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Mohinder Suresh/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Mohinder Suresh during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Mohinder comes home to his New York City apartment, and tells Maya that he has sent Molly off "somewhere safe." After arguing with Maya, Mohinder comes to a startling revelation. Seeing Maya becoming mad or upset to manifest her ability, Mohinder realizes that her power must come from her adrenal glands and not her blood. After extracting some adrenaline from Maya, he analyzes it in his lab. He finds out that he has a way to give powers to anyone. After an argument with Maya about what might happen if this fell into the wrong hands, Mohinder is left to ponder if he should use this serum, or destroy it. Later, on the docks, he stands at the edge of the water about to throw the serum away. At the last minute, he decides against it, and injects himself. He falls to the ground unconscious. While lying on the ground, two ruffians try to rob Mohinder. In self defense, he grabs the first man's gun, squeezing with enough strength to bend it. He then jumps to his feet and tosses the second man several meters away. The men run away as Mohinder, surprised, examines his hands. He runs after them only to let them go after a short run. Stupefied, he examines his hands once again.

The Butterfly Effect

Mohinder tests out his newfound powers in his lab. Maya tries to convince him to destroy the new serum he has created. Mohinder demonstrates his super strength and ability to crawl on the walls. After telling Maya that he can eventually find a way to reverse abilities, he and Maya kiss passionately. Later, Mohinder wakes up next to Maya and heads to the bathroom. While looking in the mirror, he peels a large patch of dead skin off of his back which has bulges growing underneath, and wonders what he did to himself.

I Am Become Death

Mohinder is becoming increasingly aggressive and violent as he continues to try to figure out what is happening to him in the process. While working in his lab, he hears his neighbors arguing. He goes to check the situation; Mark Spatney opens the door and his wife is behind him, bruised and crying. As his neighbor attempts to slam the door on Mohinder, Mohinder slams Spatney's head into the wall, and his wife screams at Mohinder to stop.

Later, Mohinder is commenting into his recorder that he is unable to remove the ability from himself. He also notices a substance sticking to the table when he lifts his hand. He hears someone knock on the door. He answers, only to be punched by Mark Spatney, who is furious that Mohinder "stuck his nose where it didn't belong." Mohinder retaliates in an ominous tone that it was Spatney who meddled, and grabs Spatney, lifting him off his feet, and pulls him into the lab. The door slams shut behind him.

Angels and Monsters

Mohinder sits in Central Park in the shadows under the trees, appearing to stalk a drug dealer. He goes up to the dealer, asking for something to take the edge off. When the man is suspicious, Mohinder grabs the dealer - easily parrying the dealer's blows of retaliation - and says that he needs the man himself. Mohinder takes the drug dealer's body to his lab, but when Maya comes over, he hides the body. She shows him a "Missing" poster of his neighbor, of which he pretends to know nothing. Escaping the topic, he tells Maya that he's getting closer to finding a way to remove abilities, and that he can make her happy. He wraps his arms around her, and Maya seems comforted by his embrace until she sees blood smeared across the floor from where Mohinder dragged the drug dealer into the back of his lab. When she hastens to leave, he goes into the other room to check on the dealer, as well as his neighbor, who is cocooned to the wall.

Mohinder leaves the lab, and when he returns he finds that someone has tried to free his neighbor from the cocoon. He looks around for the perpetrator, but then feels the effects of Maya's ability, who entered the lab while Mohinder was gone and was hiding under a table in terror. He convinces her to stop before she kills him, and she calls him a monster. Mohinder announces that he wishes she wouldn't have said that, and attacks her, cocooning her to the wall alongside his other victims.

