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Claire Bennet/Season One

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This article archives the history of Claire Bennet during Season One.

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Character History


Claire's school classmate Zach videotapes her climbing up to an 80-foot height and jumping off. After falling to the ground, Claire brushes herself off and re-locates her dislocated right shoulder. Turning to the camera, she says, "I'm Claire Bennet, and that was attempt number six." She lists her attempts as breaking every bone in her body, stabbing herself in the chest, and shoving a steel rod through her neck. She confesses that she fears being seen as a freak by her friends, right before rescuing someone from a semi-truck/train accident and then fleeing without injury.

After coming home, she attempts to tell her mother about her abilities during dinner, saying, "I walked through fire and didn't get burned." Claire's mother doesn't comprehend, believing her daughter's statement to be metaphorical. Later, Claire mentions to her mother that she knows she is adopted and asks about her "real parents." Her father comes home, and turns out to be the man with the horn-rimmed glasses, who has been encountering Mohinder Suresh in India and New York.

Don't Look Back

Claire talks with her father about her adoptive parents. He is very protective of her, yet also seems understanding and the discussion ends on good terms, though not to Claire's satisfaction. At school, authorities are trying to find out who saved the man from the fire at the train wreck. Another cheerleader eventually steps up to take the credit, though Claire does find out the man, still in bad shape, is grateful to be alive. Out on the school football field, Zach tells her he cannot find the tape. Shocked motionless, Claire is accidentally tackled by a practicing player, Brody Mitchum, suffering a broken neck in the process, but recovers quickly without her injury being noticed by anyone except Zach.

After she comes home, Claire's adoptive father says he's in the process of finding her biological parents, admitting that her earlier comments convinced him. After Claire leaves, her adoptive father reveals that he is in possession of the missing tape, which means he also knows of her regenerative abilities.

One Giant Leap

Claire's father notices her attraction to Brody Mitchum, the quarterback of the football team before an away game. The team, cheerleaders and other students hold a bonfire after the game. Claire and Brody wander off to the privacy of nearby bleachers. When things get too sexual for Claire she tries to stop it, but Brody attempts to rape her. As she tries to push him off her and get away, she is knocked down on a pile of wood and a branch impales her through the back of her neck into her skull, apparently killing her. Later, the branch is removed and her eyes revert from glazed over back to their original color as she gasps and coughs for air. Looking around, she notices the severity of her current situation: she is on an autopsy table with the skin of her entire chest laid open for the examination, exposing her ribcage.

Claire wakes up exposed.


Claire's body begins to heal itself after the medical examiner pulls the tree branch out of her head. The coroner notes that the naked body of a "Jane Doe" washed up on a river bank and the teenage girl appears to have been the victim of a (possibly accidental) homicide. When the coroner steps out of the room for a moment, the now regenerated Claire sits up, gets off the autopsy table and steals a lab coat from the cupboard. She sneaks out a side entrance as the coroner returns and is flabbergasted by the missing body.

Claire sneaks in the front door of her home just in time to hear her mother call her to the breakfast table. Claire goes upstairs and changes into a clean shirt, but neglects to wash off her dirty feet. Her father sees the grit on her bare toes and asks her if she has been out all night. Claire lies that she played poker with her friends and says "nothing happened." Her father suspects that she is lying and says they will have a "throw down" about her staying out all night when he returns home. Claire's mother calls from the kitchen that waffles are ready and her brother is sent to tell her to come to breakfast. After he leaves, Claire sits on the staircase and bursts into tears.

Later, at school, Brody spots Claire in the hallway and is stunned speechless. Claire's friend Zach questions her about the attempted rape and murder the previous night. Claire said even if she wanted to report the attempted rape, she doesn't have a mark on her. Later, Lori Tremmel approaches Claire and says she saw Claire go off with the quarterback the previous night. She says she was also sexually assaulted by the quarterback. Together, they watch Brody coming on to another blonde. Claire later waits in the stands for Brody to finish football practice. She pretends not to remember what happened and asks the quarterback for a ride home. She asks him to let her drive. In the car, they converse about what happened the night of the bonfire and Claire says she remembers his attack on her. Brody says she "wanted it" and she should get over it. Claire realizes he plans to keep assaulting girls and he replies that there is nothing she can do about it. Claire replies, "I can do this," and deliberately crashes the car into a wall at high speed.

