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Samuel Sullivan/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Samuel Sullivan during Season Four.

For more about Samuel Sullivan, see the main article.

Character History


Samuel gives a moving speech about people with abilities, family, and his late brother Joseph. He claims that the people around him are his family and that the world does not understand them. Ending his speech, Samuel throws a compass into Joseph's grave and fills it with dirt. When the other members of his family begin heading back to the carnival, Samuel stays behind momentarily.

Later, Lydia goes to see Samuel. She sits down in front of him and Samuel lifts a long stick. He gently places it onto her back and injects some kind of ink into her flesh. He asks her to show him who "he" is and a picture of Emile Danko appears as a tattoo on Lydia's back. Lydia is able to tell Samuel who he is and Samuel enlists Edgar's help in getting the compass back. Edgar is reluctant to kill anyone so Samuel "persuades" him by injecting some ink into his hand and choking him. Edgar agrees to go and Samuel apologizes, promising that he won't ask again. Shortly after this, Samuel creates another tattoo on Lydia's back, this time of Hiro Nakamura. Lydia tells him what he needs to hear and he goes to see Arnold, en elderly member of Samuel's "family". He then gets Arnold to send him back in time in order to meet Hiro.

Jump, Push, Fall

Fourteen years in the past, Samuel calls out to Hiro, who is trying to time travel back to the present time. He informs Hiro that they are going to be great friends and shows him a tattoo of the compass. Hiro decides to trust Samuel and explains that if he interferes with his younger self, the future could drastically change. Samuel tells him that he should take the risk and pushes him into the path of a slushy.

Later, Samuel has returned to the present and is once again having another session with Lydia. Edgar arrives and hands Samuel the compass, saying that he met someone with abilities but didn't get a chance to talk to them. When Edgar says that Samuel is replacing Arnold, Samuel insists that nobody replaces a family member. He tells Edgar that Hiro is now on the righteous path. He then says that it is time to gather the rest.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

Lydia helps Samuel prepare.

Fourteen years ago at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel deals with an incident caused by Edgar and Lydia. Samuel is disappointed that Lydia would allow Edgar to drag her along, and slaps Edgar when he calls the fortune teller a hag as he worries what Joseph would think if he heard him.


Samuel is at the carnival with Lydia, preparing to leave. He puts on a suit whilst talking about how he may have found someone to fill Joseph's attention. Lydia asks him if he wants to stay but Samuel insists that he has a responsibility to keep their family going. He absorbs some ink and starts to leave. Lydia asks if he might return to his first home but Samuel assures her that he has left that life behind.

Samuel later shows up at the hospital where Peter works, under the alias of William Hooper. Samuel insists that Peter injured him while trying to save people. Peter doesn't remember Samuel but Samuel suggests that perhaps Peter is spread so thin that he simply forgot. Angry, Peter leaves and says that he didn't forget. Later, Samuel breaks into Peter's apartment and inserts the ink into a newspaper photograph. He hides and Peter comes in, finding the photo and spotting Samuel amongst the victims. Peter later finds Samuel at a park and apologizes for hurting him. Samuel tells him not to worry about it and they talk about families and saving lives. Peter suggests that in order for Samuel to move on from Joseph's death, he should visit his old home.

Samuel goes to an expensive house and knocks on the door. A woman answers and Samuel explains that his parents used to work at the house and that he would like to see their old home. The woman tells him that it is not a good time and closes the door. Angry, Samuel uses his terrakinesis to part the earth and create a massive sinkhole. When Peter and Hesam arrive to help the victims, Samuel creates a tattoo of the compass on Peter's arm.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 1

Caleb tells Samuel it is good to have him back, and that Edgar has been spending a lot of time in Lydia's trailer. Samuel thanks him, and says he knows just what to do.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Samuel tells Edgar to kill Danko and get the compass back. Lydia later asks Edgar to do a favor not even Samuel can know about.


Samuel interrupts a discussion between Edgar and Lydia, who were talking about their concerns with the new arrivals to the carnival. Samuel makes it clear that it is his duty and decision to expand the family. He then takes Lydia into his trailer and places some ink onto her back. A tattoo of Noah Bennet appears and Samuel wonders why as he knows he has retired. Lydia points out that he may have changed his mind.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 2

Samuel approaches Edgar, who is practicing his knife throwing. Samuel asks him if he has noticed anything wrong with Lydia and Edgar says he hasn't. Samuel suggests that she is either distracted or unsatisfied. He then corrects himself and states that both Edgar and Lydia are free to make their own mistakes. Samuel throws one of Edgar's knives and hits it dead in the center.