Dying of the Light

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinder's lab to reveal that their abilities were given to them synthetically by Dr. Zimmerman. Mohinder, intrigued and desperate to find out how side-effect-free abilities could be granted, injects Tracy and Nathan with a knock-out drug, then straps them to tables in his hive. Daphne discovers them while attempting to recruit Mohinder for the Pinehearst Company; Mohinder is infuriated when she calls him "as bad as the rest of them", and he attempts to seize her, but she escapes the lab using her super speed. Later, Tracy attempts to reason with Mohinder, telling him that maybe they are all monsters, and that she can help him. Luring him into taking her offered hand, she utilizes her freezing power to subdue Mohinder and escape from her bonds. She releases Nathan, and Mohinder recovers and hurls one of the tables over their heads to prevent them from escaping, informing them wrathfully that they are not finished here.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder threatens Tracy and Nathan, and Tracy summons her freezing power. Mohinder pleads for one more sample so he can relieve Maya of her power. When they refuse, he bounds over them, rips Maya from her cocoon, and leaps through the skylight. At Pinehearst, Mohinder considers the unconscious Maya, who is contained in a laboratory. Arthur introduces himself and notes he took deliberate efforts to make sure everyone believed him dead. Mohinder insists he'd do anything to keep his promise and cure Maya of her abilities. Arthur goes in, touches her, and drains her abilities into himself. Mohinder goes into the lab but Maya tells him to stay away. Outside, Mohinder asks if Arthur can take away his own abilities, and Arthur wonders if he wants them removed. Arthur then takes him into a lab and shows him the two halves of the formula, and says they need Mohinder to take it to the next step. Mohinder is suspicious of their agenda but Arthur tells him to leave if he doesn't trust them. Mohinder considers it, and then asks for test subjects.

Later Arthur brings Peter to Mohinder's lab where the doctor prepares to inject him with a new version of the formula to give him powers. Peter says Mohinder warned him not to manipulate powers in the future. Mohinder asks Peter what he saw in the future, and Peter says that Mohinder was a monster. Mohinder notes that it's too late, exposing a scaly forearm to a shocked Peter as he brings the needle to Peter's arm. As Mohinder prepares to give Peter the injection, Sylar arrives and telekinetically throws Mohinder and Dr. Livitz back and starts to free Peter. Mohinder attacks Sylar and knocks him unconscious, while Arthur arrives and tries to stop Peter, who escapes. Arthur then stops Mohinder from beating Sylar, explaining the latter is his son. Mohinder goes to see Maya who is preparing to leave. She warns him to stay away, saying she can never trust him again. Mohinder says his feelings were real but she says what he did in her name was wrong. She plans to make amends for what she has done, and tells him to do the same.


Back in October 2006, Noah gets in a taxi and Mohinder is the driver.

It's Coming

After Mohinder tests Pinehearst's formula on a human being, his test subject mutates into something quite monstrous, due to the apparently imperfect serum. Mohinder, however, tells Arthur that theoretically, the formula is stable. He explains that there is just something missing: a catalyst. Arthur tells Mohinder that Kaito Nakamura must have hidden the final part of the formula, but Mohinder assures him that the catalyst could not be stored nor created synthetically; it had to have been stored in the blood of a human host. (Arthur determines that the host must be Claire Bennet.) Arthur notices that on Mohinder's computer screen is research on solar eclipses. When Arthur questions Mohinder about this, Mohinder tells him that many of the evolved humans he documented first manifested their abilities during the last total annular eclipse. Mohinder tells Arthur that it is probably just a coincidence, but still, Mohinder is intrigued.

Later, Mohinder speaks into his recorder about the condition of his patient, but he pauses, apparently moved by the suffering the man is experiencing. He apologizes to the mutated patient, and euthanizes the man at his request.

The Eclipse, Part 1

As an eclipse draws near, Mohinder's own mutation worsens while he carries out an autopsy on his former test subject. Mohinder demands that Arthur go after the catalyst: Claire, but Arthur tells him that there might be a problem with that, and shows him a prophetic sketch that he drew. The picture shows Noah carrying an apparently dead Claire, with a gunshot wound. When Mohinder tells Arthur that what the drawing predicts is not possible, because Claire can heal, Arthur asks Mohinder—being the scientist—whether he can explain it. Mohinder says the only explanation is the eclipse. When he tells Arthur that he needs the cure, Arthur produces a picture of Mohinder in a cocoon. Mohinder automatically assumes that this is a picture of his death.

The eclipse begins and Mohinder is alone in the lab. Coughing and in pain, he speaks into a tape recorder, and says that something is happening to him, and when he puts down the recorder, a web-like, sticky substance is oozing from his hands. Mohinder is forced by instinct to cocoon himself, as the drawing predicted. When Mohinder awakes, he pushes his way out of the cocoon. Naked and clean from his mutations, he emerges and looks at his reflection in a mirror, relieved. He wonders if the effects are permanent, and says that further research is needed; but not yet. Mohinder then picks up a sticky note from off his desk, with Maya's name and contact information. He puts on his coat to leave, but Arthur and Flint come in, telling him that he's not going anywhere. Flint throws Mohinder against the wall demanding that he get their powers back.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Mohinder is still being held against his will by Pinehearst. Arthur orders Mohinder to find a cure to his powerless state as he is vulnerable to attacks. Flint keeps a close eye on him but Mohinder manages to overpower him, beating him brutally. He picks up Maya's contact details and goes to her apartment. However, just as she is coming to answer the door, the eclipse ends and Mohinder notices that scales have reappeared on the back of his hand. Disgusted by his appearance, he leaves and returns to Pinehearst, leaving Maya confused. He rejoins Arthur, who is standing over a beaten Flint, and tells Arthur that he has nowhere else to go. Arthur comments on how the eclipse has brought out the real characters of everyone, before telling Mohinder to deal with the monster inside himself.