Graphic Novel:Aftermath

After their car crash, Claire goes back to save Brody from a would-be fatal explosion. As Claire muses about her desire to be normal, Brody regains consciousness. He witnesses Claire healing quickly from major wounds, prompting him to ask, "What are you?"


Claire is wheeled into the hospital with doctors and paramedics buzzing around her, though she insists she is fine. Her frantic mother calls Mr. Bennet to let him know what has happened.

When her father arrives at the hospital, she confesses that she deliberately crashed the car because of what Brody did to her. Later, she visits Brody in his room and tells him that even though what he did was wrong, so was what she did. He insists he doesn't know who she is or why she's calling him Brody, thanks to her father's mysterious assistant.

Better Halves

Claire's father tells her he has arranged a meeting with her birth parents, Hank and Lisa. After discussing with Zach how she might broach the topic of her powers, she meets with her biological parents. She asks if there's anything she should know about their medical histories, but to her disappointment they only mention normal medical conditions.

Later, while discussing the visit with her mother, Claire learns that an earlier attempt to locate her birth parents when her parents believed she had a genetic disorder ended in frustration.

Nothing to Hide

When Claire's mom takes Mr. Muggles to a dog show, she leaves Claire in charge of her brother Lyle. Zach shows up, to let her know he's found the tape. She stashes the tape and while she and Zach help her mother load her car, Lyle discovers it and watches it. Claire claims it's all special effects but Lyle suspects otherwise, and drives a staple into her hand. When the wound heals before his eyes, he grabs the tape and runs.

Zach and Claire chase after him, but he locks himself in his parent's SUV. On the verge of tears, Claire pleads with him not to tell anyone about what he's seen because she's afraid it means their parents will regret adopting her and they won't be a family any more. In the end, Lyle relents and gives her back the tape, and she hugs him.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mr. Bennet tells Isaac the truth about Claire's birth parents: his organization monitors evolved humans. About fourteen years ago, a situation arose with one of the people they were monitoring which orphaned her young daughter. The Bennets were having trouble conceiving a child of their own, so they adopted Claire.

Later, Claire visits her father at the Primatech Paper Co. looking for paper to make a Homecoming banner.


Peter regenerates near Claire.

At Union Wells High School, Claire has lunch with Zach while Principal Marks posts the Homecoming Queen announcement. Jackie taunts her about her unpopularity since injuring Brody, but then discovers that Claire won, thanks to the unpopular majority.

Zach admits that he campaigned for Claire, and gives her a copy of Activating Evolution that he found on the internet. Jackie comes up to them and teases Zach about his sexuality, and Claire punches her in the face, knocking her down.

At home, Mr. Bennet grounds her and says she's not to leave the house, even though it means missing her chance to be Homecoming Queen. Zach sneaks into her room through the window, however, and convinces her to sneak out..

At school, Claire runs into Peter Petrelli on the way to the locker room. He claims he's an alumnus and asks her about a newspaper clipping showing Jackie winning an award for rescuing the man from the train wreck. She tells him Jackie will be on the field shortly for the halftime show, since she's a cheerleader.

In the locker room, Jackie holds Claire back after the other girls leave to tell her that she thinks she's a menace. Claire confronts her about taking credit for the rescue of the train wreck victim. Just then, the lights go out. As they leave, Sylar grabs Jackie and begins to kill her, slicing her head open telekinetically. Claire tries to stop him and he tosses her across the room, smashing her into a bloody mess. When he sees her begin to regenerate, he drops Jackie and chases Claire out into the hall.

Claire bumps into Peter, who tries to stall Sylar before following her out to the stone bleachers. Peter tells her to head for the stadium and that Sylar doesn't want to be seen. She runs off.

Later, Claire returns to the gym to find Peter mangled on the ground, though he is regenerating. He sends her for help, but before she leaves, they ask for each other's name. Peter asks her, "Are you the one? In saving you, did I save the world?" She simply responds, "I don't know. I'm just a cheerleader."

She runs into her father and attempts to convince him to go back for Peter, but he tells her the police will handle it. He says she's lucky to be alive, but she tells him there's more to it than luck.