Hysterical Blindness

At breakfast time at the carnival, the carnies prepare for breakfast while Mrs. Comey makes blueberry waffles. Samuel exits a trailer and comments on her waffles. He tells everyone that breakfast is his favorite part of the day and that he thank heaven and earth for his family. He then reflects on the fact that Joseph's seat is still empty but tells them that by the end of the day, his seat will be filled.

During the day, a short distance from the carnival, Samuel buries some seeds in the ground.

Still trying to find the person to join the carnival, Samuel attempts to use Lydia's ability to find them. When nothing appears he throws a cloth away, but it is caught by an invisible person, Rebecca Taylor. Rebecca reveals that Samuel has been using her to get close to Claire and bring her to the carnival. As the two reflect on Rebecca's actions, Lydia interrupts them and tells Samuel that her ability has found the person he is looking for.

Later, Sylar encounters the carnival after escaping from the police. Samuel stands at the entrance to the carnival and gestures Sylar to enter with him. Sylar does so and the police on Sylar's tail cannot see the carnival. Samuel welcomes him home.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 3

When Edgar leaves Lydia's trailer, Samuel catches him pocketing some money. He asks him where he got it from and Edgar explains that he has been grifting. Samuel asks him if Lydia knows about it but Edgar says that she doesn't. Lydia steps out of her trailer and asks Samuel if he has a problem. Samuel says that Edgar has broken the family's trust and puts an arm around her, asking what they are going to do with him.

Tabula Rasa

Samuel speaks with Lydia about the rumors speculating that Sylar is the most powerful evolved human in the world. He is disappointed that he doesn't seem to remember his identity and Lydia suggests that there two sides waging a war within Sylar. Samuel goes to Sylar's trailer and wakes him up. Samuel suggests that Sylar has no memories due a massive pain inflicted upon him. He also says that the carnival is here to heal him. Sylar asks Samuel what is wrong with him (referring to his telekinesis). To make him feel at ease, Samuel introduces him to a carnival member named Teddy. Samuel then has Lydia continue the tour. Samuel then goes to see Edgar and informs him of his plans to jump start the return of Sylar.

Samuel tries to help Sylar remember himself.

Samuel soon intervenes and breaks up a fight between Sylar and Edgar and introduces Sylar to another carnival member named Damian. Samuel assures Sylar that in Damian's hands he will remember. Later, Samuel introduces himself to Captain Lubbock and comments on the whereabouts of Sylar. Samuel then goes to Sylar and leads him to believe that he will be doing the right thing if he kills Lubbock. Once the deed is done, Samuel performs a baptism on Sylar with every member of the carnival attending. He then talks with Edgar over his pouting. Edgar wonders what Samuel's plans are and Samuel claims that they will remake Sylar in a whole new way.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 4

Samuel approaches Lydia and tells her to show "it" to him. He takes her arm and reveals a tattoo of Amanda, Lydia's daughter. Samuel then has Lydia tell him the story of Amanda and Samuel is eager to know whether she possesses any abilities. He then comments on the fact that Amanda is reaching out to Lydia and that she is ignoring her. He claims that the carnival is a safe place for people like them and promises to protect Amanda if she does have any ability. After being reassured that Amanda is not special, Samuel leaves.

Strange Attractors

Samuel appears to Tracy shortly after she finishes speaking with Jeremy, and takes her to the carnival. There, he explains that it could be Jeremy's real home, where he is surrounded by the warmth of family and without having to hide who he is. He also extends the invitation to Tracy as well, aware of her feelings of being lost. However, she declines the offer for herself and Jeremy. Samuel, in apparent understanding, hands her a compass in case she should ever change her mind, and then has Lydia see her out. Following Jeremy's lynching in Cainan, a furious Samuel returns to the town and exacts revenge on its police force by bringing their precinct crashing to the ground.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 5

Amanda wants to join the carnival, and Caleb says that he can't sign her off, that it is Samuel's job. Amanda says that she wants to meet him, and Caleb says that she has to be worthy.

Graphic Novel:Yang & Yang

Amanda asks Caleb about Samuel and wonders if he is also "weird".

