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Mohinder Suresh/Season One

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This article archives the history of Mohinder Suresh during Season One.

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Character History


University professor Mohinder Suresh is speaking to his class. After Nirand brings him news of his father's death in New York, Mohinder suspects that his father was murdered to silence the findings of his genetics research. He goes to his father's local apartment to look for clues and to finish his research. However, before Mohinder can thoroughly analyze his father's findings, he realizes someone is still in the apartment when the intruder's phone rings. As the mysterious stranger talks to the caller about Mohinder's father and the research, Mohinder narrowly escapes.

Later, in Brooklyn, Mohinder has gotten a license and taken a job as a taxi driver. He rents his father's other apartment and although it is in disarray, much of the material is still there and Mohinder begins to reorganize it.

Later Mohinder picks up Peter Petrelli, who asks him about "being special". Although Mohinder initially patronizes Peter, he eventually realizes Peter's question is more substantial and talks to him about genetics and evolution. Afterward, Mohinder gets another fare. This other man seems ordinary enough at first, requesting a ride to JFK Airport and talking about heading home after business. However, he begins to ask Mohinder about his last name "Suresh" and commenting suspiciously that he knew a Professor Suresh in India. Getting spooked, Mohinder abandons the cab and runs away. The mysterious man then gets out and is revealed to be the same man who was at Mohinder's father's apartment in India.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

Mohinder searches for answers surrounding the mystery of his father's death. His search brings him to his father's place of employment, where the boss shows Mohinder the ripped-to-shreds car in which his father was killed. Mohinder recalls stories about Kali his grandmother told him as a child, and he feels compelled to "slay the monster". Mr. Bennet snaps photographs of Mohinder as he is hired at the cab company.

Don't Look Back

Mohinder finds a man in his father's apartment. The man claims he is an exterminator, but Mohinder quickly realizes that the man was planting an eavesdropping device. The man pulls a gun, after a struggle that leads out into the apartment hallway, a girl picks up the gun ("If you're the exterminator, why do you have a gun holster?"), and the man quickly leaves. The girl introduces herself as a friend of Mohinder's father and enthusiastic about his theories on genetics, her name is Eden McCain.

Mohinder and Eden discover a portable hard drive in his father's pet's cage. Mohinder discovers that the hard drive appears to have all the genetic research that his father had done on tracking those with special abilities.

Along the way, Mohinder learns that his father seems to have had a falling out with one "Sylar". Chandra thought Sylar was "Patient Zero", but on a recorded telephone message Chandra seems to want nothing more to do with the strange man.

One Giant Leap

Mohinder, jumping at every noise, fears for his life and has a pistol cocked and ready. Fortunately, no bad guys are breaking in, only Eden. She brings him macaroni and cheese, and they discuss his father's work. Mohinder recalls that his father never answered a question directly, but always answered with another question. Frustrated, he throws his father's laptop, but by throwing it he accidentally reveals a small journal hidden in a compartment. As they thumb through the leather notebook, they discover pages detailing specific people Chandra studies whom he presumed to possess special powers. Also listed is an address for "Sylar" in Queens. They also find a key in the book.

They make their way to his flat. They knock, but there's no answer. Mohinder produces the key that they found, but it doesn't fit. "It would have been too easy," Mohinder says. So he pulls out a screwdriver and pries the door open. They enter a very neat kitchen, with a teacup resting on the table. Mohinder takes pictures. As they go further into the apartment, the walls are covered with book shelves packed with books—all impeccably orderly. Eden notices an anatomy book lying open to a page were the face is dissected. "A little light reading before bed?" she comments. Mohinder bumps a closet door, and he inspects. He finds a room lit by a string of light bulbs, and a map identical to his father's, but with more pins and yarn links. Going further in, he is astounded by what he sees. Painted up in red letters are the phrases "Forgive me" and "I have sinned", written over and over the rough cement wall. Mohinder muses, "My God, what was my father involved with?" Later, Mohinder leads some NYPD officers back to the apartment, but the dwelling has been completely vacated.


