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Matt Parkman/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Matt Parkman during Season Reborn.

For more about Matt Parkman, see the main article.

For Matt Parkman's Season One history, see here.

For Matt Parkman's Season Two history, see here.

For Matt Parkman's Season Three history, see here.

For Matt Parkman's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

June 13th, Part Two

Wanting to find out where Claire is, M. F. Harris brings in Matt to interrogate Noah Bennet. Noah is shocked to learn that Matt now works for Erica Kravid. Matt explains that after struggling for so long, he decided to sell his power to the highest bidder to provide for his family and doesn't care that most of the world will die due to Erica's actions. Matt reads Noah's mind and learns of Claire's death. Matt expresses his sorrow at Claire's death, but prompted by Harris, reads Noah's mind further to learn that Claire died in childbirth. As Matt tries to find out where the children are, Caspar Abraham erases Noah's memories and Matt is unable to learn anything. Before Harris can kill Noah, Caspar knocks him out. Matt grabs Harris' gun, but is unable to shoot either Noah or Caspar and tells them to go.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Arriving at Sunstone Manor, Carlos Gutierrez is warned to avoid the Director as he has a way of getting into people's minds. As Carlos makes his way through Sunstone Manor, Matt's voice can be heard over the PA system as the Director, telling the residents to go to their happy place and see and hear what makes them happy. Matt's power affects the residents through the recording, keeping them complacent and unwilling to leave.

After James Dearing is identified as an evo, he is brought before Matt who crushes Dearing's earpiece. Matt expresses disgust for Dearing turning on his own kind for personal gain and tells Dearing he's not worth saving. Matt compels Dearing to go into another room and choose his own punishment, causing Dearing to commit suicide. Carlos is then brought into the kitchen where Matt tells him he caused quite a ruckus and is amused by Carlos' plan to take his people and leave. Carlos is surprised as he realizes that Matt can read his mind and Matt tells Carlos he can also tell that Carlos is not an evo and came to save his friends which Matt finds noble. Matt tells Carlos that his friends are happy at Sunstone Manor however, except for Dearing who is "not so much." Matt tells Carlos that everyone has a defining moment and asks what Carlos' defining moment, getting inside of Carlos' head. Matt recognizes that Carlos has a shameful secret and sends him to the room he made Dearing kill himself in and makes Carlos relive a moment when he froze in fear in a war zone. Watching Carlos reliving the moment through his telepathy, Matt sees that Carlos knows Farah Nazan. Matt finds this interesting and comments that Carlos could be more useful than he thought before leaving the room.

11:53 to Odessa

Matt talks to M. F. Harris on the phone, telling him that he'll have the remaining evos willing and shipped to Gateway the next day. Harris asks if he's gotten anything about the girl from her protector but Matt tells Harris he's still working on it and is told to work faster. Matt enters a room where Farah is handcuffed to a chair and removes her ability negation system. Matt demands to know where Malina is, but Farah is able to resist his telepathy and he can't get the information from her mind. Matt tells Farah that he has Carlos Gutierrez in the facility as well and knows they served together. Matt tells Farah that he's found that when one secret is broken free, so are all the others and he believes that "today is gonna be our breakthrough day."

Later, Matt brings in Carlos and sees in his mind that Carlos had frozen on the battlefield, causing Farah to use her powers to save him. Matt realizes that Farah saved the day and went on the run while Carlos came home a war hero. Matt is able to learn that Angela Petrelli had called upon Farah to take Malina somewhere, but she continues to resist his telepathy as he tries to find out where. However, Matt overhears Carlos thinking about how he'd wanted to run away with Farah and lets her know this fact. Matt taunts Carlos about his failure to save his brother and nephew and tries to get something more from Farah. Finally, he realizes from her memory of the event in Afghanistan that she's in love with Carlos and threatens him at gunpoint to get information from Farah. As Matt continues to threaten Carlos, Farah finally gives in and agrees to tell him as she doesn't want Carlos to die. As Matt goes to get the information from Farah, his assistant informs him that Erica Kravid is there to see him. Matt tells his assistant to tell Erica that he will be with her in a moment and to prepare the rest of the evos for transport immediately. He then turns back to Farah and tells her to tell him everything she knows about Malina and where she's going.

Matt enters his office where he finds Erica and Taylor Kravid waiting for him and tells them that if he knew they were coming, would have been waiting for them and had all of the evos ready for them if he knew the space-time bridge was back in operation. As Matt shakes Taylor's hand, he catches her thought about needing to find Francis Culp, surprising Taylor with the fact that he can read minds. Erica demands to see Micah Sanders and Matt asks why she needs to see Micah. Listening to Erica's thoughts, Matt hears a male voice going "ah crap" and asks what "Erica" is really doing there, having figured out it wasn't really her before being tasered by Taylor.

Awhile later, Matt starts to wake up as Henry goes through his computer. Henry goes to taser Matt again, but Harris enters the room so Henry disguises himself as Matt. After a moment, Harris shoots Henry, killing him and leaving Matt annoyed that Harris fired without checking to see which Matt was which first. Harris tells him that he felt 50/50 odds were good enough and Matt overhears him think that Matt doesn't matter. Harris asks if Matt got anything out of Farah and Matt tells him that Farah told him that Malina knows about Odessa and is on her way. Matt informs Harris that they have a lead on where Malina is now but Harris should be more worried about Taylor and anyone else trying to infiltrate them. Harris tells Matt that "we're already taking care of it" and leaves the room.

Knowing that Erica is up to something, Matt visits Micah in his pod and asks to see the list of people going to the future to make sure that he is on it. Micah, under the control of his pod, brings up the list which shows that Matt, his wife and his son are slated to go to the future to his relief.

Send in the Clones

After Carlos and Farah destroy the recording Matt uses to control Sunstone Manor's residents, Matt orders his men to fix it before Rene and Taylor Kravid arrive and Rene blocks his powers. They demand to know where Micah Sanders is and why he turned evil since he used to be a good family man. Matt admits that his family walked out on him, something he doesn't blame them for. Matt tells them that his family leaving couldn't take away his self-loathing and explains that hearing everyone's terrible thoughts night and day had caused him to create a place where everyone was happy and appreciated him. Matt felt that he was able to do some good and save the future and in exchange he and his family would go to the future where they'd be safe from the H.E.L.E. Even though Taylor tells Matt that Erica lied to him, he refuses to believe her and fires his gun next to Rene's ear, stunning him and making him stop using his powers. Matt then orders Rene to go home and takes Taylor with him, telling her that either Erica lives up to her promises or Taylor will die in the past with everyone else.

Matt leads a frightened Taylor out, reading her mind to find something he can use against Erica. Eventually, Matt learns that Taylor is pregnant and Erica doesn't know and mentally forces her to be a "good girl." However, they are confronted by two Harris' on the way out so Matt makes them kill themselves.

Matt is later seen driving to Odessa with Taylor, 1,165 miles away.

Company Woman

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Project Reborn

While imprisoned in the Eternal Fortress, Tommy Clark has memories of several issues of 9th Wonders!, including a panel featuring Matt.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Parkman's history. The summary included:

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