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Peter Petrelli/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Peter Petrelli during Season Four.

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Character History


When Peter learns of a crash with people trapped in it, Peter leaves the ambulance and demonstrates great agility and strength and reaches the truck, tearing off the door and saving a pregnant woman as well as her husband. At the hospital, he reveals that the woman had twin daughters and plans to go take another shift despite having already worked a double, but his partner tells him its too late for that. At home, "Nathan" tries to call, but Peter ignores the call and tacks an article about his heroic actions up on a wall covered with other clippings.

Jump, Push, Fall

At Peter's apartment, Noah Bennet approaches him for help. Peter reveals he's saved 53 people and currently has enhanced strength as his power from Mohinder Suresh. He feels he needs to save lives in order to make up for his family's and The Company's mistakes. Noah enlists his help in investigating a safe-deposit box as the foe they're facing has super speed, which interests Peter.

At the bank, Peter's disappointed when all there turns out to be is a broken compass, but then Edgar shows up to attack them. Peter quickly replicates his power and enters a super speed battle against Edgar. Peter displays considerable control over his super speed and considerable fighting ability, enough to beat Edgar despite him being armed with blades and drives Edgar away. Peter and Noah take the bank manager to the hospital where he survives Edgar's attack. Outside, Noah holds the compass which doesn't react when he touches it, but it goes wild when Peter holds it. Noah tries to get Peter to keep it and help him, but he refuses saying he wants to save people his way and have nothing to do with Noah. When Noah asks why he helped, he said he simply wanted to get Edgar's power in order to help him with his job. As he leaves, Noah tells him to call his mother.

Peter fights with Edgar.

Later, Peter gives his partner food from a place in Boston which he presumably got using his new super speed, before the two get an emergency call over the radio that his partner wants to ignore as they're not on yet. Peter uses his new power to rush to the scene and finds a badly wounded Noah Bennet who tells him Edgar got the compass.


Peter prepares for another day at work when a process server appears to him and gives him a summons. Peter goes to work and visits Emma, asking for a report from her. Peter begins to tell her of his disbelief that someone he saved is suing him and then realizes that her headphones are unplugged. Emma is surprised and knocks over a cup. Peter helps her clean up and then leaves to meet the person suing him. This person is Samuel Sullivan, using the alias of "William Hooper". Peter doesn't recognize him but Samuel insists Peter's actions caused him to have a dislocated arm. Samuel tells Peter that he has errands to run and that he probably doesn't remember him because Peter's life is so stretched.

Later, Hesam asks Peter if he is being sued. Peter confirms this and Hesam reveals that a Mr. William Hooper was one of Peter's "rescues". He also tells Peter that everyone believes he is setting himself up to look like a hero. Peter hopes Hesam doesn't think this but he notes that Peter always saves the day while he just drives him. Peter returns home and finds a picture of Samuel on his wall of rescues. He visits Samuel in a park and meets with Samuel. Peter talks to him about life and the grief of loosing a loved one. Samuel is pleased with Peter and shakes his hand, promising to drop the lawsuit. As Samuel leaves, Peter sits and thinks until he hears beautiful music being played. Peter follows the music and finds that it is coming from Emma, who is playing a cello.

Peter later is called into work and is sent to a scene where a house has fallen into a sinkhole. Samuel is in the shadows and concentrates on Peter's arm, causing a tattoo of a compass to appear.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Edgar reflects on recent events including Peter and Noah finding the compass.


Peter visits Noah and tries to show him the strange tattoo of the compass that appeared on his arm. He is confused when he discovers that the tattoo has disappeared and Noah believes that Peter simply imagined it. He leaves and bumps into Claire. He is unable to stay and tells her that he has to get back to work. Claire points out that he works in New York and Peter speeds away. While at work, Peter is visited by "Nathan", who tells him that he has been discovering new abilities. Peter helps him figure out what one of his new powers is and helps him remember Kelly Houston. When "Nathan" leaves to investigate Kelly's disappearance, Peter offers to join him. "Nathan" tells him to stay, saying that he can handle it.