Six Months Ago

Jackie meets Claire in Claire's room. She congratulates Claire on becoming a member of the Union Wells High School cheer squad. They argue over Claire's enthusiasm of her new honor, resulting in Claire tripping and falling, cutting her hand on a cabinet. Sandra Bennet wraps Claire's hand and drives her and Jackie to the hospital. Mr. Bennet tells her to be more careful.

Later, after Mr. Bennet has learned of Claire's power, he discovers her practicing her cheerleading routine in her bedroom. He gives her a bear from New York City, from where he has just returned. He removes her bandage to discover her palm completely healed.


Claire and Mr. Bennet return home after the Homecoming game, and Mr. Bennet admits that he already knows about Claire's regenerative abilities. He then warns her that there are people who would hurt her and asks if anyone else knows about her power. She admits that Zach helped her film attempts to test her powers, and that Lyle secretly discovered the tape. Mr. Bennet instructs her to destroy the tapes and make sure that Zach doesn't tell anyone about her power.

Claire is taken in for questioning about Jackie's death. Audrey and Matt ask her about the incident, in particular asking if Peter and Sylar had any special abilities, which Claire claims she knows nothing about. Matt tries to read her mind, but is unable to due to interference. After the questioning, Claire asks to speak to Peter, realizing she is not the only one with her power. She thanks him for saving her, claiming that he is her hero.

Claire and Zach meet on the football field, and Claire destroys the videos made of her regeneration tests. She then asks Zach to not speak about this to anyone, to which he agrees. She also calls him the best friend she has.

Upon arriving home, Claire asks Lyle about the videos, which he appears to know nothing about. When she asks who picked him up after practice (which her father had claimed he would do) he says he doesn't remember. Concerned, Claire once again calls Zach and asks him to meet her on the football field and tells him that Lyle has had his memory erased somehow, but Zach accuses her of pulling a prank on him, claiming that they haven't spoken since the sixth grade. Claire realizes that Zach's memory has been erased as well, and she runs away. When she gets home, she calls her father, panicked, and asks her if he remembers about her ability. He assures her that he does and tells her to stay home until he arrives. Suddenly, The Haitian sneaks up on her and grabs her, telling her that her father ordered him to erase her memory, but insists that she must remember, and tells her to keep her knowledge a secret.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 3

At the Bennets' home, Claire asks her dad for help with her schoolwork, but Mr. Bennet tells her he is busy at the moment.


Claire watches the news about Union Wells opening up after the murder of Jackie while her dad makes breakfast. They talk about the murder, and Claire keeps repeating that she doesn't remember anything from Homecoming night. Her dad comforts her by reminding her that sometimes not remembering can be a blessing.

At school, Claire meets up with Zach in the hall. Claire asks Zach to look at her and tell her if he believes they could ever be friends. Zach looks at her briefly and then says plainly that he doesn't think so.

Some time later, Claire meets up with the Haitian at the site of her apparent suicide jump. He tells her that Hank and Lisa work for her father and that he cannot give Zach his memories back.

She leaves him and fetches Zach to that same site. There she tells him to take his camera and film her as she climbs up the construction and jumps once more. She gets up and pushes some bones in her chest back into place and begins healing. Speaking to the camera she says, "This is Claire Bennet, and as far as you know that was attempt #1."

The Fix

Claire and Zach work together to find out the truth behind Claire's past and Mr. Bennet's lies. To keep up appearances, they tell Mr. Bennet that they are working on a biology project, studying manatees. Her attempts to locate information on the family computer prove futile. Claire is desperate for some answers, so she places a wind chime in her window. Soon thereafter, she meets the Haitian at abandoned refinery. He tells that he doesn't know anything about her birth father, but that her birth mother died years ago. Claire and Zach review newspaper articles from 14 years ago and find an article about a fire in an apartment in Kermit, TX, in which a woman named Meredith Gordon was killed. Claire makes phone calls to track down the woman, surprised to actually speak to the woman she believed dead.


Claire convinces her mother to let her and Zach skip school under the pretense of going to see the manatee exhibit at the aquarium; Claire has even procured pamphlets as "evidence" that they went. Zach and Claire drive to Kermit, TX to visit Meredith Gordon at her trailer park, where Claire and Meredith get acquainted. Claire demonstrates her power of regeneration by cutting her arm and letting it heal. Meredith responds by creating a small ball of fire in the palm of her hand. Claire accepts a necklace from Meredith, and asks about her biological father, but Meredith says it's too complicated. When Claire and Zach return home, Claire reminds her forgetful mother about her plans to go to the aquarium.


