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Matt Parkman/Season One

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This article archives the history of Matt Parkman during Season One.

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Character History

Don't Look Back

Matt is helping to secure a crime scene, the suspected serial killing/abduction of the Walker family, when he begins to "hear" the thoughts of the missing girl, Molly Walker. He locates her in a secret room under the stairs, and immediately draws suspicion from the investigating FBI agents. When Matt mentions the name "Sylar", which he picked up from the agents' thoughts, Audrey Hanson arrests him on the spot.

One Giant Leap

After proving his ability by reading Audrey's mind in the interrogation room, he is offered a position to assist in the investigation. Things turn dangerous when a man who appears to be Sylar shows up. Stopping the mysterious man from harming Molly Walker in the building, Matt tries to comfort the girl, while Audrey gives chase. Ultimately, the man escapes, but not before displaying apparent telekinesis, almost forcing Audrey to shoot herself in the head. Matt fires at the suspect, knocking him down. The suspect soon stands back up and disappears. Later, Matt comes home to his wife, Janice, with whom he is in couple's counseling. Though he apologizes for missing the day's session and tries to tell her about his amazing day, Janice is still upset with Matt and doesn't want to hear it. Janice also comments about how, when she got promoted, he seemed to resent her for it. Matt tells her he didn't mean to, but Janice turns away from him. Hearing Janice's thoughts that she wants Matt to leave, Matt responds "I will" verbally, and then storms out.

At a Los Angeles bar, Matt hears most, if not all, the thoughts of the various patrons and the bartender. However, when he comes across a patron whose mind he cannot read, he begins to hear the other voices fade out. The mysterious other man sits and stares at Matt until Matt finally collapses on the floor, unconscious.

Matt, abducted, undergoing medical testing


Matt wakes up strapped to a table in a laboratory to find Mr. Bennet and the mysterious man standing over him. Bennet tells him he doesn't work for any organization that has initials, and that he knows Matt is telepathic, but that his abilities won't work with the mystery man present. Nevertheless, Matt is able to pick Claire's name out of Bennet's thoughts, and Bennet instructs the man to "go deep and clean him out."


Matt wakes up on the couch at home. His wife Janice has been frantically searching for him. He believes he merely got drunk and passed out, but she tells him he's been missing for a full day. Matt reads her mind to assuage her anger, telling her he knows how frustrated she's been with him. He uses his powers to plan the perfect date. Later that night, he leaves to pick up some ice cream at a Los Angeles convenience store and talks a would-be robber into setting down his gun and leaving. Immediately afterwards, he is overwhelmed by the thoughts of the other shoppers, who panic at the sight of the gun. Matt finally passes out.

Nothing to Hide

Matt says everything has been going well at home and seems to want to confess to his wife about his power. However, Janice thinks she has been "found out" and Matt grows distressed and leaves.

Audrey Hanson arrives later at the police station and says they have found another murder victim, an oncologist who has been burned to a cinder and whose body is emitting high levels of radiation. Audrey believes this to be the work of Sylar. When they arrive at the morgue, Matt is skeptical of Sylar's involvement. Audrey tells Matt that a fingerprint was retrieved, seared into the bone, and a match comes up on the computer: Theodore Sprague. Audrey and Matt leave to investigate his place of residence. They investigate the burned and radiation-filled home, where Matt finds cancer medication prescribed to Karen Sprague by the murdered doctor. They leave for the hospital where Karen is being treated. After arriving, Matt defuses a tense situation by reading comatose Karen's mind, and communicating to her husband.

Matt calls his wife, whom he has been avoiding all day, and leaves a heartfelt voicemail while his wife listens. Back at the station, Matt's former partner Tom McHenry informs him that Matt will be able to retake the detective test in interview form, so his dyslexia won't be an excuse for failure anymore. Then, reading Tom's mind, Matt finds out he was having an affair with someone's wife, presumably with Janice. Matt punches him in rage and is pulled out of the locker room by other cops.

Graphic Novel:Control

After punching Tom McHenry, Matt questions his reaction. He decides to to go on patrol in his car to blow off steam. He hears a dispatch for a suspect fleeing from a robbery, and Matt pursues him. The robber tries to lose him by driving through a pedestrian shopping area, but Matt uses his power to anticipate the robber's moves, and eventually flipping over the robber's car and arresting him.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Audrey yells at Matt for hitting his former partner, because any trouble Matt gets in jeopardizes her investigation of Sylar. Audrey leads him to an interrogation room to question Theodore Sprague. They upset Ted, but Matt manages to calm him down, and the two evolved humans discuss their blackouts, the Haitian, and the marks on their necks.