Hysterical Blindness

Peter has lunch with Angela and the two of them discuss how Peter has recently cut himself off from his family. Peter apologizes and tells Angela that he has changed. Angela suggests that he get a new career and make a fresh start but Peter says no. He notices the time and heads out to work, allowing Angela to stay in the apartment. While on his way to work, Peter sees Emma walking down the street. He watches her as she slowly backs away onto the road and into the path of a truck. Peter dashes across the road and saves her. He asks her if she is okay but Emma refuses to talk. She walks off alone and Peter tries to run after he but realizes that he can't. He kicks a can in frustration and is startled to see light emerge when it hits the ground. Peter then realizes that he replicated Emma's ability.

Peter searches for Emma and is drawn to the sound of a children's choir singing the theme from The Greatest American Hero. Their voices create a wonderful light show that only he and Emma are able to see. After Emma realizes that Peter can see the lights as well, Peter explains that there are many special people in the world. Emma doesn't understand or fully accept the truth, prompting Peter to sit and play the piano. Emma joins him and together, they create beautiful music and lights. Peter offers to buy Emma lunch and help her through her issues with her power. He then says that she can get out of the file room more often now but Emma is angry and says that she likes the file room. Emma storms off and Peter returns home. While unpacking his things, Peter is startled by Hiro, who appears behind him. Hiro collapses and Peter catches him.

Graphic Novel:Amanda's Journey, Part 1

After Amanda sets fire to her house, Peter arrives and helps Carol Strazzulla be loaded into an ambulance. He tells Amanda not to worry and says that Carol will be fine. Later, Amanda runs from the hospital, setting fire to some boxes that Peter is eating on. Alarmed, Peter super speeds to safety and Amanda asks him what he did. He tells her that he does not know and asks what she did. Amanda tells him that she doesn't know either and Peter speeds to her, saying that they both know that they are alike. Amanda tells him about her problems and Peter tells her that shutting her family out will only hurt her. Amanda takes his advice and goes to find her mother.

Tabula Rasa

Peter sits with Hiro and tells him that he is very sick. Hiro admits that he has a brain tumor and Peter offers to get him a quick operation. Hiro tells him not to and says that he has been brought to Peter to help him. Peter insists that he does not need Hiro's help, but that Hiro needs his. He replicates Hiro's ability and teleports away. He teleports to Noah and Claire and tells them about Hiro's condition. Claire offers to heal him with her blood but Noah tells her that it won't work. He finds some information on Jeremy Greer, a healer that he once caught for the Company. Peter then teleports Noah and himself there.

Peter and Noah find that every organic substance around Jeremy's home has died. When they break in, they find that Jeremy's parents are rotted corpses. Jeremy attacks the men and Peter is shot in the chest. Noah convinces Jeremy that he can heal people as well as kill them and Jeremy revives Peter. After replicating Jeremy's power, Peter leaves and returns to New York. He finds Emma, who tells him that Hiro has disappeared. The two of them search through his room and find his list. The newest addition to the list are the words "Save Charlie".

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro moves Sylar's body into a bus and says that he will go on his way and Peter will save the cheerleader like he is supposed to.

When Present Hiro talks to Past Hiro, Past Hiro tells him that Peter told him that he had a sword.


Hesam and Peter go to the site of a train crash and help many injured people. One man, Patrick, is wheeled into their ambulance by Peter. When Hesam isn't looking, Peter heals the man of his paralysis, although it takes a toll on Peter. By the time they reach the hospital, Hesam notes that Peter looks very tired. He also notes that four patients aren't as injured as they thought they were. When they go inside, Peter sees that Emma is watching the mayhem with a look of shock on her face. As he wanders the ER, he notices that Emma is working on a patient by herself. He becomes distracted by Nurse Hammer, who yells that her patient is dying. Peter heals the patient but then becomes exhausted.