Claire is in her living room when Sandra and Mr. Bennet return home from Sandra's neurology appointment. Mr. Bennet claims Sandra will be fine, but Claire becomes angry and reminds him of her mother's memory loss. Later, her father visits her in her bedroom, tells her he knows her aquarium tickets were fake, and grounds her indefinitely. She tells him he's not her real father, and he reminds her he's the closest thing she's got.

Claire calls Meredith to ask about her birth father. Meredith says he's coming down from New York but hesitates when Claire asks to meet him. When Claire shows up unannounced at her trailer, she tells Claire that he's only good for money, but will otherwise disappoint her. When Nathan arrives, Claire hides outside Meredith's trailer and overhears their conversation. Claire hears Nathan grudgingly agree with Meredith that he is just there to give them money. As his limo drives away, Claire grabs a large rock and throws it at the car, cracking the back windshield.

When Claire returns home, she finds her mother yelling at Mr. Muggles. Sandra says she doesn't know the dog... or Claire.


When Claire returns home to find that her mother doesn't recognize her, she begins to worry. While Claire is studying, the thoughts of her mother's episode still concern her. Claire confronts her mother and suggests that Sandra is being brainwashed. Suddenly, her mother collapses, and Claire calls her father in a panic begging him to come home.

Later, at the hospital, Claire tells an unbelieving doctor that there is a man who can erase memories simply by touch. When Mr. Bennet arrives, Claire screams at him, angry about his constant lies. At home, Claire expresses the desire to run away, but feels compelled to stay to protect her family from her father. At that moment, she and her family are taken hostage by Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman.

Company Man

Claire attempts to inject Ted with a tranquilizer.

As Claire, Mr. Bennet, her mother and brother come home, Ted and Matt hold them hostage to get answers from Mr. Bennet. Matt reads her thoughts to reveal that the Haitian did not take her memory (much to Mr. Bennet's surprise). Matt takes Claire aside to ask further questions about her father. After talking about Peter Petrelli and his ability to do what they do, Matt asks if Claire is "different". She thinks about her ability to heal, prompting questions of whether Mr. Bennet "did this" to her.

Tension increases between Ted and Mr. Bennet after Bennet attempts to retrieve a hidden gun. Ted points the gun towards Sandra, prompting Claire to put herself between the weapon and her mother. Realizing Ted will not budge, Matt shoots Claire, effectively defusing the situation. Bennet and Matt bring Claire to her bedroom, where she heals and spits out Matt's bullet. Bennet orders Claire to stay in her room to keep the situation contained.

Fourteen years in the past on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Mr. Bennet and Claude discuss the fate of baby Claire, as well as her pyrokinetic mother that disappeared in a fire when confronted by the duo. Kaito asks about Claire's mother and Mr. Bennet tells him that she likely died in the fire. Kaito gives Claire to him and tells him that he will be adopting her. Mr. Bennet is reluctant, and Kaito asks about Mr. Bennet and his wife's issues with conceiving a child. Mr. Bennet says he is relieved, since he doesn't believe he would be a good father. Kaito tells Mr. Bennet that he doesn't have a choice, but warns Mr. Bennet not to get attached to Claire. He tells him that if Claire were to manifest, they will take her back.

With Matt and Mr. Bennet gone, Claire watches as Ted sparks in the living room. After creating a distraction with Mr. Muggles, Claire releases Lyle and Sandra, but Sandra remains to protect her daughter from Ted's radioactive grasp around her neck. After securing Claire and Sandra, Ted waits for Matt and Ted to return. The Haitian removes the restraints and takes the ladies outside.

After Ted is shot by Thompson, the house begins to erupt in flames. Realizing her father has not come out of the house, Claire runs into the house. Bennet tries to give Ted a tranquilizer, but cannot get close enough. Claire takes the tranquilizer, and successfully drugs unstable Ted. As dust clears the front lawn, Claire emerges from the house badly burned, only to instantly heal before everyone's eyes.

Graphic Novel:Hell's Angel

In 1992, baby Claire is trapped in a fire in her mother's apartment. Mr. Bennet, on a "bag and tag" mission, discovers the baby girl and carries her to safety.


