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Hiro Nakamura/Season One

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This article archives the history of Hiro Nakamura during Season One.

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Character History


In his cubicle, Hiro is able to utilize a recently-discovered power: he makes the second-hand on his clock go back one second. Ecstatic, Hiro runs throughout the office, excitedly yelling "Yatta!" (I did it!) His friend Ando Masahashi is skeptical, joking that Hiro possesses the same skills as Mr. Spock.

Hiro begins to hypothesize that in addition to altering time, he could also teleport. Ando is more concerned with the personal gain that could potentially result from his friend's superpower. However, Hiro is adamant in the belief that a superhero should never use his or her powers in such a way. At a karaoke bar one night, Ando dares Hiro to teleport into the women's bathroom. Hiro agrees and succeeds, but is thrown from the bar by some bouncers.

Ando is unable to comprehend Hiro's enthusiasm over being so different from everyone else. All their lives they had been taught to remain the same. Hiro leaves in frustration. The next day, Hiro sees a vacation ad for New York City on a train. After intense concentration, he manages to teleport himself into Times Square. Awestruck, Hiro lifts his hands up and yells "Yatta! Hello, New York!"

Don't Look Back

In New York, Hiro finds and buys a copy of 9th Wonders!, Issue #14, a comic whose cover prophetically features Hiro standing in Times Square with his hands up, yelling "I did it!", exactly as just happened. He discovers the partially decapitated Isaac Mendez with a gun lying next to him, and witnesses the explosion in New York that Isaac himself had predicted in a painting. Before the explosion hits him, Hiro teleports himself back to the train in Tokyo, back in the "present" time frame.

Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro narrowly escapes the explosion, and is shock-relieved to realize he is not dead. Hiro rushes back to his apartment and searches for the copy of Action Comics, Issue #1, that his grandfather gave to him. He tears off the cover and folds it into an origami crane, which he places at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Hiro discards his Yamagato Industries employee badge, and says he won't disservice his grandfather's memory again.

One Giant Leap

Hiro works hard to try to convince Ando of his powers, and of the future. He shows Ando the 9th Wonders! comic, which details nearly every event that is going to happen to them that day. Though Ando remains skeptical, Hiro leads him to a place where a schoolgirl is depicted in the comic to be hit by a bus. Managing to find the girl and freeze time, he hurries through the mess of items the truck collides with (including a table full of vinyl Mazinger Z figures). After Hiro moves the girl's time-frozen body just out of harm's way, time begins to move again. Hiro and Ando then celebrate the achievement, and Hiro convinces Ando to go with him to New York, NY. They fly into the Los Angeles airport and rent a car from Hotspur to drive to Las Vegas, all the while following the comic's storyline, but somewhere after they rent a Nissan Versa, the issue reads, "To be continued..."


After driving to Las Vegas, Ando convinces Hiro to exploit his power to win money and buy matching suits. Later, they are thrown out of the casino and attacked by some poker players they cheated against. Later, a future version of himself appears to Peter Petrelli on a subway carrying a katana. Speaking in perfect English, Hiro tells Peter he is there to give him a message.


Hiro and Ando are dumped out of a van in the desert outside Las Vegas, near the "Fly By Night" diner. As they enter, they argue, and Ando leaves. Just then, Hiro witnesses Nathan Petrelli landing just outside the diner. When Nathan comes in, Hiro talks to him, explaining in broken English that he saw him fly and that he is also special, able to bend space and time. He tells Nathan about the explosion, but Nathan seems to write him off as crazy. When Nathan asks if Hiro knows the result of the election, Hiro tells him he won "in a mudslide". Hiro then begs a ride back into town from Nathan. Decked out with a Vote Petrelli badge, he makes his way back to his rental car, only to discover that he can neither drive it nor read the manual. Eventually, Ando shows up and they resume their journey together. With Ando's help Hiro places a call to Isaac Mendez to warn him about the future. Peter Petrelli picks up the phone and tells Hiro that he has a message for him.