As Peter tries to gain some energy, he is found by Emma. Emma asks him if he is okay and he tells her that his latest ability is draining in and out of him as he uses it. Emma tells him that he needs to stop using the power but Peter claims that he does not want to feel ordinary. He then asks Emma where she learned how to treat patients and Emma reveals that she went to medical school but dropped out. Soon, Peter hears Emma calling for help and finds her operating alone on a young girl named Megan. Emma tells him that she can do it and successfully revives the girl. Peter later finds Emma playing the piano and asks her what the photo she has is for. Emma explains that it is her nephew Christopher and that one day, while she was babysitting him, he drowned and she was unable to save him. She tells Peter that his death was the reason she dropped out of medical school and Peter reminds her that she saved Megan. He asks if she will be going back but Emma smiles and asks if he can still see the colors. Peter says that he cannot but offers to play with her. He puts Megan's tiara on her head and she smiles at him.

At his apartment, Peter pulls down the clippings from his board. There is a knock on the door and Peter opens it, finding "Nathan". "Nathan" tells him that he is in trouble.

Brother's Keeper

Peter goes with "Nathan" into his office, in order to help him figure out what happened to him. René arrives and tells Peter that his mother wanted their memories erased. He gives Peter a card, leading to a storage unit, and warns Peter to go alone, telling him that what is in there isn't René's to reveal, and warning him that it might be just too much for Peter to bear.

Peter ignores this warning and goes with Nathan. They find Nathan's corpse, and realize something is wrong. "Nathan" touches the body and get some memories back. He remembers Matt Parkman. After "Nathan"'s aide leaves, saying that Matt Parkman tried to commit suicide-by-cop, Peter states than he can heal people now. Once at the hospital, Peter and Nathan take advantage of the cop meant to watch Parkman flirting with a nurse and sneak into his room. Peter heals Matt, and brings back the Sylar within him at the same time. Matt tells Peter and Nathan the whole truth, about the transfer and Nathan's death. When Sylar takes over Matt's body, trying to call Nathan to him, Peter swears he's gonna kill him first, but Nathan pushes him away. The cop tries to take Nathan away from Matt when he finds him and Peter. Nathan touches Parkman when the cop pulls him and Sylar's mind goes back into his body, he grabs Peter and flies out the window.

They land in a desert, Nathan tells Peter there's a road nearby, and that he would find his way back home, but Peter refuses to leave his "brother" like this, and discards his ability to heal people, in order to take flight from Nathan. Peter still isn't sure if all of this is true, he wants to help his brother, but Nathan tells him that every time he would look at him, he would only see Sylar, which Peter answers with a silence.


In his apartment, Peter watches "his brother" sleep. There is a knock on the door and he opens it, finding Angela on the other side. She wishes him a happy Thanksgiving and has some people bring in food. She explains that she wishes to spend the holiday with Peter and Nathan and Peter informs her that he found Nathan's body. Angela realizes that René told him. She explains that it was a shape-shifter posing as Nathan but Peter mentions Matt, who claimed that Sylar was inside his head. Angela dismisses Matt as unbalanced but Peter asks if his brother is really dead. When Sylar, still in Nathan's form, also asks Angela this question, she has the two of them eat dinner with her.

Angela asks "Nathan" to say grace and he demands to know why he is dead. Peter also wonders why and Angela tells them the truth about what happened. She explains that Matt transferred Nathan's mind into Sylar's body but insists that it is still Nathan, not Sylar. Angry, "Nathan" lashes out and claims that he knows that all they see is Sylar. His body releases electrical arcs and Peter pulls Angela away to safety. The two of them watch as "Nathan" shape shifts back into his true form of Sylar. Smiling, Sylar telekinetically pulls the Petrellis back to the table. Peter is forced to watch, helpless, as Sylar begins to slice open Angela's skull. The power suddenly stops and Peter realizes that it is Nathan's personality fighting for control. He and Angela urge Nathan out and Nathan overpowers Sylar before flying away.

Peter soon tells Angela that he is going to bring Nathan back no matter what but Angela is doubtful that he will succeed. Peter says that he needs to believe.

