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Rachel Mills/Heroes Evolutions

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This article archives the history of Rachel Mills during Heroes Evolutions. For more about Rachel Mills, see the main article.

Character History

For Rachel's full history from Season Three, see Rachel Mills: Character History.

Heroes Evolutions

According to's character reference for Rachel Mills, Rachel was born in Newport, Rhode Island, but grew up in Calabasas, California. She was raised solely by her mother, Leona, until Rachel was twelve and Leona committed suicide. Rachel's grandparents then took her in, but they struggled with little money and Rachel wasn't able to gain many friends. After graduating from high school, Rachel joined the Marines following her grandfather's footsteps. After spending four years abroad between Iraq and Afghanistan, Pinehearst recruited Rachel for their top-secret operation.

Rachel appears in The Recruit: Rachel

An intercepted mobile message posted on is a video message Rachel left for her friend, Amy, before she left for Pinehearst:

Hey, Amy! I'll be MIA for a couple weeks and I just wanted to give you the heads up before I'm off. I've been selected for this program. But after being stationed in Iraq for the past 16 months, it should be a breeze. Heck, the weather's nicer, pay's better, there's a lot of cute boys here. Anyway, I love you. Bye.

Operation Bad Blood

The above message was later included amongst other video mail messages in chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood. They are part of a video feed being reviewed for security messages by a technician in Pinehearst that the Pinehearst contracted player spots. Rachel's message to her friend, Amy, is viewable by clicking the "video feeds" link on the page.

Rachel appears in Operation Bad Blood

A second and final message from Rachel to her friend Amy is viewable by again clicking the "video feeds" link on the iStory page:

Okay, this is it--my last message. Twelve hours to go and it's... it's really starting to sink in. It's a lot of pressure. But anyway, um, you're my best friend, Aimes, and don't forget that... unless you tell somebody about that thing. And if you tell somebody about that thing, then I will have to come hunt you down and take you out. Well, anyway, um, I love you and I'll call you when I get back.

The Private

In chapter 1 of The Private, Rachel visits the remnants of the destroyed Pinehearst Headquarters. Later, when in a job interview, her potential employer reviews her personnel file and mentions her many combat decorations she accumulated in her four years of service and excellent shooting accuracy even under the pressure of combat situations. To explain why she was discharged as a private, Rachel begins recalling her experiences from her last tour of duty in Iraq the previous summer. In Rachel's recollection, she is called Corporal Mills by her commanding officer, Barton. She begins to follow his orders to leave her Humvee and search a woman's car at a checkpoint in Ghanaf, Iraq, when she hears an erratic beeping noise that she follows and finds a coded message. When she grabs the message, Rachel hears loud bangs coming from the checkpoint and sees that the rest of her unit has been disabled by gas canisters.

Rachel turns and flees into an alley, where she runs into Ammar, her unit's Iraqi translator. Together, Rachel and Ammar continue running away and find a hiding spot in a side alley down a side street. Rachel then spots two of their hazard suit-wearing pursuers pass by. One starts to tug off his gas mask, but the other gives him an order and the first man pulls it back on. However, before he does so, she sees that the man isn't Middle Eastern. Rachel also notes to herself that the order sounded very much like English. Rachel begins to analyze the message and her situation. She realizes that the message is in Morse code and the translation means she was bugged by Ammar. However, Rachel's realization comes too late and Ammar forces her out onto the street at gunpoint. They are quickly surrounded by men in hazard suits and one of the men places a smelly hood over her head.

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel takes a break from her story when the interviewer leaves temporarily to fetch some coffee. When he returns with his cup and asks Rachel if she wants some, she declines and continues her story when prompted to. Rachel notes that next, her captors dump her in a muddy pit and she realizes her captors had taken some of her blood some time before then. She then waits by herself there for about 12 hours until a rope ladder is lowered to her and she climbs up. Rachel follows two men and a women to a mess hall where she is interrogated by an Arabic man who introduces himself as Harry. She tells Harry that her people will come for her, and learns from him that she is in Iran and that there is an Iranian army medical facility in the nearby village. When Harry then asks her about her mother, Rachel just stays silent and learns that she has been under surveillance from an unknown party for some time. She is then taken back to her pit and finds she now has company inside it.

The man sharing Rachel's pit, Jim, and Rachel introduce themselves to each other. Jim asks if they said why they brought her there, and Rachel must decide how to respond. She chooses to comment on Jim's appearance and gets Jim to open up about how he came to be there. Rachel's conversation with Jim is interrupted when Ammar arrives above their pit. When Ammar informs her that her captors plan to kill her, she asks for his help.

Rachel pauses telling the story when the interviewer makes a note, and she asks him what interested him. When the interviewer replies that Rachel seems to have a Type E personality based on her responses, Rachel asks if that is the best type and why she gets the feeling that how she tells the story is more important than the story itself. The interviewer doesn't answer Rachel, but instead notes that Ammar has a proposal for Rachel and asks Rachel to continue the story, which she does.

In Rachel's continued recollection, Rachel listens to Ammar's proposal for them to use his motorcycle and make a one to two days drive on a road that the U.S. military is watching. She replies that it sounds like his plan is to get them blown up by a Predator drone, but Ammar says that she will signal to her people that they are escaped prisoners when they get close. Rachel then asks Ammar about bringing Jim. She learns that Ammar does not think he should come and that Jim thinks they should jump Ammar and take his motorcycle.

After Ammar comes back that night and helps them get out, Rachel knocks Ammar out with her fist and whispers to Jim that she thought that would feel more satisfying. Looking back, Rachel spots their pit in a fenced-off clearing behind them and sees other pits half-dug nearby. Jim and Rachel spot Ammar's motorcycle between two low storage buildings and hop on. Rachel holds to Jim as he drives them away from the camp. They drive for a couple minutes, then pull off and climb to the top of a nearby hill to check for pursuit. Reaching the top of the hill, Rachel says that she's thirsty and they've got quite a drive ahead of them, noting that it felt like their captors had taken her hundreds of miles. She then turns around to find four desert fighters have suddenly materialized behind them. Rachel tells them not to shoot in Arabic, raising her hands; but discovers that they are U.S. Special Forces that have been monitoring the facility Rachel and Jim escaped from. Two hours later, Rachel is briefed with Jim by the Special Forces lieutenant. She learns that the Special Forces squad has received orders to destroy the prison camp, and that they will claim that they are rescuing Rachel and Jim if there is any political fallout.

In chapter 3 of The Private, Rachel pauses her story to note that what she is going to say next is not what the official account says, and affirms to her interviewer that she is giving him the truth. Rachel then continues his story, saying she talks more with Sam, the Special Forces lieutenant, who warns Rachel and Jim that the Iranian forces will likely come quickly when the charges go off so to be prepared to run.

Rachel then watches with Jim from a rocky hill as the Special Forces squad sneaks down to the compound. Rachel spots someone leaving a hidden door around the corner from the front entrance, and asks Jim to warn the squad. However, it is too late and Rachel watches as the squad disappears in a white flash and chest-rattling boom. Rachel takes off running toward the facility, reaching Sam's body. Rachel refuses to leave without finishing the mission, and instructs Jim to return to their came and try to radio for help. Rachel spots the guy in the lab coat that had left the building earlier and runs after him. She finds that the door is just an outline in the building's metal siding, so she pulls it open and steps through it into a small, dark room.

Once inside, Rachel spots the man trying to use the inside door, and takes his pistol from him. In order to find where the files are stored, Rachel takes the man hostage. She points the gun to the man's head and learns that he can speak English. Rachel then asks him what the place is, but doesn't get a straight answer from him so she asks him to show her around, pressing him through the inner door.

Once inside, they find the next room also dark, as though the power is out. Even though she is wearing a mask, Rachel smells an overpowering odor of rot and chemicals. Rachel gets her hostage to take her inside the main office. She finds it has a small desk, low ceiling and dozens of filing cabinets. Files are open on the desk, along with piles of photographs, and Rachel studies them to make sense of things. Rachel notes that the images show what used to be people, but all of them had either been been deformed, contorted, enlarged, reduced, or discolored. To Rachel, some of them appear blackened and torn by some kind of internal explosion. Rachel asks what happened, but only learns that they had problems. She asks him if there are people alive in the building, and he notes that they are not people.

In order to find out more about the facilities records, Rachel orders her hostage to find her file. Rachel tells him her name and he produces a file folder with her name on it from the last filing cabinet. However, Rachel finds that the folder is empty. Rachel tells her hostage that they will see about the facility taking many women, and then she feels the rumbling of trucks getting close outside.

In chapter 4 of The Private, Rachel chooses to investigate weird moaning she hears coming from the medical ward so that she can rescue a girl that sounds like she is in distress. On a far table, under a dim construction light, Rachel spots her laying in a tangle of wires and tubes. As Rachel gets closer, she can see that her "table" was a tray, half-full of a blue-ish chemical that is being pumped in through a tube like a garden hose. Her arms and legs were swollen, bulging, as if full of liquid. The girl has IVs in both arms with her eyes half-open. Rachel notes that she seems unconscious, and then pauses her story to calm herself from the fresh memories.

