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Nathan Petrelli/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Nathan Petrelli during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

After being shot by his brother from the future, Nathan is rushed to the hospital by paramedics and is labeled to be in critical condition. The doctors' efforts to save him fail however, and Nathan dies. As future Peter, under the guise of present-day Peter, stands by Nathan's bedside, Nathan suddenly comes back to life and jolts upright.

Later, Nathan is sleeping on a hospital bed. He wakes up, confused. He sees a suit hanging on the door. A newsman is outside the hospital talking about Nathan Petrelli's miraculous recovery just as Nathan walks by. The newsman spots him and follows him into a chapel. Future Peter enters the chapel as well. Nathan stands before the crucifix. He turns to a Hispanic woman and tells her that he saw God today, that he was dead but that he's been given another chance. He also tells her now he knows he's here to do great things, to do God's bidding. The newsman approaches him and asks him about the message he had planned to deliver at the press conference. Future Peter cocks his gun in the shadows. Nathan says God has a message and it's a simple one: We're all connected. We are not alone. We hold in our collective hearts one noble goal, to save ourselves, to save the world. He turns back to the altar and kneels. Satisfied, Future Peter walks up to Nathan and catches him as he collapses.

Nathan is sleeping in his hospital bed again. He wakes and asks Future Peter if he's still here. Future Peter holds up a newspaper headline about Nathan saying he was touched by God. Nathan thought he dreamed it but now believes God saved him. Future Peter says Nathan has seen what people like them can do. Nathan asks, who's to say it isn't the hand of God, all of them with the powers? He wonders if Peter ever considered that they're angels here to do God's bidding. Future Peter says, what happened to telling the world? Nathan says they couldn't be angels if everyone knew, which satisfies Future Peter. As Nathan falls back asleep, Future Peter says he doesn't expect Nathan to understand what he did to him but hopes one day he can forgive him and walks out. Linderman comes to Nathan's bedside. Nathan comments that Linderman is the one who healed him. Linderman doesn't acknowledge his statement, but quotes Hamlet and says they are both destined for great things.

The Butterfly Effect

Nathan prays near a window in his hospital room, and Tracy Strauss enters. Nathan believes this to be Niki, and is confused, even though Tracy assures him that she is not Niki Sanders. She offers him a Senate position, which he says he'll think about, and she leaves. Linderman also says that Tracy is definitely not Niki, but that Nathan should take her offer.

Later, Nathan is still in his room, when Future Peter, still under the guise of Present Peter teleports into the room. Nathan tells him about Tracy's offer, and wonders if he can handle the job. Future Peter drops his disguise and tells Nathan about the future and how evolved humans are hunted, all because Nathan told the world about his power, and that is why Future Peter shot him, to stop him from revealing his power. Nathan asks Peter if he should take the offer, to which Peter tells him to make the right choice, and teleports away. Nathan later calls Tracy to accept the Senate position.

That night, Nathan plays chess with Linderman, but when a nurse enters the room, she is unable to see Linderman. Linderman claims that only Nathan is able to do so.

One of Us, One of Them

In Washington, DC, Nathan Petrelli asks a staffer if Tracy has arrived yet, to which he replies that she isn't answering her phone. Nathan closes the doors of his office. Future Peter teleports into Nathan's office. Nathan asks Future Peter where Peter is. Future Peter answers back by saying he doesn't know and that he is looking for Peter too. He also says that Nathan called him. Nathan says that Peter called him last night and says that it wasn't Peter's voice. Nathan plays the message on his phone. Peter, in Jesse Murphy's body, says that he is trapped in a body of a guy. He says that he just broke out of Level 5 with criminals. Peter says that he's trying to get back and says that he's afraid the Level 5 escapees will hurt somebody. Nathan shows up at Tracy's place wondering why she missed his swearing-in ceremony as the junior senator from New York. She asks him about Niki and the sex video she obtained, but Nathan claims that she should already know about that since she is Niki. Tracy tells Nathan again that she isn't Niki, but needs to find her. Tracy continues that she has an address for Niki in New Orleans, and is going there

I Am Become Death

Soon after, Tracy tells Nathan that she's resigning from her position. Linderman informs him that it's his destiny to help her, which is why he arrives just in time to save Tracy from jumping off a bridge to her doom. As shocked as she is to see a man that can fly, it does help her open up and show him her ability to Nathan. The two then share a kiss. In the future, the two are married, making Tracy the First Lady.