Once Upon a Time in Texas

At the carnival, Samuel tells Lydia that Arnold is dying. Lydia suggests that desperate times call for desperate measures, and uses her ability to display Charlie and her connection to Hiro and Sylar. He decides to have Arnold send him back in time, although Lydia warns against it. In the past, Samuel meets with "his" present Hiro and asks him if he's aware of exactly what he plans to do. He warns that he's sacrificing someone to come back and aid Hiro, and asks if Charlie is worth it, and Hiro insists that she is worth it. Later, after Samuel warns him that it is very dangerous to change this moment in time due to how much occurred here, Hiro maneuvers his past self into going back six months. Samuel reminds him to tell Ando to wait for Hiro's past self to return.

After Hiro has saved Charlie from Sylar and affirmed their relationship, Charlie steps out of the diner and Samuel has Arnold hide her somewhere in time. He goads Hiro into regaining control of his power to travel through time, taking them both back to the carnival in the present. Hiro looks desperately for Charlie and Samuel privately tells him that he manipulated the entire situation so that Charlie would survive so that he could use her as a hostage to force Hiro to use his powers on Samuel's behalf. Samuel admits that no one in the carnival can know what he's asking of Hiro, because it would undo all his good work. He remembers how, eight weeks earlier, he believes he killed Mohinder, which is the first thing he wants Hiro to fix.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Amanda and Caleb talk about the carnival and Caleb tells Amanda that he will introduce her to Samuel. Edgar arrives and Caleb learns that Samuel does not know that Amanda is Lydia's daughter. Amanda knocks on the door of Lydia's trailer. Samuel opens and smiles at her.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Several carnies discuss whether Samuel caused Arnold's death. Amanda arrives at Samuel's trailer, and Samuel comes out and says that she must be Amanda.


Samuel and Lydia have a discussion about a situation that has come up with Becky and Claire. Samuel says that he is a patron saint for lost causes and then goes off to see Claire. He tells her that he is there about Becky and that he knows all about Claire's ability and that he himself is different. He talks with Claire about the carnival and says that his family accepts Becky. Claire demands to know if they believe that pushing Annie out of the window was a good thing and Samuel says that the family does not approve and that is why he has come to get her back. He then tells Claire about Becky's history with Noah and says that Noah murdered Becky's father.

Noah shows up and demands to know what the compass is for. Samuel explains that in the wrong hands it can be dangerous for his family Noah handcuffs him, saying that he is going to tell him everything he wants to know. As Noah is putting Samuel into a car, Samuel tells Claire that Noah will never understand evolved humans. Becky attacks the Bennets but Samuel stops her by tasing her. He then takes her back to the carnival and apologizes for hurting her. She tells him that she got sloppy but Samuel assures her that she did a good job and that Claire is right where they want her to be.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 7

Lydia and Edgar discuss Amanda's situation: she is being influenced by Samuel and they must take her back.

Meanwhile, Samuel and Amanda spend time together, with Samuel explaining to her that this is a family for all evolved humans. Samuel asks to see Amanda's ability and she gladly sets stuff on fire, much to Samuel and the other carnies' amazement.

Graphic Novel:The Painted Lady

Samuel and his big brother.

Lydia remembers when she first came to the carnival and how Joseph welcomed her with open arms. She then recalls how Samuel said that if Lydia was to stay, she had to work. Lydia then comments on how, since Joseph's death, Samuel has been craving more and more power.

Brother's Keeper

Hiro confronts Samuel at the carnival, demanding he return Charlie, but Samuel tells him he must do something for him first. He tells Hiro that eight weeks ago, he killed a man named Mohinder Suresh, who had destroyed a reel of film he needed. He says he will return Charlie to Hiro if he can retrieve the film before Mohinder burns it.

Nine weeks earlier in Chennai, India, Mohinder watches a film recorded by his father at Coyote Sands in 1961. Chandra postulates that the presence of large numbers of specials produces a magnetism-like effect, which appears to be affecting a pregnant woman at the camp, and causing seismic activity in the area. Chandra attempts to film the baby's birth, but a huge earthquake knocks the camera over.

Having developed his own compass from his father's notes, Mohinder tracks Samuel to the carnival. He meets the carnival proprietor, Samuel's brother Joseph Sullivan, who sends a drunk Samuel away and confirms to Mohinder that Samuel's powers are amplified in the presence of other specials. He insists he has the problem under control, and sends Mohinder away to destroy the film. Samuel has overheard them, and confronts Mohinder in his motel room. When he sees that the film has been destroyed (although Hiro had just swapped it over), he crushes a rock with his hand and hurls the fragments into Mohinder's chest.

