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Sylar/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Sylar during Season Four.

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For Sylar's Season One history, see here.

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Character History


Although he continues to live as Nathan, Sylar has begun to notice that things are not as they seem, which Angela tries to pass off as Nathan's mid-life crisis. However, later, in his office, Sylar moves a coffee cup accidentally, gives off sparks, and briefly (although he doesn't realize it) shape shifts back into himself--all manifestations of abilities that the real Nathan did not possess. Unsettled, Sylar repeatedly tries to call Peter for help, but his "brother" refuses to return his calls.

In Los Angeles, Matt discovers his son missing from his crib. Shortly after, he finds an apparition of Sylar (as himself) holding the child.

Jump, Push, Fall

The illusory Sylar claims that his personality entered Matt's mind when he tried to erase his memories. However, he has no knowledge of his body's location and demands that Matt restore him. When Matt claims that he doesn't use his ability anymore, Sylar becomes intrigued and claims that he will make Matt use his ability again, before throwing Matt Jr. to his father and disappearing when Janice enters the room. Later, when Matt is at a drug counseling group session, Sylar appears and continues to taunt him, leading Matt to react to a person no one else can see. Later still, while Matt interrogates a suspected drug dealer, Sylar repeatedly mocks him about his paranoid belief that Janice is cheating on him, eventually causing Matt to angrily throw a chair at the non-existent Sylar, which frightens the suspect into talking. When he gets home, Matt uses his ability to convince Roy (whom he believes is sleeping with Janice) to never return, much to Sylar's delight.


Sylar appears to Matt while on a bust in a drug dealer's home. Sylar tells Matt he doesn't want to be trapped inside his mind but Matt insists he will pay this price to keep Sylar imprisoned. Sylar then helps Matt by telling him the drug dealer is about to open fire. The dealer does so and Matt is able to avoid the shots and catches the bad guy. As Matt and his partner begin to search for the drugs, Sylar taunts him to use his abilities to find them. Sylar then has Matt notice a stuffed rabbit and declares that the house isn't just used for drugs but something much worse.

Sylar has made Matt find a ransom note and urges him to use his ability. Matt does so and discovers the body of a little girl, dead. Matt beats the suspect until his partner comes in and declares that there is no body. Sylar is amused at this and tells Matt that he is using his own mind games against him. As Matt's partner decides to report his actions, Matt is forced to use his telepathy to erase his memories. Sylar congratulates him and warns Matt that if he doesn't help him reclaim his body, then the mind games will continue.


Angela brings a box of Nathan's old possessions to Nathan's office in Washington. "Nathan" picks up a toy plane and sees Nathan playing with it as a child. He then picks up a baseball cap and he sees a woman jumping into a swimming pool and dying. Sylar then goes to see Peter and tells him that he has been slowly discovering new abilities. He describes his experience with the toys and Peter tells him that it sounds like psychometrics. When Sylar tells him about Kelly Houston, Peter wonders if someone killed her. Sylar leaves, saying that he is going to find out.

Sylar goes to see Millie, Kelly's mother, who talks with him about Kelly. She admits that she believes Kelly ran away because she was a horrible mother and Sylar goes out to the pool. He uses his clairsentience and learns that Kelly died because of Nathan. He goes to a bar and Angela finds him and asks him why he is digging up the past. Sylar tells her that he can't let Millie think that her daughter is still alive. He tells Millie the truth but she chooses not to believe him. Soon, at a parking garage, Sylar is knocked unconscious and abducted.

The kidnapper dumps Sylar into a grave in the woods and then shoots him repeatedly. He covers the grave with earth and leaves. Shortly after that, Sylar emerges, returned to his original form.

Hysterical Blindness

Sylar pulls himself out from his grave and wanders the roads until a police officer, Captain Lubbock, arrests him under the suspicion that he is drunk. Sylar is placed in an interrogation room and the authorities learn that he has no memory of who he is. Madeline Gibson comes to see Sylar and promises him that she will help him regain his memories.

Peter invites both Angela and Nathan over for lunch but only Angela makes it. She tells Peter that Nathan may show up eventually and Peter tells her that he is worried about him. When Peter leaves for work, Angela decides to stay, just in case Nathan shows up.