Angels and Monsters

After having rescued Tracy they share an intimate night together. Nathan wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to drink some milk. "Linderman" appears to him and continues his speech about angels and monsters. He disappears when Tracy walks up to Nathan and asks him who he was talking too. The following morning when Nathan and Tracy get dressed he asks her what she was doing on the bridge. Tracy comes clean and tells him she killed a man. She also mentions Dr. Zimmerman. Later, Nathan and Tracy go to the Hartsdale facility where they meet Angela who is keeping Peter in a medically-induced coma. Nathan learns that his brother has taken Sylar's ability, not telling him Sylar is his younger brother. Later when asked about Dr. Zimmerman, Angela tells Nathan his ability was given to him by the formula. He is angered by his mother's past deeds, and does not believe her when she tells him the world is in danger. He drops the files about him and Tracy and storms out of her office.

Dying of the Light

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinder's lab to reveal that their abilities were given to them by Dr. Zimmerman. Mohinder injects Tracy and Nathan with a knock-out drug, then straps them to tables in his hive. Daphne discovers them while attempting to recruit Mohinder for the Pinehearst Company, and escapes the lab using her super speed. Tracy attempts to reason with Mohinder, then uses her freezing power to subdue Mohinder and escape from her bonds. She releases Nathan, and Mohinder recovers and uses his ability to prevent them from escaping.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder tells Nathan and Tracy that they're not free yet. Tracy activates her freezing ability. Mohinder, outmatched, leaps over them and frees Maya from her cocoon. He jumps with her through the skylight.

Nathan has called the Company and while waiting, Tracy wonders if Mohinder's cocooned victims are alive. Tracy approaches Mark Spatney and removes part of the cocoon. He wakes and tries to strangle Tracy, but Meredith and Noah arrive just in time and Noah tasers Spatney unconscious. Tracy gets acquainted with Noah and Meredith while the Company is removing Mohinder's victims from his lab. Noah tells them that they need to come into the Company for testing to make sure they're still normal. Nathan takes a call, it's from Claire.

Nathan and Tracy arrive, Peter explains that he isn't healing because their dad took his powers. Nathan's skeptical as he says he was there at their father's death, but Peter insists that his alive and must be stopped. Nathan insists on seeing Arthur and Claire gives him the company's name. Peter tells him not to go, and he agrees. Nathan leaves with Tracy and tells her that his going to see his father. She tells him that she takes a consulting fee from them and can get them in. Nathan insists that he doesn't need doors open, he plans on taking them down.


In 2006, Nathan is attending a dinner party hosted by his father. When he runs into Linderman, Nathan confirms his suspicions about intending to prosecute him. After receiving the order to kill Nathan, Linderman sends a car to drive him off the road. This however is not successful because of the manifestation of his ability. At the hospital, Nathan informs his family of Heidi's paralysis and tells his dad that he is going to make Linderman pay. He also warns that he will take Arthur out too if he is there when he brings Linderman down. After Angela poisons Arthur, Nathan walks in before she can dispose of the body. At the hospital, Dr. Livitz informs Nathan and Angela that Arthur has died.

It's Coming

Nathan goes to Pinehearst with Tracy. At Pinehearst, Nathan is shocked to discover that Arthur is still alive. When Arthur tells Nathan to hug him, Nathan cautiously keeps his distance. When Arthur elaborates on his plans to save the world, Nathan realizes it is similar to what Linderman said to him. As Nathan leaves, he tells Tracy to go to Washington while he returns to Primatech to get some more answers. Nathan is present when Angela reveals that there is a catalyst required for the genetic modification formula

The Eclipse, Part 1

Nathan flies with Peter to Haiti to find the Haitian and the Haitian's brother. Seconds before he is about to land, Nathan's power fails, and he and Peter fall into a lake below. Uninjured, they trek into the jungle and find the Haitian, who tells them that his abilities are no longer working, either, and he too is looking for his brother. Later, they are discovered by a small group of Samedi's guerrillas, who capture Nathan as Peter and the Haitian run.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Nathan is taken captive by Samedi and placed in a prison with Samedi's slaves. While chained to the wall, he tries to comfort a fellow prisoner. Nathan tells her that he will save her sister from being sold into slavery. After Peter and the Haitian incapacitate Samedi, they come to Nathan's aide and free him along with the other prisoner. When Peter surrenders to the guerrillas, Nathan and the Haitian come to his rescue. As they are about to leave, they are interrupted by Samedi. Nathan charges at Samedi and flies him into a car. After they leave, Nathan tells Peter that he respects his decisions but their father's plan is the only way to stop the atrocities of men like Samedi. He promises Peter a safe passage home before flying off to join Pinehearst.