When Rachel is asked to again continue her story, she does so intermittently, pausing after recalling each next segment, as it is painful to her. Continuing, Rachel explains that she freed the girl, but the girl attacked her and was very powerful. Rachel agrees with the interviewer that the girl's reaction is not what she expected, and speculates that whatever the facility was doing had changed her in addition to making her afraid. When the interviewer points out that Rachel did survive, Rachel replies that the girl would have killed her, but the men outside came in and the girl turned on them. When that happened, Rachel took the opportunity to run away.

When the interviewer then stops Rachel from saying more, she asks why he wants to stop when she hasn't said how she escaped. Rachel then listens as the interviewer completes her story for her. He says Rachel found Jim on the hill, and then they made their way toward the border. However, on the way, they were met by a helicopter hired by Jim's employer.

Rachel questions how the interviewer knows that, noting that information wasn't in the official account. She then listens as the interview details the official account: that they crossed the Iraq-Iran border, attacked an Iranian army convoy and were captured. This caused a stir in the local media, and the U.S. government demoted Rachel to Private, punishing her to hush the situation. Rachel responds that the real story is crazy, but they have to believe her, and learns from the interviewer that they do. She then sees Jim walk into the office and join them.

As the memories of what happened in Iran come flooding back to Rachel, she asks Jim if he was working for these guys. Rachel learns from Jim that he wasn't working for them when he was in Iran, and that he just started. Jim continues that he told his new employers their story, and they were very interested.

When the interviewer leaves the room temporarily, Rachel asks Jim if he isn't still working for Jeremy Woo, noting that Jim had said Jeremy was pretty persuasive. She learns from Jim that Jeremy is dead and some of the details related to his death.

Rachel then asks if Jim said he worked for a paper company, but isn't able to get anything out of him about that company. She then recalls the empty file with her name on it she found in the facility in Iran, and tells Jim she only needs to know from him what he knows about it. She adds she feels like she might have been singled out. However, she only gets a warning from Jim not to ever bring up the file again, and especially not in the place they are now. Rachel then presses him again for what he knows, but Jim refuses to tell her and says it is for her own good that she doesn't know.

When the interviewer returns and Jim leaves, Rachel thanks the interviewer for recognizing that her experience in the Middle East may prove valuable and notes that most people just call her a liar. When he then asks Rachel how she explains what she found in the facility in Iran, Rachel admits she can't explain it and all she has gained is questions. She is then told by the interviewer that they are going to help her and they would like her to to join their team.

Rachel congratulates herself on making the team, not realizing how much she needed that. She is then surprised to learn from him that training begins in twenty minutes, and that she needs to make any desired calls now as she will be unreachable until after her first mission. She asks when that mission will begin, and learns from him it will start in a number of days. Rachel is then instructed by the interviewer to stand in front of the camera and repeat after him.

Rachel thinks now that this is when her new war began.

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Rachel believes she has been hired by a professional paramilitary organization, but soon finds herself in the middle of a secret war between the government and not-so-ordinary citizens. Rachel continues to encounter Jim, who is now a fellow agent, while working for this organization. She thinks Jim seems protective of her, but knows that Jim knows much more than he will admit to her.

It is now the end of the day, and Rachel feels empty and drained. She wishes to herself that Gibson was with her, then looks at the woman they captured. She notices that the woman is scared, and thinks that she should be. Rachel then recalls to herself how the day began.

Rachel's recollection begins with Rachel participating in a training exercise in a gutted office building surrounded by woods. As Rachel gets close to her target, she holds her breath. Rachel then moves into the shadows of a hallway.

While following her target, Rachel notes to herself that the agent training is brutal, intense, and bizarre. Rachel recalls being in shape in the Marines, but being part of this organization is a different experience. The trainees are taught a thousand ways to take down a target, wearing all sorts of protective gear and in odd conditions, often with various handicaps.

When target stops briefly and scans the area, Rachel hides again before he can spot her. He kneels down and pulls a grill from the wall, and Rachel realizes they had found his stash. She then steps out from hiding and shoots him twice in the head.

The agents screams in pain, and says that one shot in the shoulder would have been fine. Rachel replies that doing that wouldn't be good practice, and then the other trainees start coming out of the woods. Rachel is then congratulated by her trainer, Moore, and the other trainees for breaking the course record.

Rachel notes to herself that most of her fellow recruits were very competitive and hated her as of a few days ago, but that she has been turning around their opinions by being better than them. Rachel offers to give one fellow trainee, Gibson, him some tips to help him on the course, but he declines in favor of hearing about Iran again.

Pausing her recollection, Rachel notes that Gibson's eyes told her that he had never been out in the field. However, his eyes also made him the best shot in their training group. She guesses he thought he was just playing a video game and feels sorry for him. Rachel also notes that he should be standing next to her right now as she promised him, but that things didn't go as planned.

Continuing, Rachel recalls that they get a call about the plane crash. They are briefed that the plane carried federal detainees, and their instructions are to recon and contain them. The recruits then all pile into black-painted helicopters that immediately take off. Everyone is given live ammunition, and the trainees appear happy to get a reprieve from the deep-assessment training they had been getting for the last forty-eight hours.

When they land, Rachel is told to report to Danko for orders. She recognizes Danko's name--she had been compared to him in training. Rachel locates Danko when he is talking with Senator Petrelli and listens to their conversation. While the arguing continues, Rachel turns her attention on a girl, the senator's daughter, that Danko points to. She notes her blond hair and that she appears to be a teenager. Rachel also notes the girl is scratched up and very upset. Several agents stand around her, and her hands are tied behind her back. Then Rachel looks at the crater where the plane had been, and ponders what she is capable of.

Suddenly, Rachel feels a burst of air and another blond girl appears, and then both the new girl and the senator's daughter disappear. Next, Rachel hears people say that Claire has disappeared, and pieces together that Claire is the senator's daughter's name.

Shortly thereafter, Rachel receives orders from Danko to pick three men and follow the main search party. He adds that if that party gets into trouble, her squad is to ignore everything else and capture Claire by any means possible. Rachel asks what if they can't capture her, and he instructs her to shoot her in the back of the skull.

When Danko leaves, Rachel allows Gibson to join her and tells him to stay close to her, and that he should keep his head down to stay okay. Following the main search party, they find a group of the escaped detainees including the senator's daughter next to the smashed tail of the plane. Rachel watches as agent in charge of the main search party prepares an ambush and then the fast girl stands up. She next sees Gibson open fire, taking down the fast girl and Claire, and then pause his firing. Then, before Rachel can realize it, Gibson turns and shoots everyone else in their party except for Rachel and points his gun at her. Rachel just watches as Danko saves her by shooting Gibson dead and then pulls out a tie and takes Claire prisoner.

Rachel pauses her recollection again, and looks down at the blond woman's face. The woman appears dirty, tired and terrified to Rachel, and Rachel notes to herself that now they just need to stop the rest before more good men die.

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel has become an accepted and respected member of a secret new government unit. After the plane crash, Rachel promised fellow trainee, Gibson, that she would protect him, but fugitives that Claire released killed him. Now, Rachel's deepest secret begins to haunt her.

Rachel wakes up and finds herself sitting in a metal chair in a Pinehearst lab. She has taken a bullet and blood runs down her arm. A spotlight is pointed in her face, and she can only make out the outline of her interrogator's body. Then, Rachel sees a blue IV dripping into her arm and the interrogator shuffles forward. Rachel addresses the interrogator as Petrelli, but realizes it is the girl that almost killed her in the desert lab. Rachel notices the girl's stained skin, swollen arms and legs, and unfocused eyes, and that fluid is dripping from the girl's veins onto the floor.

Rachel dodges the girl's blue hands, rolls over the table in front of her, and rushes out the door. As she reaches the exit, Rachel hears behind her the girl's bare feet slapping the tile, snapping her limbs inhumanly fast.

Suddenly, Rachel arrives in a funeral home. She notices lots of chairs in the room, and everyone there is tall and wearing black. Thinking the girl is still after her and that the casket will protect her, Rachel starts walking up the aisle. As Rachel approaches the casket, no one seems to notice her. When she reaches the casket, Rachel finds it closed and tries to open it. She succeeds in raising it an inch a few times, but it always drops back shut as if something is holding it closed. Rachel then whispers, "Please, Mom", and a blue arm snakes out and grabs her wrist.

Rachel screams no and wakes up on the floor of her room, realizing she is back to the nightmare that is her life and that she has teleported out of bed. She also notices that it looks like dawn, that her body is soaked with sweat, and that she is shivering uncontrollably. She then lowers her head into her arms and groans, when she hears someone call for her from the doorway.

After quickly snatching her gun from her desk drawer, Rachel a man enter her room she guesses is one of Danko's men. He claims to be her new partner, but she keeps her gun pointed at him. When he mentions she he didn't knock because he heard yelling, Rachel explains that she just had a dream and asks him to come back later. However, he says he can't leave, and notes Danko sent him with another file for Rachel about the "special project". Rachel then lowers her gun.

