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Elle Bishop/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Elle Bishop during Season Three.

For more about Elle Bishop, see the main article.

For Elle Bishop's Season Two history, see here.

Character History

The Butterfly Effect

After Sylar takes Claire's power, Bob shows Elle a video of a failed attempt by two Company agents to take him down, during which he berates her for letting him get away. Elle later comes into her father's office to ask for her position back, only to find him with the top of his head cut off and his brain removed. She runs down to Level 5 to get help from Noah Bennet. Elle tosses Noah a gun; Noah asks "I thought Daddy didn't want me to leave my cell?" "My dad's dead", Elle explains. "Sylar killed him." Upon leaving Noah's cell, Sylar telekinetically knocks Elle face-down on the floor. Bennet fires several times at Sylar, but Sylar, having acquired Claire's rapid cell regeneration, heals almost instantly. "I got that from your Claire," Sylar says to Bennet before slamming him against the ceiling, knocking him out. Sylar takes the gun and turns it to gold to taunt Elle. Sylar then begins to cut open her skull, but Elle (perhaps involuntarily) discharges a powerful blast of electricity, rendering Sylar unconscious. Unfortunately, the power surge also disables the Level Five power grid, allowing the prisoners to escape. Later, Angela Petrelli appears, Bob's death having left her in control of The Company. Angela's first official act is to fire Elle.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Elle has an electrical outburst when Sylar starts to cut her head open, knocking out the level's power grid and releasing the prisoners.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 1

After Sylar killed Elle's dad, and Angela fired her from the Company, Elle travels to London to experience the freedom she did not get when with the Company. Elle initially believes she is being watched but ignores the problem, as she has lost control of her ability, electrocuting herself in her own hotel room. The attention that comes with the lack of control has troubled her, and, as she sits on a train, Daphne attempts to convince her to join the Pinehearst Company. Elle doesn't want to get involved with another company, and contemplates what she should do next. Realizing approaching Noah Bennet is out of the question, she seeks help from Claude Rains. She tracks him to a capsule on top of the London Eye, where, before she can approach him, he aggressively asks why she's following him. Elle tries to explain her problem with her ability, but Claude believes she still has ties with the Company and runs off before she can tell him she is no longer with them. The rain outside allows Elle to give chase to Claude, but she loses control of her ability, and the two are knocked out.

Eris Quod Sum

When Claire comes home with her mom, there's something wrong with the lights. When they get in the house they see Lyle laying on the floor claiming "the bitch is back". That's when they see Elle, with small arcs of electricity emitting from her body. Elle tries to attack Claire, but it's uneffective as Claire can't feel anything anymore. She grabs Elle by the hair and attempts to throw her out, but Elle manages to get free and throw Claire onto the ground and shoot her with a continous beam of lightning. Lyle throws a bucket of water over Elle so that she herself conducts the electricity and is shocked. When Claire asks Elle what she is doing at the Bennet's house, Elle apologizes and claims that she needs help and she doesn't know where else to go. When Elle explains that she can't control her ability anymore, Claire reveals that she can't feel pain. Elle tells Claire that a girl found her in London and gave her a business card. Claire gets out the same card she got from Stephen Canfield and tells Elle she thinks there's something wrong with them both, and maybe Pinehearst can fix it. They team up and head out to the Pinehearst building in a plane. Elle overloads in the plane and causes it to go down, but Claire grabs Elle's hand and absorbs all the electricity into herself. When they arrive at Pinehearst they see Peter falling from a window. When he lands, Peter claims "He took my abilities". Claire asks Elle to help, but she apologizes to Claire and enters the Pinehearst building.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

After Elle stunned Claude and knocked herself unconscious by electrifying the air in the rain, Lee and Abigail arrive and help Claude to his feet. Claude asks them to take Elle to their home as well. Later, Claude, Lee, and Abigail discuss Elle's presence as she begins to wake up. Claude tells Lee and Abigail to leave them alone. After Lee and Abigail exit the room, Elle tells Claude she needs him to help her control her ability. Claude tells Elle he'll teach her as long she does what she's told.

Claude takes Elle to a theatre so watch Hamlet, where Elle tells him about Bob's death and that she knows what her father did to her. Claude tells her it's okay to be angry at him but it's also okay to forgive him. Elle asks, "What if I can't?" Claude replies, "Either way, you just need to let it out."

Later, Elle is resting in the hot tub when she sees Abigail stepping into the water. Elle tries to warn her, but to no avail: Abigail receives a electric shock that knocks her to the floor. Elle apologizes, but Abigail kicks her, calling Elle a "bitch". Elle attacks Abigail, who deflects Elle's electrical blast with her ability; the electric bolt hits Lee when he enters the room. Abigail punches Elle, who says it was an accident. and makes her leave.

Just as Elle is packing, Claude tells her he'll talk to Abigail and Lee but Elle says, "And tell them what? That even in this house I'm still a freak?" Claude tells her that's not who she is, but Elle says it is and it's better for everyone if she just accepts it.

She travels back to the U.S. and goes to the Bennet home, where she shocks Lyle into unconsciousness.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Tina Ramierez mentions to Sylar that she heard he was the one who took down Elle.