Our Father

At Pinehearst, Tracy is talking to Arthur when Nathan comes into the office and wonders what Tracy is doing there. She says she's there to do her job and find him opportunities. Arthur wonders what Nathan is doing there and he says he now agrees with Arthur's vision but he's going to take over Pinehearst and will work out of his office. When Arthur points out he made Nathan, Nathan says that Arthur wouldn't have gone to the trouble of setting him up if Nathan wasn't important to him. Tracy supports Nathan, saying Arthur wanted a legitimate face for Pinehearst. Arthur reluctantly agrees.

As they talk in the corridor, Nathan says that he's angry at Tracy for going behind his back. She insists she's on her side and Arthur's vision will put Nathan in the White House with her as First Lady. As they walk away, Knox and Flint watch them. Nathan and Tracy go into a basement facility and explains that in the past powers have gone to people at random, but now they've chosen the best. She shows him the platoon of 50 Marines that she recruited assembled from Parris Island.

Nathan talks to one of the Marines and asks him what he knows about the program. The sergeant, Scott, doesn't know anything specific and Nathan explains that the drug they're developing will change his life in ways he can't imagine. Scott talks about his experiences in the Iraq War, and Nathan says that he understands.

After Nathan witnesses Arthur's releasing of the catalyst into the partially-completed formula, Tracy orders 50 doses but Nathan says they need to test one Marine. Mohinder prepares to give the sergeant the first injection and Nathan wonders where his father is. Tracy says that Nathan is in charge now and Nathan tells Mohinder to go ahead. The sergeant notices Mohinder's mutation and starts to panic, and Nathan tells him it's okay. Mohinder gives him the injection and Scott starts to shake. Mohinder isn't sure what's happening. Scott breaks free of his bonds with enhanced strength and manages to regain control of himself. Nathan asks how he feels. He stands up and yanks the chair out of the floor and throws it through the glass, embedding it in the opposite wall, then says he feels good.

Graphic Novel:Truths

Arthur is talking to Angela about his disappointment that the genetic markers for abilities are in the wrong son, and they discuss flying Dr. Zimmerman in to inject Nathan with the formula for synthetic abilities. Arthur recalls the events of the hunting trip which had disappointed him: Peter is holding a rifle with a deer in his sights. Arthur tells him to take the shot, but he begins to cry. Nathan grabs the gun, saying he'll do it, and shoots the deer as Peter cries out "No!".


Nathan has a talk with Peter over Arthur's body. They talk about the formula, and Peter refuses to help Nathan. Peter punches Nathan out, and leaves. Scott finds him and gets him up. Nathan orders him to get Peter, but before he can leave Knox arrives and snaps Scott's neck, killing him. Knox tells Nathan he is a hero now, Nathan tells him he is not afraid. When Knox is not watching he attacks him, but is soon overpowered. Tracy arrives and freezes Knox, killing him. Tracy tells Nathan they can take the formula and start over. Nathan tells Tracy he can't, and fires her. He goes to confront Peter, knocking out Flint in the same time. Nathan tells Peter broke his heart. Flint wakes up, and sends fire on the formula, making the whole room full of fire. Peter injects himself with the formula, and uses his flying ability to fly himself and Nathan out of there. When they land, Nathan yells at Peter because he injected himself with something he swore to destroy. Peter tells he had no choice, and tells Nathan he loves him. Nathan says he wouldn't have done it and uses his ability to leave.

Three weeks later, he talks to the President about the evolved humans. He tells the President that he wants to capture all of them and lock them away where they can't do any harm. The President agrees.

Graphic Novel:Stuck in the Middle

Tracy and Nathan discuss their upcoming injection session, and mention the first test subject and his response to the formula. Nathan dismisses Tracy, who points out that the marine soldiers don't know what they signed up for. Tracy claims that they're changing their DNA, while Nathan states they are making them better. After a short time, Nathan claims that no one will be surprised if any of the marines will die as a result of the test - after all, they're marines.

The Recruit, Part 4

Angela tells Rachel Mills that she has sons of her own, who are handsome and she loves them with all of her heart.

Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 1

Accompanied by his bodyguards, Nathan comes to a hospital in Memphis, TN to talk to Donald Essex, an evolved human who survived a bus crash without a single scratch on his body.

Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 2

Nathan talks to a resting Donald at the Memphis General Hospital. He reminds Donald that he survived the bus crash without sustaining any injuries. Donald tells Nathan that he doesn't know how he survived the crash, but Nathan replies that he knows about Perrin Crocker and his dangerous ability, and that he is there to recruit Donald to a starting government task force specialized in preventing similar events from happening. He tells Donald that he would fit in the force due to his background to law enforcement and his knowledge of evolved humans. Donald says he is not interested.

Later on, after Nathan's men stop Donald from escaping, Nathan walks into Donald's apartment, stepping on a large puddle of water, and asks an agent if Donald is dead. The agent says that he used gas to subdue him, and that there is no way to bring him in otherwise. Nathan tells him to wrap things up so that they can return to New York, as there is still a lot to do before they officially get started. The agent asks what they should do about the water, and Nathan says that that is the Mississippi River's problem now.

Graphic Novel:What We Have Wrought

Tracy tells Mohinder that she agrees with Nathan and Arthur in that giving people abilities is the only way to save the world.

A Clear and Present Danger

Nathan is on television being interviewed by a talk show host. After being asked about his rise to power, he speaks about the fact that there is a threat to American safety and that measures are being taken to prevent such danger. Shortly after this Danko calls him, notifying him that they have the first one.

Later that day, Angela speaks to Nathan on the phone about how she can't control Claire. Nathan proceeds to tell her that Claire has to be kept away from Matt and Peter because they are to be captured. Angela then warns Nathan that "they have a bigger problem".

Peter arrives at Angela's home and finds Nathan waiting for him, they speak about Nathan's plan and the fact that the last time he went public, he was shot. Peter accuses him of being a hypocrite but Nathan says he would like Peter's input. Peter rudely declines and Nathan asks for them to have dinner that evening and Peter agrees. As Peter is about to leave, Nathan asks what he can do these days. Peter points out that Nathan saw him fly then leaves.

Nathan waits at Peter's apartment, and after Peter enters, apologizes for disowning him and tells Peter what he's doing is very important. He says Peter can't live a normal life because he's not normal and that he can make arrangements. Peter has little idea what Nathan is talking about, but Nathan wants to know if Peter's with him. Peter says he'll fight him if necessary. Nathan smiles and asks for a hug, while Noah tasers Peter from behind.

At an airplane hangar, Nathan looks over the prisoners, until Danko arrives and tells him that Sylar has escaped. Nathan says that Sylar simply has to be shot in the back of the head. Danko then proceeds to show him Claire who is being kept semi-conscious. Nathan asks for a moment alone with her and tells her to go home and forget what she's seen. She refuses, but is put into a car and driven away.

Trust and Blood

After Claire is dragged back to the camp and threatened by Danko, Noah and Nathan show up and Nathan commands Danko to stand down. Nathan and Danko have words that amount to Danko telling Nathan to watch his back because he won't always be in control.

Tracy calls Nathan and tells him that she can give him Peter if he will give her life back. They set up a rendezvous at the historic site of the battle of Russellville.

Nathan predicted a trap and brought some of "his team", including Danko and Noah, with him. A standoff ensues in which Noah repeatedly refuses to take a kill shot on Peter while he holds a gun to Nathan's head. Peter takes the opportunity of being in contact with Nathan to take his power and fly away. Tracy tries to bargain, but is taken prisoner once again.

Forty-two hours later, Nathan is recounting all of this to someone over the phone. At the end of the conversation, Nathan tells her that they both know Peter and both know that he will eventually come to her. Nathan wants to know if she will do the right thing and call him when it happens. Angela tells Nathan that she won't help now as he pushed her aside to work with the Government.

After Angela hangs up on Nathan, he heads to a trailer where a hooded figure is sitting, he removes the hood to reveal that the figure is Tracy. He makes a speech about how he is doing the right thing for everyone, before re-attaching a drug shunt and walking away in darkness.

Building 26

Nathan comes to Building 26 and states that the evolved humans are still human, and now they're scared and thus even harder to capture. He announces that due to this, and the difficulty of holding their one and only prisoner, he's requested double funding from The President. There is palpable tension between him and Danko because Danko doesn't want politicians to get involved with this operation.