Better Halves

Hiro is told that a future version of himself says he must help "save the cheerleader" and to meet Peter Petrelli in New York City. As they leave they are intercepted by the high roller who compels them to come to a warehouse to help him cheat in a private poker game. When Ando sees a gun, he pulls Hiro into the bathroom moments before a ruckus breaks out and everyone is killed. Hiro is unable to stop time quickly enough to save them. Having essentially hidden in the bathroom, he begins to doubt whether he's the hero he thought he was.

Nothing to Hide

When DL is dragging a woman out of her car, the car explodes and Hiro stops time to drag them out of the way "Why couldn't I have super-strength too?" he says.

As they're waiting for the police to arrive, Micah asks how he got an issue of 9th Wonders! that hasn't come out yet. Hiro tells him he went into the future.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Continuing their journey to meet Peter Petrelli in New York City, Ando and Hiro stop for breakfast at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX. They meet a waitress, Charlie, who speaks excellent Japanese considering she's learned it from a phrase book and in only a week.

Hiro is immediately charmed by Charlie and spends a great deal of time with her, coaching her on her Japanese. She confesses that for the last few months, she's been able to remember and fully understand everything she reads, which is how she picked up Japanese so quickly and how she can speak better than would be expected from a phrase book. Hiro tells her he also has a "skill", but when she presses him about it, he tells her it's to teach anyone Japanese.

While Hiro is in the bathroom, Charlie's body is discovered with her head sliced open. Sheriff Davidson questions Hiro and Ando and tells them to stick around so he can get a statement from them. Hiro feels that he should have done something to stop Charlie's murder. Ando tries to persuade him that it's too risky to attempt to go back in time to save her, and that they should just continue their mission, but Hiro disappears into the past anyway.


Hiro's friend Ando Masahashi and Peter Petrelli anticipate his return to help save the cheerleader, but he never appears. Peter decides to go without Hiro while Ando patiently waits in the Burnt Toast Diner. He notices that Charlie's birthday picture has Hiro in it. Wondering when the picture was taken, he asks the manager about his friends identity. Manager says the picture is about six months old from Charlie's Birthday, and that it is in fact, Hiro. She says Charlie and he were friends up until a couple of weeks ago. Hiro appears briefly near the end of the episode at the pictured birthday party in the Burnt Toast Diner. He is excited to see Charlie but soon remembers what needs to be done - to somehow save Charlie from losing her top.

Six Months Ago

Hiro arrives at the Burnt Toast Diner six months in the past, though he thinks it's only one day prior. After telling Charlie that he is there to save her life, she invites him to her birthday celebration. Hiro tries in vain to explain to Charlie that he teleported from the future and tells her not to go to work tomorrow. He realizes that he teleported back too far, and is afraid to teleport again for fear of missing his mark. Hiro calls his work looking for Ando, but instead is answered by the oblivious Hiro native to that time.

Hiro tells Charlie that she has a special power, despite Charlie's doubts. Hiro attempts to prove his power to Charlie: in no time, he gives her a bouquet of flowers, completes her order, and finally tells her that tomorrow "the swallow will slay the dragon." The next day, Hiro shows Charlie a Japanese newspaper proclaiming that the baseball team, the Swallows, slew the Dragons. He suddenly transforms the room to be filled with folded paper cranes, a Japanese tradition that earns one wish. Hiro then offers Charlie a plane ticket to Japan along with him. The two grow closer, and eventually attempt to kiss. Suddenly, Hiro is teleported back to the present on a rooftop in Tokyo; he is unable to teleport back. He physically travels back to Texas to meet up with Ando where he realizes he wasn't able to save Charlie. Despondently, he proclaims that he can't change the past.


Hiro and Ando arrive at Union Wells High School the day after Homecoming. Hiro is despondent, claiming that, as they have failed to save the cheerleader, they have no chance to save the world, but Ando argues that maybe the message was a list, and not an "if-then" statement. After deciding to continue on with their mission anyway, they receive a call from Isaac Mendez, who has just escaped from the secret facility within Primatech Paper Co.