In the present, Hiro interrupts Samuel at the dinner table, and hands him the film reel. He demands Samuel return Charlie, but Samuel tells him he has a few more tasks for him.

Samuel meets with Tracy in a diner, and Tracy admits she no longer fits into her old life. Samuel tells her she can use her abilities to help all other specials.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 8

Samuel officially inducts Amanda into the carnival. Later, Lydia and Edgar try to convince Samuel that the carnival isn't safe for Amanda. Samuel doesn't agree, much to their annoyance.

Graphic Novel:Prodigals, Part 1

Tracy remembers meeting with Samuel in a restaurant. She remembers him telling her about a man named Eli and how she has to bring him to the carnival. Tracy then remembers how persuasive Samuel was to her, even at her age.


Samuel watches the Coyote Sands films and learns that his power may increase is he surrounds himself with more evolved humans. He then sees his own birth and smiles as the baby releases waves of seismic energy. Hiro then calls Samuel out and demands to know where and when Charlie is. Samuel refuses to give up the information, as there are more pressing matters that he has to deal with. He tells Hiro that nobody else knows where Charlie is and that if anything happens to him, she will never be found. He then tells Hiro to set the table for Thanksgiving.

Later, while toasting his family at the Thanksgiving dinner, Samuel wonders where Lydia is. Edgar claims that he does not know and Amanda tells him that she is with Hiro. Eight weeks ago, Lydia and Hiro watch as Samuel argues with his brother Joseph. Joseph tells him the truth about his power and explains that he will never allow him to become strong enough to kill millions of people. Samuel wants to know how to gain the power and accidentally murders Joseph in his anger. Lydia is horrified by this and Samuel hears her. He goes to see who is hiding but by the time he reaches them, they have disappeared.

In present time, Samuel realizes that Lydia knows the truth about Joseph's death. At the dinner, he gives another toast. He explains that the family's future will be bigger and better than Joseph ever imagined. He stops and then tells the family that there is a traitor in their midst and that Joseph's murderer is at the table. Edgar claims that Samuel killed his brother but Samuel backfires and accuses Edgar of the murder. People believe Samuel and Edgar tries to kill him. Hiro freezes time and shows Edgar the rocks that Samuel was summoning to kill him. He saves Edgar and Samuel tells Hiro that he knows what happened. He threatens Charlie but Hiro explains that he is also powerful and that if the need arises, he will stop him. Damian uses his ability on Hiro but, much to Samuel's anger, Hiro disappears after saying that he must save "Watson".

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 9

Samuel welcomes Claire and Gretchen to the carnival.

Samuel enters Lydia's trailer and tells Amanda to leave. He talks with Lydia about what has happened and she defiantly tells him that it is not safe for Amanda at the carnival. Samuel says that Amanda feels safe and that it is her home. They both hear a noise and go outside. To their horror, they discover the charred remains of Caleb. Amanda stands over the body.

The Fifth Stage

At the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Samuel is confronted by Lydia while he is reading a newspaper. Lydia claims to know the truth about Joseph's death but also says that the secret is safe for the sake of her daughter Amanda's well being. Lydia leaves, before Eli arrives and discusses with Samuel over being his right hand man, since Edgar has since fled the carnival. Eli accepts and Samuel sends him and his friends to retrieve a box of Primatech files at Noah Bennet's apartment and bring them to him.

Samuel then greets Claire and Gretchen as they arrive at the carnival and offers them a box of popcorn, telling them to look around until they've finished. Soon Samuel finds them and takes the girls backstage, where he invites Claire to tell a story to the gathered children. He watches with Gretchen and tells her that his family has a great deal of love to offer. Claire finishes her story to the children's acclaim, and Samuel sends them off to bed. Samuel is quick to tell Claire that the children love her. A disgruntled patron then arrives demanding to speak to the manager and Samuel calmly steps forward and denies the man's claims that he was cheated. The angered man proceeds to beat Samuel who does not fight back, but Claire intervenes and steps between the two, frightening the man with her ability.

