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Nathan Petrelli/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Nathan Petrelli during Season Two.

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For Nathan Petrelli's Season Three history, see here.

For Nathan Petrelli's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

On the streets of New York, Ando Masahashi bumps into a bearded Nathan.

Later, Angela stands in Peter's apartment looking at a photograph of her sons when Nathan walks in and asks why she is there. She tells Nathan that it's time to accept Peter's death, but Nathan refuses to believe it. As they struggle and break the glass in the photo frame, Angela realizes that Nathan is drunk and tells him that she is happy his father isn't here to see him like that.

Later on, Nathan is drinking at a bar when he receives a call from Claire, who tells him she is tired of not being herself. He tells her he can't help her. After he hangs up, he catches his reflection and sees a horribly disfigured, scarred visage looking back at him.

It is revealed that in the course of the four months, Nathan's wife left him, taking the children, and he lost his job and Congressman status.


Nathan is greeted by Matt while waiting to pickup his mother, Angela, from the police station. He tells Matt that his mother only called him because she has no one else to turn to. The lights flicker and Angela screams. Nathan and Matt run to the door of the interrogation room, but cannot get in. Nathan calls out to his mother. Matt breaks through the glass mirror in an adjacent room. Nathan rushes to his mother, cradling her in his arms.

The Kindness of Strangers

At a school in Washington, D.C., Nathan visits his young boys, Simon and Monty. The boys dislike Nathan's beard and convince him to shave it. In the middle of the conversation, a school teacher interrupts and asks Nathan to leave since he's not allowed to see his children.

Later that day, Nathan comes to visit his mother in hospital, and talks with Matt about the murder of Kaito. Matt tells Nathan that his mother confessed the murder of Kaito Nakamura, but Matt says he knows Angela is innocent. Nathan asks how he knows this, and Matt reveals that he has the ability to read minds, and he also knows that Nathan can fly.

After he talks with Matt, Nathan tries to convince his mother that she could use his help. Angela refuses her son's offer, telling him to get sober and get his family back, and that she doesn't want to risk Nathan's life by getting him involved. Angela is arrested for the murder.

Later that day, Nathan meets with Matt to give him some information about a familiar photo, and reveals some of people in the group--one is Angela, another is Nathan's late father.

Later, Nathan looks at some old photos of Peter, and again sees a disfigured reflection in the mirror. Nathan hits the mirror and breaks it.

Fight or Flight

At the hospital, Nathan runs into Matt, and asks him why he was trying to get more answers out of Angela. Matt tells Nathan that he is going to Philadelphia, to find Molly's "nightmare man", and Nathan insists that he will come too.

Outside the apartment, Nathan has to spur Matt on to enter. When eventually the pair do go in, they question Maury, and find a photograph of Maury, with the Symbol in red over it. Soon after, using telepathy, Maury manages to lock Nathan and Matt in their own personal nightmares. Nathan is on top of the Deveaux Building, watching helplessly as New York burns in the aftermath of the explosion. When he turns around, he sees a figure on the ground. Thinking it is Peter, he rushes towards it, but it is in fact himself, with a disfigured face. A fight ensues between him and his disfigured self, which ends when Matt inserts a thought in Nathan's head, as they realize they are not having two separate fights but are, in fact, fighting each other. They then find another photo marked with the Symbol, this time of Bob.

Out of Time

Nathan arrives with Matt at the Company's facility to warn Bob that Maury is after him. Nathan and Bob talk in Bob's office. Nathan asks who Adam Monroe is and is told that he is the one trying to kill him and the others, using Maury as his weapon. Bob says they locked him up, but two weeks ago, he escaped. Nathan asks Bob why he should care, and Bob responds that he should care because of Peter, who is still alive.

Bob shows Nathan videos of Peter and tells Nathan they last knew Peter was in Ireland when Niki begins punching holes into the door of Bob's office. Niki breaks in and grabs Nathan, and he and Bob try to bring her to her senses, only to have her inject herself with the virus.

Four Months Ago...

When Nathan flies Peter into the sky so that he can explode safely, Peter tells him to let go. Nathan's flesh begins to burn at this time and he is further injured when Peter goes critical and explodes. Fortunately, Peter is able to fly down and catch Nathan before he hits the ground.

Peter brings Nathan to a hospital where he can recuperate from his injuries, but his body is scarred beyond belief with no visible signs of healing after three months. When Peter and Adam Monroe escape from the Company's facility, they arrive at his room and Adam adds some of his blood to Nathan's IV. Nathan immediately begins to heal rapidly and soon afterward is standing up and fully healed.

Back in the present time period, he goes to Cork, Ireland to find his brother.


Nathan is in New York with his mother and Matt, deciding the next course of action to take. Matt states that Victoria Pratt is dead with Peter and Adam's fingerprints at the crime scene. He shows Mrs. Petrelli Victoria's picture with the Symbol on it and she admits to helping Adam and what he believed in, turning on him during at the last moment. She tells them both that the strain of virus they are seeking is in Odessa, Texas, also where Peter and Adam will most likely be. As they go to leave, Mrs. Petrelli tells them that a bullet through the head is the only way to kill Adam, and silently tells Matt that if Peter interjects, to do the same.

They touch ground at Primatech Paper in Odessa, their means of transportation being Nathan's ability of flight. As Matt jokes about the ride, they spot Hiro at an entryway, excited to see them both.

A little time later, they make their way down to where Adam and Peter are and Matt goes in first to try and stop Peter. After successfully telling him to let go of his telekinetic grip on Hiro, Peter fights back and pushes Matt against the ground, stating that he's on the "wrong side," at which point Nathan steps in. He tells Peter that he is glad to see him and also tells him of what Adam almost did with the virus and what he plans to do. After telling Peter that he loves him, Peter runs to the vault and is able to catch the vial of Strain 138 before it shatters on the ground.

Nathan and Matt converse with Peter, telling him that they need to destroy the virus, which Peter does with his ability of Ted's induced radiation. Nathan wants to go public with their abilities, and trusts Matt to arrange this and to allow everyone to believe him, unaware that a surveillance camera in Strain 138's vault captured his every word.

The trio arrives at the Odessa Police Station where the conference is about to go underway. The arrangements have been made and Matt informs Nathan that everyone will listen to what he has to say. Nathan takes the stand and starts telling explaining about his experiences; how he lost his way and how he redeemed himself, how he saw the world through new eyes and how there are some organizations that don't want this information to get out into the public. He braces himself to announce his ability, and as he is about to tell the world what he can do, he is shot twice in the chest by an unknown assailant. Nathan staggers back and is caught by Peter, who tries to keep him conscious.

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