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Arthur Petrelli/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Arthur Petrelli during Season Three.

For more about Arthur Petrelli, see the main article.

For Arthur Petrelli's Season One history, see here.

Character History

I Am Become Death

Angela informs Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi that everyone is being manipulated by someone very powerful, and that they must stop it.

Angels and Monsters

Angela reveals that she and Arthur genetically enhanced their son, Nathan, as a baby, to give him an ability after Nathan was born an ordinary person, something which disappointed Arthur.

Angela has a dream, where she sees Nathan, Tracy Strauss, and Peter dead. Arthur appears to her in this dream, telling her that he can't have her dreaming the future like this. Angela vows to stop Arthur's plans, but in turn he tells her she won't be able to move. Angela wakes up from this dream in a coma, indeed unable to move.

Maury Parkman, another Company founder with the ability of telepathy, talks with a bedridden Arthur at Pinehearst. Though Arthur does not speak, Maury hears his questions using telepathy and answers, reporting that Adam Monroe will be delivered to them soon and that his illusions of Daniel Linderman are causing Nathan to believe he is carrying out God's plan.

Dying of the Light

While lying in bed hooked to a respirator, Arthur has Adam Monroe brought to him. Adam, greatly surprised that Arthur is still alive, is told by him something that visibly frightens Adam. Adam attempts to escape, but Knox holds him back. After Adam pleads for his life, Knox forces Arthur's hand on Adam's, causing Adam to age rapidly and turn to dust. Mr. Petrelli then pulls the respirator from his throat, heals instantly, and proclaims that "It's good to breathe again."

Later, Arthur welcomes Maury, Knox, Daphne, and Flint to Pinehearst. Peter interrupts the meeting and is understandably shocked to see his father. Arthur asks Peter to give him a hug, to which he reluctantly agrees. Suddenly, Peter cries out as a white light is pulled into Arthur from Peter. Peter falls to the floor and attempts to use an ability, but nothing happens. Arthur then demonstrates a spark of electricity at his fingertips, claiming that he has Peter's powers now.

Eris Quod Sum

Peter has a dream, recalling the day that he learned that his father was dead, and some of his mother's words at Arthur's funeral. He then recalls his most recent memories of Arthur stealing all of his powers. Suddenly, Peter wakes up, and finds that he is handcuffed to a gurney and unable to escape. Arthur is sitting nearby reading Nietzsche. Arthur tells Peter that his body is still in shock from when he absorbed his abilities. Peter swears that he will stop Arthur. Arthur then tells Peter that he is grounded.

Daphne checks in with Arthur, who wants to know why she hasn’t recruited Matt to Pinehearst. He wonders if she was thinking something that might discourage Matt from joining. Knox picks up on her fear and she asks how she can fix it. Arthur tells her to kill Matt, much to Maury’s outrage. Maury says he’s promised his loyalty in return for Matt’s safety. When he tries to interfere, Arthur casually snaps his neck using telekinesis, and thanks him for all of his sacrifice. Daphne insists there must be another way, and Arthur glares at her.

Later Arthur is with Mohinder looking in on Maya, who, like Peter, is strapped to a bed. Mohinder tells Arthur that he only wanted to help Maya and relieve her of her ability. Arthur says that all Mohinder has to do is watch. He then enters the room and absorbs Maya's ability. He then shows Mohinder the formula and asks for Mohinder's help, who hesitates at first, then asks for test subjects.

Arthur, accompanied by guards, attempts to take Peter to Mohinder for testing. However, he sees that Peter has escaped his cuffs. Peter runs at Arthur with a tray but Arthur telekinetically stops him and then his guards subdue him. Peter is taken to Mohinder, who attempts to inject Peter with the formula. However, Sylar arrives to save Peter from Mohinder. After killing Dr. Livitz, Sylar frees Peter, but is attacked by Mohinder. Arthur comes in and tries to use electricity to stop Peter, but Peter escapes. Arthur then stops Mohinder from pummeling Sylar and reveals to Mohinder that Sylar is his son.

Later, Arthur speaks with Flint about Peter's escape from the building. Flint is sent to go find Peter. Arthur also has Sylar suspended in the air telekinetically. He explains to Sylar that Angela is not the woman Sylar thinks she is and that she had seen Sylar's future when Sylar was a baby. Arthur releases Sylar from the telekinetic suspension and says that Angela was so afraid of what Sylar would become that she tried to drown him in the bath. He tells Sylar that he arrived just in time to stop her.

