her future, and is delighted to hear that her daughter is thinking of staying close to home for a while.

Building 26

Sandra has breakfast with her family and Mr. Muggles, and scolds Claire for answering text messages at the table. She comments that neither Noah nor Claire have said anything about their recent college tour trip, and they both reply noncommittally. Later that day, Claire and Sandra are in the kitchen together and Sandra asks about the college trip again. Claire says that her father was too busy capturing people with abilities, and Sandra is shocked. When Noah suddenly arrives home, Sandra asks Claire to go upstairs and she and Noah have an argument. Later Noah goes to Claire's room and says that Sandra has asked him to move out until he becomes a better father and husband, and stops telling lies.

Cold Wars

Two weeks before telling him to leave the house, Sandra finds Noah doing a crossword in their living room. She helps him with a clue and reminds him that they have dinner plans with some people from the PTA at Lyle's school. She says it's nice to have him home for a while and kisses him before going upstairs.


After noticing that some money has gone missing, Sandra interrogates Claire and discovers that she is hiding Alex in her bedroom. She doesn't believe Claire's story that Alex is her new boyfriend, and is shocked to learn that he has an ability. She is mad that Claire lied to her and explains that she knows things that Claire does not, including the fact that there are agents watching their house from across the street. Sandra offers to help Alex escape and Claire and Alex agree. Sandra finds an excuse to confiscate Lyle's driving license and uses it to create a fake ID for Alex, explaining that she once did the same thing as a teenager to get into a Def Leppard concert.

Sandra finds a hiding place for Alex when the agents come to search the house, and stands up to the female agent. Claire is impressed and asks her mother about her father; Sandra explains that she has always loved Noah but the lies have made things difficult, and she doesn't know whether they will divorce. She then distracts the agents by leaving the house with Lyle in the car, so that Alex can escape via the backyard. Later she comes up to Claire's room to invite her to watch a romantic movie and tells Claire to go get the popcorn.

Shades of Gray

Sandra goes downstairs after hearing a noise and sees Eric Doyle, who is asking Claire for help after receiving a text message from Rebel. He laments that all he wants is to be a puppeteer again. Claire refuses to aid him, while Sandra warns him that there are agents parked outside the house, but Doyle says that Rebel made a fake call to misdirect them temporarily. Claire explains she has a free pass but cannot help anyone else. After Doyle leaves, Sandra and Claire discuss whether Claire should have helped him. Claire feels bad, but Sandra says that it's not safe to have people barging into their house. Claire then suggests applying for Alex's old job at the comic book store. Sandra wants to say no, but she knows that regardless of her response Claire will go ahead. Claire then leaves for the store.

When Nathan's ability is revealed to Danko and his team, Claire's free pass is revoked. Agents burst into the Bennet's home, pushing Sandra aside and searching Claire's room.

Turn and Face the Strange

Sandra comes to Building 26 to look for Noah. When he appears, she demands to know where Claire is. He says Claire is safe, and the less Sandra knows, the better. Sandra doesn't believe anything he says any more, and wants to see Claire. Danko approaches, introducing himself to Sandra and shakes her hand, but she knows he's the guy who's been watching her house, and he walks off. Noah begs her to go home, but Sandra says she’s staying in town until Noah finds Claire.

Later that day, Sandra returns to her hotel room and Noah pulls a gun on her, threatening to shoot if she says another word. Terrified, she asks him what he's doing, but Noah is convinced that Sandra is actually Sylar. When she lists some personal details about their past together, he assumes that Sylar has acquired telepathy. He shoves her against the table and Sandra starts to weep, pleading for Noah to stop. Sandra's phone rings and Noah answers. It's Lyle calling to ask where Mr. Muggles's pills are. Sandra tells Noah exactly where the pills are in the refrigerator, and when he hears Lyle asks if it's the green or the brown bottle, Noah realizes that he has made a huge mistake. He hangs up, puts his gun away, lays the cell phone on the table, and squeezes Sandra's shoulder before taking a couple of steps back. Sandra gets up and tells him to get out. Noah tries to explain that Sylar can now shape-shift and pretended to be her to serve him with divorce papers. Sandra replies that divorce was probably a good idea. When Noah insists that she's doing exactly what Sylar wants, Sandra screams for him to get out and shoves him. She says she believes his pleas but it's too late; she wants him to leave, and locks the door behind him.

As he leaves for Coyote Sands, Noah calls Sandra and leaves her a message, saying that he loves her and misses his family.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar tells Claire that Sandra will die eventually.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel Mills catches Claire look at Sandra while searching their home for Alex Woolsly. Sandra and Claire are then quiet as Rachel turns around and searches the pantry. Rachel sees that Sandra is holding something under the counter of her kitchen and leaves with Jason per Sandra's request after not finding Alex. Later that night, Rachel and Jason stop Claire's car only to find Sandra inside with Lyle. Sandra claims that she is taking Lyle to a movie.

Faction Zero

In chapter 1 of Faction Zero, Sandra arrives at Claire's work to tell her that she is taking Lyle to the DMV and may be home late.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Claire tells Sandra that she has been helping former fugitives Building 26. Sandra is upset that Claire is still doing dangerous things, and that secrets were kept from her again. When someone knocks at the door, Sandra opens it to find Magdalena Muller, who explains her situation to Claire. When Mr. Muggles begins to act strange and leaves through the doggy door, Sandra attempts to follow, but stops when Wildman comes through the door. He holds them all hostage with animals he has summoned, until Rachel arrives with Hiro and Ando, freeing them. After the battle, Claire explains to Sandra about Rachel.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Sandra attempts to persuade Claire to just allow Rachel to finish investigating Sabine Hazel by herself, and Claire agrees. Later that day, Sandra informs Claire that she has been accepted to college, and they celebrate.

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