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Peter Petrelli/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Peter Petrelli during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Immediately after Nathan is shot, Peter pursues his future self, who shot Nathan. Peter chases him into a bathroom, where his future self somehow transfers the present-day Peter's consciousness into the body of Jesse Murphy, a prisoner held in Level 5.

The Butterfly Effect

Peter, imprisoned in Murphy's body, witnesses Sylar's confrontation with Noah and Elle. When he finds out about Sylar having taken Claire's ability and believing her to be dead screams at him and vows to kill him. Then Peter loudly pleads to Sylar to leave Elle alone as she is having her head telekinetically cut off. But Peter is released from his cell when Elle knocks Sylar out and disables the electric grid. Peter tries to check on Elle, but Knox, unaware of Murphy's true nature, grabs him and escapes with the other prisoners. Later, at a gas station, Flint and the German have "fun" with the patrons. Peter tries to tell Nathan about his situation on a payphone, but Knox interrupts him, so that the villains can make their getaway.

One of Us, One of Them

Worried that the escapees will cause further harm, Peter goes along with them as they rob a bank. After stopping Flint from abusing a hostage who tried to trigger an alarm, Knox notices 'Murphy' acting out character and catches Peter out with a trick question. Later, when Noah is sent in, in exchange for the release of the hostages, Peter pleads with Knox not to hurt anyone and to walk away, which Knox refuses. Peter then manages to use Murphy's ability of sound manipulation to knock Flint out, and to knock Knox and Noah over, when his future self stops time and releases him from Murphy's body. After arguing with Future Peter, they both travel to the future.

I Am Become Death

After arriving four years into the future with Future Peter, Peter finds that any normal person has access to abilities, ranging from flight and super speed to causing earthquakes. While they are talking, Future Peter gets shot dead by Claire. After learning that these powers will cause the world to be destroyed, he visits Mohinder, but learns that Mohinder has been horribly disfigured by the effects of the formula. After visiting Sylar, who at this time has a son, Noah, he manifests the ability of intuitive aptitude by fixing a watch (due to the fact he already mimicked Sylar's ability in the present). Peter learns that Sylar is his brother and then they are attacked by Claire, Knox, and Daphne. In the midst of fighting, Knox causes Sylar to crash into his own son, killing him instantly. At his son's death, Sylar becomes enraged and remorseful, causing him to lose control and blow up all of Costa Verde in a nuclear explosion. Peter is then captured by Claire who tortures him until Nathan, now the President, walks in and commands her to stop what she is doing. He tells Peter that he knows what has happened, and apologizes. A side effect of Sylar's intuitive aptitude takes hold of Peter, and he begins to scalp Nathan. He stops in the middle, but it's too late: Nathan is dead.

Angels and Monsters

Peter teleports back to the present, and tells Sylar what has happened and what is going to happen. Sylar tells him that he is just like him, but Peter refuses to believe it, and breaks Sylar's neck before confronting Angela about the secrets she has kept from him. When Angela refuses to explain what else she is hiding, Peter starts cutting into her skull before Sylar regenerates and knocks him out. Angela and Nathan later sit over Peter, who is lying inside a Level 5 cell after being placed in a medically-induced coma.

Dying of the Light

Peter is lying in a Level 5 cell with a tube in his nose that is keeping him comatose. Gabriel comes into the room and awakens Peter. Gabriel tells him that they have to find whoever paralyzed their mother. Gabriel tells Peter to read Angela's mind. The only thing Peter can extract from her mind is the symbol for Pinehearst Research. As the two brothers prepare to leave, Gabriel tells Peter he won't let him leave in his weakened state. The two fight, ending with Peter telling Sylar that he is weak and Peter now knows what it's like to have all this power. Peter leaves Gabriel comatose in a Level 5 cell, then heads off to Pinehearst. Peter enters a room finding Knox, Maury, Daphne, Flint, and Arthur. Peter is shocked to see his father, whom he believed was dead. Arthur tells Peter to calm down and give his father a hug. Peter reluctantly complies and Arthur tells him he's sorry it had to come to this. Arthur then absorbs Peter's abilities, leaving Peter powerless. Arthur tells Peter that Peter's abilities are gone, and they now belong to Arthur.

