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Ando Masahashi/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Ando Masahashi during Season Two.

For more about Ando Masahashi, see the main article.

For Ando Masahashi's Season One history, see here.

For Ando Masahashi's Season Three history, see here.

For Ando Masahashi's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Ando is now an assistant for Kaito Nakamura. As he brings Kaito his newspaper and coffee, he unknowingly bumps into Nathan. Ando and Kaito sit and talk about Hiro at Kirby Plaza, when Kaito discovers his death threat in the newspaper. Later, on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Kaito orders Ando to get him a sword to protect himself. When Ando returns with the sword he is one moment too late, and the assassin carries Kaito off the building.


Ando is on the roof of the Deveaux Building as NYPD investigates Kaito's death. An officer interviews him while Detective Matt Parkman talks with Detective Fuller. Detective Parkman approaches Ando to ask about the symbol. Ando explains its meaning, and that it is the crest of Takezo Kensei, a hero that Kaito used to tell stories about to Hiro. When Matt says he needs to speak with Hiro, Ando replies he needs to as well and walks away.


Ando is playing games on his computer at the office. His boss, Mr. Egami, walks in on him and yells at him. Ando apologizes and his boss leaves. Ando then pulls out Kensei's sword from a drawer and sees a message on the bottom of the sword. Ando opens the sword and reads the messages that Hiro sent him about his adventures with Takezo Kensei.

Fight or Flight

Ando brings the scrolls from Hiro to Tatsuya Atsumi, who tells Ando they are authentic. Ando tells him that a few scrolls are damaged and he must know what they say. After some work, Tatsuya puts them under a microscope to show the hidden characters. Ando learns that the scrolls tell of Hiro's tale of helping Kensei.

The Line

At the Museum of Cultural History, Ando walks in on Tatsuya Atsumi as he reads Hiro's scrolls. Atsumi shows him an exciting portion of the text, but Ando demands to start where they left off. After reading the remaining scrolls, Ando gets upset that the story ends without revealing what happened to Hiro and Kensei.

Out of Time

Ando is working at Yamagato when Hiro returns from 1671. The two gleefully hug, and Ando informs Hiro that they did in fact stop the explosion, to which Hiro replies, "Yatta!". When Hiro asks about his father, Ando says that he is dead.

Cautionary Tales

Ando attends the funeral of Kaito Nakamura and asks Hiro why he won't give a eulogy. Hiro tells him that he can still save him by traveling back to the past. When Hiro returns, Ando finds that Hiro could not save his father. Ando listens to Hiro finally eulogize his father.

A week in the past, Ando watches hooded killer push Kaito off Charles Deveaux's rooftop.

Truth & Consequences

At Yamagato Industries, he and Hiro look for information on the Kensei. When Hiro discovers Kensei is going by the name Adam Monroe, Ando recognizes the name, and pull out a packet. Inside they find a paper dated November 2, 1977, which is a order to lock away Adam, signed by Hiro's father, Kaito. Determined to find Adam, Hiro teleports away, leaving Ando at Yamagato.

Hiro returns, grabs his sword and tells Ando that he must go to Odessa Texas to stop Adam. He teleports away without Ando, again, leaving Ando to wonder why Hiro feels saving the world is always his responsibility.


In Yamagato Industries, Ando walks back into his cubicle to find Hiro sitting at the desk. Ando asks about Adam and Hiro replies by saying that Adam will no longer harm anybody.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne watches Hiro and Ando argue through a camera feed on her cell phone.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Ando is Hiro's chauffeur and travel companion as they travel through New Mexico and Texas. Ando is cranky until he gets coffee. They stop at the Burnt Toast Diner for food and meet Charlie. Ando discourages Hiro from leering at Charlie, believing that Hiro will never have a successful relationship with her. After Charlie is murdered, Ando comforts Hiro. (Chapter 2)
  • After Hiro stops time, he finds his Yamagato workmate Ando, who is surfing Internet porn. Ando doesn't really believe Hiro and teases him about become a superhero. (Chapter 3)
  • In the present, Ando answers Sheriff Davidson's questions about Charlie's murder. Hiro expresses his interest in going into the past to save Charlie, but Ando encourages him unsuccessfully to stick to the mission that they're already on: to save the world. (Chapter 4)
  • Hiro, who doesn't speak English very well, wishes that he had gotten Ando to write out a message to Charlie. Hiro also admits to himself that Ando was right — he doesn't have control of his powers yet. (Chapter 6)
  • Frustrated with his situation, Hiro wishes he could talk to Ando. He remembers that he and Ando left for their trip to America in September 2006. He remembers that Ando was working on a spending report in April 2006, when Ando complained about working late during the cherry blossom season and missing all the bars full of drunken college girls. He calls Yamagato Industries to talk to Ando, but learns that Ando is out sick that day. Hiro remembers sitting at a bar telling Ando how time travel works, and that Ando didn't really buy into what Hiro was saying. (Chapter 7)
  • Hiro had spoken with Ando about how it felt to suddenly have a power. But since Ando didn't have an ability himself, Hiro didn't know if he really had the same connection with Ando that he would have had with another evolved human. (Chapter 11)
  • When Hiro embarrassingly gets aroused, he tries to think of Ando popping a zit on his butt to "deflate" himself. (Chapter 13)
  • Hiro recalls heading home from a karaoke bar where he had been unwinding with Ando. He also remembers seeing pictures of himself in 9th Wonders! explaining time travel to Ando at the karaoke bar in Shinjuku. Another panel in the comic book showed Hiro talking on the phone to Ando. (Chapter 17)
  • Hiro figures if he could get Ando, who is the "biggest skeptic in the history of the world", to believe he had superpowers, then he could convince Charlie of the same thing. (Chapter 18)
  • At Yamagato on June 28, 2006, Hiro runs into Ando. Ando asks where Hiro has been (thinking that Hiro left to see a movie a half hour prior). Hiro tells Ando that he met and kissed a girl, and Ando congratulates Hiro. Ando advises Hiro to not see the girl empty-handed, that he needs to make an impression if he wants to "get in good with this girl". Ando says, "It's like with me and Niki." Ando says it doesn't matter that she's a stripper on the internet—if a girl doesn't like you, "she's not going to get naked, no matter how much money you have." (Chapter 21)
  • Depressed because Charlie is on a date with Lloyd, Hiro wishes he could talk with Ando. But despite missing Ando, Hiro realizes that PJ is an excellent wingman. (Chapter 38)
  • On October 11, 2006, a Yamagato employee sees a time traveling Hiro and says he thought that Hiro and Ando were on vacation in America. (Chapter 39)
  • Hiro recalls a conversation he had with Ando after discovering his ability. Ando asked if Hiro could use the ability to make money, and then scoffs at Hiro's credibility, claiming that the two of them are the same as everybody else. (Chapter 40)
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