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Mohinder Suresh/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Mohinder Suresh during Season Four.

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Character History

Jump, Push, Fall

While talking with Noah, Peter reveals that sometime in the six weeks since Sylar's funeral, he replicated Mohinder's power for its use in his job as a paramedic.

Strange Attractors

Matt calls Mohinder for help to get rid of Sylar, but Mohinder doesn't answer. Sylar suggests that Mohinder didn't answer the call because he is probably still researching his father's research.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Samuel explains to Hiro that he made a mistake in the recent past. Eight weeks ago, Samuel stands over Mohinder's body and apologizes to him. Mohinder's chest is badly lacerated and he isn't moving.

Brother's Keeper

Nine weeks before the present day, Mohinder has returned to his old job at Chennai University, and has resumed his relationship with Mira. He discusses plate tectonics with one of his students, and is then confronted by Mira who reminds him that he promised to throw out a box of his his father's files that arrived. Mohinder apologizes and places the box in a trashcan. Unable to sleep, he retrieves the box and discovers a reel of film and several books of notes. On the film, Chandra postulates that the presence of large numbers of specials produces a magnetism-like effect, which is affecting a pregnant woman at the camp. Filming the baby's birth is interrupted by an earthquake. Using his father's notes and records, Mohinder constructs his own version of the compass, which he intends to use to track down the now-adult Samuel.

A week later, Mohinder arrives at Sullivan Bros. Carnival, where he meets Joseph Sullivan. Joseph tells Mohinder he is aware of the effect on Samuel, but tells him he has kept the problem under control by keeping the number of specials at the carnival low. He sends Mohinder away to destroy the film, unaware that Samuel has overheard them.

In his motel room, Mohider decides to destroy the film, and puts some paper and the reel in a basket, and soaks it in lighter fluid. As he drops a lit match into the basket, time freezes and Hiro appears. Hiro swaps the film with a different reel, and warns Mohinder that the "butterfly man" is coming for him. As time unfreezes, Samuel arrives, sees the burning film and demands to know its contents. Mohinder refuses to divulge the information and Samuel crushes a rock and hurls the fragments at him. Believing Mohinder to be dead, Samuel leaves. Mohinder wakes up confused shortly after, and notices that he is wearing a Kevlar vest. Hiro appears from behind the bed and tells Mohinder that Samuel's attack "wasn't pretty" in an alternate future where Hiro hadn't intervened. He explains that he is from the future, being forced by Samuel to save the film so Samuel will tell him where he hid Charlie. Mohinder says he understands, but that he can't just disappear and do nothing while Samuel amplifies his power. Hiro says he is sorry, but if Mohinder won't "disappear" voluntarily, he'll have to make him disappear. Hiro then freezes time and teleports Mohinder away.

Mohinder wakes up in a padded cell wearing a straitjacket in Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital. Two orderlies enter the room and inject him with medication, sedating him.


Eight weeks in the past, Lydia and Hiro see Mohinder leaving Joseph's trailer, after discussing Samuel's ability. Lydia asks Hiro if that's the man who killed Joseph, but he says it's not.

When Hiro's memory is being affected, Mohinder is seen.

The Fifth Stage

During Samuel's speech, Mohinder is seen running through a jungle with Hiro and Ando.

Upon This Rock

Hiro goes to Ando in his crazed state and begs for his help in rescuing "Watson". He continuously gives strange clues about swamps and crocodiles until Ando figures out that he is talking about comic books. The two of them investigate further and Ando discovers that they need to save someone, Mohinder, at an asylum in Florida.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 1

After saving Zelda, or "The Princess" as Hiro sees him, Hiro is not sure of what to do. He then sees a dark castle, Arkham, and notices two alien guarding a crazy man. Hiro then remembers Watson, and sets out to save him. In reality, the crazy man is actually Mohinder, waiting to be rescued.

Close to You

Mohinder remains trapped in the asylum, his powers out of commission due to being drugged by the orderlies. Hiro, despite his brain being scrambled, remembers Mohinder although he refers to him as Doctor Watson and infiltrates the hospital by having Ando check him in. Hiro points out Mohinder's cell to Ando who, upon seeing him, finally understands who they're there to try to rescue. Ando, in order to give Mohinder back his powers, switches Mohinder's daily drugs with aspirin, but accidentally swallows Mohinder's drugs himself and is put into a drugged state.

Hiro later wakes Mohinder up (still referring to him as Doctor Watson) and Mohinder, in his now normal state, easily breaks out of the straitjacket and bashes down the door to his cell where he confronts Hiro, at first confused by his rescue, then angry at him for trapping him there in the first place then confused again due to Hiro's state. The two retrieve the drugged Ando and take him in a wheelchair away. The group reaches a door, but are found by orderlies. Ando, recovering from the drugs, blasts the doors open, allowing Mohinder enough of a distraction to knock out an orderly, allowing them to escape into the swamp.

While running through the swamp, Mohinder is annoyed by Hiro's trapping him there and threatens to leave him in the swamp and demands an explanation for Hiro's state. After learning about it and saying that the hospital would probably try to use electro-shock therapy to fix him, Mohinder tries to get Ando to use his power in a similar manner on Hiro. Ando is reluctant due to his future self killing Hiro with the power, but Mohinder convinces him to try. Ando shocks Hiro and it restores Hiro to normal. Hiro immediately teleports the three away to Noah Bennet's apartment, just before dogs and orderlies would have found them. The three teleport in and interrupt Noah and Lauren Gilmore in kissing and ask for their help. Noah greets them.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

Hiro sees the two aliens holding a crazy man, who Hiro identifies as "Dr. Watson". In reality, the man is actually Mohinder.


At Noah Bennet's apartment, Mohinder builds another compass for Noah to use and tells him only Ando or Hiro can use it as it only works for those with abilities. Mohinder himself is not sticking around: he's going back to India to make up for breaking his promise to Mira and Mohinder leaves before Hiro collapses due to his brain tumor.

Graphic Novel:Second Chances

Mohinder returns to India and finds his home has been ransacked and that Mira is nowhere to be seen. He goes to see Molly and apologizes for making her use her gift. Molly tells him that she has changed since the last time he saw her. Molly finds Mira for Mohinder but warns him to hurry because she is not alone. Mohinder kicks in the door to her office and knocks out her captor. He and Mira then have a happy reunion.

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