Janice Parkman looks through a photo album of herself and Matt as he arrives home. Janice tells him that she got a call asking why he punched Tom McHenry. Matt admits that he did punch him and hears his wife thinking "He knows. Dammit, I knew it." Matt tells her that he got suspended for one month without pay. Janice tells Matt that something happened between her and Tom. When Matt asks if they slept together, she admits it, but tells him it's over. Matt gets a call from Audrey saying that Ted has escaped.

Matt, under Eden's influence, has a craving for some donuts.

Six Months Ago

Matt pulls Eden over in Los Angeles. After spotting a bottle of alcohol in the passenger's seat, he asks her to step out of the vehicle, but she uses her power of persuasion on Matt and convinces him that he "wants to eat a box of donuts."

The next day, Matt, zoned out, sits in his squad car with a donut in his hand. Tom McHenry pulls up beside him and supports him on his upcoming second try at the detective's test. He then criticizes Matt eating a donut as being a "walking cliché."

Later, at his home, Janice comforts Matt about failing the detective test a second time. He notes that the problem isn't knowing the answers, but that "half the letters look backwards" on the test. Matt reads her mind that she thinks he is her "hero". He argues with her about how she can love a failure such as himself.


Arriving at the Union Wells High School crime scene, Matt tells Audrey Jackie's attempted brain removal looks like the work of Sylar. Matt takes some pills, and Audrey comments that they are the fourth handful he has taken so far. Matt justifies, "I have headaches." They go to investigate their suspect, Peter Petrelli. In the interrogation room at the Odessa Sheriff's Department, Audrey asks most of the questions, though she is interrupted by Peter and Matt's discomfort. Both men, exhibiting their unique powers, appear to be experiencing some "feedback" from reading each other's mind. Audrey questions Claire and Mr. Bennet next, as Matt tries to "listen" from an adjacent room. Unfortunately, he is unsuccessful, and only gets static, similar to when he was in the presence of the man at the bar.

Matt's intense concentration to break through the Haitian's power causes his nose to bleed.

As Matt and Audrey stake out Primatech Paper Co., Matt hears Audrey think that he's cute. They see Mr. Bennet leave the building, talking to the Haitian, whom Matt recognizes. Using a lot of effort, the telepathist attempts to enter their minds, resulting in a nose bleed and a single word—Sylar.


Audrey and Matt accompany a SWAT team invasion of the Primatech Paper Co.. The SWAT team leader says there's nothing but paper inside. Matt approaches Mr. Bennet and asks where Sylar is. He tries to read Mr. Bennet's mind, but the Haitian blocks him. With a tape in hand, FBI Agent Elisa Thayer approaches Matt and Audrey. Thayer says the tape shows him in the company parking lot every day for two weeks. When Matt claims that Mr. Bennet abducted people, including him, Thayer says Audrey will be reprimanded for her actions. Thayer and Audrey leave, telling Matt that they're done and to go home. Matt walks up to Mr. Bennet, grabs him, and pushes him against a wall. Matt says he won't give up until he finds out what's going on. Mr. Bennet replies, "Good luck with that."

Later, at his house, Janice says she's taken out a suitcase, but hasn't packed. She admits that most of the marriage trouble they're having is her fault. Matt says they need to be completely honest with each and confesses that he can read thoughts. She doesn't believe him, so he asks her to pick a number between one and a million. She laughs.

The Fix

Matt and Janice talk outside on their patio about Mr. Bennet abducting him. As their conversation turns to Matt's telepathy, he tells his frustrated wife that he can't control his power. Matt gets ready to go to the station for a review of his Primatech raid. When he overhears Captain Baldwin and another captain's disparaging thoughts, Matt recants his far fetched statement for a more plausible one. Matt returns home to tell Janice that he has been suspended for six months. Janice informs Matt that she is pregnant.


Matt and Janice talk as he gets ready for a security job: guarding Aron Malsky, whom Matt picks up at LAX and drives to Ridgway Jewelry in the diamond district. Using his telepathy, Matt quickly discerns that the diamond merchant is setting Aron up for a hit, and that Mr. Linderman wants Aron dead for stealing his money. Aron grabs the diamonds and leaves the money. Matt and Aron are accosted by Jessica, who fires at them but misses.