Later, while drinking tea with Madeline, Sylar describes how everything is new to him. Feelings, sounds and temperatures are seem strange and intense. Madeline runs an exercise with him and has him close his eyes. She tells him to tell her the first thing he sees, but Sylar is distracted by the ticking of a clock on the wall and is able to tell her the time difference between her watch and the clock. Madeline leaves and Lubbock enters, saying that Sylar is a murderer who killed his mother. Sylar is afraid and telekinetically throws Lubbock through the window. He then grabs a ride with Madeline, reminding her that she promised she would help him.

Sylar insists that being a killer is not who he is and he believes that Madeline also thinks that. He decides to turn himself in but when he is surrendering to Lubbock, he begins to generate electricity. Lubbock shoots Sylar and Madeline follows the body, witnessing him heal. Sylar flees into the woods and comes across a carnival. Samuel Sullivan signals for him to come in and introduces the carnival as Sylar's new home.

Tabula Rasa

Sylar stays inside his trailer within the carnival while Samuel and Lydia talk about him. Samuel brings Sylar outside and offers to help restore his memories. He tells him that a great damage has been done and asks Sylar to tell him what he would like to be called. Sylar thinks about it and says that he feels like "Nathan" is his name. Samuel shows Sylar around the carnival, explaining about their concept of family, and that everyone there has powers. Sylar watches as Teddy demonstrates his power and then shakes hands with Lydia and briefly remembers shaking a lot of hands. He looks at Samuel and asks if he may have been a politician. Sylar works with Lydia, who tells him how Joseph wanted to build a sense of community. After Lydia flirts with him, Sylar is attacked by Edgar. He uses his telekinesis to throw the speedster into a wheelbarrow and then goes back to Samuel and tells him that he believes he used to be a pilot. Samuel is annoyed that his true memories have not yet returned and calls over Damian for assistance.

Damian takes Sylar to the hall of mirrors and uses his ability. Sylar then begins to see images of all the people he has killed. Sylar is horrified and runs outside. Samuel finds him and tells him that Captain Lubbock is at the carnival and tells him that they brought him in and risked their own safety. Sylar asks him what he wants him to do and Samuel shrugs, saying it is up to him. Sylar enters the hall of mirrors and faces Lubbock, but he does not kill him. Edgar, however, does. Later, Samuel baptizes Sylar and initiates him into the family. He happily eats dinner and flirts with Lydia, who then leads him to her trailer while Samuel and Edgar look on.

Strange Attractors

After Sylar takes over his body and sleeps with his wife, Matt becomes obsessed with getting rid of Sylar. While drinking beer, he notices it seems to hurt Sylar. He keeps drinking until Sylar disappears, at which point he passes out. Sylar sees this as an opportunity and takes control over Matt's body, posing as him when he speaks to Janice and Matt. Sylar then taunts Matt, asking him if he wants his body back.

At the carnival, Sylar sees Tracy and slightly remembers her, saying that they flew together. Samuel informs him that these are not his memories but Sylar states that he wants to know who he truly is.

Graphic Novel:Yang & Yang

Sylar chops wood and nearly hits Amanda and Caleb. Caleb introduces Amanda to Sylar and Sylar is surprised to hear that Amanda only recently joined the carnival as well. He asks if she has an ability and shakes her hand. He accesses his clairsentience and sees everything that Amanda has been through. He advises her to return to Lydia and remembers how he killed his own mother. Caleb suddenly changes and Sylar is forced to shock him to keep him away.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years previously, Sylar asks Hiro to step aside and walks into the Burnt Toast Diner. While Sylar reads the menu, Charlie asks if he wants coffee and notices Sylar's watch. She starts reciting facts about the timepiece, prompting Sylar to asks if she is a collector, but Charlie says she read about it in an article a while ago. Sylar asks her a couple of questions to test her memory skills, and she answers correctly. Sylar asks her is she thinks her ability comes from the blood clot in her brain. Charlie is astonished how he knows about it and Sylar says that he also has an ability, that he knows exactly how things work and that he can repair them if they are broken. Charlie is perturbed, but Sylar orders some pancakes and smiles. On the other side of the cafe is Noah, who is talking to another agent about a serial killer they are hunting.

Later, Sylar attempts to steal Charlie's ability but Hiro stops time and wheels his frozen body away, stashing him inside a bus. Hiro then remembers that Charlie is still affected by the blood clot and that Sylar said he could fix it. Hiro returns to the bus and tries to find Sylar, but Sylar ambushes him, and presses Hiro against the bus. Sylar asks Hiro how he did what he did, and Hiro tells Sylar about his ability. Sylar tries to acquire Hiro's ability, but Hiro evades him by stopping time multiple times.