The Fifth Stage

Peter loads a bag full of drugs and sedatives at the hospital, when Angela arrives and tries to convince him to give up on Nathan, and accept that Sylar is now in control. Peter disagrees and takes René's ability before telling Angela if he can't save Nathan, he'll settle for revenge.

Peter nails Sylar

In the hospital elevator, Peter is joined by Nurse Hammer, who suddenly attacks Peter and flings him from the elevator. Taken by surprise, Peter is thrown against a wall as the nurse shapeshifts into Sylar. Sylar takes Peter's bag and disposes of Peter's drugs. Peter runs away as Sylar taunts him, but Peter manages to ambush Sylar and strike him with a board. The pair fight as Peter negates Sylar's abilities, Peter gains the upper hand and demands Nathan be returned. Sylar refuses and Peter tortures him with a nail gun. Eventually after trying to wipe Sylar's mind, Peter forces him to resume Nathan's form.

Peter takes Nathan to the rooftop where he had once confronted his brother about his ability to fly. The two discuss Nathan's history but Nathan insists he is losing to Sylar and he can't hold on for much longer. Sylar begins to emerge but Peter responds by embracing his brother, telling him to keep fighting, and Nathan regains control. Nathan apologizes, and throws himself off the roof of the building. Peter manages to grab him by the arm, and begs Nathan to pull himself back up.

Nathan tells Peter that he has to accept that he's gone, and that Peter will have to keep carrying on for the both of them. Nathan tells Peter to tell their mother he loves her, and requests he takes care of Claire for him. Peter insists that he can't keep going without Nathan, but Nathan insists that Peter must keep fighting the good fight, that he is all that's good in the world, and that he can do anything. Peter tries to protest, but Nathan affirms to Peter that he loves him. Peter hesitates before finally telling Nathan that he loves him too, accepting his fate. Nathan releases his grip on Peter's arm and Peter watches as Nathan falls, transforming back into a smiling Sylar before he smashes into a car in the street below. Sylar heals and walks away, waving to Peter as he does so. Finally accepting his brother's fate, Peter goes home to his mother and they share an embrace.

Graphic Novel:Requiem for My Brother

As Peter loses his grip of "Nathan", he has flashbacks on all the good times he had with Nathan as a child. He recounts how Nathan was always a good older brother to him. He remarks that Nathan has left his mark on the world, and then leaves the rooftop.

Upon This Rock

At the carnival, Claire sees Peter's name in a box of files from Primatech. Later she finds he has left her a phone message, asking her to call him.

Peter attends Nathan's funeral, along with Angela and Claire. He gives the eulogy, talking of how Nathan was always there for him when their father wasn't around, and of how demanding Nathan always was of him, only because he wanted him to be ready for anything. Peter assures his brother that he is now ready for anything that comes, and Nathan is buried. As the soldiers fire a salute, a fighter squadron passes overhead in Nathan's honor and Peter smiles.

Let It Bleed

Peter meets with Noah on a deserted road outside of New York City. He tells Noah that he wants to see him, and Noah opens the trunk and reveals Nathan's dead body. Noah says he can handle it, but Peter insists on helping. Eight-six hours later, at Nathan's wake, Nathan's secretary asks Peter about his brother's plane crash, but Peter says it was a terrible accident.

Angela goes over to talk to Peter and does not believe that he's doing okay. He snaps at her and then admits that he is full of anger. She figures that he wants revenge on Sylar, but warns against it, saying that she can't bear to lose him, too. Claire arrives and Peter hugs her, asking her to come with him to the kitchen. He sends the caterers out, and he and Claire cut up lemons and limes, Peter notes that Claire is angry with her father and says that he is pissed off too, even though Angela and Noah were trying to protect them. Claire cuts her finger, which does not heal, and Peter remembers that he currently has the Haitian's power-blocking ability. He offers to turn it off, but Claire tells him not to. She talks about how Nathan gave her grief for dating West, and asks if Peter wants to share any stories about his brother, but Peter chooses not to respond and goes back to the wake.