After meeting Isaac at the bus terminal, they take him to the Burnt Toast Diner and trade information: Hiro tells Isaac about the future explosion and finding Isaac dead in his apartment, and Isaac tells them about Sylar's capture and the painting he made of an exploding man.

Later on, Hiro encourages Isaac to try painting without heroin again in a motel room. Isaac succeeds, and paints a picture of Hiro, wielding a sword, facing off against an enormous dinosaur. Hiro worries that if he travels back in time to prehistory, he'll step on a bug and change the present ... and then decides that he really needs to find the sword.


After the tragedy with Charlie, Hiro has found his powers diminishing. However, he and Ando have finally arrived in New York and are searching for the sword in the Museum of Natural History, which they finally find at the display of Takezo Kensei. Hiro insists that possessing the sword will help him regain his powers, so he makes an effort to steal it. He tries to stop time twice, failing the first time, and the second, merely succeeding in slowing it down. He decides that is sufficient and uses the advantage to take the sword out of the museum before restoring time to normal and being caught. However, upon taking it out of the sheath, he discovers that he does not have an actual sword, but a replica that was donated by the Linderman group. Dejected, he takes the replica back to the museum.

Hiro then goes to Isaac's studio to tell him that the sword was merely a replica, but the mention of Linderman's name catches Nathan's attention, who is already there. Hiro is elated to see the "Flying Man" again, and discusses with him the pending explosion and how to use their powers to prevent it.

Realizing that Hiro is the person Isaac has drawn in the 9th Wonders! comic series, Simone is now convinced that Isaac can paint the future and agrees to make arrangements for Hiro to speak to Mr. Linderman.

The Fix

While Ando argues with a parking attendant about the fee, Hiro stares at a punch clock and tries to use his power to manipulate the clock but is unsuccessful. Hiro reiterates his claim that he needs to find the sword in order to restore his powers, and wonders if it's his destiny to kill the exploding man with the sword.

As they walk to their car they notice a strange man with a gun standing by it. The man draws his gun and Hiro and Ando run. They try to get help from a van that drives up, but another strange man gets out of the van. After they evade the men for some time, Ando is captured and Hiro turns himself in, hoping but failing to secure Ando's release.

In the van, Hiro talks to the man watching them, telling him that he's on a very important mission, but the man says he knows all about Hiro's "mission". Speaking Japanese, he says Hiro doesn't have power, but that his employer does. He offers Hiro and Ando plane tickets back to Japan, but they refuse. When the van stops, the man opens the van door and Hiro finds that the boss is his father.


At the Port Washington Harbor, Hiro argues with his father about his mission, and claims that if he can find the sword, he can prove that his powers are real. Kaito insists that Hiro's destiny is back in Japan. Hiro believes his assignment as a regular office worker in a cubicle at Yamagato Industries proves that his father didn't respect him. He does not want to succeed his father as the president of the company.

Suddenly, Hiro tells Kaito that he will accept the Executive Vice-President position, and immediately begins issuing orders for the consolidation of all management to Tokyo. When Kimiko protests, Hiro rebuffs by claiming rights by virtue of his new title. Kimiko yells and references her own experience. Hiro smiles and states that this proves that she should be the one to succeed Kaito instead of Hiro. Hiro awkwardly embraces his father and accepts ribbing from his older sister.


In Las Vegas, Hiro and Ando return to the Montecito Casino and sneak in through the kitchen. Ando tries to convince Hiro not to bother with taking the sword, but Hiro tells him he won't give up. Hiro tells him that a hero must have hope. Ando tells Hiro that he can figure out how to get into Mr. Linderman's office and that he'll look for hope. Just then, they run into a sobbing showgirl--who introduces herself as "Hope". She tells them she's left her abusive boyfriend, but left her bag in his room. Ando volunteers to retrieve it. When Hiro attempts to dissuade him, Hope overhears them mention Linderman and volunteers to introduce them to him if they get the bag.