Our Father

At Pinehearst, Arthur, having acquired the catalyst, enters Mohinder's lab with Tracy and Nathan. He calls for Mohinder, who nods in approval as Arthur approaches the latest batch of the formula. Arthur then completes the formula by adding the catalyst and, as he watches the formula glow with golden light, a smile twitches Mohinder's lips. Afterwards, Mohinder prepares syringes of the formula as Tracy instructs him that they will need fifty doses - one for every marine who signed up for the program, but Nathan argues that they will just try it on one first, to ensure that it works.

After Arthur has departed, Mohinder, Tracy and Nathan stand in front of a containment cell in which the first marine awaits his injection. As Mohinder enters to administer the formula to the marine, the marine appraises him and, seeing his scaly condition, asks what happened. Mohinder tells him that it was a mistake, and the marine begins to panic. Nathan reassures him as Mohinder holds his arm firmly and jabs the needle into his flesh and injects the formula. Mohinder exits the chamber and observes, Tracy and Nathan beside him. They watch as the marine's body begins to spasm, and then when he breaks free of his restraints, Mohinder reaches for the door handle and warily asks how the marine feels. The marine pulls up the chair--which had been bolted to the floor--and throws it through the glass of the containment cell, where it lodges firmly in the opposite wall. He then announces to the stunned Mohinder, Tracy and Nathan that he feels good.


Speaking into his recorder in his lab at Pinehearst, Mohinder states that he is "out of time" because the infection has spread to his lungs. He says that the perfected formula is his only hope of being cured, and picks up a syringe of the serum. But just as he is preparing to inject himself, Peter demands that he put it down, calling it a weapon that needs to be destroyed. Mohinder insists that his life depends upon the formula, and Peter turns his gun on Mohinder threateningly. Mohinder asks Peter to recall when they first met, when Peter tried to convince Mohinder that people with abilities actually existed. Peter notes that Mohinder didn't believe him at the time, and Mohinder explains that after he learned that evolved humans existed, he coveted what they had, so much so that he tried to recreate it. Peter says that the formula has made Mohinder into a monster, and Mohinder says that this is exactly why he needs the new injection--to be cured. Just then, Daphne streaks through the lab and snatches the syringe right out of Mohinder's hand. Peter and Mohinder remain standing for a moment, both utterly nonplussed, before Mohinder demands to know what Peter did. Peter points his gun, but Mohinder pushes it aside and smashes Peter across the room.

Just then, Flint attacks an unsuspecting Mohinder from behind, shoving him up against a support beam and announcing that it's time for payback. He cups his hand around Mohinder's jaw and says that if Mohinder moves, he'll burn his face off. Peter demands that he stop, but Knox explains that they can do this together--he and Flint want to trash the place just as much as Peter does. As Knox begins to smash up the lab, Peter questions why they would help him. Flint explains that the formula makes people like them less special, and Mohinder--still pinned by Flint--tells Peter to look at who he is allying himself with, and to imagine to think of all the good that Nathan's project could do. Peter looks silently at Mohinder for a moment before overturning a table. Mohinder winces as the materials break and shatter, and Peter tells Mohinder that Nathan isn't in charge anymore. As Peter tosses and shatters a container full of the formula, Mohinder warns them that the formula is highly combustible. Flint says he can't be burned, but Mohinder asks whether he would be willing to sacrifice Peter. When his prompt isn't answered, Mohinder asks Peter to reexamine his choice of accomplices, calling them thugs and killers. Flint, irritated, knees Mohinder in the groin, then throws him onto a flimsy table which breaks beneath him, leaving Mohinder unconscious on the ground. Peter rushes to check on Mohinder, then reprimands Flint, telling him that he didn't have to do that, but Flint replies that the trashing of the lab will go twice as fast with Mohinder out of the way. Peter and Flint overturn a large vat of formula, sending a torrent of liquid splashing across the floor. It washes over the unconscious Mohinder, awakening him, and as he coughs and splutters, the formula appears to cleanse his face of the scales and lesions there. Peter announces that the vat was the last of the things in need of trashing, and Flint ignites his hands with the intention of burning the lab. As Flint, Peter, and a new arrival to the lab--Nathan--argue and struggle and, in turn, engulf the lab in flames, Mohinder finds a way to escape.