Mohinder tracks down Nathan Petrelli who does not listen to him, but tells Peter about him. Peter assumes the man is Chandra Suresh and visits his apartment looking for him, only to find that he has passed away and that it was Mohinder that spoke to Nathan. Mohinder is skeptical that Peter has any real power because he's unable to actually demonstrate it. Peter comes to realize that he can assume other people's powers when around them. Unfortunately Nathan is in Las Vegas, so he can't demonstrate his flight. Mohinder and Peter set out to see Isaac who, strung out on heroin, pays no attention to the knock on his door. On the subway back, time freezes (including Mohinder) leaving Peter to talk with Future Hiro.


When time unfreezes, Peter tries to persuade Mohinder to come back with him to Isaac's studio, but Mohinder refuses, telling Peter to just go home and that there are no answers.

Better Halves

Back in his apartment, Mohinder begins to pack to return to India so he can scatter his father's ashes. Eden refuses to say goodbye, claiming that he'll be back to solve the mystery of his father's research. They kiss, and he leaves for India.

Mohinder with Nirand at Chandra's funeral

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mohinder returns to India to scatter his father's ashes. At the ceremony in Kanyakumari, his mother, his colleague Nirand, and his former lover Mira Shenoy are all present. He tells Nirand he plans to remain in India. Nirand tells him that he has not canceled Mohinder's classes for the next semester yet, that he's welcome back at Chennai University, and that he's welcome to use his father's office. He also mentions Mira, and tells Mohinder there may be more for him to remain in India for than just a job.

At his father's office, Mohinder finds another version of the map, but this one has had all of the pins and strings removed. He accidentally nudges his father's computer and the algorithm appears. He begins to exit the program, but hesitates.

Mira comes to see him at the university. She apologizes for being so critical of his father's theories in the past. She tells Mohinder she's been promoted and offers him a job with her company—but only provided he's willing to forget all about his father's research. He tells her he'll have to think about it.

Later, Mohinder has an unusual dream. In it, he watches unobserved as he argues with his father about his plans to travel to America in pursuit of Patient Zero. The vision fades and is replaced by one of his mother and father. Again, Mohinder seems present but unobserved. His father believes he should stay in India for Mohinder's sake, but his mother convinces him to go to New York in pursuit of his theories, telling him that Mohinder will never replace "her" in his father's eyes. As he looks on, a soccer ball rolls to his feet. Looking around, Mohinder spots a a young boy in the dream—a boy who is aware of his presence. He asks the boy who he is, but he just points ... possibly at Mohinder, possibly at the ball.

Mohinder visits his mother and asks her about the dream. She confirms that what he dreamed really happened. When he asks what she meant about him never taking "her" place in his father's eyes, she confesses that Mohinder had an older sister, Shanti, who died when she was five years old and Mohinder was two. She says they never told Mohinder about Shanti because they were afraid Mohinder would compare himself unfavorably to her. Chandra loved Shanti very much and believed she was "special".

Mohinder arrives back at his father's office to find the same boy from his dream trying to force a drawer on the desk. Again, he asks the boy who he is, but the boy runs out down the stairs. Mohinder follows, but as he exits the building he's suddenly in New York, standing outside his father's cab as he is murdered. As the killer smashes his father's head over and over again into the side window of the cab, his watch smashes against the glass. The face cracks, and Mohinder sees that the hands are frozen at seven minutes to midnight. Suddenly, the cab has vanished but the boy appears, and he once again stretches out his hand towards Mohinder. This time, however, he's holding the key Mohinder found in his father's journal.