Two hours after Rachel's partner leaves, Rachel reflects on not asking for his name. She thinks that it was too soon, and recalls the recent deaths she has experienced: Gibson; David, at Pinehearst; Eric, the young Special Forces officer; and tough old Barton, in Ghanaf. Rachel also adds her mother to that list, since it has only been weeks since she learned why she killed herself, and notes they all died because of powers.

Rachel then turns her attention to Danko's file. She notes to herself that Danko has had her searching through some old websites, stuff that used to be run by people with abilities. They were just trying to understand more about how they think when Rachel found the first message. When Rachel reported it, Danko instructed Rachel to keep the project off the grid as he thinks there might be a security breach. Rachel was also informed that when Danko's analysts started looking at the websites, bursts transmissions began leaving the government firewall.

After turning on her computer, Rachel begins going through a new target list of about a dozen websites Danko has given her to look at. She finds that the first website is a kind of message board, and spots a few images with bar codes or something that she wants to check out. Rachel copies them to her computer and attaches them to an email to a hacker buddy who can sort those things out and let her know about anything interesting. After a while, Rachel narrows the list down to three other websites that give her a weird feeling.

Rachel opens Site 1, Senator Petrelli's website, and finds a hidden message looking her in the face after some searching. She wonders aloud who "Rebel" is.

Site 2 is "Las Vegas Niki", which Rachel notes to herself is like a creepy tomb since Niki is dead. Rachel searches this second website for a while, but finds another hidden message in plain sight just when she is about to push on. She writes "ALEX" in the file and underlines it twice, thinking that it is something she has to tell Danko about.

Site 3 is "HG", which Rachel notes to herself is a very intense website. Rachel learns from the website that the woman, "HG", waged an ability-related campaign for a while, coordinating with a number of others through the website. Rachel has trouble parsing the sheer wall of information at first, and takes a break after a few minutes of writing down names and places. A minute later, Rachel walks back to her computer with drink in hand and from a distance, far enough back that she can't read text, sees that she has been thinking too hard. She whispers aloud that she is going to shut down the messenger.

Just as Rachel finishes looking at the websites, her phone buzzes. Rachel checks the caller ID, sees that it says "UNKNOWN", and figures it must be her hacker buddy, Volts. She rolls her eyes and answers the phone while writing another note on the file for Danko.

Rachel asks Volts "what's up", and comments that it is practically lunch time. She tells him that she loves him too, and threatens to break his legs if he forces her to drive over there to find out what the bar code said. She then listens as Volts tells her. Rachel realizes from the message that they know who she is. When the power suddenly goes out, she tells Volts she will call him back, but finds that her cell phone connection has been cut off. Rachel tries to call Danko's office, but gets an "All circuits are busy" message. She then grabs her gun off the bed, tucks Danko's file under her arms and prepares to leave her room when her phone buzzes with a text message from Rebel. A video file sent along with the message shows Rachel using her ability at Pinehearst. In additional text messages, Rebel warns Rachel not to tell Danko what she just found out. Rachel thinks of how she is now in another horrible situation, and how she hates Rebel almost as much as she hates herself. She then gets another text that Rebel needs her to do something, and thinks that her situation just got much worse.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is now in a situation where a shotgun is being pointed at her head from five feet away. She guesses that two seconds has transpired and that the man holding the shotgun plans to pull the trigger. Rachel also notes that REBEL has been trying to kill Rachel all day, and begins recalling prior events, starting with what occurred about a week earlier.

In Rachel's recollection, she jumps into the passenger seat of a van Danko is driving, and tells Danko she was delayed because her boot lace snapped and she had to fix it. As Danko drives them away, Rachel makes eye contact with Jason, her new partner, in the van's rear seat, and wonders if either Danko or Jason suspected what she had been up to.

A couple days later, Rachel is practicing firing her weapon at the shooting range with Jason. She notes to herself having been there a long time--that Jason was starting to look tired, but she was used to the practice having practiced shooting holes in stuff as therapy since the day in Pinehearst when she found out about her condition.

Rachel watches Jason shoot, placing his elbow low in a way she recalls a lot of Navy SEALs do. She watches the intensity on his face, under the ear protectors and goggles, and figures he wants to beat her bad. When Jason challenges her to try to beat his latest score, Rachel says that she is done for day, and is tired. Danko then arrives, and Rachel recalls that yesterday one of the fugitives made it into his apartment, almost killing him. Unlike some other agents, Rachel didn't look at Danko any differently for what happened, and he rewarded that loyalty with an assignment.

In the firing range, Rachel learns from Danko that she and Jason need to depart to Costa Verde by plane in fifteen minutes. Their orders are to pursue and capture the target, Alex Woolsly, and to inform Danko and wait for further orders if they get evidence that the cheerleader is involved.

When Danko leaves, Rachel turns around to get her beeping cell phone, but Jason is already holding it. She asks for it back, snatching it from him. Rachel confirms to Jason she just got a text, but ignores his inquiry about her reading it. She presses the shooting range button and begins firing, imagining the targets are fugitives and impresses Jason with her precision. Rachel notes that she comes there a lot, then watches as Jason leaves. She then drops her cell phone in a trash can, thinking that would be the end of Rebel's interference on her mission.

Upon reaching Costa Verde, Rachel and Jason meet the lead agent at a command truck. Rachel asks for the latest intel, and then agrees with Jason that they need to get moving since it is already after lunch time.

Rachel decides for them to proceed to Alex's abandoned car, and they meet two agents there. She notes to herself that the agents look bored, but are taking it in stride as professionals. Rachel and Jason agree that Alex is unlikely to return to the vehicle, so they take a look around the street. While they are looking around, Rachel notes to herself that ditching the vehicle does not seem like something Alex would do on his own, and suspects the Claire was involved in helping him escape.

When Jason spots a security camera on the corner of a nearby self-storage facility, Rachel notes to him that there isn't an office in the storage building, so the camera must be remotely operated. She then instructs Jason to call back to base and find out if they can hack the archives for the camera footage. While he calls, Rachel wanders the street, trying to place herself in their shoes to figure out where they would head next. A couple minutes later, Rachel explains what she is trying to do to Jason, and then asks what base found. She learns from Jason that the related footage will be streamed to Jason's phone

When Jason suddenly gets a text message, Rachel decides to snatch the phone from Jason. She then turns her back on him and ignores him while examining the phone. She deletes messages from REBEL and opens the video file when it comes in. In the video, Rachel sees Alex's car and a blonde, female, Caucasian passenger, but then the file gets deleted and a new text message appears from REBEL. Rachel then hits delete again just as Jason reaches and grabs the phone back. Rachel tells Jason that the video was blank and convinces him to get it resent. Rachel then learns that the tech can no longer find the video, but swears it existed.

Rachel says to forget the video and decides they should head to the beach. They arrive near a local sand-side restaurant, and Rachel spots a clump of young men and women in swimsuits draped over the wooden seats outside the restaurant. Rachel begins to head toward them, but Jason stops her from proceeding. Jason tells Rachel to compare their attire with those she plans to question. Rachel then notes that Jason and herself are in dark suits and glasses, while the surfer crowd is dressed in rags. She also notes that she wasn't much of a surfer girl while growing up, southern California or not, and often got into fights at school with this crowd.

After considering, Rachel responds that they will put the fear of God into them, but Jason notes they are most likely to get ignored as in the film Point Break. Rachel replies that she hasn't seen that film, and Jason directs her to a nearby surf shop, where a rack of women's swimsuits are in front. At first, Rachel refuses to get into a swimsuit disguise, but Jason finally convinces her to do so.

After purchasing and getting into a swimsuit, Rachel approaches the surfer crowd on her own. As she says hello, she thinks the plan isn't going to work. Rachel notes the girls sizing her up like a circling shark and the guys smiling like she is long-lost family. Rachel talks with a blond-haired guy that greets her back, telling him she is there to meet her cousin Alex, and asks if he had seen him. Rachel then learns from one of the girl that Alex hasn't been around that day. Rachel tells the girl they were supposed to meet, but she tried calling his place and he's not there. Rachel then ignores the guy offering to get her a drink and asks if they have any idea where Alex might be. The girl then informs Rachel of Alex's friend, Liliane, who also hasn't been around, and provides Rachel with her address.

Rachel returns to Jason at the car, and tells him to keep his eyes up and what she learned. When Jason realizes his plan worked and begins to gloat, Rachel instructs him to keep quiet and drive. Upon arriving outside Liliane's house, Rachel is dressed in standard gear again and instructs Jason to watch the back side of the house.

After exiting the car, Rachel walks up to Liliane's front door. Noting the toys in the front yard, she suspects Liliane lives with her family. After knocking on the door, Rachel overhears Liliane's mother talking in the next room. A moment later, Liliane appears at the door, and Rachel picks up that Liliane is more afraid than surprised. Rachel asks Liliane's father, who had answered the door, to speak with Liliane alone, and Liliane convinces him to leave the room.

Rachel talks with Liliane and learns that Liliane is a government informant, and had a drug charge or something from a party at her community college. Danko's men had called and given her a way out in exchange for her help. They told her Alex was taking some special steroids or something, and she was supposed to report if she noticed him do anything weird. She had called in some tips right before he had disappeared, and now she is afraid to leave the house.

