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Angela Petrelli/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Angela Petrelli during Season Two.

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Character History

Four Months Later...

At Peter's apartment, Angela is sorting through Peter's possessions when Nathan arrives. He blames her for Peter's presumed death, and denounces her as evil. As she leaves the apartment, she discovers a photograph, defaced with a red symbol.

Later, she meets with Kaito Nakamura on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, and they discuss the threats that have been made on their lives. Kaito remarks that Mr. Petrelli, Linderman and Charles Deveaux were all dead, and that he and Angela appear to be next. Angela leaves.


Matt Parkman brings Angela in for questioning and interrogates her about her relationship to Kaito Nakamura. Matt successfully reads her thoughts that she believes Kaito's killer is out for revenge; when he presses the issue, she mentally screams at him to get out of her head. She is left alone in a room briefly. During this time, the electricity goes out, and she is attacked by an unknown assailant. Matt and Nathan break through the mirror to find her battered on the floor.

The Kindness of Strangers

Angela, hospitalized from her recent attack, confesses to Kaito's murder to Detective Fuller and Matt. Angela tells them that she attacked herself since she was distraught. Matt reads her mind and realizes her confession is false, but Angela thinks to Matt to "let it go".

Nathan visits Angela in the hospital and asks her why she's admitting to a crime she didn't commit. Nathan offers to help her, but Angela tells him to get sober and get his family back. Angela tells him that she did so many bad things, that it doesn't matter what crime she admits to, and she doesn't want Nathan to die by him helping her. Angela is arrested and escorted out of the hospital by Matt and Fuller.

Later, Nathan and Matt examine a photo of a group of people whom they believe to be marked for assassination. Nathan identifies Angela and his late father among those pictured.

Four Months Ago...

Angela visits her son Nathan at his hospital room after he is burned by Peter's explosion. She finds Heidi Petrelli there and outside the room tells her that the Petrelli family has a dark secret of delusions of grandeur and to keep it a secret.

Cautionary Tales

Matt Parkman visits Angela in jail, insisting that she reveal more about the only unknown remaining member of the Group of Twelve. Using his newly-expanded abilities, Matt uses his mind to force Angela to answer his questions about Victoria Pratt and Kaito Nakamura's murder. Angela tries to resist Matt's demands, and her nose bleeds. Angela tells Matt that she promised Victoria that she would be left alone, and told Parkman that if he forced her to answer, he would become his father.


Angela visits Nathan's apartment in Manhattan after her "early release" from jail. Matt tells her that Victoria Pratt has been killed by Adam, showing her the picture of Victoria with the Helix on it. Angela explains that Adam wanted revenge on those of the group that betrayed him. She asks Nathan to let it go. She then comes to learn that Peter is still alive, but that he is Adam's sidekick now. She tells Nathan and Matt that they came together to change the world and to fix it, while some had a different perspective on how to do that. She tells how Adam acted 30 years ago that she believed in him at first. After she tells Matt and Nathan where to go and how to stop Adam she tells Matt through her thoughts that if Peter causes trouble he should take him out. Later we see Angela talking with a mysterious individual on the phone saying it had to be done, but that Pandora's Box has been opened.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 3

13 weeks after Echo DeMille escapes the agents in his house, Angela arrives outside his cell's window and comments,"Echo, Echo, Echo. You always were the mouthy one. I guess some things never change. Welcome home." As Echo tries to say something through his gag, she holds up a finger to her mouth and shushes him.

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