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Peter Petrelli/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Peter Petrelli during Season Two.

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Character History

Four Months Later...

At a shipping yard in Cork, Ireland, three thugs--Ricky, Tuko, and Will--search for a shipping container which they believe to contain iPods. Instead, they find a half-naked Peter handcuffed inside the empty container. They ask him where the merchandise is, to which he replies that he doesn't know. Tuko tries to strike him, but Peter defends himself by shooting an electrical bolt from his free hand, hurling his attacker to the ground. The other thugs draw their guns on him and ask him who he is, but Peter doesn't know.


Will throws a bucket of water on Peter to wake him, which Tuko follows by punching Peter. Peter wonders where he is, and Tuko punches him repeatedly. Ricky asks Peter where he stashed the iPods, but Peter tells him he hasn't taken anything.

The door to the room Peter's in opens, and a woman enters. She tells Peter she likes his necklace and wants to know what it means, but Peter wants to known just as much as she does. She asks him his name, but he doesn't know. The woman introduces herself as Caitlin, Ricky's sister. Caitlin tells Peter he has to remember something, but Peter only remembers Ricky, Tuko and Will finding him. He tells her that the electrical spark that knocked Tuko down came from his hand. As she cleans his face, she finds that all the cuts from his beating have healed, which leaves them both wondering.

Alone in the room, Peter tries escaping his bonds, which results in him phasing through the ropes. Peter grabs a shirt and is about to climb out a window when two thugs walk in and start to attack Caitlin. Peter throws an electrical spark to knock out one of the thugs and then uses telekinesis to disarm the other. The man punches Peter in the face, and Peter punches him back, launching him across the room.

Caitlin asks Peter if he is going to say anything about the things he did, but Peter just tries to blow it off like he didn't do anything. Ricky returns and explains that the guy Peter put through the wall was the son of McSorley, an organized crime boss. Peter says next time he will leave him alone with Caitlin, but Ricky gets angry and tells him not to mouth off. Ricky tells him they will do a job so they can give McSorley a lot of money and get him off their backs, but Peter tells him he is no a thief. Ricky then pulls out a box and calls Peter by his name. According to Ricky, the box contains everything that Peter had on him when they found him. Ricky tells Peter that if he does one job for them, they will give him the box and he can leave.


Peter makes a deal with Ricky. If he helps the gang steal a vault out of an armored truck, Ricky will give him the box. However, as the two agree on this, Peter inadvertently hears Will's thoughts, and discovers that he plans to steal the money from Ricky and the others. When Peter attempts to warn Ricky, the mobster reveals a crest tattooed on his arm. It's his family crest, and he, Tuko, and Will have one. He tells Peter he trusts Will a lot more than he trusts him. When the night of the robbery arrives, Peter and Caitlin arrive, separate from the others. Peter goes towards the guards, and begins yelling at them, distracting them from the fact that Ricky and the others are behind them, pointing guns at their heads. While keeping the guards at gun point and attempting to steal the safe box, one of them hits an alarm, causing Ricky to knock him out. As they're about to get caught, Peter moves a truck crashing towards the guards. He gets back in Caitlin's car and escapes.

Back at the bar, Ricky is rejoicing in the amount of money stolen. However, Will pulls a gun on him, demanding the money. Peter comes out from the back room, and notes that he was right about Will the whole time. Will shoots Peter, and is about to take the money, when Peter stands and pins Will to a wall using telekinesis. Peter's body pushes out the two bullets from the entry wounds, and he begins to strangle Will with his telekinesis. However, he is brought to his senses by Caitlin, and releases Will.

Later, just as Caitlin finishes tattooing the crest onto Peter's arm, Ricky comes over and declares Peter family, and says that they shouldn't keep any secrets from each other. He places Peter's box on the table, and leaves. As Caitlin tells Peter to open it, he expresses his concerns of who he was before he lost his memory. He explains that he wanted to kill Will, and almost did. Caitlin tells him that he's a "good soul," and that if he's happy being their with them, that he should forget about his past for the time being. The two begin to kiss, leaving the box unopened. As they do so, unknown to both of them, Peter's new tattoo begins to change, turning into the symbol before disappearing.

Graphic Novel:Petrified Lightning

Peter is still thinking if he should open the box and see who he is, when Caitlin talks with him. Peter asks her out on a date. Instead, they take a walk on the beach. Peter asks Caitlin to tell him the tale about the great hero Cuchulainn and the Mermaid. When Caitlin is telling the story, Peter isn't paying attention and he's busy with his powers. Caitlin notices, and tells Peter to listen. She ends the story while Peter is still trying to use his powers. He uses his ability after saying Caitlin's name, and forms a piece of glass from his electricity. Caitlin gives him the glass, and Peter reads her mind before they head home.

