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Janice Parkman/Season One

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This article archives the history of Janice Parkman during Season One.

For more about Janice Parkman, see the main article.

For Janice Parkman's Season Four history, see here.

Character History

Don't Look Back

While interrogated by two FBI agents, Matt Parkman impatiently checks his watch. When asked if he has a better place to be, he replies that he has a couples counseling therapy session with his wife because they are having some problems at home.

One Giant Leap

When Matt arrives home late and having missed their counseling appointment, Janice gives him the cold shoulder. She believes that Matt resents her because, by making associate, she has succeeded while he continues to fail to pass the detective's exam. She wishes Matt would just go away, and when Matt telepathically hears her think so, he does.


When Matt is kidnapped by Mr. Bennet and is missing for a day, Janice becomes frantically concerned for him. When she discovers him in the house, seemingly hungover, she becomes angry, but Matt uses his powers to quickly soothe her, admitting all of his perceived faults. When he later uses his powers to plan the perfect date with her, the couple is once again drawn closer together.

Nothing to Hide

Matt plans to tell Janice about his powers, but as he does so, he telepathically overhears that she has been hiding something from him and fears she's been found out. He leaves without telling her. Later, he overhears his former partner Tom McHenry thinking that he's sleeping with someone's wife. Matt assumes he means Janice and punches him.

Graphic Novel:Control

Matt watches Janice sleeping on the couch at their home.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Matt arrives home to find Janice looking at a photo album filled with pictures of the two of them together. She asks if it's true that he punched Tom McHenry and he tells her it is, and that he's been suspended without pay for a month. She tells him that something happened between her and Tom. Matt asks if she slept with Tom and she admits she did, but insists it's over.

Six Months Ago

Janice comforts Matt about failing the detective test a second time. Matt reads her mind that she thinks he is her "hero". She seems to be fully in love with Matt and not have started her affair.


When Matt arrives home from Odessa, TX, Janice tells him she took out a suitcase but hadn't begun to pack yet. Janice admits that most of the trouble they're having is her fault. He tells her they need to start being completely honest with one another, and that he has a secret: he can hear people's thoughts. When Janice doesn't believe him, he offers to demonstrate: he asks her to pick a number between one and a million.

The Fix

Matt and Janice sit together on the sofa as they make a game out of Matt reading her mind.

Later, the talk outside on the patio about Matt's story about Mr. Bennet abducting him. Janice expresses disbelief about the story. When Matt overhears her thoughts about him forgetting to call a plumber for a broken sink, she asks him if he's always going to be in her head and he replies that he can't control his power. She asks whether he can't control it, or won't control it.

Matt returns home and Janice calls him upstairs. In the bathroom, the sink pipes are spraying water all over the bathroom. When Matt finishes fixing the bathroom sink, Janice comforts him about his suspension. She tells him that they need to trust each other. She asks Matt to tell her what she's thinking. Matt hears her thoughts and realizes that she's pregnant and shouts in excitement.


At their home, Janice tells Matt that she likes his outfit for his new job, but is concerned that he's taking his gun.


Janice enters the the bedroom and finds where Matt has placed one of Malsky's diamonds. When Matt claims he knows someone who let him buy it at wholesale, Janice tries to put the ring on, but has trouble because her fingers are bloated due to pregnancy. She tells Matt that a geneticist named Mohinder Suresh called the previous day and wanted to talk about Matt's DNA. Later, Janice returns and tells Matt that she took the ring he gave her to be resized; the jeweler told her that it is worth $40,000. Angry, she asks Matt for an explanation and he tells her that it belonged to Malsky, but that he's dead now. Janice yells at him and asks what he was thinking giving her a stolen ring. She tells him that ever since he told her about his powers he's been stealing and lying and that he's better than that.

Company Man

Matt and Ted take the Bennets hostage and Matt tells them that because of what Noah did to him, he has lost his job and his wife, Janice.

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