While Rachel continues talking with Liliane, Rachel spots a scrolling text bar appear across the bottom of a big-screen TV in the living room. She sees that the scrolling text is showing her name in caps, but ignores it. Rachel asks if Liliane knows where Alex might go, and Liliane asks Rachel if she knows about "the girl". Rachel asks what girl, and Liliane explains that one of her friends at the comics store said a girl came in before Alex ran off. Rachel notes that he didn't tell her people about any girl, and Liliane replies that her buddies had scared him so he didn't mention it. Liliane adds that he didn't know her name, and just saw some blond hair.

Rachel figures it is Claire, but doesn't think it is any kind of proof that she could offer Danko. The TV continues to scroll text, even quicker now, and Rachel realizes she cannot ignores it much longer. Liliane tells Rachel she will sue the government if Alex comes after her, and Rachel replies that sounds like a plan. Rachel then says goodbye and leaves.

Jason meets Rachel back in the car and Rachel begins explaining what happened as they drive off. Rachel notes that her proof is real thin, but it sounds like Claire Bennet was there. She also tells Jason that they should check the apartment first, before contacting Danko.

Upon entering Alex's apartment, Rachel is shocked by how cluttered it is. They both set about searching through the place for half an hour and then meet up to trade notes. Jason and Rachel agree that the place is a dump, and Jason notes he didn't find any evidence that Alex had been contacted. Rachel says that she found one pay-as-you-go cell phone with a long-dead battery and a laptop she thought looked like it was used occasionally. Rachel watches as Jason boots up the laptop, and it starts downloading messages and, afterwards, deleting them. She then spots a small LED glowing on the edge of the laptop cover and realizes it's a webcam. Rachel says hello to REBEL, and a new e-mail arrives with the subject telling Rachel to leave now. Rachel tells Jason to turn off the laptop, explaining that someone is hacking and deleting the files, and watches as he does so.

Rachel then tells Jason she is going to go call Danko, and leaves the apartment. She goes to the alley behind the apartment building to use a pay phone that is there. While approaching the pay phone, she notes to herself not using a pay phone in years, recalling the closest thing being large public comm. units at her base in Iraq. Rachel had used one to call her grandfather once after she got deployed, hoping to trade Marine Corps stories.

While authenticating herself to Building 26, she feels someone close behind her. Rachel says for Jason to give her a minute, but then feels something pressed hard to her back. Someone tells Rachel to hang up the phone or he'll kill her, so she does so. A minute later, he allows Rachel to turn around and talk with him.

Rachel could tell the man likely served in the military in his past, but is now balding and gray-mustached. He tells her his name is Dave and wants to know what she did with his son, Alex. Rachel notices he is holding something under his coat, but doesn't know what. She spots a car she guesses is Dave's parked in the shadows, and suspects he was watching the building to find Alex and found her instead.

Rachel tells Dave that she doesn't know why he thinks she knows anything, adding that his son is probably just hanging out somewhere. When Dave informs Rachel of his findings and asks who her people are, Rachel replies that she isn't at liberty to say and tries to escape. She knocks Dave aside and gets about five feet from him when she hears him clock a 12-gauge shotgun and stops still.

As she turns around, she sees Dave point his shotgun at her face. Rachel fears he is about to kill her. She then feels a now familiar strange tingle start, her adrenalin pumping as she closes her eyes and prepares for something. But then Jason arrives and tells Rachel to look out. Then, all the lights on the block simultaneously turn off, and Rachel notices nearby air conditioners are also winding down.

Rachel, Jason, and Dave stand in the darkness while their eyes adjust, and then Rachel or someone moves, and Rachel teleports onto the roof of Alex's apartment building just avoiding getting hit by the blast of Dave's shotgun. From the roof, Rachel watches Jason force Dave to drop his weapon, kick it away, and lay with his face to the ground. Rachel then looks up and around the city, noticing that the whole city's power grid has been knocked out. She assumes that REBEL has saved her life; and guesses that when she finds out the cost for doing so, she will wish she was dead.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel and Jason search sectors of Costa Verde with spotty video and satellite surveillance until the still-dark hours of early morning. They then head to a motel and Rachel falls asleep on her bed. After the sun has come up, Rachel is awakened by Jason screaming at her from the doorway of their adjoining rooms. Rachel asks Jason what his problem is and realizes she is soaked with sweat, must have been dreaming again, and must have yelled.

Later, Rachel and Jason have bagels for breakfast at a table outside a small bakery. Rachel begins to say how they think they should proceed, but Jason interrupts her and says she said something in her sleep. Rachel asks what she said, and learns that Jason thinks she has PTSD. She receives from Jason a business card of a woman who treats the disorder and learns that in her sleep, she mentioned a blue girl, her grandfather and mother, and a bald guy. Rachel asks about the bald guy, but Jason can only say that he thinks he is another of the "freaks" she went after. He continues that Rachel keeps yelling at him to do something; but Rachel is offended at hearing him call them "freaks". She cuts him off before he can finish his sentence, says for them to go, and that they can continue the conversation later. They then leave the bakery and begin driving in their car.

After Rachel directs Jason drive them about ten minutes through Costa Verde, instructs Jason to park the car on the corner a half-block away from the Bennets' home. The approach a pool-cleaning van parked across the street from the Bennets' house and Rachel slaps her ID onto the van's window bringing to attention the two agents inside. Rachel says that they will take the current shift, and they take watch for two agents who leave.

While watching the Bennets' home from inside the van, Rachel tells Jason she thinks Claire is hiding Alex by process of elimination. Rachel then agrees to Jason's suggestion that they "rattle the cage". As Rachel and Jason cross the street towards the Bennet house, they both see a curtain move inside and comment that the Bennets see them coming. After Rachel bangs on the front door, she is let inside and allows Jason to enter from the back as planned. Rachel then turns around in the kitchen and stares at Claire, thinking that she looks fearful. She tells Claire that she knows Alex is there, but refers to him only as "he". Rachel spots Claire glance at her adopted mother, Sandra, and reads their faces. She then turns around and sees that a door leading to the pantry was behind her during the glance.

Rachel chooses to enter the pantry and finds a pantry full of dark shelves and cans. The Bennets in the other room remain quiet as Rachel searches, but she doesn't find anyone inside. Rachel then steps out of the pantry and says that she knows Alex is there somewhere. Claire then comments to Rachel something sarcastic and Sandra asks Rachel and Jason to leave, and they do so.

A couple hours later, the sun has gone down and Rachel and Jason are again watching the Bennet house in the pool-cleaning van. Rachel spots Claire's car pull out into the street and sees blonde hair in the driver's seat and a hooded, slumped figure in the passenger's. Jason and Rachel then rush out of their van and jump in front of the car before it can leave. Then, the driver's window comes down and Rachel realizes she is aiming a flashlight at Sandra Bennet. Beside Sandra, Rachel sees that Claire's brother, Lyle, is the hooded figure and realizes she is being played. Jason and Rachel race around the Bennet house in the direction of barking dogs. Arriving at the backyard fence, Rachel curses herself out loud for being fooled. She then instructs Jason to split off from her and make sure they don't cross the street beyond the houses. Rachel then turns the safety off on her pistol and continues the pursuit by herself.

Rachel arrives and searches around a blue-glowing pool. The area around the pool is very quiet until Jason radios Rachel that he thinks he sees them at the end of the street. Rachel and Jason rush to the end of the street, but don't find anyone. After retracing their steps for an hour, they head back to the van. On the mission laptop they have in the van, Rachel sees another message from REBEL asking for help and warning Rachel that a man might give away her secret. After temporarily examining the laptop, Jason turns it back towards Rachel and she sees that REBEL's message is now showing as a bunch of garbled text. Rachel tells Jason to contact headquarters and tell them to resend the data. When Jason turns away to do so, a new message appears at the bottom of the screen, "HERE'S HOW TO READ IT".

Rachel reads REBEL's instructions to "BREAK EACH LINE AT 60 CHARACTERS" and when she does so the line wrap she notices the text is an ASCII photo of Eric Doyle. She whispers aloud Eric Doyle's name and that it's unbelievable, but Jason doesn't understand what she says. Jason tells Rachel that headquarters is resending, that a new tip came in a few minutes ago, and now they have direct orders to move out. Rachel is surprised that headquarters actually was trying to send a message, but says only "okay" and stares back at the laptop screen.

In chapter 5 of The Agent, Rachel experiences several dreams in succession. In the first, Rachel finds herself covered with blood having killed someone. She falls on her knees by the body and begins crying, but can't bring herself to touch it. On the wall, she can make out a crudely drawn symbol that looks like a hammer surrounded by four dots. A moment later, Rachel senses a quiet noise, and turns but cannot see the source. Then, she sees something bright and things change.

Next, in her second dream, Rachel finds herself armed and in the hallway of a government building at night. She rushes silently down the hall and shoots a man that exits a glowing room with her. She notes that the gun is silenced and keeps moving without examining the body. Rachel notes a light flickering strangely at the end of the hallway where there is a massive metal door. She keeps walking towards the door though she doesn't have the passcode, and then things change again.