Minutes later Arthur and Sylar arrive to recapture Peter. Peter tells Sylar that Arthur can't be trusted, but Arthur insists that they can change the future that Peter saw. Peter tells Sylar to just kick Arthur's ass so they can leave but Sylar tells him he isn't going anywhere, but Peter is. He telekinetically tosses Peter out a window for him to fall seven stories. Peter survives. Arthur asks Sylar how he thinks Peter survived but Sylar says he doesn't know. Arthur gazes as Sylar knowingly, then receives a call from Daphne. She says she's won Matt over. Arthur tells her that if she screws her mission up he'll put her back where he found her.


Hiro begins his spirit walk, learning that Arthur was responsible for Nathan's accident in the previous year. Arthur and Linderman expected the crash to kill Nathan to stop the DA's office from inquiring into Linderman's affairs. When Angela finds out that he tried to kill Nathan, Arthur uses his telepathy to convince Angela that it has to be done. Later, while having dinner, Angela confronts Arthur about it, having had her memory restored by Linderman. Using the Haitian to block his powers, she asks Arthur whether he can understand her any more without his powers. Arthur appears to be having a bout with indigestion until Angela says that she poisoned his food. Arthur is taken to the hospital where Dr. Livitz tells his family he's dead. However, Dr. Livitz explains to Arthur (who is really alive) that the poison caused permanent damage to his peripheral nervous system, paralyzing him and forcing him to have to breathe through a tube. Arthur telepathically orders Dr. Livitz to use someone else's body for the cremation that Angela ordered.

Hiro wakes from his spirit walk only for him and Ando to find that Usutu has been decapitated. Arthur suddenly appears and grabs Hiro by the head, causing him to scream as if in great pain.

It's Coming

Arthur, still grabbing Hiro by the head, damages a great deal of his memories leaving him to as a ten year old kid, Ando tries to stop Arthur but he pushes him telekinetically. While looking around Arthur notices the eclipse painted by Usutu. Arthur takes a closer look at the eclipse when he notices Hiro and Ando attempting to escape. He walks towards them but Hiro manages to teleport away before he reaches them. Arthur then teleports back to Pinehearst, where he tells Sylar that he doesn't need to kill to obtain new abilities, that he can obtain new abilities by using his empathy, which he can teach him. He leads him down a corridor into a dark room and locks him there. Later, he is seen watching Sylar and Elle's interactions in a computer. Also he is able to use his telepathy to fight with Matt who is attempting to free Angela from being trapped in her mind. Appearing as Daphne, Arthur arrives and stabs Matt but is revealed when the real Daphne joins them and professes her love for Matt. Angela reminds Arthur that he did and still does love her and convinces him to let her go after which Matt is able to wake himself, Angela and Daphne up. Arthur, sitting in the chair in his office at Pinehearst, senses Tracy Strauss behind him. He asks her if she wants her ability taken away but Tracy says she is happy with it. Tracy then states that they can help each other by saying that she can try to win Nathan over to Arthur's side and becomes one of the villains. Finally, he paints a picture of an eclipse and says that it's coming.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Arthur is doing more precognitive sketches. They include: Peter and Nathan falling toward a jungle; Sylar kissing Elle; Hiro, Matt, and Ando standing in a cornfield; and Noah holding a dead Claire.

Mohinder is conducting an autopsy on his test subject and realizes that he himself is still mutating. He goes to see Arthur and demands the catalyst. Arthur shows him the picture of Noah and Claire and says it’s going to happen today. Mohinder says it’s impossible since Claire can't die, but Arthur asks him how it could happen. Mohinder suspects the eclipse is involved and notes that if Claire dies, the catalyst dies with her and he can't get a cure. There’s another sketch of Mohinder in a cocoon and Arthur warns that everything is going to change today.

Tracy calls Arthur with information on where Nathan and Peter are going. Tracy wonders if Arthur is going to hurt Nathan, and Arthur says there are some things out of his control. Tracy, concerned, says they need him. Arthur tells Tracy to go to the Marine training facility at Parris Island and use some of her connections to put together an army. She balks but he says she has to do what he says or Nathan won't make it to the White House.

During the eclipse, Arthur throws the sketches on the ground in frustration.