Later, Danko and Nathan meet Abby Collins. She informs them that their operation is worrying the president's handlers, and Homeland Security are now overseeing their team. Danko resents the intrusion of yet another politician, while Nathan suggests a tour. Believing her to be a representative of the president, he states his funding request is to be spent on a new reinforced prison for their highly dangerous inmates. She responds mockingly, calling evolved humans "magic". She states that time traveling and mind reading are fiction. Nathan asks who she works for, and she replies she's his new boss.

Abby tells Nathan that his operation will be shut down and Nathan explains why it shouldn't be. Tracy starts to escape and they go to check it out. Tracy has a hostage but before he can escape, she freezes him, and he shatters against the wall. Abby looks on in shock as Tracy is sedated and recaptured; Abby then tells Nathan he can have all the funding he needs.

Later, Nathan talks to Danko about the death of Mark Leggett, revealing that he knows Danko let Tracy escape deliberately. Danko says he did it to protect the agency.

Cold Wars

Nathan and Danko are discussing Noah, finding out that he has gone off the grid, Danko orders a warrant to find Noah, and tells Nathan he's compromising the operation by protecting them. He asks if Danko is spying on him, and Danko states that he didn't even touch his dinner.

Four weeks ago... Nathan arrives at Noah's home. After asking for a moment with Noah, he then proceeds to tell him that everything is going to change. He then tells Noah that he's going to do better than the Company to find an answer, Noah asks if Claire is an exception and he says that she can be. Noah tells him that everyone will hate him and they will know, but Nathan tells him that he doesn't care anymore, he wants a chance to make things right. He requests his help and Noah directs him to his storage room which has everything from his 20 years of servitude. Nathan states he doesn't need an arsenal of weapons, but Noah says he needs perspective and even though his mother turned off the lights, there's only so many crossword puzzles he can do.

Danko and Nathan find out through a hidden camera that Peter is in the Noah's storage unit and Danko orders a squad to kill him, but Nathan tells him he wants him captured not killed, even at the sacrifice of his men.

Three weeks ago.. Noah and Nathan are talking about the system in which they will run the capture, Noah tells him "one of us, one of them" and Danko disagrees and tells him "one of us, or ten of us" even to Noah's dismay. Danko states they know nothing about him and he leaves. Nathan tells Noah that he can't look through just Noah's angle but from a series of them.

Nathan notices through a hidden camera that Peter has made his way to Danko's apartment. Peter is threatening Danko with a gun, as Nathan appears and tells Peter that if he kills Danko that there is no going back and it won't be capture but kill. Danko is astonished that Nathan arrived so quickly, while Nathan attempts to talk Peter down. Peter responds by shooting Danko in the arm, Nathan tells him that Danko's team is closing in on Matt and Mohinder and Peter flies to their rescue.


Nathan is clearly losing control over his own men as Danko is able to countermand his orders to not kill Peter and gives orders for any force necessary to be used. Even Noah Bennet seems to have turned against him. Instead, he's protecting Angela from being hunted so she can live out the rest of her life in peace. When Peter and Matt infiltrate Building 26, Nathan goes with Noah, Danko and some of Danko's men to confront them and witnesses Peter's getaway. Peter calls him to make a deal: exchange a stolen video file for Matt and Daphne. While Nathan is willing to make the trade, Danko and Noah set up an ambush for Peter. Danko shoots Peter in the arm and he falls off a building rooftop, but Nathan rescues Peter himself, flying in, catching him, and flying him to safety as he no longer has his replicated version of Nathan's flight. Nathan takes Peter to where Angela is waiting and the three discuss things. Nathan admits that things have gone out of control and he knows that, but he wants to help get them back under control as he's the only one who cares whether or not evolved humans are killed. He tries to convince Peter to come with him and turn himself in, and Peter apparently agrees and hugs him, but he just uses the opportunity to replicate Nathan's power again and fly away. Nathan starts to go after him, but Angela stops him telling him she had another prophetic dream and things have changed. She whispers what the dream was to Nathan who is visibly concerned by what she tells him.

Shades of Gray

In Building 26, Nathan discusses with Danko about the operation to capture Peter. Nathan blames Danko for not releasing Parkman and Millbrook, while Danko justifies himself telling that Peter got lucky. Then he asks how many people knew Peter was on that rooftop. Nathan gets a phone call and learns that Matt is on Capitol Hill, tied with bombs in his chest.

Nathan arrives at Capitol Hill and tries to help Matt disable the bomb. Matt tries to read a bomb squad member's mind but he is unable to focus clearly. Danko wonders how Nathan reached the scene so quickly, then attempts to activate the bomb but the signal is blocked by Rebel. Matt manages to read the mind of a bomb squad officer, and tells Nathan he's thinking about the black wire on the device, which they disconnect. Danko regains control of the system, but Nathan and Matt have already disabled the bomb. Nathan then knocks Matt out, telling him he's sorry but he can't have him using his power.