On Mr. Bennet's orders, the Haitian prepares to take Claire out of the country, when she manages to outwit him and steal his passport and boarding pass, separating the two at airport security. She then manages to make her way to New York, searching for Peter Petrelli, but instead she is found by Angela Petrelli (with the Haitian's help) who reveals that she is Claire's grandmother.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

After the fire at the Bennets' home, Claire is burned to a "human skeleton", but heals. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that he only has one hour to turn her in to the Company. The Haitian, Claire, and her father head to the bridge, stopping at a coffee shop first. Claire watches her father get shot, and then tearfully leaves with the Haitian.


Angela Petrelli informs Claire that neither Nathan nor Peter Petrelli knew about her. Nathan was allowed to think Claire died in the fire. Angela admits she knew of Claire's powers and urges Claire to go to Paris until she is older and will be able to make her own choices.

Later, Claire examines Peter's corpse. Though in denial, she expresses her sorrow but realizes there is a piece of glass stuck in the back of his head. She pulls this out and Peter regenerates. He awakens and thanks Claire for saving his life. Claire says she guesses they're even. Later on Claire to talk to Nathan. Nathan explains he wants to be there for her, but it is difficult because of the impending election. Then he suggests she go to Paris for at least a week until after the election.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Future Hiro recalls that Claire was killed by Sylar--he removed her brain and stole her power of regeneration.

The Hard Part

At the Petrelli mansion, Peter tries to convince Claire to stay in New York to prevent the explosion. Claire compares Peter's potential to explode to Ted Sprague's ability, describing to Peter and Nathan what happened with Ted in Odessa.

Claire and Peter go to Nathan's campaign office to visit him, but Claire sees Thompson through the window and refuses to enter for fear of being caught. She explains to Peter that her adoptive father used to worked for Thompson, and endangered himself so that she could escape.

Claire and Peter return to the mansion and Peter stops her from leaving for Paris. He tells Claire he knows how she can save the world. He gives her a gun and asks her to use it to kill him if he begins to explode. He shows her his sketchbook, containing drawings of the explosion and a picture that Claire confirms to be Ted.

Leaving the mansion, Claire and Peter run into Matt, Bennet and Ted on the street in the same location shown in Peter's drawing. As Claire and Mr. Bennet enjoy a tearful reunion, Peter begins to absorb Ted's ability and calls Claire's name while he struggles to control it.


Struggling to control Ted’s power, Peter tells Claire to do what she must to stop him. She draws her gun from her bag, but Peter gains control over his new ability, allowing her to relax.

The crisis averted, Claire catches up with her adoptive father, telling him that Peter is her uncle. Believing that it may be her destiny, Claire decides to accompany Peter and Ted as they leave town to avoid causing the explosion.

As Peter, Ted and Claire walk down the street on their way out of the city, Peter hears a stray thought from Sylar. Before they can decide what to do, FBI agents ambush and arrest Ted. Peter grabs Claire, and both turn invisible as they escape.

Leaving town by car, Claire and Peter are stopped by a traffic jam. Getting out to find the cause, they discover that Sylar intercepted Ted’s FBI transport and killed him. Claire tells Peter he has to stop Sylar, but Peter says the last time he tried, he died.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Claire aims at the exploding man.

Claire and Peter search for Sylar in hopes of stopping him as Claire informs her father of the situation over her phone. He believes that Peter is now the only one who can stop Sylar, and informs the two that the tracking system he is with will be able to find Sylar, but is incapacitated for the moment. Until then, Mr. Bennet instructs Peter to stay close to Claire.

Peter drives to a parking garage to meet with Nathan, to Claire's disapproval as well as anger over how Peter had broken his promise to not call Nathan. She tries to convince Peter that Nathan is not to be trusted, but Peter, being afraid, still believes in his brother. Claire inwardly thinks of how Peter lied to her and betrayed her trust, and he is able to pick up on it, but he goes to Nathan anyway. Claire tries to leave as they talk, but is intercepted by her grandmother.