Hiro and Ando sneak into the boyfriend's hotel room by hiding Hiro under a room service cart. When the man heads back to the shower, Hiro lets Ando into the room, and they begin to search. Hiro continues to try to persuade Ando to leave; when he finds a gun in an armoire, he insists, and Ando, pretending to leave with him, locks Hiro out of the room.

Hiro returns to the dressing room to find Hope. He overhears her on the phone telling a man that she conned two "Chinese guys" into getting the bag for her. When he confronts her, she punches him, knocking him out, and stuffs him in a closet. After repeated attempts to batter down the door, it's opened--by the man Hope claimed was her abusive ex-boyfriend. He introduces himself as S.R. Gustavson, and says he's with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Sylar watches Charlie greet Hiro and Ando at the Burnt Toast Diner.


Steve Gustavson pulls Hiro out of the closet at gunpoint. Hiro tells Gustavson to take him with him so he can save Ando since Hiro is responsible for him. Hiro believes that a partner doesn't get in the way -- a partner helps keep one honest. Hiro and Gustavson arrive at a parking lot in Primm, NV. When a shootout erupts, Hiro and Ando seek shelter in the luggage compartment of a bus. When Hope shoots her gun at Hiro, he begins concentrating. Hiro manages to stop time and then reverse it, causing the bullet to fly back into the chamber. However, Hiro's eyes are closed, and he is oblivious to his renewed power.

Hiro and Ando talk as Steve and Hope are taken into custody. Hiro tells Ando to drive the car back to the rental agency and to go home.

The 10-year-old Hiro.

Hiro tells him that he made a mistake bringing him along. He tells Ando that too many people have died already and that he doesn't know what he would do if he lost him, too. A bus pulls up and Hiro goes to board. The bus driver asks him if he's by himself and Hiro tells him, "Yes."

Company Man

14 years ago, on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building, young Hiro plays a Game Boy while his father and Mr. Bennet discuss the future of baby Claire.


Hiro attempts to enter the Corinthian Casino, but is denied entry after he is told that he has been flagged as a cheater, and is removed from the casino by security. As Hiro waits outside the casino, Nathan approaches. Hiro ecstatically greets him, but Nathan tells him to keep his voice down, and they head to another area to discuss privately. Nathan asks about Ando, though Hiro sadly states that he sent Ando home. The two discuss the subject of caring for other people, and how they can get hurt. Nathan also admits that he thought Hiro was "nuts", while Hiro confesses that he thought Nathan was "mean". Nathan then aids Hiro in his quest for the sword by taking him past security, much to Francis's annoyance.

Hiro then makes his way into Linderman's archives. He gives Isaac's ripped painting to the curator, and asks for a receipt. Momentarily alone, Hiro searches for the sword. Hiro tries to retrieve it, but the curator comes back and calls security. Ando, wearing a security guard's uniform, comes to Hiro's rescue. They block the room temporarily. Hiro then retrieves the sword, and with newfound confidence in his powers, manages to teleport to Charles Deveaux's rooftop with Ando. They witness a future New York City being rebuilt during the aftermath of a catastrophe.


Having teleported five years into the future, Hiro walks into Isaac's apartment and finds strings hung across the room. Hiro then hears a sound of unsheathing of a sword and pulls out his sword. He then points his sword at his future self.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Hiro points his sword at his future self.

Five Years Gone

Hiro confronts his future self and learns that he used the string web in Isaac's apartment to try to determine how to change history. Hiro is surprised to hear that Future Hiro tried killing Sylar to prevent the explosion, but he failed because Sylar regenerated. He also learns that Future Hiro visited Peter and gave him the message to keep Sylar from gaining her power, but history still hasn't changed. Hiro tells his future self that he never killed Sylar, and Future Hiro tells him that he must go back and do it.

Matt Parkman and the Haitian, with a Homeland Security team, suddenly raid the apartment and capture Hiro. They take him to a holding facility for questioning. Hiro learns that his future self is a terrorist, but he doesn't know the answers to their questions. He wonders why Matt would be helping to oppress evolved humans.