In the third dream, Rachel is in another building where she says hello to her mother. Rachel then thinks to herself that the only thing that matters is what happens next and braces herself for something when everything suddenly disappears.

Then, in the fourth dream, Rachel is hurting more than she ever imagined and finds her hands are on her chest. She lifts her fingers and realizes she is slowly bleeding. Then, Rachel falls on her knees into some dirt and says aloud that someone "really did it". A woman then replies that she told her she would and Rachel's vision fades.

In the fifth dream, Rachel is somewhere bright where she can see a dozen people or more looking up at her including men, women, and a child. On a nearby crate, she sees the same symbol again that has a hammer and four smaller symbols around it. Rachel then raises her hand and is holding a bomb detonator. She looks back at the crowd before her and presses the button.

Next, in the sixth dream, Rachel sees a man with a shaven head and piecing eyes. Rachel is terrified of what he holds in his hand. She tells him that she looked at it and listens to him.

Finally, Rachel has another dream where she sees a woman talking on the phone with her mother.

Before Rachel experienced these dreams, Rachel is on assignment with Jason Pierce to capture Eric Doyle, Rachel recalls how saving Eric was the first and worst thing REBEL has asked her to do and thinks that saving him again is the last thing she wants to do. However, Rachel realizes she needs to do so if the situation is going to end without ruining her life and ending his. She then notes to herself that Eric is a poster child for everything she is fighting against in defense of her country; but since Eric could mention that Rachel helped him before in interrogation, she needs to get to him first like Rebel said.

Rachel is listening to the SWAT team leader talk on her radio while reading new text messages from Rebel. She then tells Jason she suspects Eric Doyle will try to pass through some alleys ahead of them, and instructs him to watch for Eric out front while she flushes him out. Rachel answers Jason that she will careful, and then enters the alleyway from behind and shouts at Eric Doyle to stop. Then, Rachel radios Jason she is going in, chases Eric Doyle up another alley, and shouts again. She tells Eric that she is giving him a chance to surrender, then tells him to look at her face in a lower voice after making sure Jason isn't around.

Then, Rachel cannot speak and becomes frozen. She realizes the sun is behind her and Eric must not recognize her since she becomes forced to point her own gun to her head. She also notices Eric saying something, but cannot hear him over the blood roaring into her head. A moment later, Rachel becomes forced to slam her head into a brick wall on the side of the alley. She hears a dull thud and then blacks out. For the next moment, she thinks she sees a dark shape waiting for her there, at the edge of onrushing dreams.

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Rachel is driving with Jason back to headquarters, shortly after Howie Kaplan's escape. She sees Jason take notice of a motorcycle that has been pacing them for a while, and asks if he noticed that the rider has been following them. When Jason says that he hasn't and asks if she is hungry, she stops the car at a restaurant.

After getting seating, Rachel glances at her menu and comments that the place is not very good. Jason replies that it is perfect and Rachel asks what for. Then, the restaurant door opens again and Rachel and Jason notice a tall, dark, and pretty woman enter wearing motorcycle leathers.

Rachel tells Jason she will not promise not to freak out at what he has to tell her, and puts her hands under the table. Then, she listens as Jason tells her he saw her save Howie Kaplan, and that if she tries to what she did there in the restaurant, everyone will see her. Rachel replies that Jason set her up, but notes that he hasn't told Danko like he claims. She adds that if Danko had been told he would have come himself with a SWAT team and hope she tried to make a break for it so he could kill her. When Jason then asks Rachel to turn herself in, Rachel tells him she thinks Danko will kill her and refuses despite Jason's pleas. Next, she asks who he has told, but Jason doesn't give her a straight answer so she turns towards the door.

However, before Rachel can walk out, Jason grabs Rachel's hand. In response, Rachel shoves him into the burger and fries of a family of four next to them. Rachel calls Jason a bastard and says that she trusted him. When the woman in motorcycle leathers then gets up off a stool at the counter and begins to approach them with a military-grade taser in her hands, Rachel asks whom she is. After Jason explains that the woman is his sister, Janey, Rachel asks what she knows. She listens as Jason explains she only knows that Rachel will come along peacefully.

Rachel and Jason then notice everyone in the room suddenly appear like they are asleep on their feet, and Janey's taser hit the floor with a thud. Rachel notices a blonde teenage girl standing behind Jason takes credit for what is happening. The girl says she is a friend and asks her to come with her, but Rachel seems to ignore her. However, when Jason calls the girl a freak and threatens to harm her if his sister is hurt, Rachel takes aim and shoots Jason dead. Rachel and the girl then clean up the scene.

The next morning, Rachel awakens in an abandoned hunting cabin where she has spent the night with the girl she met. Jason's death is on Rachel's mind as she sits down at the cabin's dusty table. She recalls shooting Jason, and how he was so confident she wouldn't shoot even when she told him she would. She tries to rationalize the death since he tried to take her in, but begins wondering how could she be this way and him not see it.

The girl then interrupts Rachel's thoughts, and causes Rachel to lower her face into her hands and begin crying. As the girl tries to comfort Rachel, she thinks that the U.S. government must want her for killing her partner, and realizes the only reason she is alive is because of this teenager she just met. Feeling relieved, she thanks the girl for being there to help her. When the girl replies, commenting about a time when Claire told her something, Rachel notes also knowing Claire Bennet. The girl informs Rachel that she knows Rachel's history with Claire. Rachel then responds that the girl knows a lot, but she doesn't even know the girl's name.

When the girl asks Rachel if she has heard about LAWR, Rachel replies that the government picked up some chatter about it, and the girl explains that she is the A in LAWR and that her name is Anna. The girl adds that she helps Ellen, but can't talk about that part. She then tells Rachel that Rachel has to go back to her organization, and Rachel says that they could kill her on sight. When Anna says it should be safe since Rebel is asking for her to do it, Rachel thinks Anna's comment sounded almost like a question, but doesn't reply. Then, Anna says that she has a big test tonight she has to get to and Rachel agrees to leave with her.

Before they leave, Anna informs Rachel that REBEL is worried Janey might go hunting for her brother's killer. Rachel replies that it will be okay, and jokes that she hasn't met an Army girl that could arm-wrestle. Then, Rachel says for them to get Anna to her test.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel tells agents that come to her room that she and Jason made it back to the city okay, and that she last saw him when she dropped him off. Rachel recalls then to herself that what actually happened, that Rachel had brought Jason to his home in the trunk of the rental car and dropped him off. Rachel had felt sick at the time, having shot her friend, Jason, to cover up her secret when he was just doing what he thought was best for Rachel.

After the agents leave, Rachel sits by herself in the dark and falls asleep. She has a repeated nightmare of being in the Pinehearst lab, killing David with scissors again, but this time David wasn't a monster. Rachel was chasing him and he begged her to stop, and sometimes David had Jason's face.

One morning, Rachel reads the daily intel briefing, which contains tips about possible fugitive activity around the world, and she finds her fight with Jason page two. She reads that a dozen diners at the restaurant have reported blacking out during their dinner, and one woman was still in a coma. Rachel thinks to herself that the woman would be Jason's sister, and recalls that Anna told her that the coma wasn't permanent. She also recalls having the impression that permanent was possible, but that Anna would rather die than do that to someone.

Continuing to read the briefing, Rachel notes to herself that witnesses mentioned a man and woman arguing beforehand, and that their descriptions of Jason and herself were very accurate. However, no one had said anything to her about it because the report claimed the incident occurred in Oregon. Rachel guesses that Rebel is likely responsible for that, and for the first time begins thinking she might get away with what she is doing. Her thoughts then become suicidal, but she is interrupted by orders to report immediately to an address in New York City.

Rachel proceeds to a dark alley near the designated address, and is frightened to see the SWAT team. Two members of the team approach Rachel and offer their sympathies for Jason's death, then the site commander calls for her. Rachel proceeds to the commander, and answers him that Danko did not tell her anything about this operation. She learns from him that Danko has gone off the grid and gets assigned to B Squad. The commander also offers his sympathies, and then Rachel heads over to the next alley to gain her composure.

Anna interrupts Rachel's thoughts; and Rachel, worried that others might see, reacts by pulling Anna to the ground. She then walks with Anna to the front of the target building, and listens as Anna explains her story to convince Rachel that what Rachel did to Jason was necessary.

Arriving at the target building, Rachel decides they should both head inside to help the fugitives. She accepts Anna's hand, responding to her that the line is "Beam us up, Scotty". Then, Rachel focuses on a window high up in the building and teleports herself and Anna inside.

Rachel materializes with Anna in one of the building's empty hallways and draws her gun. Rachel senses a draft that smells like wet dirt and motions for Anna to follow. Rachel notes that she doesn't like calling her ability a power, and that she sees it more like a curse she would give anything to be cut out of her. Rachel then relents to Anna and teleports them into the next room.