Samuel tells Claire he took the higher ground by not responding and explains the Carnival will give her a better, fairer life and she should stay for a few days longer before going back to school. Claire agrees and Samuel stands and watches with Lydia as Gretchen leaves. Samuel tells Lydia that he'll soon make sense of everything. Lydia warns him that Claire is innocent and may not be helpful, but Samuel says that it's not Claire that he's after. Soon after, at Joseph's grave, Samuel is giving a speech to a group of his fellow evolved humans, with Claire in attendance. He speaks about his plans to take them to a promised land they make for themselves. He says that the time has come for them to collect the rest of their family, plant their roots, and settle down once and for all on their own terms.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 10

Samuel and Lydia talk about Amanda, and her place at the carnival. They the watch Jennie, Chris, and Gail perform their fire breathing act and then Amanda comes onto stage and makes fire go straight up into the air.

Graphic Novel:Prodigals, Part 3

Tracy tells Eli that his family at the carnival wants him. She says that Samuel is expecting him. He starts to listen, realizing that Samuel is in charge instead of Joseph. Eli tells Tracy that Samuel and he always saw eye to eye and Joseph was the one who exiled him from the carnival.

Eli invites Tracy to come with him back to the carnival. She declines because she is starting to think that Samuel's ways are a little rigid.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

A year ago, Joseph goes to talk to Samuel, who has just killed a pig. Samuel tells Joseph not to look at him like that, as he isn't a murderer then tells him that "everyone loves a Christmas ham". The next day, after Joseph praises Arnold for his "hard-working nature", Samuel says "I'll drink to that". Later, Samuel remarks to Joseph that he looks troubled. Joseph then expresses his concern about Arnold. He tells Samuel that he needs Lydia, to find him, surprising Samuel who comments that he thought he didn't approve of using Lydia for such purposes.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 2

A year ago, Samuel accompanies Joseph and Lydia on the mission to find Arnold. The three of them go to a home and find a very old man, whom they realize is Arnold. After remembering who he is, Arnold asks to come back home and Joseph sends Samuel and Lydia to get a wheelchair.

Much later, after successfully kidnapping Charlie, Arnold returns to his trailer and the waiting Samuel. Arnold tells him that Charlie did not deserve that and Samuel responds coldly. Arnold then remembers why he went back in time and tells Samuel that Joseph wanted him dead. Angry, Samuel chokes Arnold until he dies. He then visits his brother's grave and tells him to wait and see.

Graphic Novel:Starting Over

Eric Doyle and a game operator get into an argument, and Samuel comes over to find out what is happening. Eric tells him that the game operator was cheating Lauren. Samuel apologizes for any misunderstandings. The next day Eric shows his ability to Samuel. Later, Samuel and Joseph talk about Eric.

Upon This Rock

Young Samuel

Claire brings Samuel some pancakes and walks in on him researching with Noah's files. Samuel quickly covers them up and explains that he will be leaving soon and heading to the city where he hopes to find someone else to join the family. Claire expresses her desire to leave and Samuel says that she is welcome to leave whenever she wants. He leaves and Eli asks if he was serious, to which he replies that he was not. He orders Eli to watch her and heads off. After remembering a time where he desperately wanted to impress a girl named Vanessa,Samuel goes to see Emma Coolidge and knocks on her door. He uses a combination of sign language and normal speech to talk to her and manages to convince Emma to let him in. He notices the cello and admits that he sent it to her. He tells her that she can do more than see sounds as colours. He asks for her help in finding a man, Ian Michaels, and she agrees.

The two of them go to Central Park, and Samuel explains that Emma only needs to think about Ian and express her desire through her music. Emma does so and Ian appears. They take him to the hospital and Ian says that he thought he was alone in the world. Samuel returns to the carnival and finds that Eli has kept Claire captive. He angrily says that she was free to go and Claire reveals that she knows Samuel killed Joseph. Samuel lies and says that Joseph turned the family into the government and then takes Claire out to the field that she found plans for. He introduces her to Ian and uses his power to bring water up from under the earth. Ian then puts his hands in the ground and makes plant life sprout across the entire valley. Samuel wishes Claire luck as she leaves.

Let It Bleed

Samuel sits at a table and uses his ink and terrakinesis to draw an amazing picture of a beautiful woman. He sees a reflection in the ink bottle and jumps to his feet, narrowly avoiding Doyle, who had been thrown into the table. Doyle apologizes and says that he tried to stop him. Samuel sees that Sylar has arrived and orders Doyle to get everyone to safety. He then adds that he can't go too far. Sylar telekinetically pins Samuel to the trailer's wall and, when he is about to cut open his skull, Samuel summons the dust on the ground to attack. The dust grinds Sylar's flesh off and Samuel smiles in victory. He places Sylar's body in Lydia's trailer and when she demands to know why, he tells her that she has to find out what's wrong with him. Lydia says that is not not a piece of meat he can throw around but Samuel nastily replies that she is not strong, so she cannot build and that she is not wise, so she cannot teach. Lydia finally agrees to do it and leaves Samuel.

