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Joanne Collins/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Joanne Collins during Season Reborn.

For more about Joanne Collins, see the main article.

Character History

Brave New World

Joanne, her husband, and their son attend the June 13th Summit at Odessa and enjoy the various shows that evolved humans are putting on, such as Mick who is creating snow. Both Joanne and Luke survive the terrorist attacks on the summit and decide to seek revenge against evolved humans for the loss of their son.

A year later Joanne bursts into a support group for evolved humans and, along with Luke, murders all in attendance except for Tommy Clark, who had to leave the meeting early. Luke and Joanne track Tommy to his place of work and attempt to kill him and his friend but Tommy instead sends them away.


Joanne and Luke discover that they have been transported to what appears to be a child's playroom with no exit. While Luke attempts to find a way out of the room Joanne grows increasingly unstable, continuously repeating the fact that she has become obsessed with killing evolved humans and feels Luke despises her. She wonders repeatedly if they are in "hell" as well. Luke dismisses her fears and has her stand underneath the lights of the room alongside him, and when he shoots the lights out they are able to discover an exit.

Leaving the room, they find they are on Level 5 at the old Primatech facility in Odessa. Joanne comments on how creepy the place is, and she and her husband take an agent hostage. They enter another room where Joanne opens fire on all the other agents in the room. Luke joins in and the two escape, shooting Quentin Frady in the arm and stealing Noah Bennet's car. While on the road she discovers several files on evolved humans as her husband wonders out loud about the owner of the vehicle.

Under the Mask

While driving, Joanne looks through files on several evolved humans, including a couple the two murdered a few months ago. Joanne then asks Luke his opinion on their next target, offering Oscar Gutierrez as a possible choice. Luke is busy listening to a broadcast about evos and June 13th and decides to change the station. As soon as Luke tries to do this the car stops working and the two decide to continue on foot.

Luke and Joanne then go to get food at a diner where Joanne continues to express her desire to continue their hunt. A waitress then brings the two their food and Joanne sees that the steak is overcooked. Joanne calls the waitress over, demanding that the food be cooked properly.

After arriving at the Lido Motel, Joanne to gets a room, and he stays outside for "fresh air".

The Needs of the Many

Joanne enters a home and gleefully kills an evo, and her reluctant husband follows her in. Ignoring her elation at the kill, he questions what they are doing and talks about how the man had a family. She leaves with him as the man's dog nuzzles the evo's corpse and whines.

Joanne asks Luke what's wrong with him when he later stays shut in their motel room, with the curtains drawn. He tries to wave it away by saying that he has a headache. She opens the curtains to let the light in, but then shuts the curtains at his request. She feels his forehead and notes that it is "like the surface of the sun", leaving to get him medicine and instructing him to drink plenty of fluids. Luke says that they used to be part of something special, but Joanne waves that away, stating that things always look better in the rearview.

Later on, when they are on the road, her husband mentions how he feels that he's lost Joanne to her bloodlust, and begs her to stop their killing of evos. When he incinerates the list she has with his powers, she trains her gun on his head. He informs her, tearfully, that she can shoot him if she wants. Disgusted, Joanne holsters the gun. She states that she "used to love him", then walks back down the road, leaving Luke to watch her through the rearview mirror.

The Lion's Den

Luke returns to the Collinses' home and calls out for Joanne, but she is nowhere to be found. Luke looks at photographs and reminisces about his time with Joanne and their son Dennis.

Game Over

Luke leaves Joanne a voicemail telling her that he sold his part of Tooth Tamers and burned down their home.

June 13th, Part One

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June 13th, Part Two

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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11:53 to Odessa

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Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 1

Joanne Collins is waiting outside a company building as she is tracking down her new target, Damen Peak. She is recording herself most likely for Renautas about Damen. When she sees him leave the building in his car, she begins to follow him.

Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 2

Joanne continues on her pursuit of Damen Peak. He notices that she is following her, so he quickly maneuvers around the streets. Damen parks his car hoping that Joanne would not know where he went. However, his wife calls him over the car phone. As he tries to talk quietly, she insists on talking to him. Joanne realizes where Damen is hiding and so he drives away.

Joanne catches up with him on foot and begins to shoot at Damen is his car. Damen escapes and heads home. Damen explains to Lilly that someone with a gun is trying to kill him and that they need to leave. As they leave the house, Joanne shows up. She points a gun at them and Damen asks her to stop. Joanne does not put the gun down and approaches them.

Send in the Clones

After Micah Sanders's broadcast revealing the truth about the Odessa Unity Summit, Erica Kravid has a handcuffed Joanne brought to her. Erica has Joanne released and Joanne recognizes Erica, telling Erica that she'd heard that Erica was responsible for the bombing. Erica claims that's a lie and that she sympathizes with Joanne as a mother. Erica reveals to Joanne that Renautas has been covering up Joanne's activities in murdering evos and she wants Joanne to kill someone for her and make a difference. Erica tells Joanne that her next target has a protector, but that it should make the job more enticing for her. Erica then shows Joanne a picture of who she wants to kill, Malina and her protector, Joanne's estranged husband Luke.

Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 3

As Damen and Lilly leave the house, he tells her that someone is attempting to kill him. She asks him why as Joanne shows up and claims that it is because he is an evo. She points a gun at them and Damen asks her to stop. He uses his ability of persuasion to try and get her to stop. Damen claims that he is just a human being with a modest talent. He asks Joanne if she has a talent and she replies that she is a good shot. Damen persuades Joanne with his mind to just walk away. Joanne walks away.

Company Woman

After Malina broadcasts across the news that she's at Union Wells High School, Joanne is dispatched to kill her. However, Luke spots Joanne and shoots her gun out of her hand. As the sun rises and Luke's power returns, he drops his gun as Joanne fires at Malina who is saved by Quentin Frady. Luke pleads with Joanne to stop as it won't bring their son back but she tells him that this is all she has left. Joanne fires at Malina, apparently hitting her. In response, Luke burns her to ashes with his power to his sorrow. It turns out that Joanne didn't hit Malina as Farah Nazan shielded her while invisible.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Vincent Mortimer notes that Joanne Collins is from Buffalo, NY.

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A Matter of Trust

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Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Joanne's history was provided. The summary included:

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