Sylar realizes that Hiro has a brain tumor, and that is why he's trying to save Charlie. Hiro asks Sylar to make a deal: if he fixes Charlie's aneurysm, Hiro will tell him about his personal future. They go back to Charlie, who is being assisted by Lynette. Lynette asks who Sylar is and Hiro tells her Sylar is a doctor. Though slightly surprised, Sylar confirms this. After Lynette leaves, Sylar tells Charlie to stay still, and proceeds to cut out her aneurysm while Hiro comforts her.

After Charlie is cured, Sylar says that he did his part in the deal, and demands Hiro to tell him about his future. Hiro tells him that he'll murder a lot of people, acquiring many abilities, but that in the end, others like them will come together and will stop him. He tells Sylar that he dies alone and that nobody will shed a tear for him. Hiro stops time and leaves Sylar out in the back alley where they made their deal. He hears a crowd of cheerleaders go by and heads off in search of his next target.


At the carnival, the "physical" Sylar is asleep in his trailer. He starts dreaming about Nathan's memories, causing his body to shape shift into the image of Nathan whose mind has regained control of his body. He wakes up and gets dressed, seeming to be confused by his surroundings. Sylar then steps outside, where he tries to walk through incognito. When Lydia and Samuel step out of their trailer, Sylar flies off.

Meanwhile, Sylar's consciousness, which has taken over Matt's body, is at an airport. He is heading for New York to find Peter, because being stabbed with a syringe by Peter is the last thing he remembers. As he passes through the X-ray, the guards arrest him when they spot a gun in his bag. Matt tells him that Sylar thought he packed socks earlier but was actually packing a gun. The guards take him away for questioning and refuse to let him fly.

Forced to drive instead, Matt and Sylar stop by the roadside when the car gets a flat tire. Matt boasts that he prevented Sylar from seeing the large chunk of metal that caused the puncture. A truck comes along and stops, and a man steps out and offers to help. Intent on proving that "the world is his hostage" and that he is the one in the driver's seat, Sylar kills the man. Matt is horrified, but Sylar says that if there is no more sabotage, there will be no more killings.

They arrive at the Burnt Toast Diner and Sylar mentions that he almost killed a waitress there once. After ordering the pancakes he enjoyed on his last visit, Sylar demands to know the truth from Matt, and threatens to kill Lynette if Matt does not cooperate. Matt eventually confesses that he, Angela Petrelli and Noah Bennet forced Sylar to take on Nathan's form and memories. Sylar resolves to find Nathan to get his body back, and then to kill everyone who was even remotely involved in what happened to him.

While Matt and Sylar are still at the diner, Matt makes Sylar subconsciously write a threatening note on a napkin, which he unwittingly hands to Lynette. When they go outside, Sylar is surprised to see the police, but Matt has it all planned out and says that he is willing to sacrifice himself to make sure Sylar dies. Matt forces Sylar into pretending to take out a gun from his jacket, thus prompting the policemen to shoot him. His unconscious body is driven away in an ambulance, while paramedics try to revive him.

Later the "physical" Sylar arrives at Peter's apartment as Nathan, where he embraces Peter and says that he thinks he's in trouble.

Brother's Keeper

Sylar, as Nathan, goes with Peter to Nathan's office. Nathan is worried about the fact that he woke up in a carnival with no idea of how he got there. René arrives and wants to talk to Peter alone, looking at Nathan with suspicion.

Peter takes Nathan to the Store-It-Here in Arlington, VA. They go to the numbered storage room on the card, that René gave to Peter, and open it. Inside is a large metal case that contains a body. Nathan opens it to discover that it's his body. Peter insists that it isn't him, but Nathan wonders why René wanted them to see it. Nathan touches the body and has flashes of memory, including a hotel room, Sylar killing Nathan, and Matt turning Sylar into Nathan. They figure that they need to find Matt in Los Angeles to get straight answers, but Nathan's assistant tells them that Matt Parkman has been shot by the police and is in a hospital in Texas.

