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Kaito Nakamura/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Kaito Nakamura during Season Two.

For more about Kaito Nakamura, see the main article.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season One history, see here.

For Kaito Nakamura's Season Three history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Kaito and Ando patiently wait in Kirby Plaza for Hiro to return. Kaito expresses guilt for always looking down on his son, never revealing how proud he was when he went on his quest. Suddenly, Kaito is profoundly disturbed when he opens a newspaper and finds a picture of himself with the Symbol drawn in red over his face, as it means that he will be dead in 24 hours.

Kaito and Ando then go to the top of the Deveaux Building, where they are met by Angela Petrelli. Kaito sends Ando away to fetch him a sword to defend himself while he and Angela discuss their death threats. They also discuss the past, the elite group of twelve of which they were a part (which also included Charles Deveaux, Mr. Linderman and Mr. Petrelli), and "all the people they killed". Kaito recommends that Angela try to disappear, and they part ways. While waiting for Ando to return, Kaito remains on the roof later into the night. A figure wearing a hooded sweatshirt appears; Kaito remarks that of the nine remaining, he did not expect this person. Just as Ando returns with the sword, the hooded figure runs at Kaito and the two fall off the building. Ando looks over the side, only to find Kaito lying in a puddle of blood.


Kaito's death is being investigated by NYPD. Sandra shows Noah a newspaper article reporting Kaito's death before Noah shows her a painting by Isaac Mendez, which depicts the exact same picture as in the newspaper.

Angela is brought in for questioning, and she says that at one point, she and Kaito had a relationship many years ago. Mentally, Matt hears Kaito's murder was the result of revenge.


Angela confesses to murdering Kaito, and is subsequently arrested, but Matt and Nathan know the truth; Angela is only confessing to protect Nathan.

Out of Time

Ando informs Hiro of his father's murder.

Cautionary Tales

Hiro attends his father's funeral and Japanese tradition states that the eldest son is the first to give an eulogy. He refuses to give the eulogy because doing so would mean he accepted his father's death. Hiro returns to the rooftop the day of the murder and listens in on the conversation between Kaito and Angela Petrelli. Kaito mentions that the Company had killed many people and the murderer was seeking revenge on them. After Angela leaves, Hiro confronts his father and attempts to convince him that its not worth dying for. Hiro and Kaito travel back 17 years to the day of Ishi Nakamura's funeral to show him how much pain he was feeling for his death, just as his father did for his mother.

Hiro encounters his younger self who is fighting with a sword as Takezo Kensei and gives him some words of advice. Hiro admits that he was childish and returns his father to the future. Hiro seemingly disappears from the roof and the killer appears. Just as the killer pushes Kaito over the edge, time stops and Hiro emerges from the darkness. If he could not save his father, he could still find out who the killer was. And Hiro does as he sees the face of Adam Monroe under the hood.

Truth & Consequences

Kaito poses for a photograph with Victoria and Adam on October, 1977.

On November 2, 1977, Kaito locks Adam up after Adam tries to release a mutated strain of the Shanti virus. He speaks with Victoria and tells her that Strain 138 will be kept safe in a Company facility in Odessa, TX.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Kimiko Nakamura recalls the legend of Takezo Kensei and the aftereffects of his victory over Oni of Tottori, which she overheard her father, Kaito, read to her brother many years ago. Kimiko then remembers discussing a large painting of Takezo Kensei with her father in their office in Yamagato Industries. Later in time, at Kaito's funeral at Aoyama Cemetery, Kimiko is approached by Kin Egami and advised by him to take over Kaito's legacy project: the Yamagato Fellowship.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

An unknown man assigns Kaito as Daphne Millbrook's next target.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne's target is Kaito's safe.