Waking with a start back in the office, Mohinder realizes the entire vision was another dream. He takes the key and uses it to open the drawer he saw the boy trying to force in the dream. At first, it seems empty, but he finds a file tucked up inside the drawer opening. Pulling it out, he reads the name "Sanjog, Iyer". Inside are various articles about sleep and dreaming, a few dream-like drawings, and a photograph of the boy from his dreams.


In Chennai, India, Mohinder and Nirand discuss the dreams Mohinder has been having. Nirand remains skeptical and claims they were simply dreams, but Mohinder tells him that in the dreams they were discussing the sister he never knew he had. He shows Nirand Sanjog's file and tells him it says that the boy can enter other people's dreams.

Mohinder and Nirand attempt to locate Sanjog Iyer. Eventually, a vendor directs them to Sanjog, who is playing with a soccer ball with a group of other kids. Mohinder approaches Sanjog and asks about the dreams, hoping the boy can tell him what to do, but Sanjog merely tells him he already knows the answer.

Back in Chandra's office, Mohinder has another dream, in which he sees his father trying to persuade Nirand about Sanjog's abilities. The setting of the dream shifts and Mohinder watches a conversation he had with his father where he tried to offer his assistance with the research but was rebuffed by his father. Sanjog appears before Mohinder and tells him that he has his answer.

Mohinder wakes up in the office. He looks at the computer program still running with the prompt asking if he would like to quit. He presses a key and selects No. A password prompt pops up and he tries to guess the password. After a few attempts he inputs "Shanti" and it lets him in. He's presented with a list of the evolved humans that Chandra discovered along with their location.

Later, his mother tells him that she heard from Mira that he turned down the job offer and is returning to New York City. She tells him that Chandra didn't tell him that he succeeded in finding the evolved humans because he wanted Mohinder to live his own life. Mohinder tells his mother that he's going to find them and tell them who they are and warm them of the dangers. His mother worries about who will protect him.


Mohinder returns to his father's apartment in Brooklyn to find a note from Eden welcoming him home and telling him to get back to work. He speaks to someone on the phone and tells him that he faxed the list to their Quantico office yesterday and asks why they haven't been warned since six of them have already been killed by Sylar.

Later, Mohinder receives a call from Eden, who tells him that she lied to him about who she really is and will explain soon. She tells him she needs to make things right, starting by killing the man who murdered his father. Eden abruptly hangs up.


Upon returning to his apartment, Mohinder is startled by Mr. Bennet who has entered into his apartment without him noticing. Mr. Bennet probes Mohinder for information about the list, saying that who is on the list is of grave importance, at which Mohinder becomes very angry. Mr. Bennet even goes so far as to ask if Mohinder himself is on the list. When asked what he intends to do with it, Mohinder says he intends to contact the people on the list, inform them who they are, and warn them about the dangers they face—starting with the danger Mr. Bennet poses.

The Fix

Nathan seeks out Mohinder, as they are both looking for Peter. Mohinder tells Nathan about his father's research and the list of evolved humans. He explains to Nathan that Peter's abilities cause him to absorb powers like a sponge, and could become dangerous. The two search Peter's apartment and find him there. However, Peter escapes; Mohinder thinks he has flown out the window, so they head to the airport.


At his apartment, Mohinder attempts to contact several people from the list, but is unable to get anyone to believe him. However, on his answering machine is a return call from one of the people he tried to contact: Zane Taylor. Mohinder heads to Zane Taylor's home in Virginia Beach. When he arrives, Sylar introduces himself as Zane and displays his power by melting various objects. Mohinder asks for a DNA sample, and Sylar heads into the other room to make tea and returns with the sample. Mohinder tells Sylar about the list, and Sylar volunteers to come with him and help him contact the others.


Mohinder and Sylar arrive at a garage in Bozeman, Montana, to meet Dale Smither. Mohinder, with the help of Sylar, convinces Dale about other people with powers as well as to help Dale with her own power. Dale explains that she is too busy today, so Mohinder agrees to come back in the morning.