Eris Quod Sum

Peter wakes from fevered dreams to find that he is handcuffed to a gurney at the Pinehearst Building. Arthur tells Peter that his abilities are permanently gone after he stole them. Peter vows to stop Arthur. Meanwhile on Level 5, Angela tells Gabriel that he needs to save Peter.Peter breaks free of the gurney handcuff, but as he is attempting to escape his room, Arthur with two bodyguards, arrive and restrain him. He is taken to Mohinder's Pinehearst Company lab to be used as a test subject for the formula stolen by Daphne for the Pinehearst Company, which needs to be perfected. Peter tries to convince Mohinder that the future needs to be protected, but when he reveals that Mohinder appears to be a monster in the future, Mohinder remarks that it is too late to change the future. Gabriel arrives just in time to prevent Mohinder from injecting Peter with the beta formula, and Peter escapes in the confusion. Peter tails Arthur and Gabriel and attempts to get Gabriel to escape Pinehearst with him. Arthur and Peter both attempt to convince Gabriel to attack the other, and Gabriel finally uses his telekinetic powers to throw Peter out a seventh floor window. Peter survives the fall, and wonders if his fall was broken by Gabriel's powers. He escapes with Claire in a car. Claire phones Nathan for help, and Nathan and Tracy meet with Peter and Claire at Peter's apartment. Peter tells Nathan that Arthur stole his powers. Nathan had believed Arthur to be dead. Peter warns him that Arthur will kill them all if he's not stopped, and that he should not go to the Pinehearst Company. Nathan tells Peter that he can arrange a Justice Department investigation of Pinehearst.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

Claude tells Elle that he has been known to throw his students off tall buildings.


Hiro has a vision of the past, including Peter in 2006. Peter attends a party hosted by his father, at which Peter notes that his father won't accept that he is a nurse. The night of Peter's nursing school graduation, after hearing of Nathan's accident, Peter meets Nathan at the hospital, where he breaks up an argument between Nathan and Arthur. Peter attends his father's funeral, where he and Nathan reminisce about their father, and Nathan talks to him about their dog.

It's Coming

Peter tells Claire to go home as he wants her to stay innocent; Knox and Flint then arrive, and Claire holds them off while Peter escapes. He meets Claire in the alley and they hide underground. Peter tells Claire that she's becoming a killer and in the future will kill him. Claire refuses to go home because she owes a debt to him for saving her. Flint and Knox catch up, so Peter hides and sees Claire being captured. Peter confronts them and outwits Flint, making him shoot fire towards a broken gas pipe. Both Claire and Peter then escape. They arrive at Primatech Research finding Matt and Daphne; Matt tells Peter that Angela is awake. Nathan arrives as they discuss how to stop Arthur.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Peter convinces Nathan to take him to Haiti so that he can help him contact The Haitian. While flying over a jungle in Haiti, Nathan mysteriously loses his powers. Nathan and Peter fall into a small pond and proceed to reach the Haitian on foot. After walking through the jungle, Peter becomes convinced they are lost and gets into an argument with Nathan. Peter calls Nathan a tool and as the argument escalates they are interrupted by the Haitian. The Haitian briefs them on his mission and Peter tries to convince Nathan to help. As they argue, Baron Samedi's men come in and start shooting. While Peter and the Haitian escape, Nathan is captured.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Peter tries to rescue Nathan, but the Haitian tells him to wait. Peter realizes that they can expose Samedi because he will not have his powers either. Peter vows to make Samedi's men see him bleed. Peter and the Haitian incapacitating Samedi, free Marie, and rescue Nathan from jail. They realize that they are unable to escape fast enough. Peter volunteers to hold off the soldiers while Nathan and the Haitian escape. As the soldiers encroach upon Peter's position, he opens fire. After a brief firefight, he runs out of ammo and surrenders, but is saved by the Haitian and Nathan who knock out the soldiers. Peter watches as Nathan charges at Samedi and flies him into a car. Nathan tells Peter that Arthur is right. Peter is unable to convince his brother that Arthur's plan is wrong and he watches helplessly as Nathan flies away.