In 2006, Elle and Noah are keeping surveillance on Gabriel Gray as he struggles to control the act he considers 'sinful' and vividly remembers his first victim. He is attempting suicide by hanging himself in his watch store when Elle enters and finds him hanging and moments from death. She breaks the rope with a blast of electricity and manages to convince a confused and groggy Gabriel that the rope broke by itself and it is a sign that he is forgiven by God. With Noah monitoring her progress via hidden cameras from the back of a Primatech van across the street, Elle bonds with Gabriel over peach pie, and eventually finds herself beginning to fall for him. She also fakes amazement and ignorance when Gabriel demonstrates his secondary ability. When she objects to Noah about how they are manipulating Gabriel, he says she can quit but she'll be on her own.

Elle steals a list of individuals with abilities that Gabriel was attempting to throw out and under pressure from Noah manages to contact and bring an evolved human, Trevor Zeitlan, to Gabriel's apartment. She expresses admiration for Trevor, taunting Gabriel into using his telekinesis on Trevor. However, when Gabriel prepares to kill Trevor, she shocks Gabriel with lightning. Realizing that she's lied to him, Gabriel first telekinetically slams her into a wall and then tells her to get out. She flees to the van and is forced to listen over the surveillance cameras as Gabriel opens up Trevor's skull. Later, she objects to their mission, noting that they could have saved Gabriel rather than manipulating him into killing again. Noah insists that saving Gabriel wasn't their assignment and they have to follow orders.

It's Coming

Elle is confined in a locked room and chained to the floor. Arthur Petrelli ushers Sylar into the room and leaves them together. Seeking revenge for the death of her father, Elle fires lighting bolts at Sylar, killing him repeatedly. Each time his regeneration power heals his wounds, he tells her to take her vengeance and she keeps attacking him until she collapses, sobbing. She begs Sylar to kill her but Sylar unchains her and takes her hand. Sylar helps her to come to terms with the death of her father. As he does so, he discovers that he has duplicated her ability without having to study her brain. The two sit together and she first generates an electrical arc to match his, then shows him how to unleash bursts of lightning. During that time she is in relatively intimate contact with him.

Later, she and Sylar are released and she goes to Arthur's office to watch him sketch the eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Elle continues to teach Sylar how to use her ability. She compliments him, but he still lacks the confidence. Their conversation is interrupted by Arthur Petrelli, who instructs Sylar to go and get him Claire Bennet. Elle asks if she can go too, saying that being a company girl is all she knows. Later, at a car rental hire, Elle and Sylar wait for the car rental salesman to arrive; Elle reveals that he is probably calling the police, as she has told him that Sylar is a serial killer. The car rental salesman comes out with a gun, and Elle implores Sylar to make a choice - to be a hero, or to be a monster.

Elle and Sylar go to the house of Stephen Canfield, and come across Noah Bennet and Claire. Elle attempts to use her power, but she can't. Noah pulls a gun on her, but is stopped in his tracks by Sylar, who also attempts to use one of his abilities. Noah and Sylar fight, and Noah drops his gun, which rolls towards Elle. She picks it up, cocks, and fires -- Claire jumps in front of the shot and falls to the floor. In revenge, Noah knocks Elle unconscious.

Later, the two regain consciousness. Elle wonders what is happening the two of them, and asks Sylar whether he can stand what is happening. Elle expresses her anger that they cannot take what they want any more; Sylar's reply is to kiss her passionately. As they kiss, Noah aims a sniper rifle at the couple.

The Eclipse, Part 2

In the Canfields' home, Elle and Sylar continue to kiss passionately until Elle notices the laser sight of Noah's sniper rifle fixed on Sylar's head. They narrowly evade the bullet and attempt to escape. In the ensuing gunfight with Noah, Elle is shot in the leg. Elle and Sylar go into a drug store, but Noah is not far behind. In order to buy some time, Sylar sends Elle away, while he tries to take down Noah. Sylar proceeds to engage Noah in a fist fight but Noah eventually gets the upper hand, slitting Sylar's throat as Elle watches. After the eclipse ends, Sylar revives and travels to the Bennets' home with Elle and holds the Bennet family hostage. As Sylar is about to kill Noah, Hiro teleports in and takes Sylar and Elle to a beach. At the beach, Sylar tells Elle that she was wrong about him, that people never truly change. Sylar then begins to telekinetically cut her skull.

Elle is killed by Sylar.

Our Father

Elle is cremated by a remorseful Sylar.


As Sylar contemplates his past and informs Claire of her options, he remarks that Elle helped create him into a monster, and that she is dead, soon to be joined by Noah.

Shades of Gray

Elle is mentioned by Danko along with Hiro and Matt as examples of ability heredity when he questions Angela.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Elle is mentioned among various Sylar's various other victims.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 1 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Professor Priscilla Van Cleef informs the Pinehearst contracted player that Pinehearst recently made contact with Elle. A small group of heavily armed individuals was planning to murder her with a van full of explosives, and one of their RARU tactical teams was able to divert her mysterious attackers before she was even aware of them. Later, the player uses the story of the attempt on Elle's life as a way to infiltrate the Kill Squad.

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