At a motel, Mohinder thanks Sylar for being such a big help. Mohinder explains that he's working on an inhibitor that will suppress the mutation that causes special abilities so they can be controlled or even eliminated. Sylar doesn't find the idea very pleasant, but Mohinder feels that some abilities, he feels, might be dangerous--his father's murder a prime example, and those who do not want their powers should be given a chance. Mohinder tells Sylar (whom he thinks is Zane) about the man who murdered his father and his unknown whereabouts. Mohinder conjectures that even if he could meet the murderer, there's no way justice could be served. In the morning, Mohinder and Sylar return to Dale's garage. Mohinder looks for Dale and becomes sick when he finds her mutilated corpse. Mohinder dials 911, but is convinced by Sylar to call the police once they're on the road.


Mohinder and Sylar are back at Mohinder's apartment, having driven all night. Mohinder shows Sylar the list, seemingly still unaware that the "Zane Taylor" before him is in fact Sylar. Regardless, Sylar offers to help with Mohinder's search to find other evolved humans and warn them of Sylar's murderous rampage while Mohinder devises a way to update the list. Mohinder eventually concedes, and goes to get some tea while Sylar attempts to call Isaac Mendez, to no avail. Mohinder then offers Sylar tea, but does not drink his own. Sylar asks Mohinder about who he'll call next, but Mohinder says that he will call no one. "I already have you...Mr. Sylar". Sylar is shocked, but before he can do anything, he realizes that the tea is drugged, and falls unconscious.

Mohinder, having restrained Sylar with a brain paralytic, reveals that he has known of Sylar's identity for some time, as he had seen a news article reporting Zane's death, on the day that Mohinder had met with Sylar. Sylar claims that he is the real Zane, but Mohinder utilizes torture that exploits Sylar's enhanced hearing. When Sylar admits his true identity, Mohinder calls Sylar a "parasite". Believing Sylar to be Patient Zero, Mohinder extracts some spinal fluid out of Sylar's neck, causing him tremendous pain.

Mohinder uses Sylar's DNA find the key to the algorithm. Finished with Sylar and full of revenge, Mohinder shoots Sylar in the head, but is horrified to see that Sylar has stopped the bullet in mid-air with telekinesis. Later, when Peter Petrelli comes to the apartment, he sees Mohinder telekinetically pinned against the ceiling. Weak and bloody, Mohinder whispers "Sylar", but his warning is useless.


In Mohinder's apartment, Sylar telekinetically pins a bloodied Mohinder to the ceiling. When Peter hurls Sylar back, Mohinder falls to the floor. Mohinder smashes the map over Sylar and temporarily subdues him. Mohinder then takes Peter's body to Angela's home and informs Angela that Peter is dead.

Later, Mohinder calls the Company, seeking Mr. Bennet's help. Thompson arrives instead, and they discuss the possibility of stopping Sylar.

The Hard Part

Mohinder receives a phone call from Sylar about him blowing up New York. Rather than help him, Mohinder hurriedly attempts to call 911 on his cellphone while keeping Sylar on the line, but Sylar notices this with his enhanced hearing and hangs up.

In New York, Mohinder meets with Thompson, who convinces him to help Molly Walker. Molly has the same genetic condition that killed Mohinder's sister, which prevents her from using her powers. Mohinder agrees to help Molly upon learning of her ability to locate any person, including Sylar.

Mohinder becomes frustrated as he tries to find a cure for Molly's condition. He searches his father's records for a cure he developed after Shanti's death. While cleaning up various files with Molly's help, Mohinder finds a photo of his parents and sister, with his mother clearly pregnant. Mohinder mentions that this is the first time he's ever seen his sister, and promises to Molly that he will be able to help her; in return he receives a small drawing of a star from Molly to protect him from the boogeyman.

Mohinder finally realizes that the healthy antibodies in his blood can counteract Molly's illness and that he himself was the cure of which his father wrote. He tells Molly he was born too late to help his sister, but not too late to save her.