Our Father

With the Haitian retrieved, Angela gives Peter a Company gun and sends him with the Haitian as a partner to kill Arthur saying that Arthur is just too powerful to be contained. Peter reluctantly agrees, but doesn't really want to do it which the Haitian knows. The Haitian says that Peter has hope that Arthur could be saved, but Peter knows he has to be stopped and tells the Haitian it's his responsibility to do it like it was the Haitian's to stop his brother. At Arthur's office, Arthur somehow senses their presence and comes out to confront Peter who seems to be alone and tries to disarm him with telekinesis, but is blocked by the Haitian. Arthur tries to get Peter to change sides while the Haitian tells him to finish Arthur off as Arthur's too powerful for him to block for long. After Arthur insults him, Peter shoots as Arthur regains his powers. Arthur slashes Peter's cheek, but misses stopping the bullet and is only saved by the intervention of Sylar who stops the bullet in mid-air and disarms Peter. After confirming through a new power that Arthur is not his father and therefore Peter is not his brother, Sylar tells Peter that he (Peter) is not a killer and then lets the bullet go. The bullet goes through Arthur's head and finally kills him, but Sylar leaves Peter alone as Peter no longer has powers. Peter sends the Haitian after him.

Graphic Novel:Truths

Peter's role is played out through the memories of Arthur Petrelli as he is about to die. Arthur explains that everything he did, he did for his family. Arthur later recalls a hunting trip he took with Peter and Nathan when they were young. Peter, when he had a deer in his sights, was unable to pull the trigger, provoking Nathan to pull the gun away and do it himself. Arthur also recollects his conversation with Angela, saying that the genetic marker for abilities was in the wrong son, but Angela tells him to be patient. In the end, Arthur finally agrees that Peter has become a great man, with the strength to even kill his own father for what is right.


Peter is in a standoff with Nathan. The two argue about what is best regarding the formula and the future for people with abilities, and Peter raises his gun at Nathan. Nathan pleads with Peter to reconsider his position as Peter lowers the gun. Peter continues to disagree, and knocks Nathan out so he can run to destroy the formula.

Once downstairs, Peter encounters Mohinder and the two argue about what is best, and even bring up memories from when they first met. Peter continues in his quest to destroy the formula, eventually getting help from Flint and Knox. Mohinder argues that while Peter thinks he is fighting for good, he is aligning himself with thugs and criminals and therefore cannot be good. The argument continues while Peter and Flint rampage the Pinehearst lab. Mohinder comments that the formula is highly combustible just before Flint knocks him out. Peter tells Flint that he "didn't have to do that" but continues destroying the lab.

The raid is interrupted by Nathan who has escaped from Knox. As Flint sets the lab on fire, Peter realizes that the only way to save his and Nathan's life is to inject himself with the formula and fly them both out of the building. He does so, and the lab explodes just as they break through a window. They land in a field and Nathan begins to yell, bewildered, exclaiming that Peter flew them out of the lab on his own power, and that Nathan hadn't been the one flying. Peter tells him that he injected himself with the formula as a last resort to save them both. When Nathan says that he wouldn't have saved Peter, Peter responds by telling him that he couldn't let his own brother die. Nathan replies that he wouldn't have returned the favor, and flies off leaving Peter alone.

The Recruit, Part 4

Angela tells Rachel Mills that she has sons of her own, that they are handsome and that she loves them with all of her heart.

