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Mr. Muggles/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Mr. Muggles during Season Two.

For more about Mr. Muggles, see the main article.

For Mr. Muggles's Season One history, see here.

For Mr. Muggles's Season Three history, see here.

Character History

Four Months Later...

Mr. Muggles struggles to adapt to his new life in Costa Verde, CA. During dinner with his family, Sandra talks about how he would like for everyone in California to know of his many awards and accomplishments.


Mr. Muggles watches a dog show on television. Sandra sees this, and asks Claire to turn it off. When Claire abides, Mr. Muggles barks until Claire turns it back on. After Claire sees West outside the window and chases after him outside, Mr. Muggles follows her and jumps and barks.

The Kindness of Strangers

As Noah looks at the picture of his death on his laptop, Sandra walks in and says that Mr. Muggles and she just did two miles at the beach.

Out of Time

West pets Mr. Muggles after bringing waffles over. Later, Mr. Muggles lounges on the couch as Claire and West kiss and listen to music.

Cautionary Tales

Noah tells Sandra to get Mr. Muggles's doggie bath, which he uses to place Elle into. Later, Mr. Muggles jumps into Sandra's arms affectionately after she hears about her husband's death.

Truth & Consequences

At the Imperial Beach parking lot, Lyle holds Mr. Muggles as Claire scatters Noah's ashes.


Mourning the loss of her father, Claire asks Mr. Muggles if he will ever leave her. He then runs away from her to bark and scratch at the door, announcing Noah's return.

Graphic Novel:Special

Sandra tells Claire that Mr. Muggles had an accident in the Bennets' Nissan Sentra. Later, Mr. Muggles sits on Claire's bed with her.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Mr. Muggles barks at Elle while she is spying on Claire outside the Bennets' home.

Graphic Novel:Normal Lives

Sandra tells her family that Mr. Muggles has a three-state driving limit and will go absolutely no further. In the hotel, Noah tries to go for a walk, but Sandra tells him he needs to fulfill his obligation to Mr. Muggles, who looks at Noah with a leash in his mouth. Noah takes Mr. Muggles only to leave him in the Rogue as he takes a baseball bat and heads to Kenny's Diner. Upon his return, Noah walks Mr. Muggles back up to the hotel room where they both promptly fall asleep.

The next morning, Mr. Muggles joins his family in the car and they continue their travels.

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