Mohinder Suresh comes to the holding area with orders from the President to execute Hiro. Instead, Mohinder uses the lethal injection on the Haitian and tells Hiro he needs to go back to the past to prevent the explosion. Ando, Future Hiro, and Peter arrive to free Hiro, and he asks his future self how to control his power to travel to the right point in time. Future Hiro is shot before he can answer, but he gives Hiro the original art from the last issue of 9th Wonders. Ando tells Hiro that he believes in him, and the two return to their own time.

The Hard Part

As Hiro and Ando return from the grim future, Hiro vows to Ando that he will stop Sylar by stabbing him with the sword. They go to Isaac's apartment to ask Isaac about the latest issue of 9th Wonders! which is not yet complete. They see Isaac dead, and Hiro fears the explosion he saw in a previous time travel is happening for real. However, they hear Sylar in the bathroom and hide behind a painting. Hiro teleports them out of the apartment to safety when confronted by Sylar.

They follow Sylar to his mother's apartment. They see Sylar emotional about his mother's disappointment in him. Hiro does not want to murder him while he is asking for forgiveness from his mother, but Ando convinces him it must be done. Hiro freezes time and advances toward Sylar. Immediately before striking Sylar, time unfreezes and Sylar grasps the sword. Hiro and Ando teleport back to Isaac's apartment. Ando reassures Hiro that he will have time to stop Sylar before New York explodes.


The Kensei sword now broken and Hiro close to giving up hope, Ando finds a listing for Jittetsu Arms, a sword repair shop, in the phone book. On the way they encounter Nathan Petrelli at a polling place and try to get him to help them. When he refuses and says that no one can stop the bomb, a betrayed Hiro calls him a "villain".

When arriving at the shop, they encounter Kaito Nakamura, who asks to speak to Hiro. Hiro tells his father that the sword was broken while trying to kill Sylar, but Kaito tells him the journey restored his ability, not the sword. Kaito reveals that he has stayed in America to watch Hiro's progress, and teaches him a lesson through sparring and re-telling the story of Kensei and the Dragon. Now ready to face Sylar, Hiro and Kaito discover that Ando bought a sword and has gone to battle Sylar alone.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Kaito initially tries to dissuade Hiro from finding Ando, as the mission to save the world is more important. But Hiro is passionate about saving his friend, though at the same time he does not want to let his father down. Kaito, seeing Hiro's dedication, urges Hiro to go save Ando, giving Hiro the repaired sword.

Hiro arrives at Isaac's loft, where Sylar is slowly cutting off Ando's head at the neck, trying to get information out of him about Peter Petrelli. Hiro picks up Ando's sword, having been thrown out of Ando's hands by Sylar's telekinesis. Sylar turns to face his would-be killer, but still keeps Ando restrained. Sylar goads Hiro into stopping time before he can cut off Ando's head. Hiro takes Sylar by surprise, however, by teleporting next to Ando instead and then the two of them to a distant location.

Hiro and Ando arrive at Yamagato Industries, with Ando amazed at Hiro's outwitting of Sylar. Though Ando hopes to go back and face Sylar, Hiro says that this part of his journey, he must finish alone. Hiro admits that Ando showed him true courage, and leaves Ando with Kensei's sword, so that he'll know he'll be back. Taking Ando's sword instead, Hiro teleports back to New York.

Just as Peter begins to lose control of Ted's power, Hiro arrives. He rushes up to Sylar and stabs him, just as Isaac had predicted, and Sylar collapses on the ground. Hiro and Peter then meet in person for the first time, and Peter asks Hiro to kill him so that he will not explode. However, Sylar, with the last of his strength, sends Hiro flying towards a building. Hiro teleports away with only a second to spare.

Hiro lands on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan in 1671. He witnesses a small group of soldiers arrive, with archers poised to shoot. Hiro tries to flee, but sees his hero in the distance, and Hiro realizes that he is in conflict with the other warriors. But before a battle can ensue, Hiro and the others witness a total eclipse in the sky above them.

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