Later, Samuel finds Sylar rummaging through his things. Samuel offers Sylar a home at the carnival but Sylar wants a tattoo to make sure it is where he belongs. Samuel agrees and administers the ink. They watch the tattoo form and Samuel is surprised. Later, after Sylar has left, Samuel tapes up his picture of Vanessa and puts it with the others.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

After Damian scrambles Hiro's memories, Samuel asks Hiro how he is. Hiro then teleports away.

Close to You

Samuel writes a letter to Vanessa and Lydia enters his trailer. He asks her to get some new supplies and sees that she is upset. He reminds her that they are close to achieving their dreams and Lydiia asks if it is their dream, or just Samuel's. Samuel laughs and then says that he will be bringing Vanessa into the carnival. Meanwhile, Noah and Matt learn from Vanessa that Samuel fell head over heels in love with her and, while she was at college, he proposed to her. She rejected him and he has been randomly sending her letters and calling her ever since.

Later, Samuel sneaks into Vanessa's house and drags her away. When Noah tries to stop him, he sends a dust cloud into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. Samuel escapes with Vanessa, much to Noah's frustration. At the carnival, Eli watches as Samuel brings Vanessa some tea. She asks to go home and Samuel believes that Noah told her lies about him. He offers to take her home, but only after she sees a beautiful thing that he has prepared for her.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

While watching Doctor Watson, Hiro says that he must rescue him to help defeat the Evil Emperor, referring to Samuel.


Samuel shows Vanessa their fantasy is now reality.

Samuel stands outside his trailer and shaves until Vanessa emerges. Vanessa accuses him of kidnapping her but Samuel apologizes and changes the subject. He asks if she remembers the time he broke her record player and fixed it, which Vanessa indeed remembers. Samuel promises to take her home after breakfast and Vanessa reluctantly agrees. Samuel takes her to a diner where he orders her a strawberry milkshake, remembering it to be her favorite. Samuel asks if she remembers the time he crashed in her dorm room and then begins to recite details about Vanessa's dream home. She tells him they will never have that cottage but Samuel calmly asks if she ever looks back on their time together with fondness. Vanessa admits she does and the two share the milkshake.

Back at the carnival, Samuel and Vanessa discuss her dream home and Samuel shows her a drawing he made of it. Vanessa admits he has gotten to her and the two share a kiss. Samuel then takes her to a plant covered valley where he reveals an exact copy of Vanessa's dream cottage. She is amazed what he did but tells him she cannot live with him. Samuel is confused as he made her fantasy real but Vanessa tells him that it is his fantasy and not hers. She apologizes and leans in to kiss him but Samuel pulls away, saying it was good to see her again.

Samuel then returns to the diner alone and pushes away his milkshake, prompting a waitress to ask if he is okay. Furious, Samuel stands and asks if he looks okay or if he is scaring her. Samuel goes on to say that he is tired of living by the laws of the outside world and will now play by his own rules. He begins to shake the diner and eventually causes the entire town to collapse into a sinkhole. Samuel returns to the carnival furious, passing by many shocked carnies before entering his trailer.

The Art of Deception

Samuel walks through a relatively empty carnival and approaches Lydia who tells him all the other carnies are scared of him. As Lydia attempts to guilt Samuel, he realizes that she no longer trusts him. Samuel wonders if she is the new empath meant to replace Joseph. Samuel then says that he will do anything to gain the trust and love of his family again. Samuel soon confronts Lydia as she attempts to leave the carnival. He discovers that Noah is coming to kill him and decides to surrender rather than risk his family. As he leaves, Samuel performs a speech to his family, apologizing for what he did to the town. Before he can finish his speech, shots are fired and Samuel is hit in the shoulder.

After the shots have stopped, Doyle calls for Samuel and directs him to Lydia, who is lying on the floor, badly wounded. As the other carnies prepare the first aid kit, Samuel kisses Lydia and allows her to see into his heart. Lydia discovers that Samuel himself planned the shooting. As she dies in his arms, Samuel announces to the carnival that he was prepared to give himself up for them but the outside world once again proved they will never be accepted. Samuel stops Doyle and Chris Bowman from harming Claire or Noah and orders them to be imprisoned in his trailer and the House of Mirrors.