A Clear and Present Danger

Peter is trying to help a victim from a car accident to live with the help of Hesam; unfortunately it ends in failure with the death of that victim leaving Peter frustrated that he couldn't do anything to help. Peter receives a call from Claire who says she has uncovered a plot by her father and her grandmother involving the capture of those with abilities. Peter tells Claire he will talk to Angela. He hails a cab, only to find its driver is Mohinder. The two start a conversation about the possibility of evolved humans being captured. He is captured by Nathan and Noah, after telling Nathan that he will do everything he can to fight him. Later on, he is hooded, drugged, and in a jumpsuit when he is taken aboard Flight 195. While on the plane he is awoken by Claire and absorbs Mohinder's ability to break free. After fighting some of the guards, he absorbs Tracy's ability and accidentally creates a hole in the side of the plane, causing it to plummet down to the ground. Mohinder grabs Peter as he falls, but starts to lose his grip.

Trust and Blood

Peter is held by Mohinder, but before its shown if he did fall or not, the show cuts away. He does survive the crash as Noah and the pilot manage to make an emergency landing and he tries to escape with Claire but is caught by Noah Bennet. Claire manages to convince her father to let him go as Noah isn't willing to shoot Peter, and Peter escapes into the trees. He meets up with Tracy and they decide to team up to stop what's happening. They knock out two guards and Tracy calls Nathan on one guard's phone to apparently make a deal, but in reality to lure Nathan into a trap. Nathan comes despite knowing its probably a trap as he wants to give Tracy a chance, but he has Danko and Noah cover him secretly. After Nathan tries to convince Tracy to join him, Peter takes him hostage while Noah and Danko hold them at gunpoint. Noah has a clear shot at killing Peter, but doesn't take it, (something Nathan is aware of and later thanks Noah for) and Peter, realizing he can't win this one, replicates Nathan's power and escapes by flying away, leaving Tracy, Nathan, Noah, Danko and his men behind. Peter gathers Matt, Ando, Hiro and Mohinder together using the guard's stolen phone, but warns them that they can't communicate like that anymore as they'll be tracked. He and the others examine Matt's drawings and decide to resist Nathan and his men. Peter warns them that from then on they can't trust anyone else, they can't go home or use credit cards and they're going to have to do things they never imagined doing to survive, but they're going to stop Nathan.

Building 26

Peter helps Matt and Mohinder take Noah away after he falls unconscious from drinking a drugged drink at a bar in a Costa Verde motel.

Cold Wars

Peter is seen driving a car to a motel where he meets with Matt and Mohinder. Peter unveils drugs that will incapacitate Noah Bennet during his interrogation. A bit reluctant, Peter asks Matt if he can just simply read his mind as an alternative, however, Matt argues that Noah is too "well-trained" and "never off his guard". As Matt gets in his head and strains his body, Mohinder protests. Matt justifies the harsh interrogation that they know nothing; Peter agrees with this argument. When Matt identifies the address of Noah's hidden storage room, Peter decides to fly there and retrieve tools and information. Unlocking the combination, Peter successfully raids the storage room and uncovers the weaponry and tools relating to Noah's previous job at the Company. Alerted to Peter's presence, Danko orders a team to seize Peter. Once the team arrives and opens the door to the storage room, Peter detonates a flash bang grenade and successfully flies away towards his escape.

When Peter arrives at the motel, he lands on a car Noah was about to steal in order to escape, and recaptures him with ease. Back at the motel room, Peter finds out from Matt that Mohinder knew about Noah's plans, however, Mohinder did not reveal this since he didn't believe it would happen. After Matt identifies another address, this time leading to Danko's home, Peter willingly flies there in order to confront him. When Danko comes home, Peter secretly points a gun at his head, much to Danko's surprise. Danko, however, approaches further to point-blank range, stating that his death would get him "exactly what he wanted". Reasoning that the public would truly see how dangerous people like Peter would be, Nathan unexpectedly steps in and concurs with Danko's statement. Nathan reveals that a team is moving in on Matt and Mohinder, and that they will die if Peter kills Danko. After a long pause, Peter flies out the window in order to save them.

Mohinder is captured early on, but Matt is successfully rescued in time. Peter and Matt fly to Isaac's loft, allowing Matt to paint the future. Afraid of an oncoming tragedy foretold by his paintings, Peter reassures Matt he is not a murderer. Matt then shows Peter a large painting on the floor depicting the Capitol's explosion painted over the NYC explosion Isaac Mendez had painted.


