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Carlos Gutierrez/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Carlos Gutierrez during Season Reborn.

For more about Carlos Gutierrez, see the main article.

Character History

Brave New World

At Linderman Junior High School, Carlos makes out with Lisa Carpenter in a closet before he is due to give a motivational speech to the students in the assembly hall. Carlos's speech inspires his nephew Jose, who thinks of Carlos as a hero like a local vigilante named El Vengador. He tries to encourage Carlos to stay and work at Gutierrez and Sons, but Carlos is reluctant due to the rift between himself and his brother caused by him abandoning his family to fight in the Afghanistan War. He briefly visits Gutierrez and Sons with Jose, but Oscar is not too pleased to see him. That night, when Carlos returns to the garage, he finds a hidden staircase leading to the basement. When he descends the stairs, he finds his dying brother wearing the El Vengador costume. Oscar admits that he is El Vengador and tells Carlos that he can take up the mantle after him because he is a hero. Carlos tearfully tries to explain that he is not, but Oscar succumbs to his injuries before he can finish.

After Jose is informed of his father's death, Carlos goes up to the roof to comfort him.


Carlos sits with Jose in Gutierrez and Sons after Oscar's funeral and reminds him that Oscar was a good man. When Jose leaves to go home, Father Mauricio tells Carlos that he knows about the rift between him and Oscar and that maybe Carlos should visit him, but Carlos is not interested. Later, in the garage basement, Carlos reads a newspaper report submitted by Eugene Pakowski that contains false allegations about El Vengador. Carlos decides to go and confront Pakowski to discover more about Oscar's death. When he arrives in Pakowski's apartment building, he subdues Pakowski and beats him into surrendering the name "Captain Dearing".

Later, Carlos goes to St. Francis and asks Mauricio what his brother was involved with. Mauricio tells him that after June 13th, Oscar set up an underground railroad for persecuted evos to escape to Canada. He also tells Carlos that the entrance to the railroad is beneath Gutierrez and Sons and that he needs to use it again to send two more people through. When Carlos asks him why he is so concerned with evos, he shows Carlos his ability. Carlos and Mauricio help Sylvia and Damon through the underground railroad that night.

Under the Mask

Carlos looks at a photo of Dearing in the basement of Gutierrez and Sons and decides to go after him. When he returns to the main level of the garage, he tells Jose that he is closing up shop because he has some errands to run. Carlos takes his car to a police station and waits for Dearing to show up. When he does, he follows Dearing to an abandoned building in a deserted industrial district. Carlos discovers that Dearing and two other officers are interrogating an evo for the whereabouts of El Vengador's underground railroad. Carlos accidentally hits his foot on something, alerting them to his presence. When he runs out of the building, Father Mauricio grabs him and turns him into smoke so that the officers run right through him. When they reform, Mauricio tells Carlos that this is not how he should avenge his brother, but Carlos tells him to find another soul to save and leaves.

Fiona, the evo who Dearing was interrogating, tells the other evos at the hideout that she has called Mauricio to help. Instead, Carlos arrives in the El Vengador costume and tells them that Dearing is on their tail. The evos run and Carlos stays behind to confront Dearing. The two fight, and Carlos discovers that Dearing is an evo with super strength. Dearing batters Carlos, but Carlos escapes by jumping out of a window and limping away.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 1

In 1994, Carlos goes with his father and his brother to watch a wrestling match featuring El Vengador. Carlos is awestruck by the wrestlers' moves, until Oscar tells him that the match is set up and that the winner is predetermined. Carlos denies this and tells Oscar that he is just jealous because he can't do what the wrestlers can. Carlos goes back to watching the fight, and cheers on El Vengador, his mood unaffected. Carlos later receives an El Vengador mask as a present, and tries it on in his bedroom.

At another one of El Vengador's wrestling matches, a pink-shirted man rudely pushes past Carlos while moving through the crowd. Oscar sticks up for his brother, pushing the man away and telling him to take it easy. Carlos thanks him, and observes El Vengador trick his opponents by feigning weakness in order to lure one of the wrestlers in so he can grab him and throw him into the other. Carlos cheers, and gets an autograph from El Vengador after the match.

The Needs of the Many

Carlos catches Jose working on a car in Gutierrez and Sons. Jose tells him that the car belonged to his grandfather, and that it just needs a little upgrade. Carlos realizes that the same applies to the El Vengador suit so he can win against Dearing's enhanced strength. He later sees an aurora outside the garage. When Father Mauricio enters the garage's basement, Carlos shows off the upgraded El Vengador costume he has since built, complete with kevlar armor and a hydraulic motor. Mauricio is unimpressed, telling Carlos that he needs to find a man fit to wear the suit first. Carlos tells him that he donned the El Vengador mask because he wants to be part of something bigger than himself. Mauricio warns Carlos that Dearing will be onto them soon.

When Jose returns to the garage, he finds that Carlos has finished making repairs to his grandfather's car. Carlos tells him that he's going to take it for a test drive, but Jose can't come because he needs him at the garage "holding down the fort". Carlos then drives away.

The Lion's Den

When Carlos returns to Gutierrez and Sons, he finds evidence of a skirmish and the contents of Jose's backpack spread across the floor. Jose and Father Mauricio are both missing, so Carlos correctly assumes that they have been taken by Dearing. A furious Carlos goes to the LAPD to question Dearing about the whereabouts of his friend and nephew, but Dearing is tranquilized and taken away before Carlos can get to him. Carlos leaves returns to the station's garage wearing the El Vengador costume. He intercepts the van carrying Dearing, stun the two officers and breaks through the back of the van. Dearing agrees to take Carlos to where Jose and Mauricio are being held, so Carlos stuffs him into the boot of his car and drives away.