Nathan confronts Danko about the Parkman bomb, and tells him he'll make sure he's removed from his position. Danko plays back the recording of Tracy yelling that Nathan is "one of us". Nathan arranged for Tracy to be transferred to Building 26, and whispers to her that he is their only hope to stay alive. Danko bursts in and once Nathan has left, questions Tracy himself. Tracy says that Nathan was "lousy in bed", but when Danko asks if he has an ability, she says she has no idea what he's talking about

Nathan presents Danko with a signed order from the President, removing him from the project. He tells Noah that he's in charge now, and takes him to meet the President. Danko confronts them in the corridor, and points a gun at Nathan. He fires twice into the glass elevator behind them, and then pushes Nathan through the broken glass. Nathan falls for some distance, then floats in the air and flies away.

Nathan arrives at Claire's house and rescues her from the agents looking for her.

Graphic Novel:Puppet with No Strings

When Danko is interrogating Doyle, his guards mention that Senator Petrelli might not be okay with this and Danko's response is that Petrelli is not in charge tonight.

Into Asylum

Nathan and Claire arrive at a motel in Pátzcuaro, Mexico. The receptionist, glancing at Claire, tells Nathan that the rate is different if they want to pay per hour. Nathan storms out, saying that he's her father.

Nathan explains to Claire that because he was exposed, her free pass has been revoked. When Claire asks about everyone else, Nathan says that he will make some calls and put some things in motion. Claire goes out alone, despite Nathan's objections. Later she meets him at a cantina, and gives him a small stack of banknotes, explaining that she went to a pawn shop and sold a necklace that her other dad gave her. Claire argues with Nathan's assertion that he has everything under control, and Nathan asks why she doesn't appreciate the things he's done for her, such as her free pass. Claire asks why Nathan gave her the free pass, but he shrugs off the question. He then takes her money, and challenges a group of guys to a tequila-drinking contest, despite Claire's protests.

Nathan and Sligo take shot after shot until Claire tells them to call a draw. Nathan reassures her but then passes out. Sligo claims victory, but Claire challenges him to a rematch and wins, collecting the prize money and taking Nathan back to the motel. Nathan asks why she's not drunk, and she explains that it's because of her ability. He confesses that when he first found out about her existence, he went into denial and assumed they could forge a bond later. He also explains that he gave her the free pass because he thought it would win her over. Claire stares at him and sheds a tear, and when he falls asleep on the bed, saying that he'll make things better, she covers him with a blanket.

The next morning, Claire wakes in a chair and Nathan thanks her for her help. She asks if they're now going to Washington, but he says no, apologizing for getting her hopes up. Distraught, Claire tells him that over the years, she often imagined what her biological father would be like, only to find that he was more amazing than she could ever have pictured. After all, he can even fly--he was supposed to be her Superman. She leaves the room in tears and Nathan later finds her waiting at a bus stop. She asks what time it is, but he doesn't have his watch. Instead, he produces the necklace Claire sold and fastens it around her neck, telling her he's heading back up. He asks her if she's coming, and she follows him.

Turn and Face the Strange

Nathan and Claire look on a map for the place where Angela instructed them to go, and find it--Coyote Sands--in the middle of nowhere. Nathan flies himself and Claire there, and upon arrival, Peter is upset to see Nathan. However, the family soon reunites as Angela instructs them to start digging for answers.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Along with Claire and Peter, Nathan digs into the earth of Coyote Sands as Angela speaks with Noah over her cell phone.


After digging throughout the night, Peter, Nathan, Noah, and Claire continue to find shallow graves in Coyote Sands. Peter wants to know why Angela has them digging, and Nathan tries to convince him to give her time. Peter gets angry and storms off. Claire chases after, but Peter tells her she's just been charmed by Nathan. He then heads towards his mother for answers.