In Isaac's old loft, Peter tries to wake Matt from a precognitive trance. When Matt finally snaps out of it, Peter says he knows Matt is trying to find Daphne but all he keeps painting is himself wired up with bombs. Peter and Matt are surprised when one of the computers in the loft flashes up a message from Rebel, telling them where to find Daphne, and Peter is suspicious until Rebel tells them to run and they hear Danko's team coming. Peter and Matt escape and make their way to Building 26 in Washington, DC. When Matt says he's not sure if he can control everyone in the building with his telepathy, Peter replicates his power so they can both use mind control, although it means that they will no longer be able to fly to safety.

Inside the building, the two use their telepathy to keep the guards at bay, and make their way to a control room where Peter uses the computer to locate Daphne and Matt holds off Danko with two telepathically controlled guards. Peter finds that Daphne's been moved to a medical facility, then Rebel flashes up a window, showing video footage of evolved humans being loaded onto Flight 195. Peter copies the footage onto a flash drive, then Noah Bennet activates the fire alarms, disrupting Matt and Peter's telepathy and causing them pain. Rebel cuts the power temporarily, allowing them to escape, but Danko, Noah, Nathan, and two agents ambush them. Matt manages to hold them off telepathically, allowing Peter to escape.

Peter calls Nathan to make a deal: exchange Matt and Daphne for the video footage he stole, or he will hand it over to the TV news. He meets with Noah Bennet on top of a parking garage and tries to telepathically reach out to Matt and Daphne, but Noah's thoughts warn him that it's a trap. Danko shoots Peter in the shoulder, causing him to fall off the roof, but he's rescued by Nathan who flies him to safety. With his arm in a sling, Peter talks to his mother and Nathan, who tries to convince Peter to give up and come quietly. Peter pretends that he will do this, and hugs Nathan, only to replicate his power and fly away. He apparently gives the stolen video file to the media as it is shown on the nightly news.

Shades of Gray

Danko's excuse to Nathan for strapping a bomb to Matt and placing him in front of the Capitol Building was to clean up the mess that Peter made when he exposed their project to the media. Later, when Danko is questioning Angela, he mentions Peter and others as those who inhereted abilities from their parents.

Cold Snap

Angela is nearly cornered in an elevator and captured by Danko's men, but Peter flies in through the elevator shaft and saves her by flying out with her. Later, Peter and Angela stand in the Statue of Liberty's crown and Peter asks Angela what she wants to do next.

Into Asylum

At Angela's request, Peter flies her to a church. He says he rescued her in order to get answers, but she says she's looking for some too. He asks her if she seeks forgiveness from God, but she says that she doubts that even God would grant her that. Angela reminisces about their family's past, how Peter held her hand in comfort at Nana's funeral, and how she and Arthur married at that church. Angela wants to use her ability to see what to do next, but cannot sleep. She says Peter must hate her for what she's done but he says he doesn't; despite everything, she's still his mother. Peter goes to get some tea to try to help her relax, and while Angela prays, he talks to God at the church altar, saying he made a deal with him: if God made him special, he'd do what he could to help people and he says that God should start keeping up his end of the deal. Noah Bennet and some of Danko's team show up to find them, and Peter and Angela hide in the confessional with Peter sitting where the priest sits. Angela takes the opportunity to confess that she lied and manipulated her family with the intention of saving the world. The two are found by Noah, but he covers for them and gives the team the all-clear. Angela then falls asleep on Peter's shoulder, and when she wakes, she tells him that her dreams have told her what they need to do next. First they need to find Nathan and Claire, and then pay a visit to Angela's sister. Peter is shocked to hear Angela mention his aunt. Peter and Angela then leave the church and fly off together.

Graphic Novel:Cog

As Agent Jenkins recounts his relationship with Corinne and his job getting in the way, he looks at his targets and Peter is one of them.

