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Micah Sanders/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Micah Sanders during Season Reborn.

For more about Micah Sanders, see the main article.

For Micah Sanders's Season One history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Season Two history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Season Three history, see here.

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

The hooded "Hero Truther" interrupts a Renautas commercial with a broadcast of his own, stating that he is here to expose the lies and distortions and speak for the silenced voices. He says that there is a war being waged out in the world, and that the casualties are neighbours, friends and families. He remembers sharing a hope with others that their species was capable of something extraordinary. He reminds the viewer of how that story began, and plays video footage of Claire Bennet jumping from the Ferris wheel at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. He recalls that hundreds of others were inspired to follow Claire's example by demonstrating their evolved human abilities on tape. While footage of various evo demonstration videos play, he remembers that they were considered the pinnacle of human potential, but that it didn't take long for them to become feared and labeled because of their abilities. He recalls the Evo Registration Act being enforced, and the numerous crimes against evos that came with it. At this point, he slams on the table in front of him in anger, causing the television screens behind him to temporarily shut off, then reactivate when he calms down. He then exclaims that it is time for EVOs to stand up and declare themselves to the world.

Phoebe Frady watches Hero Truther's broadcast intently from the laptop in her bedroom and decides to follow his advice by recording a demonstration video of her own.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

In another of Hero Truther's broadcasts, he states that history is repeating itself and that evolved humans have been wrongly portrayed as monsters. He says that it is their duty to tell their stories; the truth.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

In another broadcast, Hero Truther wonders how long it will be before evo registration is made mandatory, because some organizations have already started to perform genetic testing on evos. He reminds the viewer that every concession on the part of the evos is another signature on their death warrant. He encourages them to "Join the fight. Start the revolution".

A worried Quentin Frady asks his sister if she has seen the latest HeroTruther video in an effort to remind her of how worrying national registration is.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

Hero Truther creates another broadcast, informing his viewers that Primatech will open its doors on June 13th for a three-day summit. He stresses how important it is that as many evos as possible gather in Odessa shoulder-to-shoulder to show the world that they will no longer be oppressed.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin tells Aly that Hero Truther uploaded the entirety of Mohinder Suresh's unpublished book, Escalating Evolution, onto his website. When Aly storms out, Quentin pleads with Hero Truther to find proof of Phoebe's innocence. Suddenly, Hero Truther takes control of Quentin's laptop with a live video feed. Hero Truther tells him that he is sorry for his loss, and that he himself has lost more loved ones than he cares to count, but that taking over Renautas would be a battle they would lose. When Quentin says that they have to do something, Hero Truther says that the public would rather hunt them down than listen to the truth after June 13th. Quentin tells him that he is at least partially responsible for Phoebe's abduction since she wanted to be like Hero Truther, which in turn led her to the Odessa Summit. Sighing, Hero Truther tells him that he can get him inside Renautas Headquarters, but everything after that will be up to Quentin. Hero Truther sends Quentin a parcel containing an assortment of items he will need to get inside, including a fake driver's license, a USB drive and a pen camera.

Six weeks before the present, Quentin speaks to Hero Truther and informs him that he has found out that Renautas is digitizing Primatech assets. Quentin sees this as proof that Renautas is continuing the work of the Company and the proof they need to expose Renautas. Hero Truther tells Quentin that he can't hack Renautas' servers to get the files without leaving himself vulnerable to Renautas. Instead, Quentin will have to do it himself which he agrees to.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Hero Truther tells Quentin to meet him with the proof he found at Olympic Coin Laundry where Quentin finds Hero Truther himself and his command center. Hero Truther tells Dahlia that Quentin is a friend and explains that his group is the only independent voice left as Renautas has managed to manipulate most mainstream media. When Quentin questions how Hero Truther kept Renautas from shutting down his website, Hero Truther tells him he has a skill that allows him to protect them. Quentin realizes that Hero Truther is an evo himself and Hero Truther tells him he's just one of the hunted before removing his hood and revealing himself as Micah. Micah shows Quentin a video depicting Phoebe crying in a cell, taken two weeks before by one of his group that escaped the facility Phoebe is being held in. Micah tells Quentin that what he found indicates that Renautas is planning something bigger than June 13th and Micah intends to stop it. Micah asks for Quentin's help with a strike team he is putting together to rescue Phoebe and the other evos, but they suddenly lose power and Micah realizes they have been compromised. Quentin insists he didn't intentionally betray them and the room is stormed by Renautas agents. Just before being tasered and captured, Micah tells Quentin to find Noah Bennet.

Three weeks later, Quentin states that both his sister and Hero Truther have been captured by Renautas, leaving him the only one left to stop Renautas. To that end, he's following Micah's last instruction and locating Noah Bennet, the only man who could stop Renautas.

Brave New World

At the Canadian border, Tommy tells his mother that Hero Truther says that people shoot evos in the streets. Months later, Jose tells Carlos about Hero Truther's website, and how it is tracking the disappearance of evos around the world.


Quentin tells Noah about Hero Truther.

Micah's name is on a list at Primatech titled "Midian Assets."

Game Over

Taylor sends a message to Hero Truther telling them that Renautas is responsible for the disappearance of evos.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

After Taylor gains their trust, the HeroTruther organization shows her pictures of missing evos, stopping on Micah's. Rene explains that Micah is the founder of their organization and can control machines. Taylor asks to be shown the places where their leads point to Micah possibly being and recognizes one as Sunstone Manor which had been owned the people who ran the mine her grandfather worked in until he died and was bought by Erica with her first million.