Matt telepathically overhears Jessica arguing with Niki and assumes he's hearing two assassins. He calls a police contact for backup, sneaks up behind Jessica on the stairwell, and makes her drop her gun over the railing. He handcuffs her to the railing and heads off looking for Niki.

Matt finds Aron in a room and hears him thinking "fourth one over, third one back" over and over. Jessica, having broken the cuffs, surprises him and throws him out the window, but he lands on the building's sign. He climbs back in and finds Aron bent double. When the police arrive, Matt assures them he's on the job. The detective on the scene finds Matt's story far-fetched, and tells Matt there's no sign of the diamonds. Following Aron's thoughts, Matt locates the diamonds above a drop-ceiling tile, but as he goes to give them to the detective, he overhears the man thinking that Matt's a joke and will never be a policeman again, so he slips the diamonds back into his pocket.


Matt hides Malsky's bag of diamonds in a sock drawer in his bedroom, but Janice notices a diamond ring. Matt implies it's a gift and claims he knows someone who let him buy it at wholesale. When Janice tells Matt that a geneticist called, Matt becomes suspicious. Later, Janice confronts Matt about the diamond, angry that is worth $40,000. He explains that it belonged to Malsky, but that he's dead now. He promises to take the diamonds down to the station, but receives a phone call before he can leave. He tells Janice that he has to go out.

Matt meets Ted and Hana in a cemetery. Matt learns that the marks on their necks are for tracking purposes. Hana shows Matt a pneumatic syringe used to make the mark. When Matt learns that a shipment of needles went to Primatech Paper Co. he is reluctant to go back to Odessa, but ultimately is convinced to protect his family and to save others. He travels to the Bennets' home, armed, and helps hold the family hostage.

Graphic Novel:The Path of the Righteous

Matt meets Ted and Hana at Karen Sprague's grave. Hana feels Matt is too focused on revenge.

Company Man

Matt and Ted enter the Bennets' home, and Matt disconnects Mr. Bennet's computer in hopes there may be some incriminating evidence on there. Matt is reluctant to confront Mr. Bennet at his home because he is with his family; he would rather make the confrontation at Primatech. However, the Bennets enter the house and Matt draws his gun to stop them from leaving. Mr. Bennet introduces Matt as an officer of the LAPD, but Matt tells him that he is no longer an officer thanks to Mr. Bennet. Matt explains that Mr. Bennet is responsible for abducting people. Just then, Matt hears Claire think about the Haitian and his memory-erasing power. Matt reveals that Claire knows that this is Mr. Bennet's fault. Claire and Matt go into the other room to speak in private. He hears Claire thinking about going to get help since she can't be hurt. Matt tells her not to be a hero because Ted is dangerous. Matt claims that Mr. Bennet did this to him tells Claire that they've both seen strange things. Matt hears Claire think Peter Petrelli's name and tells her that Peter told him to protect her and asks about her abilities.

Matt and Ted discuss what to do with the family and what to do if there is no cure for their abilities. They turn their attention back to Mr. Bennet, but he thinks in Japanese, and then misleads the intruders. When Mr. Bennet grabs a concealed gun, Matt punches Mr. Bennet before he can use the gun. Matt stops Ted from kicking Mr. Bennet. Matt hears Mr. Bennet thinking that he needs to trust him and shoot Claire. He then hears Claire think the same thing. To diffuse the situation, Matt shoots Claire. Mr. Bennet thinks to Matt that he needs to get Ted's trust. Matt tells Ted that the family now knows how serious they are. Mr. Bennet then thinks to Matt, "Left hook coming," and punches Matt. Following Mr. Bennet's thoughts, Matt and Mr. Bennet carry Claire into her room. Matt asks Mr. Bennet if he made her indestructible and Mr. Bennet tells him he's not responsible. He and Matt return downstairs. Matt tells Ted that they'll find what they're looking for at the paper company. Matt says he'll stay with the family while Ted goes with Mr. Bennet, but Ted insists on the opposite.

Matt and Mr. Bennet enter a secure room at Primatech. Matt tells him that if they don't bring back evidence, Ted will be dangerous. Matt asks what's going to happen to him, whether he'd have his memory erased and be sent back to L.A., but Mr. Bennet doesn't give a straight answer. When the two meet up with the Haitian, Matt insists that they return to the Bennets' home, which they do. Matt implores Ted to leave, but Ted refuses and threatens Matt. When Thompson sneaks in and shoots Ted, Matt helps Mr. Bennet out of the house. Later, Matt is taken to a medical facility within the paper company building. He lies unconscious on a table being and is examined by Candice Willmer. Thompson remarks that having someone with Matt's powers around will be very useful.