When Peter and Nathan go to the Midland Hospital, they slip into Matt's room, and Peter heals him. Matt wakes up and finds himself facing the mental image of Sylar. Sylar says that he only needs one touch to get his body back. Matt yells at him, puzzling the others, and insists that Sylar is in his head, planning to use Matt's telepathy to get his body back. Matt explains that Nathan is dead and that he used his telepathy to put Nathan's memories in Sylar's body. Impatient, Sylar takes control of Matt. Sylar says that Nathan can take his hand and he'll make everything all right. Nathan starts to reach for the restrained Sylar, but then backs away. When Sylar continues to insist, Peter threatens to kill him, but Nathan uses his telekinesis to shove Peter aside. Sylar says that it's okay and that it's time to end it. As Nathan steps forward, a police officer comes in and pulls Nathan away. Nathan's hand briefly brushes Sylar's hand, allowing Sylar to transfer back to his own body, although "Nathan" remains in control and telekinetically shoves the officer away. He then grabs Peter and flies out the window.

They land at the Grand Canyon. Nathan tells Peter there's a road nearby and that he can find his own way back home, but Peter refuses to leave his "brother" like this and replicates Nathan's flight in order to follow him back to New York. At Peter's apartment, Peter still isn't sure if all of this is true, but when Nathan asks whether Peter will ever be able to look at him again without seeing Sylar, Peter stays silent.


While in the form of Nathan, Sylar has nightmares in Peter's apartment. When Angela comes to have Thanksgiving with her boys, Sylar wakes up and hears the two of them talking about Nathan's possible death. Sylar then approaches Angela and demands to know if "he" (Nathan) is really dead. Angela demands that the three of them have a nice dinner together and threatens to leave and never reveal the truth after Sylar tries to grab her.

The family sits down and eats at the dinner table and "Nathan" says that he knows he is dead. Angela then reveals that Matt transferred Nathan's mind into Sylar's body and she reassures "Nathan" that he is still the same in every way. Sylar/Nathan disagrees, saying that he knows that Angela sees the real Sylar whenever she looks at him and that he wishes he had never learned the truth. Then, his body begins to release electrical arcs and he collapses on the floor while Peter and Angela stand back in shock. Much to their surprise, it is Sylar, in his own appearance, who gets up, not Nathan. Smiling, the real Sylar, now back in control of every part of himself, telekinetically pulls them back to the table.

Sylar telekinetically holds the Petrellis in their seats as he eats a pumpkin pie, saying that he feels he hasn't eaten for months. He mocks Peter and says how much he admires Angela for raising the bar of evil and giving him something to strive for. He kisses her on the mouth and then, angrily, begins to slice open her skull. Angela screams in pain but Sylar stops and stands back, struggling with something within him. Peter and Angela realize that Nathan's personality is fighting for control and they urge it to overpower Sylar which it manages to do. Sylar's body transforms back into Nathan and asks Angela what she has done to him. He then runs out into the corridor, leaps out of the window, and flies away.

The Fifth Stage

Sylar, back in control of his body, disguises himself as Nurse Hammer and gets in an elevator with Peter. After changing the elevator controls, he attacks Peter and turns back into himself. He is disappointed to find that Peter was planning to tranquilize him again, although he admits he's impressed how Peter did that to him once. He tries to find Peter and is hit from behind by him with a board. He tries to throw him, but fails as Peter is blocking him, which shocks him. The two engage in a physical fight and Peter defeats him, before nailing him to a table with a nail gun. Sylar is unable to regenerate due to Peter blocking him and Peter tries to convince him to become Nathan for good. But he refuses to, so Peter uses his new ability to help Nathan regain control. Sylar fights Nathan for control and is too powerful for Nathan to handle. Nathan, knowing that he really is dead and accepting that, says his goodbyes to Peter and throws himself off a roof. Nathan apparently "dies" for good and Sylar regains control permanently. After regenerating from his injuries, he mockingly salutes Peter and walks off.

Graphic Novel:Requiem for My Brother

Sylar, in Nathan's form, clutches at Peter's hand and falls off the rooftop. After healing from his wounds and returning to his own form, Sylar flies away.

Upon This Rock

Sylar's real name, Gabriel Gray, appears in Noah's files.

Let It Bleed

Sylar returns to the carnival and throws Doyle through the air, knocking over a table where Samuel is working. Sylar shows Samuel the compass that led him back to the carnival, saying that it has been a while since his body and mind were together, but that they have now returned with one thought: feast. He throws Samuel against his trailer and says that all the people Samuel has brought to the carnival will make him a lot more powerful. Samuel says that he has big plans for Sylar but Sylar states that everybody has big plans for him and tries to slice open Samuel's skull. Somehow he is unable to and Samuel quickly uses his ability to make a storm of earth around Sylar, grinding away his flesh. Sylar is badly injured and passes out.