Angela tells Claire that she's worried about Peter and that he needs Claire's help. Claire finds a police radio on the roof and realizes that Peter has responded to a police report about an armed man holding hostages at an office building. At the crime scene, Peter uses the Haitian's ability to render a police officer unconscious and administers first aid to an injured hostage, Wendy. Claire finds them and helps out, while Peter pursues the gunman, an employee who got fired. When the gunman aims at Claire, Peter comes in and tries to distract him, explaining that he's also having a bad day: his brother is dead and Peter had to stage his death. He says that he understands the desire to punish the people that hurt him, because Peter feels the same about the man who murdered his brother. But he wants to be strong and he promised his brother that he'd be a hero. He asks the gunman not to make him a liar, but gets shot in the shoulder, but apparently defeats the gunman.

A little later, the EMTs are treating the injured. Claire congratulates Peter on saving the day, and he asks to borrow her power. Claire refuses, saying that he has to stop living like this. Peter says he can't and Claire lets him mimic her ability and heal. She warns that she won't always be there for him, but he insists that he needs to keep moving and acting on instinct, so that he won't have time to think about Nathan. Claire points out that Nathan would be pissed at what he's doing and that Peter isn't honoring his memory. However, Peter admits that he can't accept it's for real and that he misses his brother.

Claire and Peter go up to the roof and Claire offers to stay with him, but Peter says it isn't necessary. Peter promises that he'll always be honest with her and asks her to call West. Later, Peter uses West's replicated ability to fly into the sky.

Close to You

In his apartment, Peter wakes up with a gasp. He clutches at his arm in pain as the tattoo of a compass appears there and starts spinning. Later he calls Noah and leaves a message about the tattoo. As he walks down the street, he senses Emma playing the cello. He follows the sensation to her apartment and Emma explains that she used her power to draw him there. When Peter sees the compass symbol on the cello, she explains that Samuel gave it to her, and then Peter shows her his matching tattoo.

Back at Peter's apartment, Peter shows Emma a newspaper clipping with a photo of Samuel and confirms that he's the man Peter knew as "William Hooper". Emma shows him the compass Samuel gave her and Peter explains that a similar compass led to his friend being stabbed. Angela arrives to take him to lunch and seems to recognize Emma. Peter introduces them but Angela refuses to shake Emma's hand, and Emma quickly leaves. Once she's gone, Peter asks what is going on. Angela tells Peter that she has had a dream, and there's nothing he can do about it. She tries to leave but Peter warns that half their family is dead and begs her to tell him the truth for once in her life. Eventually she explains that Emma will help to kill thousands of people and that Peter is not the one who can save her. Peter realizes that Angela isn't giving him the full story, and grasps her arm to take her power. Angela warns him that dreaming the future isn't a gift and leaves.

Peter sleeps and dreams that Emma is playing the cello inside the House of Mirrors at the carnival, amid the sound of screaming. Sylar appears in the dream and tells Emma that he's come to save her. He reaches toward her and Emma smiles and Peter wakes up. Driven by what he has seen, Peter returns to Emma's apartment and smashes her cello against the floor. Emma is shocked and angry and Peter tries to explain that he dreamed of a lot of people dying and that the cello was involved. He apologizes but she tells him to get out, so he leaves.

The Art of Deception

Peter has another dream about Emma and Sylar, except this time there is some more detail: people are shown running around screaming in the background, Emma's fingers are bloody from her playing and Eric Doyle appears to be controlling her actions with the cello before Sylar arrives to offer his help.

After receiving a phone call from his mother, Peter travels to her apartment where she asks for his help as to what to put onto Nathan's tombstone. The two discuss their dreams about the future and Peter asks Angela where Sylar is so he can enlist his help. Angela is reluctant to tell him but agrees.

Peter arrives at Matt Parkman's house and greets him. While shaking hands with Matt, Peter replicates telepathy from him again and reads his mind, learning that Sylar is in the house. After a surprised Matt explains that he has trapped Sylar in a nightmare, Peter heads into the basement to Sylar's prison and enters his mind to try to free him from his mental prison, over Matt's objections. Peter finds himself on an empty city street and calls out to Sylar and Matt while trying to find Sylar.