Mohinder informs Molly of her good progress with the treatment, but she reveals that she's even more healthy than Mohinder had imagined. She proves it by using her power to locate her other hero, who is inside the building. Molly enthusiastically hopes to see him again, but Mohinder requests that Molly find the boogeyman, so that he can be stopped. Molly is apprehensive, but before anything can be done, Thompson arrives, whom Mohinder informs of Molly's progress and the chance to find Sylar. However, Thompson's priority at the moment is to take Mohinder and Molly elsewhere, as there are intruders in the building who are coming for her.

Thompson goes to take care of the intruders, but ends up killed, forcing Mohinder to take action. When the intruders, who happen to be Matt Parkman and Mr. Bennet, find Molly, they momentarily drop their guard, as they are shocked at the prospect of the tracking system being a little girl. Mohinder quickly knocks down Matt, and draws his gun on Bennet, who in turn threatens to kill Molly if Mohinder tries anything. The two engage in a standoff.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

With guns pointed, Mohinder questions Bennet on the idea of killing one girl for another, but Bennet reasons that thousands of others are at stake if Molly lives. Mohinder briefly brings up the death of Thompson (though Bennet admits that as self-defense) before declaring that Molly can do good in the world. However, when Molly and Matt recognize each other, the situation is defused.

Mohinder and Bennet drag Thompson's body into the room and hide it so that they don't attract any guards, but the two remain distrustful of each other. But Molly's sudden failure in health takes precedence over any personal rivalries. She recovers soon enough, and she hints at a being who is worse than the boogeyman, who is the only person Molly can't, or won't, find, as he can see her if she thinks about him. They quickly move onto finding Sylar, who is at Isaac's loft and Matt heads off to stop him. Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet goes to find Peter Petrelli, the only one powerful enough to stop Sylar. Matt, upon arriving at the loft, calls and informs Mohinder that Sylar is heading towards Kirby Plaza. He informs Molly of the situation, but she sees that Sylar is already there.

Mohinder and Molly, on their way out, discover D.L. Hawkins, who is badly wounded and nearly unconscious. With the elevator shut down, Mohinder gives D.L. some medical attention on the spot as Molly watches for any danger. D.L.'s family, Micah and Niki, arrive, just as some guards are coming up the nearby stairs. By using Niki's strength to hold off the guards, and Micah's technopathy to fix the elevator, they escape into Kirby Plaza. Mohinder goes to help a wounded Matt, as Sylar and Peter face off. Mohinder watches as Hiro Nakamura stabs Sylar, ending the battle, but also sees Peter on the verge of exploding. But Nathan arrives from the air, filling everyone with awe, and he quickly flies Peter into the air, where he safely detonates. In the aftermath, Mohinder and Molly see Matt being taken into an ambulance, with Molly tearfully requesting that Matt live.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 1

Mohinder visits a hospital and speaks with the hospital director for a donation to his research. Mohinder is told by the director that the hospital does not have any money to spend on his cause, and is pushed aside, tripping and falling into the end of a patient's bed. Mohinder stands, reads the patient's chart, and tells the patient that he can cure him with his blood. However, after performing a transfusion, Mohinder finds disappointment when the man shows no abnormality or change in state, until another blackout occurs and electricity arcs from his mouth and arms.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

Mohinder realizes the patient does not have Shanti's illness, but instead has the power to absorb electrical currents and has not learned to control it. After being confronted by a Primatech agent, Mohinder and the teenage patient escape the hospital by car. However, Mohinder crashes the car into a telephone pole. Mohinder then talks the patient out of suicide and into taking his bike and riding it to a secluded lakeside cabin with no electricity. As a parting gift, Mohinder gives the boy his father's book.

Heroes Evolutions

Hana's MySpace

In Hana's first MySpace post, "Suresh", Hana notes that Mohinder Suresh is doing research on his father's work.

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