Fight or Flight

Caitlin closes the pub in the middle of the afternoon and kisses Peter passionately. Caitlin tells him that he can't just forget his past, and Peter tells her that he doesn't want to dig deep because of what he's capable of. Peter asks why she's asking him to look when she told him otherwise, but she tells him that was because he hadn't kissed her yet. Ricky walks in on Peter and Caitlin kissing, and tells Peter that he needs to speak to him. Ricky brings forward a man who tells Peter that an American girl was asking about Peter by the shipping yard. Ricky tells Peter to go away with Caitlin while he deals with the blonde.

Later, Caitlin and Peter arrive at Caitlin's flat, where Peter finds a few canvases that Caitlin painted. Peter pulls out the box, and tells Caitlin that he has to face who he was. He explains that he wants to be with her, no matter what's in the box. He finds a plane ticket to Montreal, his passport, some money, and a photo of himself with Nathan, though he doesn't recognize him. Looking at the canvas, he sees flashes of something, then picks up a paintbrush. His eyes turn white, and he begins to paint. Caitlin stares in shock, as Peter paints. Peter finishes the painting and asks what happened. He doesn't realize he painted the painting, and Caitlin explains that his eyes went white. He sees the street signs in the picture are in French, and Caitlin wonders if they need to go to Montreal. She receives a phone call and the two rush to the pub. Tuko sits next to Ricky's burned body, and Peter apologizes to Caitlin. He tells her that they came after him, it's his fault, and that he can't hide anymore.

The Line

At the scene of Ricky's murder, Caitlin looks at an old picture of her brother. Peter apologizes for the incident, as the killer was looking for him, and he shouldn't have let Ricky cover for him. He states that he will not risk Caitlin's life, and that he has to go to Montreal. She insists to go with him, since she is in the painting with him. Peter asks why she has to go with him, and she claims the reason is to find the woman who killed Ricky and "kill the bitch."

In Montreal, Peter and Caitlin approach a door with the Symbol over it, as depicted in Peter's painting. The two enter the Montreal building, finding a room with several items, including banners with Whitebeard's insignia. Peter sees a mirror with a note on it with his name. He flips it over, and finds that the note is from a man named Adam, telling him that he and Peter were right about the Company, and that the world is in danger. Caitlin asks if he knows an Adam, but he doesn't remember any Adams or companies. Caitlin hugs Peter, and Peter asks aloud for someone to tell him who he is, and what the future holds. The two break the hug to find themselves in the middle of Times Square. The streets are abandoned with litter everywhere. The two wonder how they got there, and Peter picks up an evacuation notice dated June 14, 2008.

Out of Time

In the future, Peter and Caitlin wander through New York City looking for people. Suddenly, a hazmat group detains him and Caitlin, giving them chemical baths. Peter is separated and interviewed. The man notes that Peter died already, and explains a brief history of the Shanti virus. Later, Peter meets his mother, whom he does not recognize. She asks him to remember, and he remembers that she is his mother. She explains to Peter his ability and that he needs to fix history. They begin to walk when Peter sees Caitlin being deported. He tries to help her, but teleports back to the present. Peter tries to return, but is stuck in Montreal. He hears something, then shoots a bolt of lightning at someone behind a painting. A man steps forward, asking Peter what he's doing, then introduces himself as Adam.

Four Months Ago...

After teleporting back to Montreal from virus-stricken New York and reuniting with Adam, Adam tells Peter he must remember what happened in between the explosion and now. He is able to do so by using Adam's regeneration to "heal" his fractured mind.

Back on the day of the explosion, Nathan and Peter fly high above Kirby Plaza as Peter is about to explode. Peter tries to talk Nathan into letting him go, and after a few coercions, his brother lets him fall. He explodes, causing Nathan to suffer from severe radioactive burns and to fall unconscious. Fortunately, Peter flies down in time to catch Nathan. They arrive at a hospital, where Peter tells the doctors to make sure Nathan will be okay. Before a cop can question him, he turns invisible and runs away. Once he reappears and walks down a hallway, Bob appears around a corner behind Peter with Elle who zaps Peter in the back, knocking him out.

Peter wakes up in Bob's office with Bob, Elle, and the Haitian in the room. Peter tries to use telekinesis but fails to do so, thanks to the Haitian. Elle and Bob tells Peter they have a short-term cure for his problem in the form of a power negation pill, and promises Peter a permanent riddance of his power. Peter agrees to take the pills and to stay in their facility until the cure is complete.

Over a period of time, Peter begins talking with a man in the cell adjacent to his, who tells him all about the Company's true intentions. After three months of having a flirtatious relationship with Elle (which involves quite a lot of shocking contact and a new haircut for Peter) and of ignoring his cellmate, Peter finally introduces himself and vice versa. He says he knows of his brother's condition, and that his blood will heal Nathan. Peter agrees to help them escape; he does so after not taking the "Haitian pills" for five days and phasing through the wall into Adam's cell. Peter makes a remark about Adam looking good for a 400-year-old man, and they phase through to the outside together.