Peter leaves, realizing that Claire was right, but he is unable to find her. She is in fact with Angela and Nathan, heading towards Nathan's office, and receives a phone call along the way from her father. Angela talks with Bennet instead, chastising him for failing to keep Claire safe, but she does allow Claire to speak with him briefly. Bennet tells Claire to remain with the Petrellis, in order to avoid being killed by the bomb, but she should run away right afterwards. He ensures that he has a plan, and the two express their love before Claire is forced to hang up.

At Nathan's office, Claire is horrified at how Nathan and Angela could let Peter, their brother and son, be used and die along with millions of others. Both Nathan and Angela remind Claire that Peter can regenerate and survive exploding, and believe that the explosion cannot be averted anyway. Claire is not convinced that the future is unchangeable, but she seems to resign when Nathan and Angela offer the comfort of being part of a family. However, it is a ruse, as she already has a family, and she jumps out the window, crashing into the ground many stories below, and recovering moments later. She heads off to find Peter.

Claire arrives at Kirby Plaza just as Peter begins to lose control of Ted's power, taking her injured father's gun. She is poised to shoot Peter, but she cannot find the will to do so, desperately hoping that there can be another way to stop the bomb. Hope comes in the form of Nathan, having been convinced by Claire to help stop the bomb. He takes Peter into the sky, letting him explode safely in the stratosphere as a heartbroken Claire, Mr. Bennet, and others watch.

As paramedics arrive to take care of the injured Matt Parkman and D.L. Hawkins, Claire and Mr. Bennet discuss finding their family and returning home.

Heroes Evolutions

Claire Bennet

Claire's MySpace

Prior to the premiere, Claire is introduced through her MySpace page. She says that she is a 17 years old girl, living in Odessa, Texas and going to Union Wells High School. She mentions that she is one of the Wildcats Cheerleaders. She lists her interests and details where her dad is listed as her hero and Tim Kring's Crossing Jordan as one of her favorite TV shows. Zach is in her friends' list.

In Zach's first comment on Claire's MySpace, Zach asks if she did anything special lately.

In Claire's first MySpace post, "zach", Claire says that there is nothing between Zach and her, and that they are simply childhood friends.

In Claire's second MySpace post, "comiccon???", Claire tells her followers that she did not go to Comic con but tells them to ask Zach because he went.

In Claire's third MySpace post, "Zach", Claire asks if anyone has heard from Zach because he has not been online all day, which is weird for him.

In Zach's second comment on Claire's MySpace, Zach apologizes again for losing Claire's tape.

In Zach's third comment on Claire's MySpace, Zach asks Claire is she is okay and asks where she has been.

In Claire' fourth MySpace post, "Homecoming", Claire encourages everyone to come to Homecoming. She is worried that she won't have a date or even get voted as Homecoming Queen after everything that happened with Brody. She asks if anyone else has heard about the murder that happened at the Burnt Toast Diner and thinks that it is crazy that something like that could happen so close to Odessa.

In Claire's fifth MySpace post, "Thank You!", Claire posts her current mood as determined. She thanks her followers for all of the support about Jackie. Claire notices that everyone close to her has started to become distant, even Zach. While she feels confused about whether to want or not to want to go to school, she thinks it will be good for her.

Zach's MySpace

In Claire’s first comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach if he still has a video camera.

In Claire’s second comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach again if he still have a video camera.

In Claire’s third comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire tells Zach that she would like to borrow his video camera, but she needs help working it.

In Claire’s fourth comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach if he is okay because he has acted weird since the train wreck. She also asks if she could borrow the video camera again.

In Zach’s third MySpace post, “Bears Game”, Zach posts about the Union Wells away football game against the Bears that he is going to. He says he is mostly going to support Claire because the football players like Brody Mitchum are jerks. He wonders why Claire gives Brody the time of day.

In Zach’s fourth MySpace post, “Brody and Claire”, Zach posts about his frustration with girls being interested in Brody.

In Zach’s seventh MySpace post, “In the sunshine of your…”, Zach posts about things that are happening at Union Wells. He claims that people are still shocked at what happened to Brody, that Brody will be back for homecoming, and that he is not interested in Claire.

In Zach’s tenth MySpace post, “Seriously Freaking Out”, Zach claims that the cheerleaders are hacking into his MySpace account. He blames Claire because she wanted to talk to him on the field. He thinks that it is nice of them to continue to pick on him right after Jackie was murdered. He claims that they have been posting about Claire and some mysterious tape.

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