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Mohinder Suresh/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Mohinder Suresh during Season Two.

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Character History

Four Months Later...

Mohinder is giving a lecture in Cairo about the evolved humans that have become threatened by a disease that only targets the evolved humans. Bob walks in and listens to the lecture. Mohinder urges the very few people at the lecture to spread the word and tells them that with proper funding they may be able to find a cure and save these people because evolved humans are the key to the evolutionary process. After the lecture Bob approaches Mohinder and asks for his autograph. After Bob mentions Shanti, Mohinder pushes him against the wall. Bob offers Mohinder a job at the company but Mohinder declines. Afterwards Bob insists on buying him lunch to talk about it.

During lunch, Mohinder appears to be reluctant to accept the job. After being properly persuaded, Mohinder accepts. Mohinder later talks with Noah Bennet on the phone about bringing the company down, once and for all.


Mohinder accepts an assignment from Bob to investigate an evolved human in Port Au Prince, Haiti, who they suspect has the Shanti virus. This man turns out to be the Haitian, and after Mohinder cures him, he wipes Mohinder's memory. At the end of the episode he telephones Mr. Bennet and relates what he remembers of his first assignment for the Company.


Mohinder returns to his apartment and is frightened by Matt and his gun. Mohinder argues with Matt that he can take care of himself and that he won't get caught by the Company.

Later when Mohinder is with Bob at Isaac's loft, he is informed that Isaac was murdered by Sylar. The loft has been turned into Mohinder's own lab. Bob tells him that a team of people will help Mohinder with his every need. Mohinder works in close quarters with Bob, but finds time to search the loft and find the last painting in a series of eight. Mohinder calls Noah with the news that the painting foretells Mr. Bennet's death.

Graphic Novel:The Crossroads

After successfully curing the Haitian, Mohinder instructs him on how to meet with Noah in Costa Verde and join their crusade against the Company.

The Kindness of Strangers

In New York, Molly wakes up screaming. Mohinder comes in, and he and Matt go to get her water. Mohinder and Matt talk to try to figure out what's going on. Molly asks Mohinder when the nightmares will stop, and Mohinder tells her he doesn't know, then sings her a lullaby.

Mohinder and Molly are greeted by Matt, who asks Molly to find his father. Molly freaks out after seeing Matt's father in a picture, and Mohinder asks what her problem is. She tells Mohinder and Matt that Matt's father is the nightmare man.

Mohinder comforts Molly while Matt insists that Molly must find his father. Mohinder accuses Matt of wanting to get back at daddy and Matt makes a jibe at Mohinder's own rocky relationship with his father, Chandra. Molly interrupts the pair and tells them that she will try and find Matt's father.

Mohinder and Matt give support to Molly when she uses her ability. Mohinder tries to calm Matt down after Molly becomes unconscious, noting that she is in shock.

Fight or Flight

As Matt and Mohinder figure out what to do about Molly's condition, Matt decides it's time to go visit his father in Philadelphia. Mohinder stays beside Molly and calls Noah about turning her into the Company. He says that he really shouldn't do that, but Mohinder states that she isn't getting better here.

While Mohinder talks to Bob about Molly, he is given a new assignment to deal with another person with powers. Just as he is handed a stun gun, Niki bursts through some nearby doors and makes her way to Bob, shoving Mohinder against a door. As she chokes Bob to death, Mohinder manages to fire the stun gun and incapacitate her.

Later on, Mohinder is in Niki's cell thinking of a way to get her out of here. She tells him it was her choice to come here, and he appears shocked. He later travels to New Orleans on his assignment: Monica.

Graphic Novel:Molly's Dream

Molly dreams that Matt and Mohinder are discussing what to do with her. Mohinder then appears to be impaled to the ceiling by sharp utensils just like her mother.

The Line

In a gym at the Company's hospital, Monica copies the moves of a gymnist on the television for Mohinder, who is testing her. When she asks about others like her, he tells her that there are others but their powers are different, that she was the first to demonstrate adoptive muscle memory. Bob enters and reassures her that her ability is incredible. Monica asks who he is, and he introduces himself as chief of operations for the Company. He asks to speak to Mohinder in private. Later, Mohinder comes up to Monica with a syringe with the new variant of the Shanti virus, telling Monica it's standard procedure. She tells him she doesn't do needles, but he promises her that it's the last step in her training before they let her go home. She winces and turns away, but Mohinder decides against it and bursts in on Bob. He tells Bob that he won't inject Monica. Bob tells him that they'll find someone else to do it, and there's plenty more of the virus left over. Mohinder throws a stool at a storage cabinet full of vials and tells Bob that he's taking Molly.