Walking through a New York shipping yard, Adam hands Peter a plane ticket and a passport. He begins to tell him his plan, but is interrupted by Elle and the Haitian. Adam and Peter split up, but Elle sends a bolt at each of them, knocking Adam against a wall and setting Peter's shirt on fire. As Elle goes after Adam, Peter runs from the Haitian. Soon enough, the Haitian catches Peter and stops Peter from using any powers against him. Peter tries to fight, but the Haitian gets three good punches in and handcuffs Peter inside a shipping container. Peter says he'll keep escaping if they bring him back, but that is not the Haitian's intention. As a favor to Peter's mother, the Haitian says Peter deserves a better fate, and the only way to do that is by starting a new life far away from here. He gives Peter his necklace, erases his memory, and locks him in the container.

Back to the present, Peter tells Adam he remembers everything. After Adam congratulates him, he asks, "Shall we go save the world?", to which Peter replies with a smile and a nod.

Truth & Consequences

Peter and Adam go to see a woman named Victoria Pratt, who was one of the Company founders, about the virus. Victoria is reluctant but then tells Peter that Adam was the one who tried to release the virus and that the virus could be found in New Mexico. Victoria shoots at Peter when she finds out he is working with Adam, but both regenerate. Peter uses his telepathy to find the whereabouts of the virus. Adam then unties Victoria but is forced to kill her when she aims a shotgun at Peter's head. Peter and Adam travel to Primatech Paper in Texas where the virus is kept. Hiro then arrives to kill Adam and freezes time, but an unfrozen Peter vows not to let Hiro harm Adam.


Peter is lead by Adam through the Primatech Paper Company's entrance. Peter puts off the facility, believing it doesn't look like a place where the Shanti virus would be stored, but Adam lets him know the paper company is a cover and all the important stuff is three floors down. Before Adam can finish explaining, time stops and Peter looks around quizzically. He turns to see Hiro and asks him why he is there. Hiro tells Peter Adam murdered his father and he must pay for what he did. As Hiro unsheathes his sword, Peter makes electricity in his hand and raises it threateningly at Hiro, saying he won't let him hurt Adam. Hiro charges at Peter, sword raised over his head, and Peter fires the bolt at him. However, Hiro teleports out of the way and reappears close to Adam. Hiro asks Peter why he is helping Adam, and Peter's response is Adam is his friend. Hiro explains Adam was also his friend 400 years ago, but he betrayed him at the very end, just like he will betray Peter. Hiro runs to Adam's frozen body to slash him, but Peter stops the sword from going any further. Peter tells Hiro Adam used his blood to heal his brother. Hiro pleads with Peter, again mentioning Adam killed Kaito, but Peter is adamant and reminds Hiro Kaito had Adam locked away thirty years ago. Hiro teleports again and Peter searches the room for him frantically until he reappears behind Peter, holding the sword to his neck. Peter says he's been to the future and that the Shanti virus is going to be released today unless he and Adam stop it. Peter shocks the blade, knocking Hiro out and allowing time to resume itself. As Adam looks on in confusion at Hiro's unconscious body, Peter tells Adam Hiro said not to trust him. When Adam asks what he felt about that, he responds with, "Let's go destroy the virus."

Peter and Adam walk down the hallway leading to the vault, throwing, zapping, and slicing their way through all of the guards. Adam says the virus is near and asks Peter to take care of the alarm, which he does by firing a bolt at it. They finally reach the vault door and Peter asks how they are supposed to open it. Adam suggests Peter use his brain to do so, leading Peter to begin ripping the door open.

After a lot of intense concentration and even bleeding from the nose, Peter manages to get the vault door open. He tells Adam to go destroy the virus, but Hiro teleports into Adam's way. Peter watches as Adam unsheathes his sword that he took from Hiro's fallen body earlier and points it threateningly at Hiro's neck. Before they are able to clash, Peter throws Hiro against the wall and, after Adam comments Hiro won't stop coming after them until he's taken care of and enters the vault, begins to choke Hiro. All of a sudden, Peter hears Matt telling him to let Hiro go and to go after Adam, but Peter resists the command, lets Hiro fall to the ground, and pushes Matt down the hallway. Peter screams at him that he's on the wrong side until Nathan comes around the corner and asks his brother if he's on the wrong side, too. Peter is shocked to see his brother after so long, and Nathan tells Peter Adam doesn't want to destroy the virus, but release it. Peter, realizing his mistake, runs to the vault to stop him.

Peter makes it inside the vault just in time to stop the vial from hitting the ground. He grabs it, holds it in between his cupped hands, and radiates the vial of Strain 138 until it's nothing but a pile of dust. Matt asks Peter and Nathan how long are they supposed to clean up the mess his dad, their dad and their mom made. Nathan tells them there are gonna be no more secrets left in the family, and they must go public about what they can do.

Before Nathan's press conference, Peter is told by his brother none of this was his fault, but he just hopes too much that the good he has is shared with everyone else. Peter lets Nathan know he missed him so much, and they share a hug. Peter stands at Nathan's side during his speech, and when Nathan is shot by an unknown individual, he holds Nathan in his arms, screaming his name and trying to keep him alive.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Peter flees from the Haitian in a New York shipping yard.

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