Once inside, Rachel and Anna learn that the fugitives have been living there for a while. They find that the plant nursery has been converted to a kind of jungle, and watch as a gathering of twenty people assemble around them. Rachel and Anna are introduced to their leader, Abe, and Rachel notices he appears to be glowing and has what sounds like a smoker's wheeze. She also notes to herself that Abe also looks to be blind, with cataracts that have turned his eyes opaque. Rachel guesses that if the army outside knew this was what they were facing, they would have already stormed the place and captured everyone.

Next, Rachel spots Abe reach out a hand towards them and everything becomes black. A moment later, the light comes back and Abe glows a shade brighter. Rachel notices the glow is coming directly from his skin. She comments that Abe is sick and warns that if he is radioactive, everyone there could be in trouble. However, Anna then notes the more immediate threat outside and Rachel tells the group that they need to leave.

After the group gathers its belonging, Rachel learns from a skinny kid that no one is guarding the back exit so she checks it out. She then returns to the group and tells them that the agents will attack from the north, and that it will be really loud and flashy but they will not charge in. Rachel explains that the fire escape has been rigged to blow, and that the agents likely plan to flush them out that way, and then blow everyone off the side of the building. She adds that she should have known the agents wouldn't plan a straight-up fight with so many unknowns.

Rachel continues that they should still use the fire escape and confirms that she is going after the detonator. She notes that in three minutes, they need to proceed down the fire escape no matter what is going on outside. Rachel adds that getting away will be the hardest part and they need to go even if she hasn't given them the all clear.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Rachel gets pulled aside by Anna and then tells Anna that agents have spotted them. Rachel notes that it is easy for REBEL to make Anna's records disappear; but if Rachel disappears, it will raise eyebrows as they are currently running the description of a double agent.

Rachel reads Anna's expression, and tells Anna that she is likely wondering if Rachel is going to kill the fugitives. She continues that she killed her own partner to hide her ability, and it would be easy to just wait three minutes and warn her commander so that he blows them up and preserves her secret. Rachel adds that no one would think to blame her for Jason's death after that, and asks again if that is what Anna is thinking. However, Anna just asks Rachel to come back to them so Rachel teleports away.

With two minutes left before the fugitives move out, Rachel materializes herself down outside the building and finds herself standing around the corner from the SWAT teams. She hears people talking, loading their guns, and applying their body armor, and realizes they are ready to proceed. Rachel walks around the corner and searches for the site commander, Commander Klassen. She notes to herself that Klassen is one of Danko's most trusted lieutenants, and recalls how he has been trying not to act smug since they arrived. Rachel thinks his act is strange since a lot of agents have been getting killed in operations like this, then realizes he knows he is going to kill the fugitives.

Rachel confirms to an agent that she is ready for some payback, then watches Klassen. When the SWAT teams head towards the target building, Rachel stays in one place, waiting for Commander Klassen to move out.

At the one minute mark, Rachel spots the commander bringing up the rear with two aides carrying laptops and radios. She notes to herself that they should be in a field ops van, but Klassen decided he wants to go on foot. Rachel also thinks that though the troops think what is doing is for show, he actually wants to be on the ground so he can slip away and observe the supposedly "non-functional" fire escape.

When the commander spots Rachel, she joins her squad as the SWAT teams are making their way to their pre-marked paths, passing over trash and street bums until they reach the target building. Rachel checks her watch and figures that Anna and the fugitives should be heading down the fire escape now. She figures it will be close and doesn't know how to stop this. Then, Rachel hears the last status reports in her earpiece noting that everyone is in position, and the commander radios to proceed in thirty seconds. She notes to herself that it sounds like the commander is moving fast, but he has already moved out of view.

Rachel breaks from her team and rushes toward the direction Commander Klassen was heading. She guesses he is near the fire escape, and can hear his voice, even without the radio. Then, Rachel hears Klassen yell, noting that it is a kind of FUBAR yell, and that he has spotted the fugitives. Rachel starts running and, after turning another corner, spots Klassen a block ahead of her. She also sees figures heading off the bottom of the fire escape, and Klassen turning around with the detonator box out. Rachel guesses that it is too late, and the fugitives are too low to be affected by the blast.

Then, they both look towards the mystery truck as it screeches its tires. Rachel notices a symbol of a hammer and some dots is traced in the dust on the side of the truck, the same symbol she saw in the nursery overhead. Rachel aims her gun at Klassen's back, but can't pull the trigger. She then notes getting a rush of adrenalin and time seems to slow for her. Rachel then teleports in front of the commander and says hello, just as he has begun running towards the battle. However, Commander Klassen cannot stop quick enough and his face winds up in Rachel's fist. Rachel grabs the detonator that gets flung up into the air. As the commander sits up off the ground, Rachel takes hold of his collar. She tells him that she is a monster, then closes her eyes and teleports them both into the sky.

They materialize twenty feet in the air above the fire escape. As they hang in the air, she notices agent leaning off the top platforms and out nearby windows. Rachel sees bullets flashing off the grimy alley walls, and that the agents' helmets are all facing away from them. They then begin falling, and she can make out a dozen or more of the fugitives' pale faces at the end of the alley. She notes to herself that there are men, women, and a child among them, and they alone see Rachel and the command flash into the middle of the sky.

As the commander and Rachel fall next to the fire escape, Rachel looks at the bomb detonator in her hand, then at the agents around them. Then, in a moment where she feels sad and peaceful; Rachel lets go of Klassen, closes her eyes, and presses the button.

Sometime later, Rachel recalls something happened to her in the air, and notes that it feels like she left part of herself up in the sky. She remembers feeling the concussion of the explosion, even as the ground materialized under her feet. For a moment, it felt to her as if she had a foot in both spots, and she landed a different person with a new life. Rachel also notes that it hurt a lot, and that she screamed over and over. Then, hands grabbed her and a diesel engine roared.

Now, as Rachel still recovers from the shock of the explosion, she finds herself in the back of the truck. She is standing, holding herself up and watching the highway slip past. The faces of dead agents, some license plates, and road signs flash into Rachel's head as she focuses and turns around. Rachel sees the fugitives she helped rescue staring at her, and finds it a bit creepy. She asks them if she left part of her face on the side of the building, getting most of them to break their stare.

Rachel then reflects on what happened again, and asks Anna who is driving the truck. After Anna gets a long message from REBEL, Rachel receives Anna's phone from her and finds the message contains cries for help from fugitives in trouble. The message also contains status reports, e-mail addresses, and links to websites. Rachel asks what is happening, and asks Anna to introduce her to Ellen someday.

Then, Rachel's cell phone buzzes with a text from Danko. Rachel reads the message, which asks her to report to him immediately. When Anna comments that REBEL says a person at a circus should be their next priority, Rachel absently replies that she hates circuses. She also notes that there is something she needs to take care of first.

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Rachel heads to Building 26 to meet with Danko. On her way, she drives past Arlington Cemetery and recalls always picturing herself ending up there, and wonders if that will still happen. She soon arrives in front of Building 26.

Once inside, Rachel finds Danko's assistant, Bob, at his desk in front of Danko's office. Rachel asks Bob if he knows what her meeting is about, and learns that it was called by Dan from Internal Affairs. She then guesses Rebel must have missed something and considers staying to find out, but then changes her mind. However, just then, Danko walks past. After Bob reminds Danko about the meeting, Danko approaches Rachel and asks if she is Agent Mills. After acknowledging that she is, Rachel begins to follow Danko inside, a bit shaken from Danko's demeanor such that she trips over the edge of the office's rug. When she takes a seat, she answers Danko that she just wanted to serve her country. Rachel then asks Danko if she can call for Dan to join them. When he agrees for Rachel to do so, she tells Bob to call Dan and he arrives with two security guys that stare continuously at her.

Rachel figures that she will find out what they know and then port out. Dan asks Rachel to tell them what really happened when Howie Kaplan escaped from her custody. Rachel thinks to herself about telling them what really happened, but instead says that she was knocked off the building during the fight and landed on a fire escape. She continues that when she got back to her feet, the suspect had disappeared, and notes that what she is saying is in her report. Dan then thumbs through a thick file, saying that Rachel's report left a few things out, like a witness that reported seeing Howie talk with a female agent after the escape. Hearing this, Rachel begins reaching for her pistol that is tucked behind her back. However, Danko then orders Dan to stop picking on Rachel and asks both of them out of his office, noting that the supposed evidence in Dan's folder is actually a bunch of old requisition forms.

Rachel watches silently as Danko leaves ahead of them, then ignores a comment from Dan and leaves. Back on the highway, Rachel receives a new text message from Rebel asking for help with rescuing a Building 26 prisoner and noting that the government will soon learn her secret. She decides to tell him that she needs to cut and run for a bit, but Rebel responds before she can finish typing in a message and offers to tell her the truth about her mother if she helps him.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Rachel goes to the shooting range in Building 26 right after agreeing to help Rebel free a prisoner from the facility. While she shoots at targets in the range, she recalls how the range has been a simple aspect of her life that helped her center it during her rough times. She then notes to herself that as soon as the day shift leaves, she plans to attach a silencer to her gun, free a prisoner being held upstairs, and leave it behind forever. Rachel continues that despite this, she is happy because she has found her place in using her ability to help save lives. She notes that Rebel is right that she is doing this last mission to find out more information about her mother, but only so she can tie up that loose end and get on with her life.

