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Micah Sanders/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Micah Sanders during Season Two.

For more about Micah Sanders, see the main article.

For Micah Sanders's Season One history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Season Three history, see here.

For Micah Sanders's Heroes Reborn history, see here.


Niki and Micah are at a cemetery in Las Vegas. The two are about to leave Las Vegas for a fresh start, but Micah says he doesn't want to leave his father behind. Niki promises that she will take Micah to see his dad anytime he wants. Micah, crying, runs over to his father's grave.

Later, in New Orleans, Micah is apprehensive about meeting his new family. Niki tells him not to use his powers, and that while she has to leave one more time, when she gets back, they'll be together. Niki and Micah approach a house and meet Nana.

The Kindness of Strangers

Now living with the Dawsons, Micah is rudely awakened by his cousin, Damon, who splashes water on his face. At breakfast, Monica and Damon argue about a pay-per-view wrestling match Damon wants to watch. After Monica leaves, Micah tells Damon that he thinks he knows how to get pay-per-view.

That night, Micah uses his ability to gain access to pay-per-view, so Damon can watch the wrestling. Monica enters, and begins to get angry, but Damon tells her that Micah is a genius and rigged the cable. Micah apologizes, and Monica reminds him that his mother asked her to look after him.

Fight or Flight

Monica finds Micah playing the piano, and Nana notes that it's wonderful to have a musician in the house again. Monica walks up to Micah explaining that no one has played the piano since her mom died. Micah apologizes for playing, but Monica tells him it's okay and sits next to him. Micah asks if she misses her mom, and he comments that he misses his too. Monica starts playing the piano with Micah, and Micah asks if she can play piano, but she tells him that she never learned. Suddenly, she finds herself playing fast and uncontrollably, then walks away frightened.

Monica has cut a few more rose tomatoes, and Micah tells her he thinks he knows what happened with the piano. He goes to the television and puts his hand on it, and it turns on and off, explaining how he rigged the pay-per-view. He tells her he thinks it runs in the family, since D.L. could walk through walls, and his mother is another story altogether. He shows her a 9th Wonders!, and points out St. Joan, the muscle mimic who can do whatever she sees. She shows him the tomatoes, and how she saw it on TV. Micah tells her that maybe they should test it out.

At a park, Micah and Monica go to see skateboarders and basketball players, but Monica suggests double-dutching since she was never good at it. Using her ability, she watches a girl jump rope, then jumps in.

Monica flips through channels, and watches kung fu, replicating Bruce Lee's motions. Micah watches her do flips and kicks. She wonders what it all means, and Micah tells her that they're special. She wonders why God gave them the gifts, and then tells Micah that it's their secret. After Micah leaves the room, Monica then goes to answer a knock on the door and finds Mohinder. He tells her that he has answers to her questions.

Four Months Ago...

It's Micah's 11th birthday and his mother and father are singing, "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", to him. Niki is semi-sedated by her pills and D.L. is hugging him warmly. The birthday cake is made like a 9th Wonders! comic book cover, St. Joan issue. Micah tells his parents that his birthday wish is that they can be like the Fantastic Four, minus one. D.L. then tells him he has a new job, one that will make him proud. Afterwards, he takes Micah boating and Niki stays home.

After the L.A. club scene where D.L. is shot, Micah is shown at his funeral, holding the medal of valor his father was given for rescuing the six-year-old girl. Damon asks if he can play with it, only to be reprimanded by Monica.

Truth & Consequences

Micah sees his mother, Niki, for the first time since coming to New Orleans to live with Nana and his cousins, Monica and Damon. Niki explains that she has a virus, but that is it not contagious and that Doctor Suresh is doing everything he can to find a cure for her. Micah decides to give her something that will give her hope, his deceased father D.L.'s medal, and goes to find his backpack only to find it is gone. Later, Damon explains to Micah that it was stolen. Micah is furious and attacks Damon. Later, Micah is approached late at night by Monica who says she will get the backpack. Monica and Micah sneak out to the house where Micah's backpack is and after watching a video of a break in on the iPod Bob gave her, Monica breaks in and finds the backpack. However, the house is broken into and they find Monica, throwing her into the back of a van. Scared, Micah runs, leaving her there with them.


At the Dawsons' home Micah tells Niki that Monica has been captured by a street gang. He tries to convince Niki to use her super strength to rescue Monica, but Niki tells him she doesn't have her strength anymore because of the virus. They leave anyway to go help her.

Micah and Niki follow a GPS signal emitted by Monica's cell phone to find her location at an abandoned warehouse. When they arrive, Niki beats up the gang member and enters the burning warehouse. Niki helps Monica escape with Micah's backpack, but Niki isn't so lucky. Micah and Monica watch the building explode with Niki still inside.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean lies to Paulette Hawkins, promising to let her see her grandson, Micah, if she assists Brendan Lewis in covering a large crater with vegetation.

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