Later, Samuel sits in the first aid tent as Emma finally arrives. He is pleased to see her and announces that not only will she heal him, she will be instrumental in the "new world". Emma is confused and Samuel announces that they will show the world what can they do.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

One of Eli's clones tells Ricky that Samuel would love to meet him. Tracy then confronts Eli's clone and says that Noah Bennet and his daughter are in trouble because of Samuel. Eli's clone says that Samuel has a plan for everyone, except Noah stands in the way of that plan.

The Wall

Samuel goes to his trailer and speaks with Claire, who tries to tell him that Noah is innocent. Samuel stops her and says that Noah is unharmed despite the fact that he shot at them and killed Lydia. Claire refuses to believe that her father is responsible and Samuel offers to show her the truth. He takes her to the House of Mirrors and introduces her to Damian. He reveals that Damian can reveal a person's memories and gets Damian to show Claire Noah's secret past. Claire still does not believe her father is a bad man and Samuel instructs Damian to show her the rest of the memories and then leaves.

Samuel then goes to the medical tent where Emma is, seemingly alone. Samuel ask how she is and signs that he knows they are not alone. Emma tells him what Lauren Gilmore told her and asks if it is true. Samuel says that it isn't and asks to speak with Lauren. Emma gestures to where she is and Samuel asks her to leave. He tells Lauren that he just wants to talk and Lauren tells him to turn himself in so that his family can be left alone. Samuel explains that he has enough power to change the world and angrily says that everything should have been better for him. Eli arrives and says that Claire is gone, and Samuel instructs him to prepare the other carnies and dispose of Lauren. He then finds Claire and she tells him that he is her hero. She then changes her tune and wonders if that was what Samuel was planning to hear. She reveals that she knows he is behind Lydia's death and Samuel says that he cannot let her leave. He reveals that he is taking the carnival to Central Park for their final and greatest show, as he wants the world to know exactly who they are and fear them. Claire says that she will not help him and Samuel tells her that she is the only one who can bear his legacy in years to come. He then tells her that Noah is in the souvenir trailer.

While Claire is in the trailer, Samuel orders Eli to stop the people Lydia warned would try to thwart them. He then uses his terrakinesis to bury the trailer in the ground, trapping Claire and Noah inside.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

After Becky fails at stabbing Tracy with a knife, she says to herself "Sorry, Uncle", referencing Samuel.

Brave New World

Preparing for that night, Samuel makes a speech to the assembled carnies about how this is their night to come out to world to which all but Edgar are enthusiastic. Later, Samuel explains Emma's part of his plan to her, having gotten a second cello for her to use. Seeing it and remembering what Peter said about his dream, Emma realizes Peter was right all along and confronts Samuel about his plan. Samuel's indifferent response confirms it for her and she refuses to help, so Samuel has Eric Doyle control her so she'll play.

Samuel's plan to lure thousands of people to Central Park works and he prepares backstage when Claire interrupts to stop him. Claire tries to convince the other carnies to leave Samuel which will strip him of his incredible powers, but they don't believe what Claire tells them about Samuel's plan and order her to leave. With the help of Noah, Edgar and a brainwashed Eli, Claire convinces the carnies of the truth about Joseph and Lydia's deaths and gets them to leave. Samuel, enraged, yells at them to go and that they won't get far enough before rushing on-stage to start the earthquake. After proclaiming this to be "the greatest show on Earth", Samuel starts the earthquake causing a lot of chaos before Peter hits him with a flying tackle, knocking Samuel off-stage and breaking his concentration on creating the earthquake, stopping it. Samuel attacks Peter, but Peter had replicated his power during the tackle and the two enter a terrakinetic battle which stays at a draw as both are equally matched. Samuel tries to get Peter to join him, but fails.

Finally, Hiro manages to teleport all of the carnies away with the help of Ando supercharging him and Samuel is rendered practically powerless. Samuel tries to punch Peter, but Peter blocks him and punches him in return before throwing him on-stage. Samuel, desperate, staggers through the Carnival, calling out for anyone, refusing to believe he has been completely abandoned. Samuel collapses to his knees in despair as the reality of the situation hits him. Samuel is later arrested by the CIA for his actions which are covered up.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela Petrelli has a dream where Samuel succeeds in creating the earthquake and killing thousands of people.