Mohinder determines that every facet of the formula has disappeared from his body. He has no idea why or how and then brings up a file on Maya. He prepares to leave but Arthur and Flint come in. Arthur says that Mohinder has to get everyone’s abilities back and Mohinder warns that it may be irreversible. Flint slams Mohinder into the wall and tells him he’s going to stay there until Mohinder gets their powers back.

The Eclipse, Part 2

At Pinehearst, Mohinder goes over research materials on eclipses and considers Maya’s address. Flint is watching him and Arthur arrives to demand answers. Mohinder says there are too many possibilities to narrow anything down, and Flint snaps at him. Arthur tells Mohinder that he needs more incentive and has Flint torture him with a cigarette lighter. Mohinder collapses in pain and Arthur leaves.

After the eclipse, Arthur is watching a battered Flint when Mohinder returns. Arthur admits the eclipse showed them all that they’re desperate and weak, and asks if Mohinder is ready to go back to work. Mohinder says he has nowhere else to go and Arthur assures him that they’ll find a cure. However, he warns Mohinder he’ll have to take care of the monster within him on his own.

Our Father

Arthur is pleasantly surprised when Nathan arrives to join him. Nathan tells Arthur that he is taking over Pinehearst. After some quick negotiating by Tracy, Arthur reluctantly agrees. Sixteen years in the past, Hiro's mother gives the catalyst to her son. Unfortunately, Arthur appears as Hiro and Claire are about to return to the present. Arthur takes both the catalyst and Hiro's powers before telekinetically throwing him from the balcony (Hiro manages to grab a flagpole on the way down). Arthur then returns Claire to the present day with a message for Angela: "I've won". Arthur returns to present-day Pinehearst and release the catalyst into the formula. Mohinder is preparing to test the formula on a Marine when Arthur senses a disturbance and exits the lab. Arthur finds Peter brandishing a gun. Arthur tries to telekinetically knock the gun away, but the Haitian blocks his powers. Arthur tells Peter that they can use the formula to restore his powers, but Peter isn't buying. The Haitian's powers begin to falter against Arthur's power, but Peter remains ambivalent. Arthur taunts Peter, saying that he thinks too much and doesn't act enough. He also asks how Peter could be his son. Peter fires his gun as Arthur overcomes the Haitian's power and slices Peter's cheek, but Sylar stops the bullet in mid-air. Sylar asks Arthur if he is his family. Arthur replies by telling him that he is his father, but Sylar, having acquired the power of lie detection from Sue Landers, knows Arthur is lying. Sylar tells Peter that he is not a killer, but that Sylar is. Sylar then telekinetically projects the bullet into Arthur's head, killing him permanently.

Graphic Novel:Truths

Seconds away from death, Arthur remembers a hunting trip at Pinehearst when Nathan and Peter were children. He is disappointed when Peter is unwilling to shoot a deer, and proud of Nathan when he takes the shot. Later, he discusses with Angela that "the wrong son" has the genetic markers for abilities, and they discuss flying Dr. Zimmerman in to inject Nathan with the formula for synthetic abilities. He realizes that Peter is now strong enough to take the shot – even with his own father as the target – and has proven his doubts wrong. As Sylar releases the bullet into his forehead, Arthur is proud that both his sons are strong enough to do what must be done once he is dead.


Arthur lies dead on the floor as Peter gazes at his body. Nathan enters the room. He is sorrowful to see that his father is dead, and he closes Arthur's eyes.

Graphic Novel:What We Have Wrought

Tracy tells Mohinder that she agrees with Nathan and Arthur in that giving people abilities is the only way to save the world.

Cold Snap

Millie, a friend of Angela Petrelli's, mentions that Angela has never been the same since Arthur died. It is assumed she was referring to when Angela secretly tried to kill Arthur, as nobody outside of Pinehearst or the Company ever knew of his survival or plans.

Into Asylum

Angela takes Peter to a church, and tells him that this church is where she and Arthur got married. She blames herself for taking all of the love out of the Petrelli family, and for losing her husband.

An Invisible Thread

Arthur appears in Nathan Petrelli's memories as Matt Parkman implants Nathan's personality into Sylar.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder recalls how, when he began working for Pinehearst, he had unexpectedly met Sylar and began attacking him, and Arthur had pulled Mohinder away from him.

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