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Mr. Muggles/Season One

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This article archives the history of Mr. Muggles during Season One.

For more about Mr. Muggles, see the main article.

For Mr. Muggles's Season Two history, see here.

For Mr. Muggles's Season Three history, see here.

Character History


Carla tells Sandra Bennet that Mr. Muggles is not breed-worthy. Mrs. Bennet backs up her dog's breed-worthiness by stating his accomplishments — Mr. Muggles has won five local all-breed rallies, and two regional all-breed rallies.


Mr. Muggles is carried by his owner downstairs as waffles are prepared in the kitchen of the Bennets' home.

Better Halves

As Claire and her mom make cupcakes, Mrs. Bennet carries Mr. Muggles in one arm. She babbles about another dog breeder who wants to breed Mr. Muggles with her poodle, resulting in a "pomepoo" or a "pooranian". She says, "Mr. Muggles doesn't want anything to do with a breed that has 'poo' in its name."

Nothing to Hide

It's a big day for Mr. Muggles--he's participating in a dog show. Mrs. Bennet worries that Lyle will stress Mrs. Bennet and her dog out. Claire and Zach then help Mr. Muggles out to the car so his paws don't get soggy.


Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Muggles read a magazine together. Their literary enjoyment is interrupted when Mr. Bennet snatches the magazine.

The Fix

While Claire and Zach search for files on Mr. Bennet's computer, Mr. Muggles is the only one home with them. Later, when Mrs. Bennet returns home with Mr. Muggles from the dog groomers, she discovers that they missed clipping one of his claws, which could scratch the floors.


After escaping Primatech, Sylar goes to the Bennets' home, where he finds Mr. Muggles in Claire's bedroom. Hearing Sandra return home, he goes to meet her. He tells her that he found Mr. Muggles wandering loose in the neighborhood, so he brought the dog home and entered through the back door, which he found open. Mr. Muggles obsessively licks Sylar's shoes, distracting Sandra.


Claire returns home to find Mr. Muggles barking at a frantic Sandra, who is yelling and throwing things at him. Claire reminds her mother that Mr. Muggles is her beloved dog, but Sandra doesn't remember having a dog ... or a daughter.


Sandra Bennet collapses in the kitchen, dropping a jug of milk. Mr. Muggles runs over and laps the milk off of the floor as Claire tries to wake her mother.

He is apparently not a very good guard dog, as he does nothing to rid the house of intruders when Sylar and later on Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman break into the house, taking the Bennet Family hostage.

Company Man

Mr. Muggles barks angrily as Ted melts a doorknob and breaks in to the Bennets' home. Ted promises not to nuke the dog. Later, Ted hears a noise from Claire's room; when he investigates, Mr. Muggles exits the room. Before the house burns, Sandra picks up her dog and leaves.


Sandra Bennet tells her husband that while the family stays in a hotel, Mr. Muggles is staying in a dog hotel. Sandra has requested hourly updates on the dog, much to the chagrin of Mr. Muggles's caretakers. Later, Candice, posing as Mrs. Bennet, says she has convinced the hotel to let the dog stay in the room.

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