The Wall

Peter finds himself in a seemingly deserted city. The only living being in existence is Sylar, who claims to have been trapped there for three years, though in reality, it has only been three hours. Sylar claims that there is no way out, though Peter is determined to find one after failing to break them out forcibly. The two make a deal: if Peter can get them free, Sylar will save Emma.

After mentioning Nathan and getting punched for his troubles, Sylar tries to make peace with Peter by giving him a copy of 9th Wonders!, but is rejected by Peter. Peter finally gets Sylar to admit that he doesn't want to escape as he feels he deserves the punishment. Peter gets Sylar to want to get free and a massive brick wall appears that Peter realizes they have to break through to escape. Sylar refuses to help as he feels its pointless, but eventually, after a period of time, picks up a sledgehammer and tells Peter that while he can't bring back Nathan he can help him. Sylar and Peter pound on the wall to no avail for what seems like years until one night while Sylar is starring at the wall, Peter brings him a copy of The Pillars of the Earth as a thank you gift for keeping him sane as Sylar wore out his other copy. Sylar confronts Peter over the fact that he fears Peter will hit him with the sledgehammer instead of the wall and gets Peter to admit that while he wants to believe that Sylar has changed, he can't forgive him as he feels it won't honor Nathan's memory. Sylar points out to Peter that he has changed and is no longer the same person and Peter finally accepts it and seems to forgive Sylar. Once Peter does so, the wall starts to crumble and Sylar joins Peter in hitting the wall until they finally break a hole in it, freeing them from the nightmare.

In the real world, Sylar uses his telekinesis to break free of the wall he's trapped behind. Sylar and Peter discuss their experiences, discovering that while it felt like years to them it was only half a day at most in reality. Sylar and wonders if that makes what they went through any less real and Peter decides its time for them to save Emma. As they start to leave, Sylar and Peter are confronted by Eli and his clones who are intent on stopping them.

Brave New World

Peter and Sylar quickly and easily defeat Eli, saving Matt's life as Eli's clones were about to kill him. Peter tries to get Matt to read Eli's mind to find out Samuel's plans, but Matt is too angry about Peter freeing Sylar and refuses so Peter reads Eli's mind himself. Peter learns Samuel plans to kill thousands of people in Central Park and tries to head off with Sylar to stop them, but is stopped by Matt who doesn't trust Sylar. Peter reveals they were trapped together in Sylar's mind for what seemed like five years and he believes Sylar has truly changed. Sylar has Matt read his mind, but it doesn't help as Matt can't read Sylar's heart. The two finally convince Matt to let them go and he orders them out.

At the Carnival in Central Park, Sylar heads off to save Emma while Peter goes to stop Samuel. As Samuel is creating an earthquake to kill everyone, Peter uses flight to tackle him off stage, breaking his concentration and stopping him. Peter replicates terrakinesis from Samuel and battles him with it, but the two are evenly matched and fight to a draw. Peter holds him off long enough for all of the innocent people to escape and Hiro to teleport away with all of the other specials, stripping Samuel of all of his extra power from their presence. Samuel tries to attack Peter, but Peter blocks him and punches him in the face then throws him on stage before watching with Noah as Samuel runs out into the empty Carnival and falls to his knees in despair. Peter reunites with Emma who has been saved by Sylar and shares a hug with her as she informs him she was controlled by Eric Doyle and that Sylar saved her. Peter quickly seeks out Sylar worried about what he did to Doyle and finds that he has merely trussed him up like a puppet. The two walk through the empty Carnival and Sylar admits he enjoyed doing the right thing and saving Emma and not killing Doyle when he had a chance. Peter and Sylar watch as Claire climbs the Ferris Wheel to reveal her power and Sylar comments to him that its going to be a brave new world. Peter watches as Claire exposes herself to the news and the world.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela remembers all of the times that she has put off Nathan and Peter's deaths. She recalls when Peter was about to explode and Nathan flew him up into the sky as well as when Nathan got shot and Peter was by his side.

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