Concurrently, Erica tells Harris that the HeroTruther organization is trying to find Micah. Harris asks Erica if HeroTruther knows what they are using Micah's power for, but Erica just tells him to find Taylor.

11:53 to Odessa

Outside of Sunstone Manor, Taylor is dubious about HeroTruther's plan to go in through the sewer pipes to rescue Micah and Rene tells her that Renautas is using Micah and his power to control the flow of information in the world and he must be rescued. Taylor instead comes up with the idea of having Henry disguise himself as her mother so that they can infiltrate Sunstone Manor to reach Micah.

Disguised as Erica, Henry and Taylor meet with Matt Parkman who buys the act until "Erica" asks to talk to Micah. Matt realizes he's an imposter as a result, but is tasered by Taylor before he can react. Later, working her way through the corridors, Taylor encounters Carlos Gutierrez and Farah Nazan and tells them she's there to rescue Micah and proposes working together since the two clearly aren't part of Sunstone Manor's staff. The two reluctantly agree when Carlos recognizes the name HeroTruther from something his nephew had told him.

As Micah's organization raids Sunstone Manor to rescue him, Matt visits Micah who is hooked up to a pod that controls his actions. Matt tells Micah that Erica Kravid is up to something and he needs to be sure his name is on the list of people going to the future. Micah pulls up the list which includes Matt, his ex-wife and his son, satisfying Matt.

Send in the Clones

At Sunstone Manor, Carlos Gutierrez attempts to rescue Micah by breaking the cell he is in. After his friend Father Mauricio Chavez is killed, Carlos break in and pulls the plug from the back of Micah's neck, freeing him. Micah tells Carlos to get him to a computer and later watches in shock as Miko Otomo disappears into thin air after killing M. F. Harris.

Sitting at Matt Parkman's desk, a remorseful Micah tells Carlos, Farah and Jose that Erica Kravid had used him to spread lies and hide the truth and its a lot to undo. Micah tells them that two massive solar flares are coming the next day at 11:18am and 11:53am with the first destroying North America and the second all of humanity. When Farah questions how no one knows, Micah tells her that if word got out, there would be mass panic and riots, leaving not much of a world to save. Micah then connects to every live media outlet in the world and sends out a broadcast telling the world that they had been fed a pack of lies by Erica who drove the wedge between evos and non-evos. Micah then broadcasts the video of Mohinder Suresh telling the world about why he blew up the Odessa Unity Summit, showing them that it was really a shapeshifter all along coached by Erica. Micah then tells everyone watching that evos and non-evos were meant to share the world and that it was time for everyone to stand together and fight to save the world.

He's later seen making his way to Odessa with Carlos, Farah and Jose.

Company Woman

With just under 17 hours left until the H.E.L.E., news commentators speak about Micah's transmission which some people are calling a "terrorist video" and "alarmist propaganda" but others now know is true since the world now knows of the coming solar flares. A commentator brings up that people believe that evos are to blame, but another tells him that Hero Truther has released information that has vindicated evos and implicated Renautas. While the first commentator believes that Micah, as Hero Truther has no credibility, the other commentator tells him that the reality is the solar flares are coming.

A few hours before the H.E.L.E., Micah, Carlos, Jose and Farah stop for gas on their way to Gateway. Micah and Farah enter the gas station to pay and find it empty. After putting money on the counter, they prepare to leave before they see a news broadcast on the gas station's TV where a girl who made a spectacle is trying to broadcast a message to someone named Tommy. Farah recognizes the girl as Malina and tells Micah that Tommy needs to get her message as its their only hope. Micah touches the TV and restores the transmission which is damaged from the effects of the H.E.L.E., puts it on a loop and sends it to every device capable of receiving the signal to aid Malina in getting her message to Tommy. Thanks to Micah, Tommy gets the message through his mother's cell phone, but Erica Kravid and Renautas receive it as well.

Micah's group arrives at Union Wells High School shortly after sunrise and realizes something's wrong when they see people panicking and running from the school. As people run from the gym, Farah turns invisible and runs to find Malina while Carlos follows her, telling a frustrated Micah to stay behind with Jose. Moments after Farah is shot protecting Malina from Joanne Collins and Joanne is killed by her husband, Carlos, Micah and Jose enter the gym and rush to Farah's side. Farah tells them they have to protect Malina, but Luke tells the group he will take care of Malina and they need to get Farah to the hospital. As Luke and Malina leave, Carlos, Micah and Jose leave to rush Farah to the hospital.

Project Reborn

Arriving at St. Jude's Hospital, Micah, Carlos and Jose find it abandoned and without power. Micah is able to turn the power back on and watches as Jose removes the bullet from Farah Nazan. As the group plan what to do next, a lot of people enter the hospital looking for help with their injuries so Micah, Carlos and Jose stay to help them.

Heroes Evolutions


As "Hero Truther", Micah uploads several videos to YouTube, each showcasing a different evo. The first video shows a well-dressed woman pushing a car with her hand. The second video is a Russian dashboard camera video that shows a truck smashing into a motorcyclist, but the biker is able to phase through the truck and not get hurt. The third video shows a young man as he plays a prank on his buddies by exploding his hand, then quickly regrowing it. The fourth video shows April Clifton leaping over a courtyard.

Micah also uploaded a fifth video encouraging evos to come together, reveal themselves, and end oppression.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Gemini: Heroes Reborn

In the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a Pinehearst file on Micah.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, an app was released with a video summary of Micah's history. The summary included:

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