At that moment, Rachel is grabbed by several hands. She fights back, but is shoved off the ground and head first into a wall. Rachel is then able to stand up, and she sees Danko there, She watches a video message from Jason that Danko plays on a cell phone. In the message, Jason tells his sister that Rachel is his new partner, and that if he has a suspicious death while with Rachel, Janey needs to give Jason's superiors this message. He says that he observed in Rachel what might be symptoms of a psychotic break, probably combat-stress-related, and that she could pose a severe threat. Danko tells Rachel that ballistics matched the bullets in Jason's body to Rachel's gun.

Rachel notes to herself that she has spent months using her abilities under Danko's nose, and he is just arresting her for murder. She guesses Danko still thinks she is on his side, but that she is damaged goods. Rachel looks through the cracked shooting range door and at Danko, and then teleports into the hallway. Rachel hears Danko shout that she is one of them, and begins running down the hallway while adding a silencer to her gun.

When a man steps out into the hallway in front of her, Rachel shoots him in the head and keeps moving without looking down. The light at the end of the hallway flickers and Rachel guesses Rebel is telling her where to go. As she approaches, she spots a massive metal door and continues toward it.

Finally, Rachel reaches her destination, a room she sees has rows of bodies that stretch into the dark. She notes that their chests rise slowly and faces are tight, that some have their eyes open, but none of them look at her as she passes by them. She hears someone groan, and turns and spots Eric Doyle. Next, Rachel pulls out the tube that is in his nose, and then pulls out the tubes of the man and woman next to him. An alarm then goes off, and Rachel gets out of the way to avoid getting shot by two agents that end the room. Rachel teleports behind the closest agent, whom she recognizes to be Agent Harper. He turns toward Rachel, but she disables him with a jump kick. Before landing back on the ground from her kick, Rachel teleports behind the other agent, but he is taken out before she can get to him.

Rachel wonders why she is freeing these people, and tells herself that she was destined to do so. She then grabs Eric Doyle and the other man by the arms and tells them it is time to leave. Rachel tells Eric Doyle that she is saving his life again, and explains she can only save them because other agents are on the way. She then begins teleporting them through the building. Along the way, she learns the man who can change things into sand is called Gordon.

Rachel takes them to the roof, but when she pushes open the roof door, she sees that the helicopter she was planning to flee in has already lifted off. She also spots two agents sitting in an open doorway of the helicopter. A spotlight then centers on Rachel and her two friends, and Rachel shoves Eric behind Gordon to protect him. She then teleports herself up into the helicopter seconds before the two agents in the chopper begin firing machine guns at them. Seconds later, Rachel forces the shooters out the still airborne helicopter and they stop shooting. She then points her gun on the pilot. Rachel instructs him to pick up her two friends and take them out of there.

They touch down in a dew-covered field at sunrise, and the helicopter becomes silent. Eric and Rachel go for a walk together while Gordon prays. Rachel confirms to Eric that she can never go back to Building 26. After Rachel checks her phone again, she notes that there isn't yet any word from her friend or Rebel. But just then, she gets a text from Rebel. She learns that Anna got herself into a jam at the circus, and then begins racing back to the helicopter. As Rachel rushes back, she shouts for Gordon to untie the pilot.

Rachel arrives at the location of the circus Anna was sent to and finds that it looks like a battle had been waged there. She passes many people who sit and moan with eyes that wander blankly, and a row of corpses in body bags, some of which appear to have been aged beyond their years. While wondering what went wrong, she spots a bunch of grim-faced agents huddled around something and talking loudly. She guesses they are questioning the prisoner Rebel told her about. Rachel then lowers her cap over her face and proceeds to get closer. When she hears the agents beating the person up, Rachel begins walking faster, and pushes her way through other men and woman in SWAT gear and suits. When she is close enough, she sees the knee, shoe, and face of a young man. Rachel notices that is face is blank similar to one of Anna's zombies, but doesn't think Anna would hurt a friend.

Rachel then turns to look for the rest of the friends, but the prisoner shouts out the name Linda. In response, she glances over her shoulder back at the young man, and sees that he is staring at her. The other agents see that he is looking at her, and Rachel winds up face to face with Janey Pierce. Rachel tries to teleport away, but Janey stuns her with a taser before she can do so.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Rachel is held prisoner by Danko. Danko calls Rachel a monster and shows her a photo of Linda Niles. He tells her that Rachel needs to kill Linda before she can stop Building 26. Rachel asks why she would do this and Danko points out Anna, who is badly beaten. He tells her that if she does not kill Linda in 30 minutes, then Anna will die. He tells her to use the "monster" Victor to get her to Linda.

Rachel enters Victor’s room and he begs her for help. She asks him to take her to Linda and he places a hand on her knee. In seconds, she is with Valerie. Rachel demands to know where Linda went and follows her down a hallway. She calls out for her and Linda appears, claiming that Rachel needs her to die. Rachel tries to convince her that she can survive but Linda informs her that it has been foretold. Rachel suddenly realizes who Linda really is; her mother, Leona. Leona runs away and before Rachel can get to her, she shoots herself. Crazy Tom kneels beside her and tells Rachel "It’s finished".

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Rachel is shot by Janey Pierce. The fugitives scatter and Rachel tries to look for an attack point somewhere in the warehouse. While she is trying to find Janey, Abe shows up behind her. Janey prepares to attack but both she and Rachel are washed away by a huge wave of water. Rachel sees that the wave came from a woman, and Janey tries to shoot her. The lights go out and when they return both the woman and Abe are gone.

Unable to do anything, Rachel watches as Howie Kaplan secretes oil all over Janey and prepares to kill her. Several other fugitives appear and one even breaks Janey's arm with their power. When Rachel sees that Janey does not even flinch, she is suddenly afraid that she will soon become like her. Before Howie can light the fuel, Rachel grabs Janey and teleports her away, claiming that it is "For Jason".

Rachel returns to the warehouse some time later and reunites with Anna. Anna informs her that Leona is gone. Soon, Crazy Tom, Valerie, Anna and Rachel receive a message from Micah and head to a bus stop, where Rachel finally reunites with Leona.

The Civilian

In chapter 1 of The Civilian, Rachel has begun living in Lyneboro, Connecticut and is trying to put her past behind her. Now working as a normal police officer, Rachel uses her power to save a cat from a tree. Upon seeing that a man is watching her, Rachel decides not to teleport down. She returns the cat and goes to the police station where she learns that something has happened to the spare room of her house. Rachel returns home and notes that a cable guy referred to it as a Spartan residence. Rachel enjoys this as she thinks that the Spartans were strong. She goes to the spare room and finds that the window has been broken. Looking out into the backyard, which is really a forest area, Rachel spots the same man from earlier watching her. He disappears behind a tree and Rachel rushes down to find him. She chases him into the trees and after watching him camouflage, she teleports to stop him. Crazy Tom reveals himself to her and tells her that Leona is waiting.

Rachel goes to the diner where her mother is waiting and finds her alone in a cubicle. Rachel notices that Leona is reading a list of names but Leona quickly hides it before Rachel can see more. Trying to make small talk, Leona asks how Rachel has been. Rachel demands to know why Leona is in Lyneboro and continuously calls her "mom", which worries Leona, who has used her own power to make herself young. Leona tells Rachel that she would like to move in with her to try and mend their relationship and Rachel accepts her offer.

In chapter 2 of The Civilian, Rachel notices that her neighbor is perving on her. She goes over to his house to get some answers and learns that Leona has been meeting with him for days. Rachel decides to go to work and is assigned to locate a missing boy. Chief Parker tells Rachel that the boy's brother, Cooper, may be involved but that she is not to speak with him. Rachel finds out from Tim that Leona has taken a job at Mable's diner, so she goes to find her. Rachel speaks with Leona about the boy, and is warned to stay away as someone in the town has manifested an ability.

Rachel goes to talk with the boy's father, Smokey, and learns that Toby often hangs around in the woods. Smokey tells Rachel that he was last spotted there and she goes to look for him. She encounters a local gang, who are discussing Toby's situation. Rachel chases them deep into the woods and uses her marine training to beat a few up them up. She finds Toby's body near a river but before she can reach him, his brother shows up to stop her. He reveals that he has been protecting Toby, and that Rachel is in the middle of something dangerous.

In chapter 3 of The Civilian, Rachel returns home after a run and sees an intruder in her home. She teleports and pins him to the floor. Tim arrives but upon seeing Rachel attacking another man, he leaves. Rachel gets some information out of her intruder, including his name and why he is in her home. After her shower, Rachel is again approached by Tim, who is sporting a new confident attitude. Rachel guesses that Marc is behind it and finds out more about his ability.