Sylar later wakes up in Lydia's trailer, to find Lydia touching his bare skin and noting that it feels as soft as a baby. Sylar asks what she's doing and she says that she's going to help him find out what's wrong with him. When he claims there's nothing wrong, Lydia says that she has heard differently and tries to kiss him. At first he pushes her away, but when she asks why he's afraid, he kisses her back and they begin to undress each other.

Sylar has empathy

As they embrace, Lydia senses Sylar's feelings, saying that he is afraid of dying alone and thinks he does not deserve love. Sylar realizes that she has an ability and asks if she knows what he does to others like her, but she knows the answer. He then asks what her tattoos are for, and she describes them as a map that can help him find what he needs. Suddenly Sylar realizes that Lydia doesn't want to help him, but only wants to manipulate him into killing Samuel; he knows this because he has absorbed her ability. He tells her that killing isn't essential to him and is just something he likes to do. When Lydia says that isn't true any more and calls him impotent, Sylar shoves her away. He takes his shirt and leaves her trailer.

Later, Sylar searches for Samuel's ink so he can learn where to go next. Samuel steps up and claims to know why Sylar can't kill. He knows that Hiro predicted Sylar would die alone, but says that if Samuel himself found love and forgiveness at the carnival, Sylar could too. Sylar asks to be given a tattoo, saying that he will stay, but only after seeing the image it makes. Samuel decides to take the risk and makes some new ink, which he injects into Sylar's chest. The tattoo starts to move across Sylar's body but doesn't come to rest until Samuel tells him to stop thinking and let it go. Finally the tattoo forms on his arm and Samuel looks at it in surprise. Sylar states that he shouldn't be at the carnival and walks away.

Sylar hovers outside Claire's window, and as he looks at his tattoo (which is revealed to be an image of Claire), he says "Hello, cheerleader."

Close to You

In Peter's dream, Sylar walks up to Emma as she plays the cello in a frenzy. He says that he's come to save her and reaches out a hand to her; she smiles gratefully. Later, Matt Parkman states that he had Sylar stuck in his head for weeks, but when he was finally released, Matt didn't go after him.


Sylar watches as Claire and her friend Gretchen talk. When Claire leaves Gretchen at the table, Sylar walks over and asks if Claire's seat is taken. Sylar later shows up in Claire's classroom and writes her name on the board. He says that they need to talk and tells her that no matter how much she may hate him, she is the only one who can help him. He tells her that he hasn't been able to kill anyone recently and wants to figure out why. He shows her his tattoo and Claire says that she doesn't care and that she will not help him. Sylar points to Gretchen's backpack, and says that her life is the life on the line. He proceeds to write several things on the board. He talks about how they are both adopted, how both their families never understood them and how both their fathers are murderers. He wonders why they are so different; Claire tells him that the difference between them is that he is a psychopath. She tries to leave but Sylar pins her to the floor and kisses her so he can understand her.

Meanwhile, in Hiro Nakamura's dream, Adam Monroe calls Sylar to the stand. Sylar talks about all the people he has killed and one of his victims, Jackie Wilcox, even appears. Sylar lists most of his victims and Adam talks about Charlie Andrews. Hiro insists that he changed Charlie's fate so that she was not killed by Sylar so that the world would be better.

In reality, Sylar realizes that Claire uses her power to put up walls around her, like he does. He says that they are alike and Claire stabs him in the eye with a pencil. She runs to the dorm room and finds Gretchen. When the windows shatter, the girls hide in the closet and Claire admits that Sylar was right. Gretchen shape shifts back into Sylar and thanks Claire for the help, saying that he knows what he has to do now. Later, Sylar shows up at the Parkman residence and knocks on the door. Janice Parkman answers it and Sylar says that he is a friend of Matt's from the 12th precinct. Janice asks him if they have met before.

The Art of Deception

Sylar continues to lead Janice to believe that he and Matt are old friends, and Matt plays along so as to not frighten her. Eventually, while alone together, in the basement, Sylar relays to Matt that his reason for finding him is his desire to be a good person. Believing that, without his abilities, he would not be a monster, Sylar asks Matt to rid him of them. Though Matt is hesitant, because of the fact that after the last time that he ventured into Sylar’s mind, he was continuously haunted by him, he eventually decides to take advantage of the opportunity and lock Sylar inside of his own mind. Sylar falls into an induced coma, and Matt begins building a brick barricade around him, so that his body will never be disturbed.