Mohinder finds Molly still in a coma, and Bob comes to apologize to Mohinder. Bob explains that he has been with the Company for thirty years, and they have made many difficult decisions, some of which he still regrets. Bob explains that in dealing with a dangerous individual, he made a poor decision in forcing Mohinder to give Monica the virus. Mohinder remembers the file with Adam Monroe's name written on it, and Bob agrees. Bob explains that Mohinder is with the Company not just for his research or his blood, but to keep them in line. Mohinder notes that Molly is not ready to leave, and that he does not trust Bob at all, and Bob explains that he has someone who will help with Mohinder's trust issues.

At the Company hospital, Mohinder is greeted by Niki, who tells him that she feels much better, and that she is Mohinder's partner. She explains that Bob and Mohinder have trust issues, and she is there to ensure that there aren't any problems.

Out of Time

At Molly's bedside, Mohinder gets a phone call from Noah who asks him if the company has given him a gun. Mohinder tells him no. When Mr. Bennet tells him he's going to forward pictures of the paintings to him, Mohinder resists and tells him that his partner is keeping watch on him. He tells Noah that he is unsure of his motives. When Mohinder hangs up, Niki shows up. Niki and Mohinder go to see Bob, who approaches them and tells the two that he is evacuating because Matt and Nathan have arrived to warn Bob that Maury is after him.

In his office, Bob tells Mohinder that he needs to inject Maury with the virus. Mohinder protests, but eventually leaves with Niki to go get samples. Mohinder witnesses Niki talking to herself and suspects it is the work of Maury. As the two collect samples, Niki begins talking to herself and eventually punches Mohinder, breaking his nose.

When the commotion has settled down, Mohinder attempts to use his blood to cure Niki, who has injected herself with the virus. He finds that the string of the virus is immune to his blood. He informs Bob of this who tells Mohinder they can use Claire to help Niki, but Mr. Bennet may pose a problem. He presents Mohinder a gun. Mohinder reveals to Bob his partnership with Mr. Bennet and their motives to take down the company. He says he does not know what is right and what is wrong.

Cautionary Tales

Mohinder reluctantly joins the mission to "take out" Noah and take Claire to obtain her blood. Mohinder is given a gun by Elle and points it at Noah when he poses a threat, mirroring the seventh painting that Isaac Mendez painted in the series of eight. Noah fights back, hitting Mohinder in his already busted nose, grabbing the gun and pointing it back at Mohinder. West stops Noah from pulling the trigger. After Bob took Claire and Noah captured Elle, a tradeoff takes place on the edge of a highway off the shore. West flies away with Claire, but Elle shoots them with electricity sending them to the ground. Noah shoots Elle in the arm, and then points the gun at Bob. Mohinder reacts and shoots Noah in the glasses, killing him, just as the eight painting depicted. Unknown to everyone was that Bob later took Claire's blood and used it to regenerate Noah.

Truth & Consequences

Mohinder enters Noah's treatment room, and Noah asks if Mohinder shot him. He tells Noah he had no choice. When Noah asks why he isn't dead, Mohinder tells him he used Claire's blood to save his life. Angered, Noah tells Mohinder that he has betrayed him. Mohinder then says that Claire is home, grieving her father. Mohinder tells Noah that it was his violence and paranoia that brought them to their current situation. Removing the blood, Mohinder tells Noah that its properties of regeneration will help him save a woman from the virus, and exits.

Mohinder makes a cure for the mutated version of the Shanti virus by combining Claire's blood with his antibodies. Mohinder is very upset that Bob still doesn't want to end research on the virus. When Bob asks him what they can do for him, he tells Bob to help him destroy all the versions of the virus the Company ever created. He then calls Niki to tell her that he found a cure.

Mohinder is in a taxi and is on his way home when he receives an unexpected phone call from Sylar, who reveals that he convinced Molly's babysitter to go home early, and that he and a friend are the apartment, in need of his help.


When Mohinder returns to his apartment in Brooklyn, he is greeted by Sylar who invites him to have breakfast which Maya made. When Mohinder discovers that Sylar lost his abilities, he attempts to use a knife to defend himself, but Sylar pulls a gun on him and questions him about the cure to the Shanti virus. Mohinder soon falls prey to Maya's ability after Maya gets upset that Sylar lied to her. Mohinder returns to normal after Maya sees Molly affected. Mohinder then takes everyone to his lab on Sylar's orders.

Mohinder examines Sylar's blood in his lab and discovers that he has the same strain of virus that Niki has, meaning that the Company injected Sylar with the virus.

In Bob's office, Mohinder and Sylar are seen by Elle on a video surveillance feed in Mohinder's lab.

While Mohinder studies Sylar's blood, Maya confronts Sylar about Alejandro's death, but is shot in the chest. Sylar has Mohinder test Claire's restorative blood by reviving Maya.

After Sylar escapes from Elle's attack, Elle is upset that she let Sylar get away, but Mohinder tells her that she saved their lives, and insists that she is a hero.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Tom Drake laments that he and Eden are not going to be partners after the Suresh wiretap job.

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