Rachel apologizes to Tim about what happened and then goes to see Leona. Leona explains that Marc is there to search for his cousin Amber. Kelly then enters the diner and glares at Leona, worrying Rachel. After being reassured, Rachel makes her usual rounds around town including speaking with Smokey about his son Toby. Rachel returns to her office and looks in her inbox, finding a digital camera, set of keys and a report on obvious evolved human activities. As Rachel places the report away, Chief Parker takes it from her, stating that it is his. Rachel takes the camera to Tim and has him fix it, revealing the photos to be a battle between gangs in the local woods. Rachel returns the keys to the school where she finds that it fits one of the school’s lockers. Inside she finds a note indicating more gang war activity. From this note (and talking to some local gang members) Rachel stops at a fight at the park later that night. Before any fights can occur, Cooper appears and brings up more questions for Rachel.

The next morning, Rachel is confronted by Tim. Behind him, Marc concentrates and gives Tim confidence, also making Rachel feel weak and ill. Determined to beat it, Rachel asks Tim out on a date but is turned down after she suggests Skydiving. Rachel then goes to meet Marc and Leona at the diner.

In chapter 4 of The Civilian, Rachel has a nightmare regarding her time as an agent. In it, she is speaking to Claire Bennet; reliving the time she came looking for Alex Woolsly. Claire tells her to look at what she has done and Rachel sees Alex’s dead body at her feet. She wakes up terrified, and after telling Leona, she becomes annoyed when her mother speculates that an evolved human may be behind her dreams.

Rachel decides to help out Mykah and Cole, twins who arrived in Lyneboro looking for their cousin Amber. Rachel asks if they know why Amber would be traveling with the newly arrived biker gang and Cole explains that she started going with them while they were fugitives. Rachel goes to Chief Parker to find some more information and learns that the local biker gang is not his main priority. Rachel is shocked to discover that the Chief has discovered the existence of many evolved humans in Lyneboro.

Continuing her search for Amber, Rachel finds Alex Woolsly in the local park. Alex runs from her but after she reveals her ability, Rachel is deemed trustworthy. She and Alex talk to each other and Alex tells her that a former Company agent named Mensen is looking for evolved humans. Rachel goes to the park and confronts Mensen, who flees. While in the park, she finally finds Amber and reunites her with her family. Rachel then goes to investigate a disturbance between some bikers and the local teens and learns that the bikers have found some bodies.

In chapter 5 of The Civilian, Rachel once again has a nightmare about her time as an agent. In this nightmare, she remembers killing her former partner Jason Pierce. Rachel awakens and remembers that she is at the massive gravesite that the bikers uncovered. Rachel inspects some of the bodies and sees that they have been electrocuted. She then speaks with Leona, who tells Rachel that she should not be haunting herself with the murders. Leona reveals that she has been taping Rachel while she has been sleeping, in order to show her the severity of her nightmares.

Rachel returns home and falls asleep on her bed. She has yet another dream, this time featuring Claire Bennet. As her nightmare progresses, Rachel begs Claire for forgiveness. She awakens and finds the actual Claire Bennet sitting with her in her room. Claire explains that Leona called her in to speak with Rachel and that she forgives her. Rachel decides to look at the photos from the camera and eventually discovers a photo of Cooper taking orders from Kelly. Rachel, Claire and Claire’s friend Store head to town hall and find Chief Parker dead, having been electrocuted by Cooper. Rachel warns Kelly not to go through with her plan and, as the city gangs arrive in the town, Kelly listens to Rachel and stops the attack.

Later, Leona explains everything to Rachel, who is pleased that she has finally gotten over her villainous past as an agent.

Faction Zero

In chapter 1 of Faction Zero Rachel goes to Costa Verde to get Claire's help. She enters Sam's Comics and talks with Claire about former company agent Mensen who is apparently in town looking for her. Sandra Bennet enters the store and Claire has Rachel pretend to talk to her boss, Vic. Vic asks Rachel what her power is, throwing her off guard. This question is not literal as he then asks if she has telekinesis or telepathy. Rachel comments on both the "personalities" applied with the powers, stunning Vic who admits that he thinks she is hot. Claire agrees to trick Mensen and exits the shop and talks with him outside. As he is about to attack her, Rachel grabs him from behind and they begin to interrogate him. Before he can reveal any valuable information, he is shot by an unknown assassin.

Because Claire helped her, Rachel is forced to help one of her old targets, Eric Lee Harrison, trick his family into thinking he is engaged to her.

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Rachel and Claire speak with Lieutenant Lenks about Mensen's autopsy. Rachel decides that she should investigate the death on her own, much to Claire's annoyance. Rachel tells her that she will meet her at Sam's Comics when she finishes. Later, Ando Masahashi and Hiro Nakamura spot Rachel talking to one of Mensen's comrades. They alert her to the danger inside the shop and Rachel teleports the three of them in there. Rachel and Agent Penn discuss Rachel's history with Building 26 and Penn becomes angry. He tries to get revenge on Alethea Thorn, who once used her power to force him to do something embarrassing. Alethea apologizes and she and Penn leave.

Rachel tells Claire that she found some info in Mensen's motel room but lost his comrade after Hiro and Ando told her what was happening.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Rachel tells Claire that her contact at the police department has given her the location of a faction of specials at the edge of town that might have something to do with the attacks on her. She arrives at a abandoned building, and teleports through the front door, knocking out a surprised guard. Rachel then goes into the kitchen where a skinny guy, large guy, John, and Gail are talking. They notice her, and John tries to grab her, but he knocks him to the floor. She launches a kick at the skinny guy, but he phases though it. She backs off and decides to talk to them, demanding to know why they are in Costa Verde. They tell her they do jobs for people, in order to get by, and that their leader, Wildman, is on a job right now, going after a girl with information on Sabine Hazel. Rachel makes the connection to Claire, and teleports out to go get help.

She arrives at a hotel where Hiro and Ando are staying, and tells them that Claire is in danger. The three then teleport into Claire's living room, and free Claire, Sandra, and three Mags from dogs controlled by Wildman. As the others fight the dogs, Rachel tackles Wildman and demands to know who he is working for, but he sends a bird flying into her head and breaks free. She chases him, but he slows her down by sending more birds at here. A black van pulls up, and a man yells for Wildman to get in. The man cuts of Rachel’s pursuit with a ball of fire, and they escape.

Rachel returns to the Bennet house and makes peace with Sandra over Building 26. She then goes with Mags, Hiro, and Ando to rescue Mags main body in Florida.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Rachel argues with her mother on the phone, and is overheard by Claire. She hangs up, and notices Claire, who tells Rachel that she is going to have to finish hunting for the people going after them by herself, as her family could be killed if she keeps playing bait. Rachel begins to leave, when both of their cell phones go off with text messages from Micah. They meet him in Sam's Comics, where he tells them that Eric Thompson, Jr. is the one behind the attacks and is looking for Sabine Hazel. Rachel asks what their options are, and they decide to head after the group working with Thompson. Claire decides to come along to keep a eye on Rachel, as she has been getting moodier and more distracted, and Micah says they will need help, so they go to see Unity. After getting some members to help, Rachel and Claire go after the Fire breathing family, while the others go to the group's headquarters. Claire confronts Rachel on her moodiness, but she insists she is fine.

They track the family to a rest stop, and listen to Chris and Gail talk about the group, and how they are all dead now. Rachel wants to hide in their van, but Claire insists they don't know anything and talks her out of it. They return to Sam's Comics, and Micah tells them that the group of specials has been killed. But he did find a medical document that gave the reason why everyone is after Sabine Hazel: her baby would have the power to clone itself, but all it's clones would have the different powers.

Rachel drives Claire home, and joins in the Bennet's celebration of Claire being accepted to college.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Claire arrives at Rachel's motel room, and finds her still sleeping. Claire notices that the bed has not been slept in, and a blanket crumpled up in a corner, and begins to ask if that is a army thing, when she notices scars, scratch marks, burns, and a bullet wound on Rachel's back. Rachel comments that not everyone gets to be Claire Bennet. After a quick shower, she shows Claire how to use a gun, and gives her one to keep. Claire asks what is wrong with her, that she sounds like Claire's dad on the day he moved out, and that sleeping on the floor is not normal, but Rachel says that is just where she wakes up, telling her they need to go get Eric Thompson, Jr. and end this.

They arrive at Sam's Comics, where Callum and Trevor Tanaka are waiting for them. Trevor says he was operating in the area, working on a operation, and that their missions may overlap, as he has history with Thompson, Jr., when he spots one of the people he was looking for and runs out. Rachel prepares to leave with the others when Alex walks in. He tells them that he has found out where Sabine Hazel might be held. Rachel, Claire, Alex, and Callum then proceed to a house and teleport into the attic. They land on a pad, and a sign that says if they step off the house will explode. After a short argument, Rachel teleports them out, and the house does not explode. Trevor shows up and knocks Callum out, and tells them that Callum has the power of illusion, and that he had just wanted Trevor out of the way earlier. Rachel and the other rush back to the house, but only find sets of footprints leading away form it.

Rachel and the others re-group with Rebel, who have found the location of Thompson, Jr. Rachel decides to go after Sabine alone, and says goodbye to everyone. She picks up Sabine's trial, which leads her to a carnival. She spots Sabine and her baby, surrounded by several people, including Callum, and also spots the Fire breathing family from Wildman's group. She watches them for a while, and then leaves to continue her journey.

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