Peter, having seen a future in which Sylar is the only one who can stop Emma Coolidge from using her ability to kill thousands of people, travels to Matt’s home. However, after discovering Sylar’s unconscious body, he takes Matt’s power to journey into Sylar’s mind, in hopes of rescuing him.

The Wall

Peter finds himself in a seemingly deserted city. The only living being in existence is Sylar, who claims to have been trapped there for three years, though in reality, it has only been three hours. Sylar claims that there is no way out, though Peter is determined to find one after failing to break them out forcibly. The two make a deal: if Peter can get them free, Sylar will save Emma.

After mentioning Nathan and getting punched for his troubles, Sylar tries to make peace with Peter by giving him a copy of 9th Wonders!, but is rejected by Peter. Peter finally gets Sylar to admit that he doesn't want to escape as he feels he deserves the punishment. Peter gets Sylar to want to get free and a massive brick wall appears that Peter realizes they have to break through to escape. Sylar refuses to help as he feels it's pointless, but eventually, after a period of time, picks up a sledgehammer and tells Peter that while he can't bring back Nathan he can help him. Sylar and Peter pound on the wall to no avail for what seems like years until one night while Sylar is starring at the wall, Peter brings him a copy of The Pillars of the Earth as a thank-you gift for keeping him sane as Sylar wore out his other copy. Sylar confronts Peter over the fact that he fears Peter will hit him with the sledgehammer instead of the wall and gets Peter to admit that while he wants to believe that Sylar has changed, he can't forgive him as he feels it won't honor Nathan's memory. Sylar points out to Peter that he has changed and is no longer the same person and Peter finally accepts it and seems to forgive Sylar. Once Peter does so, the wall starts to crumble and Sylar joins Peter in hitting the wall until they finally break a hole in it, freeing them from the nightmare.

In the real world, Sylar finds himself trapped behind a wall in Matt's basement and uses his telekinesis to break free. Sylar and Peter discuss their experiences, discovering that while it felt like years to them it was only half a day at most in reality. Sylar wonders if that makes what they went through any less real and Peter decides it's time for them to save Emma. As they start to leave, Sylar and Peter are confronted by Eli and his clones who are intent on stopping them.

Brave New World

Peter and Sylar quickly render Eli unconscious, saving Matt's life. After discerning Samuel's location from Eli, they attempt to go to New York City, but Matt refuses to allow Sylar to leave. Sylar tells Matt to read his mind and see that he is telling the truth. Matt does so, but is still not entirely convinced, saying that he can only read his mind, not his heart. Sylar asks for the chance to prove himself, and Matt agrees, and tells Sylar and Peter to get out.

After arriving in New York, they see the tent where Emma is being forced to play against her will, luring in civilians for Samuel. Sylar notices Peter's concern, but reminds him of his dream, and that he is supposed to save her, not Peter. They agree to split up, and as Peter goes to deal with Samuel, Sylar goes to the tent where Emma is being held captive. Once there, he attempts to remove the cello from her, only to be stopped by Doyle. Instead of simply killing Doyle, Sylar stays true to his redemption, and attempts to plead with him. Doyle scoffs at him, saying that he is just one of us. Sylar replies that he is a hero. Doyle then begins mocking both Sylar and Emma, but at one point, while mocking her deafness, he uses his hand to pantomime, freeing Emma's. She uses this to channel her power into an energy blast that knocks Doyle to the ground and breaks his concentration. Sylar then uses telekinesis to control the situation.

Later, after Emma and Peter reunite, Emma tells Peter that his friend saved her, and took care of Doyle. Peter quickly goes to the tent to see that Sylar has tied Doyle up. Sylar later tells Peter that saving Emma and sparing Doyle felt right to him as does being a hero instead of a villain. As they walk away, Peter notices Claire climbing the Ferris Wheel, and wonders what she is doing. Sylar remarks that everything will change, and that it is a brave new world.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela Petrelli recalls all of the times that she has put off Nathan's death. She remembers when his soul died and how he appeared as Nathan but in Sylar's body.

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 5 of Slow Burn, Gail is assigned the mission to discover what Gabriel is truly hiding. She and Jennie spot Gabriel sitting alone beside the Ferris wheel and as they approach, he asks if they would like a turn on the wheel before their show. Gail introduces herself and Gabriel smiles, happy to make new friends. He then sees that while they may seem nice, Gail and Jennie are both visibly afraid of him. He is sad as they leave.

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how Sylar is just a result of things that the Company has done.

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