Angela calls the group together in a nearby barracks. She reveals that Coyote Sands was an internment camp to "cure" evolved humans. Angela had escaped with a few other "lucky ones". Peter doesn't understand why they have to be there, and Angela reveals she's been dreaming about her sister being alive. She believes they need to find Alice's body and give her a proper burial. Peter gets angry that Angela kept Alice secret, but Nathan sides with his mother. Angela states they made everybody forget, and reveals that the Company was founded from the survivors on the idea of keeping Coyote Sands from taking place again. Angela and Noah were trying to fix the current situation from the inside, but Danko figured it out. Angela starts talking about restoring the old methods of the Company, but Peter is uncomfortable with the idea and states that it's wrong. Peter blames the Company for tearing their family apart and refuses to be part of it again. Peter flies off angrily. Nathan tells them he'll talk to Peter and takes chase.

Peter is inside the Coyote Sands Café drinking coffee when Nathan walks in. He sits down at Peter's table and tells him that they need to work through their problems. He berates Peter for running away; Peter, in turn, is angry that Nathan isn't at Washington, DC fixing the problem he created. Nathan gets upset, but Peter reveals that the anger has built up over the years. He remembers the 1986 Mets game, when Nathan convinced Peter to go to the playoffs with their father instead of taking the World Series tickets. Nathan tells Peter he had no way of knowing the Mets would win, but Peter still believes Nathan conned him as Nathan got to see Mookie Wilson. He accuses Nathan of being selfish, even in his generosity. Nathan tells him that they need to forgive each other, but Peter has been trying. They are interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast Network announcing a severe storm over Coyote Sands.

After learning that Claire doesn't believe her about her sister, Angela runs out into the sandstorm to find Alice. Claire chases her, but the storm and Angela disappear. Peter and Nathan fly up shortly after and Claire reveals that Angela's gone.

The group decides to leave Coyote Sands after Alice disappears. Mohinder Suresh, who'd saved Noah and helped save Angela, stays behind as the others go back to the Coyote Sands Cafe. Angela watches her new group eat at the same table her old one did. Nathan draws Angela to the table, where she tells them she still wants to form another Company and bury the secrets of the evolved humans from the government. Peter tells her that they're not a company, they're a family, and they should work together as one. He tells her that the difference is that family has the capacity to forgive each other, prompting Nathan to ask if he really means it. Peter tells him he does. Nathan plans to start by talking to the President and stopping the hunt he initiated, but Claire points out he already has. The group curiously looks at the television, where a second Nathan is holding a press conference. Noah reveals it's really Sylar and that he now has shape shifting.

I Am Sylar

Nathan sees Sylar impersonating him on the television at Coyote Sands cafe and immediately flies off to attempt to stop Sylar from meeting the President. When he arrives at his office, he confronts Sylar. Sylar accuses Nathan of being a villain but Nathan responds that he doesn't need to answer to Sylar as Sylar is a psychopath and the reason Nathan attempted to capture all evolved humans in the first place. As Sylar prepares to scalp Nathan, Emile Danko appears and tasers Nathan from behind, saving his life.

Graphic Novel:One Good Hero

Nathan flies away from Coyote Sands while Peter follows. Whilst chasing Nathan, Peter remembers a time when he and Nathan were swimming. Asking how Nathan swam to the shore so fast, he answered that it was because Peter was chasing him, inspiring Peter to be more.

An Invisible Thread

In his office, Nathan is tasered by Emile Danko, temporarily saving him from Sylar who was using telekinesis to cut open his head. As Sylar pins Danko to the wall, he moves Nathan's unconscious body into an adjacent room. He then uses shape shifting to frame and arrest Danko. Left alone, Sylar drags Nathan into the bathroom before changing into Nathan's suit.

On a highway in Arlington, VA, Angela Petrelli has a dream about Nathan. When Noah, who is driving her and Claire to Washington, DC, spots a suspicious construction zone, he tells the women to find Nathan without him. They head to the Capitol Building, where Angela reveals that she needs to find Matt Parkman in order to save Nathan. Angela heads out, leaving Claire to venture up to the desk herself.

Upstairs, Sylar tries to wake Nathan in order to take all of his memories, but is forced to use small items around the room instead. With Sylar's back to the door, Nathan's aide enters the office and informs Sylar that somebody claiming to be Nathan's daughter has arrived. Sylar shifts into Nathan before turning and telling her to let Claire in. Claire isn't sure if she's really speaking to her father when she enters. Sylar takes the memories of Nathan and Claire's trip to Mexico from her necklace, convincing Claire to trust him. Sylar steps over Nathan's body as he retrieves Nathan's jacket from the bathroom. However, the body is just outside of Claire's sight. Sylar and her then leave for the Stanton Hotel, to "save" the President. In the lobby, Sylar meets Liam Samuels, who is Nathan's old boarding school friend, and signs Nathan in. However, he habitually uses his left hand to do so, stirring suspicion in Claire.