Later, having escaped the burning lab, Mohinder staggers along on the side of the road. A sleek silver car pulls up beside him and he hastens toward it; pausing by the passenger door, he sees his reflection in the car window and notices the lack of scales on his face. The driver of the car rolls down the window; it's Tracy, who gives Mohinder a smile and gestures for him to get in. He climbs into the passenger seat and glances at Tracy, seeming slightly distrustful, and the two drive off.

Graphic Novel:What We Have Wrought

Tracy Strauss is driving Mohinder in her car towards New York City. Mohinder is clean from his mutations and glad to be. Tracy inquires about recreating the catalyzed formula, and after asking her why they would want to recreate it, he says that he could if he had a sample. However, he says that without a sample all he can do is create monsters. Tracy shows Mohinder that she does in fact have a sample: the last one, and tries to lure him into her plan. Mohinder debates whether to side with Tracy, but in the end realizes that she is wrong. Mohinder snatches the vial from her and escapes from the car. After running far enough away, he destroys the vial, getting rid of the formula once and for all. He then makes his way to New York City, and realizes that he is finally free.

A Clear and Present Danger

Two months after the explosion at Pinehearst, Mohinder attempts to go back to the normal life of a taxicab driver. Coincidentally, he gets a fare from a familiar face: Peter Petrelli. Peter reminds Mohinder that the last time that they saw each other, they weren't exactly allies, but Mohinder tells Peter that that was long ago. Peter asks Mohinder if he has kept in contact with anyone, and Mohinder says that he hasn't been seeing anyone; all except Nathan have all been laying low. Mohinder says that maybe Nathan's plan concerning trying to keep the world safe from the evolved humans (not knowing the full extent of the senator's arrangements) is for the better. Mohinder notes that he has seen the dangers of having powers first hand. Peter asks him if he would still feel that way if his brother's plans went farther than he expected and Mohinder says that they'll agree to disagree. They reach their destination, Mohinder says that the ride is on him, and lets Peter out. Mohinder's next passenger pulls a gun on him and tells Mohinder to "just drive." Mohinder says that it's his dime and drives him to a parking garage. They both get out of the cab, and Mohinder realizes that he is surrounded by men with guns. Mohinder then rips the door of the taxi off and fights off the men. They fire their guns at him, but he shields himself with the door. Then he drops it and runs away. Noah pulls up in an SUV and tells Mohinder that if he wants to live he needs to get in the car. Mohinder is hesitant, but then gets in the back door and they drive away. Despite Mohinder's confusion, Noah doesn't answer any of Mohinder's questions about who the men that were trying to kidnap him were, and instead asks Mohinder if he has made any contact with Claire or Parkman and what he talked to Peter about. Mohinder says that he's made no contact Claire or Matt, and doesn't have time to answer the third question when Noah stops the car in front of the hunter and his men waiting for them at the exit. Noah apologizes to Mohinder and then tasers Mohinder who staggers out of the car and collapses.

A drugged Mohinder, along with the other imprisoned evolved humans are loaded onto a cargo plane, hooded and in orange jumpsuits. Claire, who had been released by Nathan earlier, sneaks onto the plane and manages to unhood Peter and Mohinder; and remove the drug shunt from both of them. Peter manages to touch Mohinder's hand, gaining his ability, and breaks free from his shackles. Claire ventures to the cockpit and Peter accidentally touches Tracy, acquiring her power instead of Mohinder's. However, the guard attacks him, and Peter accidentally freezes the side of the plane and it shatters. The guards and an unnamed prisoner are swept out of the plane; and Peter holds onto some netting for his life. Unfortunately, the netting comes unfastened and Peter begins to fall out of the plane. Mohinder grabs him, but starts to lose his grip...