Turn and Face the Strange

Peter drives his mother to Coyote Sands, on her direction. Angela calls Nathan and Claire to the site so that she might reunite the family, and also Noah Bennet. Upon the arrival of his brother, Peter starts to walk away as he still hasn't forgiven Nathan. However, Angela tells them that she needs to show them something she never wanted revealed, and that they'd have to dig to find the answers.

After nightfall, Nathan uncovers a skeleton. Angela reacts to the skeleton with grief, prompting Peter to ask if she knew who it was as he comforts her. Angela responds with, "I knew all of them" and tells them to keep digging.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Along with Nathan and Claire, Peter digs into the earth of Coyote Sands as Angela speaks with Noah over her cell phone.


After digging throughout the night, Peter, Nathan, Noah, and Claire continue to find shallow graves in Coyote Sands. Peter finds a baseball glove and tells the others he thinks it's wrong to dig up the graves and wants to know why Angela has them doing it. Nathan tries to tell Peter that she will explain it to them when she's ready, but Peter walks off. Claire goes after him and asks him to give Nathan a chance because he's trying to make up for what he's done, but Peter tells her Nathan has just charmed her and he's not willing to forgive him yet. He leaves to talk to Angela.

Peter confronts his mother about the purpose behind them being there; he asks about what happened at Coyote Sands. Angela remembers the first time she and Alice arrived, but Peter interrupts her daydream. Angela tells him her family died at the camp and that she's afraid history will repeat itself if her family doesn't pull itself together.

Angela calls the group together in a nearby barracks. She reveals that Coyote Sands was an internment camp to "cure" evolved humans. Angela had escaped with a few other "lucky ones". Peter doesn't understand why they have to be there, and Angela reveals she's been dreaming about her sister being alive. She believes they need to find Alice's body and give her a proper burial. Peter gets angry that Angela kept Alice secret, but Nathan sides with his mother. Angela states they made everybody forget, and reveals that the Company was founded from the survivors on the idea of keeping Coyote Sands from occurring again. Angela and Noah were trying to fix the current situation from the inside, but Danko figured it out. Angela starts talking about restoring the old methods of the Company, but Peter is uncomfortable with the idea and states that it's wrong. Peter blames the Company for tearing their family apart and refuses to be part of it again. Peter flies off angrily. Nathan tells them he'll talk to Peter and takes chase.

Peter is inside the Coyote Sands Café drinking coffee when Nathan walks in. He sits down at Peter's table and tells him that they need to work through their problems. He berates Peter for running away; Peter, in turn, is angry that Nathan isn't at Washington, DC fixing the problem he created. Nathan gets upset, but Peter reveals that the anger has built up over the years. He remembers the 1986 Mets game, when Nathan convinced Peter to go to the playoffs with their father instead of taking the World Series tickets. Nathan tells Peter he had no way of knowing the Mets would win, but Peter still believes Nathan conned him. He accuses Nathan of being selfish, even in his generosity. Nathan tells him that they need to forgive each other, but Peter has been trying. They are interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast Network announcing a severe storm over Coyote Sands.

After learning that Claire doesn't believe her about her sister, Angela runs out into the sandstorm to find Alice. Claire chases her, but the storm and Angela disappear. Peter and Nathan fly up shortly after and Claire reveals that Angela's gone.

Angela is taken a nearby bunker by her sister. Alice tells Angela the rest of the story of Coyote Sands and Angela reveals she'd lied to Alice about being safe by staying there. Alice attacks Angela, but Peter and Mohinder Suresh come to her rescue. As Mohinder tries to calm Alice, Peter checks his mother to make sure she's alright. Alice has flashbacks of Chandra Suresh and electrocutes Mohinder, knocking him out. Peter tries to keep Angela safe, but she tells him she needs to save Alice. Peter lets her go and Angela tells Alice that Peter is her nephew. She tells Alice she has a family now, and Alice calms. However, Alice hasn't forgiven Angela and isn't ready to join her. Instead, she goes outside and disappears.