When Noah calls her to check in, Sylar uses telekinesis to hold Claire still and shape shifts into her. He then playfully shushes Claire as he tells Noah that she's with Nathan. When Noah needs assurance that it's Nathan and not Sylar, Sylar shifts back into himself and guarantees it.

Peter arrives at the Senate office and manages to awaken Nathan. Nathan is dizzy and weak at first, but determined to stop Sylar. The two brothers follow head straight to the Stanton, where Sylar is using telekinesis to control Claire. He informs Claire that everybody she loves will die, even "Papa Petrelli". He flirts with her for a bit, telling her that one day she may come to love him and be his first First Lady. Claire, however, is determined to kill him.

Downstairs, the Secret Service stop Nathan at the security check, revealing that Nathan is already registered as being inside. Liam Samuels comes to handle the situation himself. Nathan tells Samuels about Sylar, with him and Peter both agreeing that the Secret Service can't stop somebody so powerful. When Samuels asks if Sylar's "one of them", Nathan verbally berates himself before correcting the sentence and stating that Sylar is "one of us". He then floats and tells Samuels to trust him. Samuels lets the Petrelli brothers into the presidential suite. Nathan, feeling the upcoming battle, reminds Peter that he loves him; Peter returns the favor.

They approach the double doors to the suite and are surprised as Claire is thrown through the doors. Sylar stands inside, charging balls of energy in anticipation. Claire tells them to go fight. Nathan gives Peter one last glance before the two fly into the room, Sylar electrocuting Nathan and batting him away. The doors to the suite slam shut behind them, forcing Claire to watch through the crack on the door as an unseen battle commences. Sylar and Nathan fly out the window and the hold on the doors is release. Claire runs in and finds Peter, but he is unable to fly. The two leave the room to find Nathan.

As soon as they leave, Sylar throws Nathan back through the window and into the piano. He then hovers on the balcony as Nathan struggles to stand up. As soon as Nathan gets a good balance, Sylar slits his throat. Nathan stumbles back into a chair as he bleeds, Sylar grinning as he watches. When Nathan is dead, Sylar changes into his form and heads down to find the President.

After Matt Parkman finally arrives at the bus stop where Angela waits for him, Matt starts to head off to shut down Building 26. Angela convinces him to come with her by telling him that without Nathan, they have no political power. Matt uses his telepathy to get them into the presidential suite, entering the room first. He tries to hold Angela back from seeing Nathan, but she pushes past him. Overwhelmed with anger, confusion and grief, Angela screams at Nathan's body. She then tells Matt that she doesn't understand; he was supposed to save Nathan.

Noah Bennet brings Sylar's unconscious body into the suite after Peter uses shape shifting to trap him, lying him down on the loveseat. He reveals that he sent Claire and Peter to find Nathan, buying Angela enough time to remind Matt that what she said earlier still stands: without Nathan, they can't close down Building 26. Noah agrees with her, stating that it would be worse if the President learned a Senator was killed by an evolved human. Matt hesitates, finding it wrong, but Angela tells him that she can't lose Nathan, not like this. Reminded of his own son, Matt reluctantly uses his telepathy to make Sylar believe he is really Nathan Petrelli. He pulls up memories of Nathan winning the Senator seat, attending a party at his father's house, carrying his sons into their home, and memories of talking with Peter, and overwrites the memories of Gabriel Gray.

After this proves to be successful, Sylar uses Nathan's political power to convince the President to shut down Building 26.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Nathan is remembered as a hero who fought against Sylar at Kirby Plaza.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player passes Senator Petrelli and Tracy Strauss as they leave Pinehearst Headquarters together and head towards the parking lot.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Senator Petrelli talks to Priscilla Van Cleef in the Pinehearst warehouse containing their new recruits.

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, Rachel Mills searches for Danko to get her orders and finds him talking with Senator Petrelli. She listens as the senator argues with Danko that the detainees are going back into custody--that they are not assassins, but Danko says that the detainees should be killed. Danko also notes that the senator's daughter turned the transport flight into a National security emergency.

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is searching through websites and comes across She says that Senator Petrelli's brother (Peter) and his top aide (Tracy) both have powers, and no wonder he started a war against them.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, after going after Claire Bennet who is off limit, Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce are scared it Senator Petrelli ever found out. They get a message from Rebel and Rachel wishes it was Nathan.

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