Trust and Blood

Mohinder and Matt grab Hiro into a ditch where they remain hidden from the plane crash. When Matt enters into a trance and walks away to the other direction, Mohinder is confused and startled by his compelled state. They end up arriving at a trailer, and change into casual clothing while Matt unexpectedly draws the future. Mohinder suggests Hiro to turn himself in to the police, since it is no longer his fight. Hiro claims he is still a warrior, and that it is his duty to save his friends. As Matt finishes his drawings, they see a picture of Daphne getting shot. They go to the site of the plane crash, where they are reunited with Ando and Daphne. When Daphne is shot by Danko's team, Matt is dragged by Mohinder and escapes. The next day, Matt and Mohinder meet with Hiro, Ando, and Peter outside the Unity Light Baptist Church. As they discuss Matt's prophetic drawings, they prepare to sacrifice their old lives and begin a new fugitive path. Mohinder confirms to Hiro that he will be in India (according to one of the drawings), and also sees a drawing of two men holding guns. He believes that they will seek justice, while Matt only desires revenge.

Building 26

Mohinder helps Peter and Matt take Noah away after he falls unconscious from drinking a drugged drink at a bar in a Costa Verde motel.

Cold Wars

Mohinder and Matt are seen walking down the Costa Verde motel, meeting with Peter at a driveway. As they discuss their planned capture and interrogation with Noah Bennet, Mohinder feels uneasy about the whole situation. As they successfully capture and drag Noah into the motel room, Matt begins the telepathic "interrogation", where he delves into Noah's memories. Mohinder asks how far Matt is willing to push into Noah's memories, with Matt replying that he'd go as far as he'd need to.

As Matt progresses the memory scan, Mohinder objects that the interrogation is torture and straining Noah's body. The argument escalates, with Mohinder stating that Matt's harsh plan is to justify Daphne's death. Matt concludes that the fugitives know nothing, and Noah is their only source of information regarding their threat. As Matt discovers that Noah and Nathan planned their operation together, Mohinder continues to berate Matt's plans and reliance on memories. Matt tells Mohinder that he can leave if he wants to, implying that he's reading Mohinder's mind. Peter breaks up the heated fight, and receives a legit address and combination to Noah's storage room. As Peter leaves, he bluntly tells them not to "kill each other."

When Mohinder begins to worry about Peter's delayed arrival, Noah claims that Peter has been captured or killed at this point. He attempts to manipulate Matt, saying that they placed Peter right where the government wanted him. Mohinder agrees with Noah, suggesting that they leave and escape before the government comes after them, however, Matt is intrigued by Noah's co-worker and projects into his memories once again.

When Matt finally finds out that Noah confronted Mohinder before the plane crash, they begin to violently fight. Matt angrily tells Mohinder that he could have warned the fugitives, but Mohinder did not want to believe Noah and his possible manipulation. Matt tells Mohinder he could have prevented the plane crash and Daphne's death, before they notice Noah secretly escaped. As they quickly split up in order to find him, Peter captures Noah successfully in the parking lot. Back in the motel room, Peter also finds out Mohinder knew about the possibility of the government's plans. Matt finally labels Mohinder a coward before getting into Noah's memories to find out about Danko.

When Matt and Mohinder find out troops were coming after them, Noah admits to Matt that Daphne is alive. Mohinder sacrifices himself by holding off the troops while Matt digs in Noah's head for the truth. Outside, as Mohinder fights off some of the soldiers, he is stunned repeatedly and finally taken down. Mohinder is then woken in a cell by Nathan, restrained by heavy chains. Nathan tries to convince Mohinder that his actions along with Peter and Matt will lead to deadly consequences, and believes that containment is the key. Nathan then asks for Mohinder's scientific assistance, to which Mohinder quickly refuses. He is then informed that without his help, Daphne along with the other evolved humans will be executed.

Cold Snap

Danko shows Mohinder to a room where various evolved humans, including Matt and Daphne are lying unconscious, hooked up to drugs. Mohinder says that Daphne is very sick and needs to be in the hospital, but Danko refuses. When Mohinder says he can't help her, Danko reveals that it was just a trick to get him into the room. Mohinder is sedated and strapped to a table with the drugs. Later Mohinder is freed alongside Matt by Tracy who was freed by Rebel. Matt and he take Daphne to the hospital and Mohinder is by Matt's side to comfort him as Daphne dies.

Turn and Face the Strange

Mohinder tells Parkman that he is going to India by ship, and tells Matt to come with him. Matt refuses and loads a gun, determined to get revenge on Danko for Daphne's death. Mohinder tries to reason with Matt, but Matt simply tells Mohinder he's been a good friend and says goodbye.