Two weeks later, a newscast announces that Kaito has bequeathed Yamagato Industries to his son, Hiro.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • In high school, Hiro tells his guidance counselor that it is inevitable he will go a university where Kaito has "begged, bribed, or cajoled" the administration into granting Hiro admittance. Hiro knows his future means that he would take over Yamagato after Kaito left, eventually being buried "in his father's shadow for all eternity". Hiro also remembers his disappointed father's face whenever Hiro failed at things. (Chapter 3)
  • Hiro remembers that Kaito had kept a plaque on his office wall that said, "This is not a fairy tale". Kaito kept the plaque to remember that things don't happen by magic, but by hard work, discipline, and control; there are no happy endings. Hiro disagrees with Kaito. (Chapter 5)
  • Hiro believes that if you asked his father, Kaito would say that pretty much everything Hiro had ever attempted had been a mistake. (Chapter 7)
  • Every year since he was in yochien (kindergarten), Kaito would administer the Hasaii Personality Index test (an emotional health test similar to the Stanford-Binet test. Hiro believes that Kaito used the test as a way to keep tabs on Hiro. Kaito would use the test as a launchpad to berate Hiro for not having any ambition. (Chapter 10)
  • When Hiro tried to touch his calculus tutor's boob and she gave him a fat lip, Hiro lies to his father about his injury. His father yells at Hiro and asks, "Are you trying to send me to an early grave?" (Chapter 12)
  • When Hiro embarrassingly gets aroused, successfully "deflates" himself by just saying his father's name. He tells Charlie that he and his father "do not see eye-to-eye" and that he doesn't think Kaito likes Hiro very much. (Chapter 13)
  • Hiro remembers that he and his father would take advantage of Yamagato's box at the Meiji Jingu Stadium and would go to all the Swallows' home games together. It was the only activity they did together that didn't involve shouting, tears, or Kaito saying that Hiro had brought shame on the family. (Chapter 15)
  • The day before Hiro turns 13, Kaito talks to him about the facts of life and "the physical implications of becoming a man". In a lecture he has carefully prepared and rehearsed, Kaito decides to use dignified words like tumescence, priapic, and zygogenesis. However, Kaito isn't prepared for Hiro's questions that focus more on romance than on sex. Instead, Kaito gives Hiro a book called I Like Me: A Growing Guide for Girls. (Chapter 16)
  • The spring before Hiro started ninth grade, Kaito went on a business trip Madrid for six days, and insisted that Hiro come with him. Kaito had meetings every day. The day before they were supposed to go home, Kaito's associate invited the Nakamuras to see a bullfight. Hiro objected, but Kaito insisted, claiming it would be disrespectful not to go. He likened the bullfight to the pageantry and spectacle of kabuki, and then ordered Hiro to go. (Chapter 17)
  • Hiro spends over $8,000 on a plane ticket using his Yamagato corporate credit card. He believes that his eagerness to kiss Charlie again is worth every penny of Kaito's wrath. (Chapter 21)
  • Hiro recalls the baseball field at Ueno Park, the peaceful place he used to play as a child with his father, before things got so strained between them. (Chapter 24)
  • Hiro recalls that his father taught him to play chess. Even after his father stopped inviting him to play, Hiro kept up the interest. (Chapter 27)
  • Hiro and Kimiko used to practice dancing loudly, until their father would shout at them to stop. (Chapter 30)
  • Depressed because Charlie is on a date with Lloyd, Hiro says he would give his right arm just to talk with his father. (Chapter 38)
  • Hiro time travels to the rooftop of Yamagato on October 11, 2006, and worries that he will make a fool of himself in front of his father. Later, he remembers that his father said that he would never be successful because he never saw anything through to the end. (Chapter 40)
  • Hiro sees a teenaged Kaito at a funeral in the early 1960s. Kaito is sullen and severe as he attends the funeral for Satsu, his former love. An older woman tries to have him say his good-byes and come home, but Kaito refuses. He bluntly says, "This is no fairy tale. Satsu's dead and I wish I was dead, too!" Kaito stomps away and locks eyes with Hiro, who teleports away. (Chapter 44)
  • Hiro wonders why his out-of-control time traveling took him to see his father's first love. (Chapter 47)
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