Heroes Evolutions

A series of Coyote Sands films, as recorded by Chandra Suresh, document Mrs. Sullivan's labor and Samuel's birth. The birth is accompanied by terrifying earthquakes.

Slow Burn

In chapter 1 of Slow Burn, Samuel and Edgar welcome the Bowman family into the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

A few months later, Chris Bowman tells his wife that he does not trust Samuel. Gail Bowman also tells Lydia that Samuel asked her if she would do something, and Lydia tells her that it probably means he wants her to recruit others into the carnival, as Samuel has been doing that ever since his brother died, as if trying to fill a void.

In chapter 2 of Slow Burn, a carny tells Jennie Bowman that he doesn't think Samuel would really like her having a cell phone.

In chapter 3 of Slow Burn, Chris and Gail Bowman watch Samuel as he confronts Edward and Lydia about a large sum of money he has just put in his pocket. Edward tells him that he has been doing extra work elsewhere and denies Lydia's involvement in it. Samuel's snitch, Caleb, catches Chris and Gail and tells them that Samuel does not approve of spying. He keeps them with him until Samuel approaches them asking what is going on.

In chapter 4 of Slow Burn, Samuel preaches to Chris and Gail about trust within the "family", but decides that instead of punishing them, he'll send Gail on a mission with Edgar to recruit new members. Later, he steps into the Bowmans' trailer and announces to young Jennie that their family has an important mission to complete: recruit a woman named Tracy.

In chapter 5 of Slow Burn, Samuel asks Gail, Chris and Jennie to help convince Tracy Strauss to join the carnival. Later, Samuel shows Tracy around the carnival and stops at the fire breathing routine. He asks her about her ability and the first time she manifested. She answers coldly but he surprises her by describing the feelings that she went through. The two of them then continue walking.

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Chris tells Gail that Samuel is changing, and that the carnival is not safe. Later, Chris promises Evan Davis he won't tell Samuel that Evan called his dad.

In chapter 7 of Slow Burn, Caleb tells Chris that Samuel has gone to get the regenerating college girl.

In chapter 8 of Slow Burn, The Watcher breaks into Samuel's caravan, looking for his secrets.

In chapter 9 of Slow Burn, Chris, Gail and Bo approach Samuel and Chris tells him all about what they did to Mary Krause and how they are being framed by The Watcher. Samuel nods and tells "Christopher" that when he came to the carnival, he left whatever life he had behind and became a part of the family. He promises that he will help them stop The Watcher and hopes that they feel at home.

In chapter 10 of Slow Burn, Samuel hides in the shadows, clutching a large rock, assuring Gail everyone is in place for the plan to find The Watcher. After his capture, Samuel watches The Watchers interrogation, and gives the Bowmans the choice on whether or not to kill him.

The Puppet Master

In chapter 2 of The Puppet Master, Samuel comes into Lydia's tent when he hears a commotion. He encounters Doyle, who has figured out that the carnival is full of people with abilities. He learns of Doyle's power, and takes him on a backstage tour of the carnival. Samuel tells him that he saw the confusion on his girlfriend's face, and says that it can't be easy to lie to those you love. He introduces Doyle to Bo LoFontaine, and they tell him how great the carnival is, and that they can just be themselves.

In chapter 3 of The Puppet Master, Samuel comes into Copy Kingdom Headquarters to approach Doyle as he is doing his mundane office work. Samuel offers him a complete tour of the carnival. When they arrive, Samuel tells Doyle that he understands what it's like to be hiding an ability, and encourages Doyle to join their "family". Doyle is successfully persuaded and states that he would be happy to join them.

In chapter 4 of The Puppet Master, Samuel meets Doyle at the gates of the carnival. Doyle says that he's ready to join the "family", but Samuel tells him to tie up one final loose end -- Lauren Shapiro.


In chapter 1 of Purpose, Samuel continuously calls John Mulligan and when John finally picks up, Samuel tells him all about himself and asks to meet at Central Park.

In chapter 2 of Purpose, at the carnival, Samuel takes John on a tour. He offers him a purpose and a home that understands him, but when a fellow carnie gets into a fight with John, Samuel's plan seems to fail.

In chapter 4 of Purpose, The Watcher makes it clear to Mulligan that their goal is to destroy Samuel. Later, Mulligan tells Jennie and then the entire Bowman family that Samuel is dangerous and must be stopped.

In chapter 6 of Purpose...

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A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how Samuel is just a result of things that the Company has done.

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