Mohinder breaks into his late father's old apartment, only to find that the room is completely empty. The landlord walks in, telling Mohinder that he'll have to pay for the broken lock. When Mohinder asks about his papers and his father's work, the landlord tells him that Homeland Security came by and took everything, and that if he or the big guy showed up, he should call them. Mohinder advises against it and threatens to implicate him, saying that he has checked the building and nobody is currently watching; he promises to leave the apartment by the next day. The landlord mentions that Chandra left some stuff downstairs in storage, and asks Mohinder to take it with him when he leaves; Mohinder tells him to show it to him.

Mohinder is called by Hiro on his cell phone. He is asked about Matt and tells Hiro that he is DC, but that he's bent on revenge.

Mohinder, still going through his father's files at his old apartment, finds information on Operation Icarus, a government operation in Coyote Sands in the 1960s. He finds a copy of an old security pass and realizes that his father was there. Mohinder pins strings to a map, with Coyote Sands marked in the middle, and packs up his father's files.


At Coyote Sands, a sandstorm suddenly and violently appears. Noah Bennet stumbles around before tripping. Mohinder then drags him into a nearby building and pins him to a wall using his super strength. Mohinder believes Noah's hunting him for Danko still, but Noah tells him he's a double agent and he was found out. Mohinder has doubts, but Noah tells him about Angela Petrelli calling him to Coyote Sands and revealing that it used to be an interment camp for evolved humans. Mohinder, shocked, lets Noah go. Mohinder reveals to Noah that he'd come because he learned his father had been working there and wanted to know what he was doing. However, with Noah's revelation, Mohinder is no longer sure he wants to find out. He gives Noah a file containing information on a young Angela.

Later, Angela is taken a nearby bunker by Alice Shaw, her sister. Alice tells Angela the rest of the story of Coyote Sands and Angela reveals she'd lied to Alice about being safe by staying there. Alice attacks Angela, but Peter and Mohinder come to her rescue. Mohinder tries to calm Alice, but she has flashes of his father trying to do the same. She electrocutes Mohinder, knocking him out. Angela tells Alice that Peter is her nephew and she has a family. Alice calms, but refuses to join Angela. Instead, she goes outside and disappears.

The group leaves the camp, but Mohinder tells Peter he's going to stay behind and learn his father's story. Peter gives him a film reel with Chandra's name on it.

I Am Sylar

Mohinder is still at Coyote Sands, looking at the film of the reel about his father's research when Danko's team burst in and capture him.

An Invisible Thread

After Hiro and Ando make their way to Building 26 and, in frozen time, find Mohinder. They replace the sedated prisoners with the agents, and unfreeze time. Mohinder thanks them, but says that they have to get out. However, Hiro briefly passes out and Ando explains to Mohinder that Hiro had been having headaches due to using his power. Ando asks Mohinder to help Hiro, since he is a doctor. Mohinder says that Hiro's pupils are dilated and that his body is rejecting his powers. Mohinder orders Hiro to stop freezing time.

However, Hiro disobeys; he takes the syringe filled with tranquilizer from Danko's hand as he prepares to stab Noah Bennet, and uses it to sedate Danko. After this, he passes out again. Mohinder and Ando rush to his side.

Later, Mohinder, Ando, Hiro, Noah and Claire Bennet, Matt Parkman, Peter and Angela Petrelli, and "Nathan" all gather to watch the cremation of Sylar's body. Mohinder leaves Hiro's side to greet Peter just before heading off.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder attends Sylar's funeral, and reflects on everything that has happened to him, and the things that Sylar has done. He realizes that everyone has a monster in them, and they must fight to keep it at bay.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Micah sees Mohinder's name on the flight manifest for Flight 195.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 6

While with Mohinder's mother, Molly Walker asks her if she thinks that Mohinder will recognize her when they see each other again. Mohinder's mother assured her that the only way Mohinder wouldn't recognize her is if he was blind.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player questions Mohinder in his lab in Pinehearst Headquarters, Fort Lee, NJ. The room is rather dark, lit only by the glow of his computer monitors. Mohinder is examining a moaning patient who is covered by a sheet, and the player gets a sight at some strange discolored abrasions on the back of Mohinder's neck before he notices the player is there and covers up his neckline. During questioning, Mohinder explains Anna's story and her ability, and provides the player a theory as to why Red Eye might have kidnapped her.

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