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Sandra Bennet/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Sandra Bennet during Season Two.

For more about Sandra Bennet, see the main article.

For Sandra Bennet's Season One history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Three history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Sandra and her family sit down in their new home and discuss their first day in Costa Verde. She is proud of her family for dealing with the changes, but is upset that Mr. Muggles has to retire from being a showdog.


Sandra is at home ready to boil eggs when her ring accidentally falls into the boiling hot water. Claire reaches in and grabs it, burning her hand and getting it healed seconds later. Sandra tells her she could have gotten it herself. Claire tells her she wants to be herself at home. Noah walks in and tells her that he is trying to protect the family by leading a normal life. When Claire leaves for school, Sandra shows her husband the newspaper article about Kaito's death. Noah shows her one of eight paintings that predicted the death of Kaito and tells her that he was only given one painting.

Later that day, Claire is watching a dog show with Mr. Muggles when Sandra walks in and tells her to turn it off.

The Kindness of Strangers

As Mr. Bennet looks at the picture of his death on his laptop, Sandra walks in and says that Mr. Muggles and she just did two miles at the beach. Mr. Bennet asks about whether she thinks Claire has met a boy recently. Sandra asks him how he is sure that it's a boy. Claire walks in and Sandra asks her if she's seeing anyone.

Later that day during dinner Sandra suggests for dessert that the family go out for yogurt.

Out of Time

Sandra welcomes West into the Bennet home with no apparent apprehension. She tells Claire that West is adorable.

Cautionary Tales

Sandra becomes involved in an argument between Noah and Claire when Claire decides to stay behind as the family is leaving Costa Verde. Claire accuses her of always defending Noah. Later Noah shows her the picture of him dead after being shot in the glasses. Bob later shows up at the house and takes Claire. After the events of that day, Claire and West reach the house and Claire tells her the news of Noah being shot dead to which Sandra falls and cries. Unknown to them, Claire's blood is used by Bob to help him regenerate.

Truth & Consequences

Sandra holds Bob at gunpoint when he comes to her house to deliver an urn supposedly filled with her husband's ashes. After he leaves, she tearfully tells her family to pack up and get ready to move. Later at the beach, after her daughter scatters the ashes into the ocean, she tells her to get ready to move to Salt Lake City.


At the Bennets' home, Sandra tries to convince Claire to not come forward and expose the Company.

Later, Sandra sees that Noah is alive. Sandra, Claire, and Lyle listen to Noah explain that their family will be safe because of a deal he made with the Company, and that he will go back with the Company as a part of the deal.

Graphic Novel:Special

Sandra picks Claire up from school and later takes her to the Primatech building to pick up Mr. Bennet from work.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

At her home, Sandra is watched by Elle through the window.

Graphic Novel:Normal Lives

Sandra tells Noah that Mr. Muggles has a three-state limit as they enter Kenny's Diner to get something to eat. While Lyle orders a cheeseburger and fries and Claire orders some waffles, Sandra tells Marcus she's got a craving for pancakes.

In the hotel that night, as Noah is about to leave to go for a walk, Sandra tells him he needs to go through with the obligations he promised to give to them and tells him to take Mr. Muggles with him. When he returns later, Sandra and Noah tell each other goodnight.

The following morning, Sandra says she's really disappointed by the diner-- they said they would be open 24/7 and yet now they're closed. She gets in the car and the Bennets drive off to their next destination.

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