As the group is leaving, Mohinder tells Peter he won't be going with them. Peter gives him a film reel with Chandra's name on it to help Mohinder in his research.

Later, at the Coyote Sands Cafe, Angela watches her new group eat at the same table her old one did. Nathan draws Angela to the table, where she tells them she still wants to form another Company and bury the secrets of the evolved humans from the government. Peter tells her that they're not a company, they're a family, and they should work together as one. He tells her that the difference is that family has the capacity to forgive each other, prompting Nathan to ask if he really means it. Peter tells him he does. Nathan plans to start by talking to the President and stopping the hunt he initiated, but Claire points out he already has. The group curiously looks at the television, where a second Nathan is holding a press conference. Noah reveals it's really Sylar and that he now has shape shifting.

I Am Sylar

Peter, Nathan, Claire, Angela and Noah are sat watching Sylar as Nathan on the television, Noah tells them that it is Sylar and Nathan decides to go and confront Sylar. Peter offers go with Nathan to help fight Sylar but his help is rejected by Nathan who tells Peter he must fix his mistakes on his own. Nathan leaves and despite Nathan telling him not to come Peter gets up and follows Nathan.

Graphic Novel:One Good Hero

Peter is flying after Nathan to help fight Sylar, when he is suddenly tasered by agents. Peter crashes into the Reflecting Pool in DC. While floating in the water he has a flashback to when he and Nathan were younger and remembers how he has always been forced to follow Nathan and that he needs Nathan to inspire him, But then he decides that Nathan also needs him. He flies past the agents surrounding him and flies to Capitol Hill where he arrives at Nathan's office door ready to fight Sylar together with everyone else.

An Invisible Thread

Peter finds Nathan barely conscious in his office, recovering from being tased by Danko. Nathan says they have to stop Sylar, but nearly collapses, Peter pointing out that he might not be much help in that state. As the Petrelli brothers enter the Stanton Hotel where the President's suite is located, they are stopped by the Secret Service. They say that Nathan has already entered the building. Liam Samuels comes to handle the situation personally, confused as to who is upstairs if the real Nathan is just now entering. Peter warns them about the dangers of Sylar, and Liam asks Nathan if he's "one of them". Nathan reveals his powers by floating into the air, saying that Sylar is "one of us". Liam Samuels lets them through and they head to the suite to confront Sylar.

Sylar throws Claire out of the room as they arrive, and fires up his lightning as Peter and Nathan fly towards him. When Claire manages to enter the room, she finds Peter, but Sylar and Nathan are gone. She asks if he can fly, but he cannot. He then limps after Claire as they start searching for Nathan.

The duo gets to the lobby, where they plan on splitting up. Noah Bennet draws his gun on Claire, asking if she's Sylar. Peter tells him he just fought Sylar, and Noah asks if he can do what Sylar does. Peter admits he can, and Claire points out that he can stop Sylar now. The Secret Service catch up to them, but Claire steps in front of their weapons and tells them they can listen to her before or after they shoot.

Some time later, Sylar enters the President's limo, disguised as Liam Samuels. Sylar attempts to shake the President's hand to take his form, but the President shifts into Peter, who injects him with a powerful tranquilizer. After taking Sylar's unconscious body upstairs, Noah sends Peter and Claire to find Nathan.

Peter gathers with Angela, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, Claire, Noah and "Nathan" as they burn "Sylar's body". Mohinder then greets Peter before heading off, leaving the Petrelli's and Bennet's alone.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Peter attends the funeral of "Sylar".

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Peter's name appears alongside others listed as prisoners aboard Flight 195.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

Micah recalls the events of infiltrating Building 26.

Peter and Matt prepare to leave Building 26 after copying a video file of the Flight 195 hostages when Micah sends them a message saying they have 30 seconds.

Escaping Building 26, Peter walks pass West and Abigail unknowing who they are.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is searching through websites and comes across She says that Senator Petrelli's brother (Peter) and his top aide (Tracy) both have powers, and no wonder he started a war against them.

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