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The Haitian/Season Two

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This article archives the history of The Haitian during Season Two.

For more about The Haitian, see the main article.

For The Haitian's Season One history, see here.

For The Haitian's Season Three history, see here.

For The Haitian's Season Four history, see here.

Character History


Bob sends Mohinder Suresh on an assignment, which turns out to be a mission to heal the Haitian, who believes the virus he's contracted is a punishment from God. Suresh persuades the Haitian to try the antivirus, which succeeds. When Mohinder explains that he is working for "a company," the Haitian appears to take Mohinder's memory of the entire incident and flees. The Haitian then manages to track down Noah Bennet at the copy shop, and the two men greet each other, smiling.

Graphic Novel:The Crossroads

After curing the Haitian of the virus, Mohinder directs him to meet with Noah Bennet in Costa Verde. The Haitian agrees, but first makes a trip to the crossroads, where he performs a ritual and experiences a vision. During the vision, his past victims recount his "crimes", and a serpent with legs and wings appears. The Haitian requests a blessing from his victims, the serpent, and the Loa for his new mission. His father then appears to him and gives his blessing.

The Kindness of Strangers

Noah notices windchimes blowing outside, and meets with the Haitian. The Haitian tells Noah that he has a lead on the paintings, and they must travel to Odessa. When Noah replies "Texas", the Haitian corrects him, telling him Ukraine. He notes it is a long trip, and wonders what Noah will tell his family, but Noah assures the Haitian that he will think of something.

Fight or Flight

The Haitian and Noah walk through Red Square, Moscow, while Noah takes a cellphone call.

The Line

In Odessa, Ukraine, the Haitian and Noah go to the home of Noah's mentor Ivan to force him to reveal the location of the series of eight paintings. Noah threatens to strip Ivan of his family memories if he refuses. The Haitian removes Ivan's memories of his first meeting with his wife, and Ivan begins to cooperate. After Ivan reveals the location of the paintings, the Haitian goes with Noah to recover them.

Out of Time

After Noah takes digital photos of each painting in the series of eight, the Haitian gathers them all together. Bennet then lights a match and burns all of the paintings.

Four Months Ago...

The Haitian appears after the explosion created by Peter Petrelli at Bob's office negating Peter's powers. He later appears at the docks where Peter and Adam Monroe are being chased by Bob and Elle and fights with Peter. He forces Peter into a shipping container to be shipped to Cork, Ireland and takes his memories, but not before revealing that he is on his side and gives Peter his symbol necklace.

Truth & Consequences

Claire tells West that she wants to forget she ever had a father. She tells him about the Haitian and his ability to erase memories. When hanging the Haitian's chime in the window, West calms her by telling her that she does not want to forget her father.

Graphic Novel:Special

The Haitian and Mr. Bennet abduct a young West Rosen in St. Louis, taking him to the Primatech building for testing purposes. Later, when West escapes and talks to Claire, the Haitian erases part of West's memory.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

After Noah stops Elle from hurting Zach in his house, the Haitian erases Elle's memory of Zach and the tape. The Haitian and Noah then turn to Zach and ask him where this tape is, then proceeds to erase Zach's memory of Elle and the tape.

Graphic Novel:The Man with Too Much Brains

The Haitian and another man perform tests on Matt Neuenberg as Bob and Elle watch on.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

The Haitian joins Noah on a mission to bag and tag Howard Grigsby and save the Butlers. Noah drives the Haitian from Odessa, TX to an abandoned plantation in Peach Pit, GA. Through a window, they spot Howard holding the Butlers hostage in a room of the plantation. After Noah and the Haitian split up to try and trap Howard, Noah finds the Haitian unconscious. Later, the Haitian awakens and takes Noah to a Company optometrist and stands by Noah's side as he regains a weakened eyesight.

Graphic Novel:Different and the Same

In a dream, Piper and her sister are on the run inside a Company facility being chased by Noah Bennet and the Haitian. Noah and the Haitian eventually catch up to them and capture Piper's sister, but Piper squeezes out of a half-open window and escapes. Later in the waking world, Noah Bennet receives a call from Piper's mother and the Haitian is standing next to him.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 2

After Felicia informs Bob that Donna was in contact with Mr. Bennet, the Haitian kisses the Symbol pendant on his necklace and then begins to remove Donna's memories causing her to faint and collapse on to the floor.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

Thompson, Jr. calls for the Haitian. The Haitian arrives at the teleporter's home and erases the teleporter's girlfriend's memories.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Whilst recalling some of his operations for the Company, team leader Sean Fallon remembers the time he helped Noah Bennet and the Haitian break into Chandra Suresh's Madras apartment.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

Rosetti tells his teammates to call in the Haitian to nullify Lewis's power.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

The Haitian chases Peter through a New York shipping yard.

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