Matt, in exchange for his freedom, reads Mr. Bennet's mind by order of Thompson; he determines Bennet is telling the truth. Matt, restrained to a chair, asks Thompson to let him go--they had a deal. Thompson says he'll tell him when he'll be let go.


After waking up in a cell, Matt uses his telepathy to take instructions from Mr. Bennet on how to escape Primatech Paper Co. He follows Bennet's directions to release Ted from his cell and coach him on how to create an EMP to disable the facility's power grid. The three escape and go to the Burnt Toast Diner to plan their next move. They decide to go to New York, where the Company's tracking system is located. Matt asks Bennet if he knows who Linderman is, as he had heard the name in Thompson's thoughts. When he doesn't know, Ted and Matt share a laugh, realizing that Bennet never knew who the head of the Company was; Matt calls Bennet "middle management". The group decides that going to New York is most important.

The Hard Part

Matt, Mr. Bennet, and Ted stop at a used car lot to get a car to take them to NYC. Matt tries to phone his wife, but Mr. Bennet stops him, explaining that they need to protect the ones they love by not getting them involved. Ted defrosts and starts a car with his power and Matt leaves with Bennet and Ted.

At Kirby Plaza Matt, Bennet, and Ted run into Peter and Claire. As Claire and Mr. Bennet enjoy a tearful reunion, Peter unknowingly absorbs Ted's ability and struggles to control it. Matt says that he has to stop.


After Peter defuses his ability from Ted, Matt reads Peter's thoughts on his visions and painting of the explosion and convinces Ted to leave with Peter. Later, he and Mr. Bennet enter the Company facility to stop the Molly Walker. After reading a guard's mind to enter the facility, Matt recognizes Jessica (somewhat fearfully), who is searching for Linderman with D.L.. Regardless, the four decide to collaborate to take down the Company, with Bennet directing Jessica and D.L. to Linderman so that he can be stopped.

As the duo make their way towards the room with the tracking system, Matt picks up Thompson's plan to shoot Bennet and pulls him behind cover in the nick of time. Bennet goes off, leaving Matt behind to his displeasure. As Thompson levels the gun at Matt's head from behind, Bennet reappears, shooting Thompson in the head twice, killing him. Matt then acquires Thompson's gun. The two enter the tracking system's room, only to discover, to both Matt and Mr. Bennet's horror, that Molly Walker is the tracking system. Matt is outraged at the thought of killing the girl he had rescued weeks before, but fails to notice Mohinder behind him before he knocks Matt out with his gun.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

Matt, Mr. Bennet, and Ted confront Hana to persuade her to assist in destroying the Company's tracking systems.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Matt and Mr. Bennet seek the Walker system to take it out. As they arrive in Molly's room, Mohinder hits Matt on the back of his head and he falls to the floor. Matt looks under Molly's bed, sees Molly, and remembers her. Matt ensures that nobody will hurt Molly. Matt asks Molly about her ability and she explains how she can find people, but Molly also mentions that there is exception. Matt asks about this mysterious character and Molly tells him that he can see her when she thinks about him. After Molly pinpoints Sylar's location, Matt comments that Sylar is on Reeds Street. Matt tells Bennet that they can go after him without Peter Petrelli, but Bennet disagrees. Matt explains what he has gone through and that he's a cop and Sylar is a bad guy. Despite Bennet's warning, Matt continues to seek Sylar. Matt arrives at Isaac's loft, but discovers it to be empty. He contacts Mohinder and tells that Sylar may be headed for Kirby Plaza.

Matt finds Sylar at Kirby Plaza and tries to shoot him. However, Sylar quickly stops the bullets in mid-air and flings them into Matt's chest. Matt falls to the ground wounded. After all the commotion is over, the Matt is carted away by EMTs and Molly runs to him, asking him not to die because he is her hero.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 1

Matt is in captivity as the Haitian wipes his memory. He lies on a table and is about to be injected with one of the Company's pneumatic syringes.

Heroes Evolutions

Hana's MySpace

In Hana's second MySpace post, "Destruction", Hana claims that her current mood is annoyed and that she did not mean for Ted and Matt's interaction with Noah to be destructive.

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