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Matt Parkman/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Matt Parkman during Season Two.

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For Matt Parkman's Heroes Reborn history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Matt is next to a door informing people that they should not hold hostages. He breaks open the door with his squad and shoots the captors. He then comes to a room where both people are saying that the other is the hostage. Matt reads the minds of both and shoots the correct person. It turns out that this is a drill and is evidently a test for the position of detective. Detective Fuller congratulates him on becoming a police officer of the NYPD and gives him his badge.

Later Matt, now caring for Molly Walker jointly with Mohinder, picks her up from school. Miss Gerber shows Matt frightening drawings that Molly made of eyes intertwined with the symbol and informs him that she thinks Molly is living in a bad environment due to his recent injuries and divorce from Janice.

At their new residence, Matt and Molly eat pizza. He tries to get Molly to talk about her drawings and her nightmares but she refuses. She is critical of Matt on his promotion to detective because of his unfair advantage over the other applicants. When pressed on the pictures that she drew in school she becomes upset and screams. Later he uses his telepathy to listen to Molly's dream and discovers that she is dreaming about the someone who can see her. She awakens and tells him that the person in her dreams is extremely dangerous, and if Matt tries to go after him he will die.


On the Deveaux rooftop, the NYPD questions Ando about Kaito's death. Matt and Detective Fuller arrive, where Fuller briefs Matt. Fuller shows Matt a portion of a photograph of Kaito with the symbol drawn on top. He informs Matt that Ando was a witness and that he saw Kaito being pushed off the building despite there being only one body found. Fuller continues and tells Matt that the photo had Angela Petrelli's fingerprint on it. Matt points out the obvious and tells the detective that they need to bring her in for questioning. Matt asks Ando if he's seen the symbol before and Ando tells him that it is a kanji meaning "great talent, godsend" and that it is the crest of Takezo Kensei.

Matt and Detective Fuller interview Angela Petrelli, and Matt points out that she and Kaito had a fight the previous day. Angela explains that they had been long friends and that sometimes people can come to the wrong conclusions. Fuller states that Angela is a major stockholder in Yamagato Industries, which has been doing poorly recently. Matt tells Angela that common motives for murder include money and sex. Angela tells them that she doesn't need the money and hadn't slept with him in a long time. Matt asks her about the symbol on the picture fragment found on Kaito and she explains that it was the logo of her husband's law firm. He asks why it was drawn over his face and she replies that she doesn't know. Matt hears her thoughts, however, and finds out that someone is seeking revenge for something terrible they did. Matt asks her whether anyone would want revenge on him and Angela instantly asks for a lawyer. Matt asks again who wants revenge and Matt hears Angela's thoughts as she screams for Matt to get out of her head.

Matt meets Nathan, who is at the station to pick up his mother. Nathan tells Matt that she's not going to want to see him, but that she called him because she doesn't have anyone else to turn to. Angela starts screaming in the interrogation room, and Matt breaks through the glass in the adjacent room. Nathan holds her as Matt asks who did this. Matt finds Angela holding another picture fragment of her with the symbol also drawn across her face.

In Mohinder's apartment, Matt and Molly are asleep when Mohinder returns.


Matt wakes up and finds that Molly is sleeping. He hears something in the kitchen and grabs his side arm. He finds Mohinder making tea, and asks him what he's doing in New York. After Mohinder tells Matt about working in the city, Matt warns Mohinder that he shouldn't do his "spy work" so close to Molly.

The Kindness of Strangers

Matt sees Angela Petrelli in her hospital room where she confesses to the murder of Kaito Nakamura. He reads her mind and finds out that her confession is false and that she wants him to "let it go." He later meets Nathan and reveals his power to him. Nathan recognizes the photos that the killer sent to Kaito and Angela and shows the original to Matt. Matt sees his father in the photo and tries to get Molly to find him. She tries and panics, realizing that Matt's father is the "nightmare man" who can see her when she looks for him. After Molly faints from her experience, Matt hears her thoughts calling out for his help.

Fight or Flight

Matt, helpless to help Molly, resolves to hunt down his father, and confronts Angela Petrelli about what she knows of him. Teaming up with Nathan, Matt tracks down the correct apartment block and storms the room, where Matt disarms his father, before putting him in handcuffs, demanding to know why he had rendered Molly comatose. His father justifies that Molly could use his ability to find him, and he was protecting himself because he had also received a death threat. Matt is then forced to fight Nathan in a telepathic nightmare generated by his father. A prison guard in his nightmare accuses Matt of knowing that Janice's infant son was actually his. Matt claims he walked out on her and the baby because "he didn't know anything (for sure)". Eventually, Matt escapes the nightmare and inserts a thought into Nathan's head, so that he does too.

Graphic Novel:Molly's Dream

Molly dreams that Matt and Mohinder are discussing what to do with her. Matt then appears frozen to her.

Out of Time

Matt and Nathan arrive at Bob's office to warn Bob that Maury is after him. Matt tells Bob he wants to take him in for protection. Bob disagrees saying they will take Maury down then. He tells Mohinder that he needs to inject Maury with the virus. Bob then tells Matt that it will be his responsibly to stop his father, as he is the only one capable.