Game Over

Carlos interrogates Dearing in the basement of Gutierrez and Sons. Dearing initially refuses to tell Carlos the whereabouts of Jose and Father Mauricio, but comes around when Carlos shows him the bag full of money he stole from Dearing's home. Carlos is guided by Dearing to Sunstone Manor, the place where Dearing's captured evos are taken. When they reach the forest in front of the manor, Dearing gives Carlos a vial of red liquid that he says will make Carlos register as an evo when swabbed. Carlos takes it, but finds that it is actually a sedative and collapses.

June 13th, Part Two

On June 13th, 2014, Carlos is formally questioned by General Curren about his involvement in a military skirmish. Carlos tells the general that he sneaked around the back of the enemy forces and ambushed them, saving his squad. After the hearing, Carlos arrives at Farah Nazan's hotel room and tells her that he just got a call awarding him a medal for what she did. Carlos is uncomfortable for taking credit for Farah's actions, but she tells him that he must because if they knew that she used her evo power to defeat the enemies, she could be imprisoned or worse, especially after what evos just did at the Odessa Unity Summit. Carlos kisses her but she slaps him, telling him that if he is uncomfortable with an honor he doesn't deserve, he should live up to it. She then tells Carlos to leave, so he does.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 2

Oscar thinks that Carlos is a genius, and that being a mechanic comes naturally to him, but Carlos has better places to be.

In the 1990s, a much younger Carlos watches his grandfather win a wrestling match. Later, he asks Luis what an angry man was talking to him about, but Luis replies that it was nothing.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Carlos wakes up in his car, which is now being driven by Dearing. He immediately assumes that Dearing double-crossed him, but Dearing shows him that his hands are not cuffed and the ability negation system on his chest and nose is just for show. Dearing also shows him that he has a communications device in his ear so they can keep in touch while inside Sunstone Manor. When they arrive at the manor, Carlos is registered as an evo due to the liquid Dearing had him swab on his cheeks, and is taken away by an orderly. When they reach an area without guards, Carlos knocks out the orderly and changes into his clothes. He escapes into the garden to look for Jose and Father Mauricio, and finds that the rumors about nobody wanting to leave are true. When he finds them, they insist that they want to stay, and Carlos finds that guards are closing in on him. He is tazered by the guards and taken to meet the Director.

When Carlos wakes up, he finds himself in a kitchen opposite the Director. The Director reads Carlos's mind, discovering that Carlos has no powers and is there to grab his people and go. The Director digs into Carlos's psyche and discovers the shameful secret that has been haunting him ever since the war. The Director sends Carlos into a white-curtained room and forces him to relive his cowardice in the war on the day his platoon was attacked. Carlos is left crying and shaking on the floor while the Director ponders what he has seen.

11:53 to Odessa

At Sunstone Manor, Matt brings in Carlos to help interrogate Farah and learns that when he froze up in a firefight in Afghanistan, Farah used her powers to save him and stop the men they were fighting. Matt realizes that Farah is in love with Carlos and threatens his life to get her to talk. Farah eventually breaks as she doesn't want Carlos to die and agrees to tell Matt everything he wants to know.

As a guard takes Carlos out to kill him, Carlos overpowers the man and escapes. Carlos then rescues Farah who an orderly is preparing to hook up to a machine. Carlos first slaps and then kisses Farah to wake her up and reminds her that she had once told him to be brave and that is what he is now doing. They then leave to find Jose. As they make their way through the hallways, they encounter Taylor Kravid who warns them of approaching guards who they quickly kill. Taylor tells them that she's there with Hero Truther to rescue their leader Micah and they are on the same side and are running out of time. Recognizing the name Hero Truther from something Jose told him, Carlos agrees to work with Taylor to rescue the evos. The three make their way to the lobby where they force a guard to open the gates to allow Rene, Logue, Dahlia and Deirdre in, also finding that the last transport had already left for Odessa. Meeting up with the group outside, they find an army of Harris clones approaching the building and split up.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

Felix tells Oscar that he sometimes wishes he would have joined the army with Carlos, and that he has heard that Carlos is now a hero. Oscar tells him that whatever Carlos is is keeping him from his family. Later, Carlos returns home and greets his brother coldly.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 4

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Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

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Project Reborn

Carlos, Jose and Micah rush Farah to St. Jude's Hospital only to find it abandoned and without power. Micah is able to restore the power and Carlos prepares to use his medevac training to operate on Farah and save her life. However, on Jose's suggestion, Carlos instead lets Jose use his powers to safely remove the bullet. Shortly afterwards, a lot of people come to the hospital looking for help and Carlos, Jose and Micah decide to stay and help the injured rather than try to help stop the H.E.L.E.

Three months after the H.E.L.E. is averted, Carlos continues his work as El Vengador, protecting Los Angeles and using a police scanner to locate crime. Carlos adds flamethrowers to his El Vengador suit, effectively giving himself pyrokinesis in battle with the suit as well as super strength. Farah, who is now his partner in fighting crime as well as his girlfriend, considers the addition "a bit much" but Carlos doesn't think so. Jose asks the two when he can join them in fighting crime as well but they are just amused by the idea.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

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Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Carlos's history was provided. The summary included:

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