Matt is at Molly's bedside, apologizing to her for putting her into the condition she is in. He lets her know that he blames himself for his father leaving. When he tells Molly he loves her, her monitors beep. Matt uses his ability to project "I love you Molly" into the girl's mind causing her monitors to beep again.

Matt hears Niki beginning to punch holes into the door of Bob's office and heads out to investigate, only to find himself in his childhood home where he sees Molly at the table. She explains they are in Maury's nightmare. Matt is able to pull his father into the nightmare with him and Molly. Maury and Matt argue, and Matt tells his father he thinks he can trap him in the nightmare he has created. He tells Maury he isn't scared of him anymore. He says he's a good man, a good cop and a good father, more than his father could have been, and, with Molly, leaves the nightmare. Matt wakes up to find Maury lying on the floor. Molly then wakes up and tells Matt she heard that he loves her.

Cautionary Tales

As Matt is attempting to find the last person in the photo of the group of twelve, Molly tells him that she can find the last person who is still alive. Matt doesn't want her to find people anymore and to just be a normal little girl. Molly can not agree with this and knows that she is special. As they argue, Matt discovers that he has the ability to send commands to her telepathically through his thoughts, and commands her to finish her breakfast. Later at work, when Detective Fuller tells him to get off the case, he uses his powers of telepathy and commands his boss to let him work on it for another day.

Matt interrogates Angela Petrelli and she attempts to get past his mind reading capabilities. Matt then uses his newfound telepathy to command her to tell him who the last woman is. Angela tells him that the last woman is Victoria Pratt and wants to be left alone. His powers overwhelm her to the degree that her nose begins to bleed. Angela tells Matt that if he forces it out of her, he is just as bad as his father Maury Parkman.


In New York, Matt listens to Angela as she explains to Matt and Nathan that 30 years ago, Adam decided the world needed to be wiped clean, and so the founders locked him away. Matt and Nathan are told to put a bullet through Adam's head to stop him, and before leaving, Matt hears Angela's thoughts, telling him to kill Peter, too, if he must.

Matt and Nathan arrive outside of Primatech Paper Co., and they run into Hiro.

In front of the open vault, Matt tries to use his telepathy to convince Peter to stop Adam, but Peter resists and starts pushing Matt back with telekinesis. Later, after Peter destroys Strain 138, Matt, Nathan, and Peter discuss how they will expose and take down the Company.

With Matt's telepathic assistance, Nathan calls a press conference to expose the nature of the various evolved humans and the Company. During his speech, he is shot twice in the chest by an unknown assailant. Matt looks up at the crowd, and tries to catch a glimpse of the shooter before he exits the building.

Heroes Evolutions

Assignment Tracker 2.0

Matt's case file (file: C002; password: MPggtn75x) at contains a personal history about Matt:

Assignment tracker photo

Apart from suffering from Dyslexia, Matt Parkman was about as "average" a person as they come until his ability to hear others' thoughts manifested while investigating the Walker crime scene, a family apparently murdered by Gabriel Gray (see case file C004).

Parkman was tagged by the Company and released to continue his work on the Walker case with the FBI. Later, he participated in the capture and interrogation of Theodore Sprague (see case file C003) and the continued investigation of Sylar's murder spree. However, internal reports indicate that the ability may have caused personal problems on the job--he punched a fellow officer in the precinct locker room when he learned he had been having an affair with his wife, Janice.

Sylar's attack at Union Wells High School led Parkman and FBI Agent Hanson to Odessa, Texas where they continued their investigation, during which Parkman became suspicious of Company activities. Parkman's surveillance and unsuccessful raid on Primatech Paper Company resulted in a six-month suspension from the LAPD and ruined his credibility with the FBI. He is currently divorced and working at the NYPD at detective rank.

Since his wife was pregnant by another man, his offspring no longer holds interest for The Company so any case note referring to the baby may be disregarded.

The subject's father (see psychological profile) is Company founder Maury Parkman. When last under Company care, Matt Parkman was still at the beginning of his ability's manifestation and close watch is recommended lest he manifest the more-dangerous abilities associated with his father.

The case file also contains a psychological profile:

Perhaps until recently, Matt Parkman saw himself as an "everyman," an average American suburbanite struggling to get ahead and kept down by authorities who saw him as more of a "worker bee" then as material for something more. Rather then accept his position in life as an average law officer, Matt internalized this to the point of extreme neuroses, jeopardizing his marriage in the process, as evidenced by marriage counseling records. In fact, his wife cheated on him with a fellow LAPD officer, further undoing an already damaged and fragile ego.

The manifestation of his ability gave him a renewed set of confidence, and also a new set of conflicts in his life as he learned to incorporate it into his day-to-day routine. He did so to a limited extant and succeeded more in further alienating those around him. Parkman also displays equal measures naiveté and world-weariness along with a sense that he always must strive to do right, even if what he considers "right" slides around due to others' influence on him.

It's recommended to keep close tabs, especially if he manifests additional abilities or falls under the sway of someone who may pose harmful to The Company and its work.

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